Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Filming of 'Criminal' wraps up and Kevin arrives LAX...

nadia doyle ‏@bhakti2 tweeted: Just seen kevin costner on Rome flight to heathrow. What a gentleman! (Posted October 25th)

Eleanor Day ‏@eleanorday tweeted: Walking out of uni into a film set. Kevin Costner in the vicinity. @KatyStackit and I get told to hurry as 'about to roll'πŸ˜‚πŸŽ₯ (Posted October 25th)

David Cameron ‏@2300cam tweeted: Film crew in the street this weekend. Just watched Kevin Costner doing several takes of "obviously disguised man checks watch". (Posted October 25th)

Monippeny Sanchez ‏@monippeny tweeted: @EnglishSmarts I met Kevin Costner in London. He is really tall! (Posted October 26th)

Rhian Godwin ‏@psychicmaiden tweeted: Kevin Costner is shooting a film down the road - can hear all sorts of explosions & stuff? (Posted October 29th)

Tom Bird ‏@TomBird97 tweeted: Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones were at my work experience today πŸ‘ (Posted October 30th)

Chris Boden ‏@bodenknights tweeted: Believe Kevin Costner making an appearance on the pitch shortly... (Posted November 1st)

Mike Sewell ‏@MikeSewellSport tweeted: Just had a surreal moment of seeing Kevin Costner pitch side at Emirates Stadium ahead of @Arsenal v @BurnleyOfficial #Costner #AFC #Arsenal (Posted November 1st)

Darren Bentley ‏@IdleandWild tweeted: Interested observers at Emirates today include David Beckham and Kevin Costner! (Posted November 1st)

Alistair Bruce-Ball ‏@alibruceball tweeted: Islington, London Oh yes, almost forgot....Kevin Costner and David Beckham are at the Emirates to watch Arsenal/Burnley today #bbcfootball (Posted November 1st)

Thierryish ‏@Lz_wee_bay tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming a movie in Croydon....Ha Kieran Brown ‏@Kieran_Brown95 tweeted: Excited for my work experience tomorrow with the legend that is mr kevin costner 😎 (Posted November 2nd)

Sally King ‏@SKingCasting tweeted: @sallykingcasting great week for 3 of our kids working alongside movie legends #Sigourney Weaver# A Monster Calls#Kevin Costner #Criminal (Posted November 2nd)

Young London ‏@YoungLondon 2h2 hours ago London, England It seems our street is to star in #Criminal, the new Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones & Gary Oldman film (Posted November 2nd)

R___T__ @R___T__ tweeted: This is Kevin Costner and he (plus a stunt double) is acting outside our house! #criminal #filming #london (Posted November 3rd)

Luca Maggiora ‏@LucaMaggiora tweeted: What a great day shooting with this legend #KevinCostner. Thanks so much @vromen for a great… (Poplar, London) (Posted November 3rd)

Don Slickz T4AC ‏@DonArtistSlickz tweeted: Filming With Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones (Posted November 3rd)

Andrew Christy ‏@AJBC_1 tweeted: @HelicopterFilmS G-LECA supporting @filminuk_BFC filming in @NewhamLondon this morning #dlr_blog (Posted October 12th)

Andrew Christy ‏@AJBC_1 tweeted: @LondonCityEQ It was a stunt for the new Kevin Costner film Criminal - involved launching a taxi off a bridge in to the dock. (Posted November 3rd)

Video by ruthandhercamera - Ruth Watson: Kevin Costner is acting right outside our window #criminal #London #kevincostner (Posted November 3rd)

Watch Kevin Costner SPIT his kebab out on the street as he starts shooting new film By Rebecca Pocklington

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kevin Costner spits out a kebab on Toynbee Street, London

Kevin Costner spitting out a kebab on Toynbee Street by UsVsTh3m Published on Nov 4, 2014

BossLevel Legacy ‏@BossLevel2013 tweeted: My Younger Brother Filming a New Movie - Criminal with Kevin Costner (Posted November 4th)

Picture by ellietorrez - Ellie Torrez: It's a wrap!... Last day of filming with this incredible man. Such an honour! emojiemoji #kevincostner #acting #film #talent #nightshoot #london

Mark Rhino Smith ‏@MarkRhinoSmith tweeted: Really was so much fun coming back to my home town #London to work on #Criminal #KevinCostner was a Ledge. Very cool guy. Back to LA to see my family #Wifee @simoneyoungsmith and Kids (Posted November 4th)

Kevin Costner Touches Down At LAX Airport in Los Angeles, Calfiornia on November 4, 2014:

Emma Ashley ‏@EmmaAshley_ tweeted: Laughed at by Kevin Costner as i run round the baggage carousel after a bag that turned out to not even be mine (Posted November 4th)

Charly ‏@CharlyZBennett tweeted: Had Kevin Costner on my flight today. And now I'm famous. #papped Hey smiled at me lol (Posted November 4th)

Picture by TAV - @tavish_struthers (Posted November 1st)

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