Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pictures and tweets from the weekend's screenings...

Raymond Patterson ‏@RaymoPatter tweeted: Just saw moving & challenging pre- screening of #BlackOrWhite with #KevinCostner and #OctaviaSpencer at #DGA. #race #parenting #love (Posted 4:22pm November 22nd)

Susan Damante commented: Black or White ...Kevin Costner performs with excellence and produces a beautiful movie by Mike Binder-I was moved to tears and at Directors Guild of America. (Posted 4:24pm November 22nd)

Picture by kellychavers - Kelly Chavers: My arm is not long enough to take selfies. And Kevin is tall. Yikes. However the film "black or white" was heartfelt and thought-provoking and he was kind to snap a pic with anyone that wanted one. I really enjoyed hearing about his journey in this industry directly from him. #greatguy #screening #dga #blackorwhite #nomoreselfies4me #kevincostner (Posted 4:58pm November 22nd)

Vicki Abelson ‏@vickiabelson tweeted: A brilliant & passionate #KevinCostner post screening of #MikeBinder 's stunning, urgent, important #BlackorWhite (Posted 5:01pm November 22nd)

Christian Hutcherson ‏@TeenTHOR tweeted: Q & A with @Kevin Costner! #phenomenal #Actor #Celebrity (Posted 5:16pm November 22nd)

Serena Orrego ‏@SerenaOrrego tweeteed: Just saw #KevinCostner give the performance of his career in #BlackOrWhite, a well written film by #MikeBinder who always makes me cry... (Posted 5:25pm November 22nd)

Picture by lolornamarieb - Lorna: #BlackOrWhite was a great film! Mike Binder wrote such a moving screenplay, funny, emotional, thought provoking. Go see it! #KevinCostner (Posted 5:34pm November 22nd)

Crystal Rivers ‏@rivers_crystal tweeted: @modernwest #BlackAndWhite Q&A @SAGFoundation was truly inspiring. "It's not your first thought that counts.." #MikeBinder #KevinCostner (Posted 5:49pm November 22nd)

Zondra Wilson ‏@zondrawilson tweeted: Kevin Costner "rocked" the Q&A following "Black or White"! (Posted 5:54pm November 22nd)

Evie Abat ‏@EvieAbat tweeted: Just saw the screening of sweet little film, starring Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer, called Black Or White. (Posted 6:38pm November 22nd)

Eva Blaisdell ‏@EvaBlaisdell tweeted: Tonight meet Kevin Costner Our quiet place to Malibu films in Malibu (Posted 7:05pm November 22nd)

Laura Linda Bradley ‏@IamLauraBradley tweeted: Saturday Night at the movies! Followed by an awesome Q&A with the talented Mr. Kevin Costner For his new film Black or White! (Posted 7:06pm November 22nd)

Jazmine ‏@jazminerosee tweeted: My day was pretty freakin amazing! I was able to go to a screening and q&a with Kevin Costner! He has always been one of my favorites but I was so happy to see that he is so genuine and humble. He is such a class act. Very passionate and inspiring! (Posted 7:09pm November 22nd)

Alicia Lara ‏@AliciaLaraLA tweeted: Today saw screening of "Black or White" w/ q & a afterwards w/ star(& producer) Kevin Costner.Really enjoyed him! The movie is worth seeing. (Posted 8:13pm November 22nd)

Kitija ‏@featherncherry tweeted: Saw "Black Or White" + Q&A with Kevin Costner today at the Directors Guild of America. Great movie, go see it in January 2015! (Posted 8:25pm November 22nd)

Crystal Rivers ‏@rivers_crystal tweeted: #BlackOrWhite is an emotional roller coaster! Incredible writing & cast, truly heartfelt. Thanks @SAGFoundation #MikeBinder #KevinCostner (Posted 8:37pm November 22nd)

Rina Hoshino ‏@rinahoshino tweeted: So #grateful for @SAGFoundation #KevinCostner #BlackOrWhite screening Q&A. Priceless words about #SelfDiscipline #<3Rehearsals #DontGiveUp (Posted 8:43pm November 22nd)

Picture by dickmeadows - Richard Fields: Excellent afternoon at #directorsguildofamerica #dga #sunsetblvd #westhollywood #weho #sag #screenactorsguild #event for the #screening of #blackorwhite #film #actors #kevincostner #qanda #hollywood #losangeles #socal

Marques Harper ‏@marquesharper tweeted: @Relativity Wow. Saw my favorite film of 2014, "Black or White." Kevin Costner & @octaviaspencer are brilliant. (Posted 9:10pm November 22nd)

Jeanie Brandes- Jazz Vocalist commented: Today I had the pleasure of seeing the movie BLACK OR WHITE with KEVIN COSTNER who spoke to 600 actors and folks in the biz afterwards wow (Posted 9:19pm November 22nd)

Summer Moore ‏@summermoore tweeted: @Relativity The film "Black or White" was outstanding! Kevin Costner is truly inspiring as an actor & a person! (Posted 9:34pm November 22nd)

Javi Mulero ‏@JaviMulero1 tweeted: Saw "BLACK OR WHITE": Kevin Costner & Cast SUPERB!! Unforgettable movie! @kevincostner @octaviaspencer @RelativityMedia @treehousefilm (Posted 9:53pm November 22nd)

Picture by mercedesdaigle - Mercedes: #kevincostner (Posted 10:22pm November 22nd)

Angel Burns @AngelBurnsArt tweeted: Kevin Costner does his BEST WORK in "Black or White!"

Nadia Sahari commented: At the DGA screening of Kevin Costner & Modern West new movie, "BLACK OR WHITE." The lighting not perfect. But it is Kevin Costner. He is a gentleman, a humble man and very considerate of all.

Mister Kevin Costner. #mammamia #massifurlan #italian #italianactor #kevinCostner #DeadManWorking#dontkillmassifurlan #blackorwhite #movie #funtime #malibu # #filmsociety #hollywood

SBIFF ‏@officialSBIFF tweeted: #KevinCostner joined us following a screening of his film #BlackOrWhite at #CinemaSociety. (Posted 1:50pm Novenber 23rd)

SB Magazine ‏@SantaBarbaraMag tweeted: Filmmaker Kevin Costner screened his latest movie, Black or White at officialsbiff Cinema Society… (Riviera Theatre) (Posted 1:50pm Novenber 23rd)

Nancy Barasch ‏@photonsb tweeted: #kevincostner speaking after the screening of @BlackorWhite @officialSBIFF's cinema society. A must see #movie. (Posted 2:45pm November 23rd)

DeAndre Simmons ‏@DeandresVoice tweeted: #KevinCostner after screening of @BlackorWhite at the @officialSBIFF A MUST SEE FILM of #race , #addiction & #LOVE (Posted 2:57pm November 23rd)

DeAndre Simmons ‏@DeandresVoice tweeted: @BlackorWhite @officialSBIFF featuring the BRILLIANT @octaviaspencer , newcomer #JillianEstell and always great Kevin Costner @modernwest (Posted 2:58pm November 23rd)

Pictures from November 22, 2014 screening and Q&A:|Kevin+Costner|9030E1DA4EEC4A85A973FAF4BA3CCB3A&toItem=15&orderBy=Newest

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