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Kevin attends 'Movies 4 Grownups' and 'Variety Studio'...

More pictures from the Governors Awards:


VIDEO: Kevin Costner: Why He Wanted To Make 'Black And White'

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Oscars: First Academy Award Winners This Season Acclaimed In Hollywood At 6th Governors Awards By Pete Hammond November 9, 2014 Excerpt: Kevin Costner, who just entered the race with his Black Or White, is excited that more people are finally going to see the movie. It’s been a long road finding the right distributor, in this case Relativity, which will open it for a week to qualify in early December. The film features one of Costner’s best performances...Costner, Spencer and their director Mike Binder actually had to leave early to get to the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theatre for a Q&A, where their film was having its official Academy screening.

Leonidas Gulaptis commented: Q&A with Kevin Costner — with Alexea Gulaptis at Pacific Design Center. (Posted 1:54pm November 9th)

Ron Rogge commented: Screening of 'Black and White' & front row with Kevin Costner (Posted 1:56pm November 9th)

Tanjareen ‏@Tanjareen tweeted: at the @PDCdesigncenter to watch the film #BlackOrWhite followed by Q&A with #KevinCostner #ActorLife (Posted 2:29pm November 9th)

Lindsay Kay Hayward ‏@LindsayKHayward tweeted: @ the art and design center, my favorite building in LA!! #screening #blackandwhite #kevincostner (Posted November 9th)

Phil Brock ‏@stgactor tweeted: About to see Kevin Costner's Black Or White now. (@ Silver Screen Theater in West Hollywood, CA) (Posted 1:44pm November 9th)

Press Pass LA ‏@presspassla tweeted: Want to see #blackorwhite w/ #kevincostner free? Head to @AARP's screening @RegalLALIVE now! Code #kevincostnerrocks (Posted 4:29pm November 9th)

tammyinlalaland ‏@tammyinlalaland tweeted: My plan to go home after imitation game was thwarted by, "hey here's a ticket to Kevin Costner's new movie & he's doing a Q&A after" #free (Posted 4:50pm November 9th)

Jackie Di Crystal ‏@Jackiedicrystal tweeted: "Sometimes You got to pay to get a good part." #KevinCostner, produced film, "Black or White". A performance worth seeing from Kevin and the cast. (Posted 5:04pm November 9th)

TishaFrench ‏@TishaFrench tweeted: #KevinCostner & I today at #BlackorWhite screening starring @octaviaspencer! This film hit my emotions very deeply!!!

Sokhan ‏@Sokhansar tweeted: Saw #blackorwhite, Kevin Costner was excellent, @anthonymackie was beast in this, he sud do more roles like this (Posted 6:00pm November 9th)

Devika Parikh ‏@devikaparikh tweeted: Me and my #hollywoodcrush Kevin Costner at the SAG screening of his new movie 'Black and White!' #LoveHim #truefan (Posted 7:07pm November 9th)

Devika Parikh ‏@devikaparikh tweeted: Another pic of me and Kevin Costner my true #hollywoodcrush!! I think he's trying to tell me something… (Posted 7:14pm November 9th)

Jennifer SayGan ‏@JenniferSayGan tweeted: Silver Screening Room - Pacific Design Center Screening of Black and White, starring Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, produced by Kevin Costner. I've seen more movies this month than all of 2013. Really. Excellent movie. Really.

Judi Bell ‏@Judi_Bell tweeted: @HollywoodReporter with @KevinCostner & @MichaelBinder (Posted 7:50pm November 9th)

David Arias commented: Kevin Costner discusses Black or White after the screening. Wonderful movie. — feeling happy at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE. (Posted 7:52pm November 9th)

Tanjareen ‏@Tanjareen tweeted: just saw an incredible film called #BlackAndWhite starring & funded by #KevinCostner! Go see this… (Posted 7:53pm November 9th)

Judi Bell ‏@Judi_Bell tweeted: @THR with @KevinCostner & MichaelBinder #BlackOrWhite (Posted 7:58pm November 9th)

Debbie Dalton ‏@DebbieDalton_ tweeted: Kevin Costner @Movies4Grownups with @AARPCA volunteers & staff...Kevin Costner/question (Posted 8:38pm November 9th)

Phil Tripoli ‏@PhilTripoli tweeted: My last screening of the weekend, "Black and White" with @kevincostner, one of the best films this year! #entertainment #LosAngeles #movie (Posted 8:38pm November 9th)

Shannon Walden ‏@Shannonwalden tweeted: Q&A with Kevin Costner after a screening of Black or White with i_mickey (Posted 8:41pm November 9th)

Glenn Gallo ‏@GalloGlenn tweeted: Standing next to Kevin Costner after a movie screening and listening to an Actor say how he is inspired by his career. (Posted 10:01pm November 9th)

Picture by jenjenbrian - Jennifer Brian: Q&A with Kevin Costner after a screening of his latest work - Black or White. A beautiful film. When I wasn't laughing, I was crying, when I wasn't crying I was laughing. #KevinCostner #SAGAFTRA #BlackOrWhiteFilm #Actor

Picture by pasqui77 - Pascale Groulier: #KevinCostner

Picture by keithgallo - Keith Gallo: Selfie with #KevinCostner.

Picture by brookeparkerhiggins - Brooke Parker Higgins: #KevinCostner Amazing Q&A today. I have been waiting 25 years for this. He was worth the wait. emoji #ForMyLoveofFilm emoji emoji emoji Photo by @brookeparkerhiggins emoji emoji #MyLALife emoji #LAStory

Video by brookeparkerhiggins - Brooke Parker Higgins: #KevinCostner - Movie Quotes. emoji Q&A for #BlackandWhite #MyLALife #ForMyLoveofFilm Shot by @brookeparkerhiggins

Picture by tammyinlalaland - Tammy InLaLaLand: #KevinCostner at #BlackorWhite screening at #aarp #moviesforgrownups film festival

Picture by brookeparkerhiggins - Brooke Parker Higgins: So blessed meeting #KevinCostner today. We talked about #ForMyLoveofFilm and #ForMyLoveofBaseball emoji! That him & all his work has always been there with me on my journey. emojiemoji Photo by @brookeparkerhiggins

Picture by officialtanjareen - Tanjareen: just saw an incredible film called #BlackAndWhite starring & funded by #KevinCostner! Go see this important film when it comes out in January co-starring #AnthonyMackie #OctaviaSpencer #BillBurr #JillianEstell #MphoKoaho #BlackOrWhite #KevinsNotaSmiler :)

AARP's 2nd Annual Movies For Grownups Film Showcase:[521816689]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Variety Studio: Actors On Actors Presented By Samsung Galaxy - Day 2 - November 9, 2014 - Los Angeles, California:[522164925]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

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