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A few miscellaneous items about Kevin...

Pictures: Jim Wright for AARP Magazine with Kevin Costner December 3, 2014

Constanza Correa O ‏@Coty_Correa tweeted: Este es mi #HombreIdeal y esta como el Vino! Ya lo dije y que..... Me encanta #KevinCostner

Lira Luis ‏@liraluis tweeted: #FlashbackFriday: While in Aspen, had heady conversation about saving our oceans + coral reefs with Kevin Costner. (Posted December 26th)

Picture by markmannphoto - Mark Mann: No wolves were danced with in the taking of this photograph! #kevincostner (Posted December 26th)

Picking Top 10 best interviews of 2014: Not easy! by Bill Zwecker on December 29, 2014

Costner hits the stage in Franklin 2014: Arts & Entertainment in Review by Garret K. Woodward December 31, 2014

william cooper ‏@luvhollywood tweeted: #kevincostner signing #autographs for #willtheautographguy #hollywood #california #bulldurham… (Posted December 28th)

Picture by naathcut: En vanlig dag som alla andra #me #kevincostner #monaco #harbour #luckyme #smile #handsome #man #monaco

Jessica Gomez ‏@ChevyGalJay tweeyed: Going thru old pics... Me & Kevin Costner @ Moonlight at the Ranch I think 2010... (Posted December 24th)

Tony Pierce ‏@IamTonyPierce tweeted: Watching my old friend Kevin Costner celebrating 25 years is "Field of Dreams" (Posted December 27th)

Guapazos ‏@Guapazos_ tweeted: #guapazosdetraje #guapazosonthestreet #KevinCostner (Posted December 20th)

Jack Harris ‏@whackyjack tweeted: #TBT w/Actor Kevin Costner at Al Lang when he was here for the name change from Devil Rays to Rays. We love baseball (Posted December 18th)

Den Of Geek ‏@denofgeek tweeted: Ha! "I bumped into Kevin Costner when he was buying a ring-binder in the Wolverhampton branch of Menzies" (Posted November 28th)

Kevin Costner weiß nie, was er anziehen soll - Der Hollywood-Star bei BILD by BILD Kino Published on Dec 3, 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014

KC & MW to play Two Frogs Grill in Ardmore, Oklahoma...CORRECTION OF POST:

KEVIN COSTNER and MODERN WEST "LIVE" IN CONCERT w/ Special guests on Friday 4/10/15 @ Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma..Celebrating TWO FROGS GRILL'S 22nd Anniversary!
VIP Pre-Sale 1/14/15 @ NOON!
Public On Sale 1/17/15 @ NOON!

TWO FROGS GRILL ‏@twofrogsgrill tweeted: upcoming... @bretmichaels 12/19/14 @whiskeymyers 1/16/15 CHRIS KNIGHT 1/31/15 KEVIN COSTNER & MODERN WEST 4/10/15 Gonna be sick!!! (Posted December 12th)

Laura Eastes ‏@LauraEastes_ARD tweeted: Cool news from @twofrogsgrill (on their Facebook page). Kevin Costner is coming to Ardmore for a music show. (Posted December 25th)

Two Frogs Grill commented: KEVIN COSTNER and MODERN WEST 4/10/15 THE FROG'S 22nd Anniversary Concert... Celebrating 22 years of FOOD, MUSIC, & The Fact that KEVIN "freakin'" COSTNER will be performing!!!! (Posted December 25th)

Gigi Wingel ‏@twwgigi tweeted: @modernwest how does a venue book you? (Posted December 17th)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: .@twwgigi depends. Usually through a booking agency. Here's our link: (Posted December 19th)

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A new 'McFarland USA' trailer released...

McFarland, USA - Official Trailer 2 By Disney Movie Trailers Published on Dec 23, 2014 They started as a team and ended as a family. Disney's "McFarland, USA" comes to theaters February 20, 2015!

Picture by dyestat - DyeStat: Legendary coach Jim White is surrounded by Foot Locker finalists after a preview screening of "McFarland USA" on Friday. #mcfarland #coachblanco #footlocker #kevincostner #dyestatcal

Cross-country puts McFarland on the big screen By Graciela Moreno November 06, 2014

Disney's 'McFarland USA' Starring Kevin Costner is Based on Latino Students' Inspiring True Story of First Cross-Country Team By Melissa Castellanos November 19, 2014

Kelly McFarland ‏@KellyMcFarley tweeted: So we made a movie :) #disney #kevincostner #blockbuster #mcfarland #achampioncancomefromanywhere #moviedate (Posted November 30th)

Hollywood in Terre Haute By Matt Gregory November 20, 2014

Five Things We Learned in Terre Haute on Thursday – The Course is Fast, Some Coaches Have No Fun, McFarland USA Is A Winner, and Syracuse Is Here By November 21, 2014

Juanes will sing theme movie starring Kevin Costner Las Vegas, Nevada / November 25, 2014 Source: AP (Must translate)

Lizza Monet Morales ‏@xoxoLizza tweeted: .@AnaRC @Couponmamacita yes!! Watching @disney's #mcfarland was AMAZE. I was w/#KevinCostner on Mon. & thanked him. He was so :) @LATISM (Posted December 4th)

ThePlaylist ‏@ThePlaylist tweeted: Watch: Kevin Costner Is Inspiring Again 'McFarland, USA' ‏@teasertrailer tweeted: McFarland USA - new trailer -- Starring Kevin Costner

Pictures of Kevin from 'McFarland USA' trailer:

Concave ‏@concavebt tweeted: #Asics will be the running shoe of choice in #KevinCostner's upcoming #McFarlandUSA movie (Posted December 23rd)

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Some Kevin with the band items of interest...

Margaret Pfenninger's picture:

Pictures and article: Dances with Daughter: Bandleader Kevin Costner By Jon Santiago April 25, 2014:

Interview and pictures: Actor Kevin Costner Talks to Rocking God’s House…His Band Modern West! by Josh Belcher:

Pictures by Marci McGuinness:

Best Actors ‏@actor_page tweeted: Kevin Costner with guitar ! (Posted January 31st)

jeannette goff ‏@nettasart tweeted: Kevin Costner pic taken in Roanoke va April 2014. (Posted December 7th)

Kevin Costner Interview by sterlingwit's channel Published on Dec 8, 2014 This is an interview I did with Kevin Costner in 2012 to promote his 'Hatfields and McCoys' mini-series. We talked about that, his band Modern West, the music from the film, an upcoming tour, his fascination with Westerns and much more.
Full Show 12/12/14: Hometown Voices in South Elgin Posted December 12. 2014 by by Shaunequivocal Our Hometown Voices tour to The Village Squire in South Elgin...Theater guru Ron Onesti shares backstage stories about Kevin Costner and Jerry Lee Lewis...about Kevin starting at 52:00 to 56:00

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More of Kevin Costner for Jacques Lemans watches...

Jacques Lemans Partners with Kevin Costner:

Pages 1, 3 - 5, 24, 32, 33, 35 - 38, 47:

Testorelli 1887 ‏@Testorelli1887 tweeted: Kevin Costner, embajador y partner de #JacquesLemans está promocionando el reloj #Liverpool 1-1117AN.

Jacques Lemans with Kevin Costner - The making of by JacquesLemansGroup Published on Dec 16, 2014 making of photoshoot

JACQUES LEMANS and Kevin Costner by JacquesLemansGroup Published on Dec 12, 2014

JACQUES LEMANS Photoshooting with KEVIN COSTNER by JacquesLemansGroup Published on Dec 12, 2014

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Kevin back in London for 'Criminal' re-shoots...

Kevin Costner sports nasty-looking head injury (and a VERY questionable hairstyle) as he films terrifying ambulance crash scene on the set of Criminal By Becky Freeth for MailOnline December 18, 2014

Picture by xta777 - Christa Campbell: Our director in the editing room #criminal #garyoldman #kevincostner #action (Posted December 16th)

Lowa Boot @LowaUK tweeted: Another thank you - this time from Kevin Costner & the team from his film Criminal... (Posted November 18th)

Emily Doherty ‏@MLEDoherty tweeted: @modernwest would love a follow! Especially as I can say I was an extra in the same film (Criminal) and scene as Kevin Costner #legend (Posted November 18th)

The story of the right man in the wrong body. In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative’s memories, secrets and skills are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous death row inmate in hopes that he will complete the operative’s mission. CAST: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, Jordi Molla, Michael Pitt, Antje Traue DIRECTED BY: Ariel Vromen GENRE(S): Action, Adventure

Criminal call sheets from Blackbushe scenes back on eBay Dec 04, 2014 By Tara O'Connor

Ariel Vromen ‏@vromen tweeted: What an amazing ride it was filming #Criminal Thank you to all the wonderful people who worked on it! (Posted November 15th)

Ariel Vromen @vromen tweeted: That's it #London! Finally going back home to #LA after 5 months...Starting post on #Criminal!! (Posted November 27th)

arielvromen ‏@vromen tweeted: Started post on #Criminal ! With editor #Danny Rafic! (Posted December 4th)

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More from the 'Black Or White' screenings...

Jim Hallowes ‏@JimHallowes tweeted: @mepaulanewsome Enjoyed Kevin Costner interviewing "Black and White" director Mike! Paula, you were great! At the DGA (Posted 9:48pm December 9th)

cars2charities ‏@cars2charities tweeted: #kevincostner #mikebinder #blackorwhite #ipictheatre (Posted 3:55am December 11th)

News ‏@politicsRSS tweeted: IJR: Kevin Costner Shares An Opinion on Race-Baiting That Oth... (Posted December 11th)

Jim Hallowes ‏@JimHallowes tweeted: Kevin Costner interviewing the director of "Back or White." WANT grad, Paula Newsome, playing the judge wonderfully! (Posted 9:42pm December 12th)

BFCA announces special honors for Kevin Costner, Ron Howard and Jessica Chastain By Kristopher Tapley Dec 12, 2014 Excerpt: The Lifetime Achievement Honor will go to Kevin Costner, seen on screens this year in Mike Binder's "Black or White." A fine choice, particularly with the resurgence in films like "3 Days to Kill" and "Draft Day" as of late. Fingers crossed he saddles up to another western one of these days, as "Dances with Wolves" and particularly "Open Range" remain stellar samples from the genre.

Liana Delmar ‏@LianaDelmar tweeted: Q&A with @kevincostner after a beautiful, heart melting movie "Black or White". Directed by @MikeBinderjokes. (Posted 11:33pm December 12th)

Mindy Montavon Kiehl commented: From the last two screenings/Q&As: "Black or White" with Kevin Costner and "Foxcatcher" with Steve Carell and director Bennett Miller. I love awards season. (Posted December 13th)

diana.pham tweeted: I'm not even sober, but I swear I saw #KevinCostner while I was in my Uber ride tonight. He even waved at me 👋👋👋 #TheBodyguard (West Hollywood, California) (Posted 3:30am December 13th)

Napa Valley Film Festival Tribute Night November 22, 2014 By Irene Ojdana

COLDEA Productions ‏@ColdeaFilms tweeted: Q&A with Kevin Costner for #BlackorWhite #KevinCostner #iPicTheatre #iPic #blackandwhite (Posted 2:36pm December 16th)

Peg Verdi ‏@pverdi tweeted: Kudos #KevinCostner #blackorwhite2014 #bestSpeech performance #DGA (Posted 7:30am Decemeber 14th)

BikiniCzar ‏@bikiniczar tweeted: I just added "Kevin Costner humbly accepts The Lumere Award by KCET" to 15 secs video: (Posted December 15th)

BikiniCzar ‏@bikiniczar tweeted: I just added "Kevin Costner on his "Black and White" film performance at Q&A" to 15 secs .. (Posted December 15th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner Accepts the BVIsionary Award From Beaulieu Vineyards Photos by Patrice Ward (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner Accepts the BVisionary Award at the NVFF Celebrity Tributes Photo by Will Bucquoy (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival:

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner In Conversation With Steve Gaydos at the Variety 10 Producers to Watch Brunch

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner In Conversation With Billy Bush at the NVFF Celebrity Tributes (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner on the Red Carpet - Photo by Laura Norcia Vitale. (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner on the Red Carpet (Posted November 14th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner talks with Fandango's Dave Karger and Director Mike Binder (Posted November 13th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner Takes the Stage at NVFF 2014 (Posted November 13th)

Napa Valley Film Festival - Kevin Costner on the NVFF 2014 Red Carpet (Posted November 13th)

Interview: Mike Binder By Steven Mears on December 12, 2014:

James Corden (“Into the Woods”) tells Oscar-winner Kevin Costner (“Black or White”) about his new late night gig for CBS at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors presented by Samsung Galaxy. The full interview will air on PBS on Dec. 28 as a part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series.
Actors on Actors, Episode 2 – December 28th – 6 PM
Jessica Chastain and Mark Ruffalo
Eddie Redmayne and Laura Dern
Josh Brolin and JK Simmons
Kevin Costner and James Corden

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Special Luncheon at Fig & Olive Melrose Place...

December 15, 2014 - Colleen Camp Hosts Special Luncheon For Kevin Costner - WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - (EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE) Tucker Tooley, Colleen Camp, Kevin Costner and JoBeth Williams attend a special luncheon for Kevin Costner and Mike Binder hosted by Colleen Camp for the film BLACK OR WHITE at Fig & Olive Melrose Place on December 15, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.[528912337]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Picture by jaxelrad1: Thanks for flashing me the peace sign #KevinCostner! Love these ladies emoji️EMG Holiday Lunch #fam #chcolatewasted #johnvoitinthemix #figandolive #goinuponamonday (Posted 3:48pm December 15th)

Mike Celestino ‏@mikecelestino tweeted: I knew we were back in L.A. when literally the first person we saw when we stepped off the plane was Kevin Costner. (Posted 4:59pm December 15th)

Michael Murphy ‏@murphy_murphy71 tweeted: Just talked to Kevin Costner about having gills and if he would draft Johnny Manziel in Draft Day #ShitThatHappensAtLAX #Waterworld (Posted 5:13pm December 15th)

Picture by Likebanana: Terrible pic of me, great one of KC. Dude clearly knows how to take a pic. Sat next to the producer for Food Inc Pretty epic flight. #thespiceoflife #joeldontfreakout (San Jose International Airport) Posted 7:02pm December 15th)

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More at Disneyland and a lot of miscellaneous items...

samantha kirsten ‏@dreamyrebellion tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner outside of California Screamin'! @DisneylandCeleb (Posted 9:53am December 14th)

Kavya ‏@superbatural tweeted: Kevin Costner's at Disneyland WKDNKEMWLA (Posted 10:59am December 14th)

Apple Eater ‏@AppleEater13 tweeted: A special guest on Luigi's Flying Tires today! Kevin Costner! @DisneylandCeleb (Posted 3:06pm December 14th)

Disneyland Celebs ‏@DisneylandCeleb tweeted: ***SPOTTED!*** #KevinCostner is at the parks again today! Last spotted at #DCA! #Disneyland #DisneylandCelebs (Posted 3:15pm December 14th)

Justin △ ‏@juustinns tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER'S AT DISNEYLAND AND SO AM I (Posted 3:17pm December 14th)

Ross King ‏@TheRossKing tweeted: I can see Kevin Costner's house from here! @AspenSnowmass @gmb @ITVLorraine (Aspen, CO) (Posted 1:22pm December 14th)

Bello Magazine Page 135 Tina Majorino: Excerpt: “I will never forget how much Kevin Costner’s passion for making movies came through [while filming 1995’s Waterworld]. No matter how crazy everything off the set became, he showed up to work every day just wanting to do the best work possible. He loves doing this just for the sake of doing it, and every time [that I’ve collaborated with someone] who has had that mentality, it’s always been a fulfilling experience.”

Picture by the officialkatiehammers - Makeup By Katie Hammers: Kevin Costner Photography: @deborahwaldpics Men's Grooming/Makeup: @theofficialkatiehammers #kevincostner #katiehammers #deborahwaldphotography #katiehammersmakeup #makeupartist #promua #celebrities #actors #film

Steven Bell: Here's a picture in my sister in New Orleans in front of her house with Kevin Costner (Posted November 13, 2014)

Maarten de Boer ‏@MaartenPhoto tweeted: Some Kevin Costner for ya! 📷📷 #kevincostner #maartenmade (Posted October 6th)

Carina Iannuzzi ‏@ThePromoNinja tweeted: #tbt to 2010 where I met #KevinCostner at #CountryThunder. Yes ladies, he's even better looking in… (Posted October 9th)

Runway commented: Pick up or download the RUNWAY #Fall2014 issue to see our exclusive interview with actor, singer, musician, producer and director #KevinCostner. #Runway #celebrity #fashion

Tanja ‏@Just_Tanja tweeted: #tbt That one time I ended up in Kevin Costner's dressing room 😝 (Posted October 2nd)

MLB Network ‏@MLBNetwork tweeted: Watch Kevin Costner talk about his role in beloved baseball film “Field of Dreams” at 8pE on @MLBNetwork. (Posted November 15th)

mohammad ghazal ‏@im_ghazal tweeted: #kevincostner he is my man (Posted November 18th)

def3 @Def3 tweeted: #tbt Chopping it up with #KevinCostner at a country festival I was painting at a few years back in #craven ..Shortly after he denied me for a mixtape drop and got hella bummed at me for asking. #def3 #wildlif3 (Posted November 20th)

Becky Seip @SeipBecky tweeted: I was honored by Hands On Nashville at the Opry for my vol photog after the flood. Kevin Costner played that night. (Posted November 1st)

jeannette goff ‏@nettasart 3h3 hours ago Roanoke, VA Had met Kevin Costner Texas tavern Roanoke when he was in town. Very handsome. (Posted November 3rd)

BONESCOPE ‏@BONESCOPE tweeted: McFarland, Kevin Costner de retour à l'entrainement - Inspiré par une histoire vraie ... (Posted November 5th)

Will Hillis commented: Jenny and Kevin Costner (Posted November 12th)

Cheeks ‏@MyNameIsCheeks tweeted: Kevin Costner. #KevinCostner #TheBodyguard #actor #LosAngeles #TheGrove #tbt #LA #Cali #California #2005 #act #acting (Posted November 26th)

Breakout talent: Brad William Henke By Jenelle Riley | Posted Nov. 1, 2006 Excerpt: Henke is also aware that famous actors need people they can play off of. Recalling an interview he once saw with Kevin Costner, Henke notes, "He said that when you're working with a big star, they need to trust that you can hit the ball back to them…. That's what I try to do."

PARTY PEOPLE: The annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl party in New York brings out Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner, who take a time out to pose for a picture.,,20779102_30095273,00.html

BY MY SIDE: Also at the 3 Days to Kill premiere: Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner, who stay close together on the Hollywood red carpet Wednesday.,,20786475_30102379,00.html

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK: Jennifer Garner celebrates the Los Angeles premiere of her new sports drama, Draft Day, with costar Kevin Costner at a Monday after-party.,,20804259_30131964,00.html ‏@playboy_czech tweeted: INTERVIEW | KEVIN COSTNER | Nemám v povaze se vzdávat O nezdarech, vzteku a o tom, jakou legraci za žádnou cenu ... (Posted October 6th)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kevin spends Saturday at Disneyland California...

daynamarian - Dayna Obermiller Garibay: #disneyside #disneyland #kevincostner #selfiewithkevincostner my sisters and mom livin the dream. He was with his son in California Adventure. (Posted 2:16pm December 13th)

BRANDY ‏@_BRANDY tweeted: @DisneylandCeleb Kevin Costner at DCA (Posted 1:23pm December 13th)

Drake Bell @DrakeBell tweeted: Man Disneyland is packed! It's days like this you wish you had friends who were Club 33 members!!! #club33 #Disneyland (Posted 8:18pm December 13th)

Theme Park Celebs ‏@ThemeParkCelebs tweeted: Kevin Costner is at Disneyland! keep us posted with your sightings! #saw #spotted #dca #california #adventure #celebritysighting #follow (Posted 4:08pm December 13th)

F A F ‏@BeDatNiggaDEVIN tweeted: I just saw Kevin Costner at downtown disneyyyy (Posted 6:32pm December 13th)

Disneyland Celebs ‏@DisneylandCeleb tweeted: ***SPOTTED!*** Kevin Costner is at #Disneyland! #DisneylandCelebs (Posted 7:18pm December 13th)

jess ‏@jessicaturnerrr tweeted: Just walked behind ultimate bae kevin costner 😍 (Posted 7:47pm December 13th)

hayywayy ‏@Hayywade tweeted: Sitting a table away from @CodyLinley7 and Kevin Costner at dinner, currently freaking out 😂 (Posted 9:10pm December 13th)

Disneyland California website:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kevin to receive Critics Choice Career Achievement Award...

NOTE: A&E Network will televise the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards on January 15, 2015.

Kevin Costner Getting Career Kudo At Critics’ Choice Awards by Mike Fleming Jr December 8, 2014 EXCLUSIVE: ...the Broadcast Film Critics Association will award Kevin it's Critics Choice Career Achievement Award at the annual awards show on Thursday, January 15, 2015.

Jeanne Wolf ‏@jeannewolf tweeted: Costner is sensational in BLACK OR WHITE Kevin Costner Getting Career Kudo At Critics’ Choice Awards

Critics Choice website:

Picture by windiwashington - Windi Washington: I enjoyed the Q&A by @TheWrap's Sharon Waxman w/ 'Black or White' actors Paula Newsome & Kevin Costner and writer-director Mike Binder. #OscarScreeningSeries #OscarQualifying #KevinCostner #OctaviaSpencer #BlackOrWhite #FrontRow #Movies #TheWrap (Posted December 9th)

Picture by tandonfilm - Tan Don: #kevincostner #blackorwhite (Posted December 9th)

Picture by goodyawards - Goody Awards: Kevin Costner explained why he had to produce #BlackorWhite movie last night @thewrap Oscar series screening - which has just the right balance of humor to encourage a discussion on a sensitive topic! #kevincostner #oscar #oscarscreening #thewrap #taggood (Posted December 9th)

Picture by introducextina: This happened tonight...Kevin Costner @modernwest at @thewrap screening of #BlackorWhite. This guy is just phenomenal, the Q&A made me love him even more after watching the movie. He talked about his thoughts on race and #Ferguson, some people in the audience were even trying to make it about race, and I'm Costner moved the conversation about holding ourselves accountable of changing America. Race is just another thing getting in the way of change, and he went on to say that maybe it is that time in his children's history where people are helping America change for the better, and stop the violence: officer vs citizen. Can he be my second uncle, third removed, and then replaced? Lol #film (Posted December 9th)

Actors on Actors: Kevin Costner and James Gorden - Full Video by Variety Published on Dec 10, 2014 James Corden (“Into the Woods”) tells Oscar-winner Kevin Costner (“Black or White”) about his new late night gig for CBS and more at the Variety Studio: Actors on Actors presented by Samsung Galaxy.

Leo Breckenridge ‏@LeoBreckenridge tweeted: KEVIN COSTNER SPEAKS ON RACISM. The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. Kevin Costner's "Black Or White" in theaters Jan 2015. (Posted December 10th)

Lorelei Shellist ‏@loreleishellist tweeted: At screening & Q&A of "Black or White" the film produced by Kevin Costner, written by Mike Binder actress Paula Newsome pictured here. A must see movie perfectly timed for what is going on in America! Funny intelligent, witty and entertaining. #Runwayrunaway #movies #beauty #fashion #Freedom #black or white, (Posted December 10th)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pictures, tweets and video from 'The Wrap' screening and Q&A...

SamanthaJewel Bludsworth commented: Mr. Costner is one of the most humble and good hearted people I've ever had the privilege to meet. He's been my role model since I was 10 and today I finally met him (Posted December 7th)

Sheldon Charron ‏@sheldoncharron tweeted: At the Landmark theatre in LA for a screening of @BlackorWhite hosted by @TheWrap. #KevinCostner is here for a Q&A. #actorslife (Posted 6:52pm December 8th)

Brandon Overstreet ‏@brandontylerosc tweeted: Kevin Costner just has a way of inspiring people!! Great actor!! (Posted 7:18pm December 8th)

Windi Washington ‏@WindiWashington tweeted: Finally arrived at the Black or White screening hosted by Kevin Costner and @TheWrap. (Posted 7:20pm December 8th)

Leesa Simmons ‏@MrsPJSimmons tweeted: Hello, Lover! #mcm #kevincostner (Posted December 8th)

Mike aka Itchyypanda ‏@Itchyypanda tweeted: Black & White Q&A with Kevin Costner. (Posted 9:06pm December 8th)

Brian McCabe ‏@mccabeagent tweeted: Q&A with writer/director Mike Binder and actors Paula Newsome & Kevin Costner @TheWrap #film #movie… (Posted 9:07pm December 8th)

Ursula Maria ‏@ursula_maria_ tweeted: #PaulaNewsome #KevinCostner & #MikeBinder sharing some insights after the screening of #BlackOrWhite @LTLosAngeles (Posted 9:26pm December 8th)

Debra Trevino ‏@debrat21 tweeted: And Iiiiiiyiiiiiaiii will always #love him! Go see his new #movie #blackorwhite #KevinCostner (Posted 9:55pm December 8th)

Mike aka Itchyypanda ‏@Itchyypanda tweeted: Quick photo with Kevin Costner. Sorry for my weird-looking face... (Posted 10:00pm December 8th)

Sheldon Charron ‏@sheldoncharron tweeted; At the #blackorwhitemovie premiere in LA thanks to #thewrap. #KevinCostner was there for the Q&A and got swarmed, but he graciously posed for a picture with me. 1st time in 3 years living here I've asked for a photo but if I hadn't I'd have regretted it the rest of my life. He's one of my heros. Thanks to my wife Monique for taking the picture. This was a departure from typical Hollywood fare, and while the title would lead you to think it was all about race, it transcended it. Check it out. (Posted 10:19pm December 8th)

Howard M. Shum ‏@howardshum tweeted: saw Black or White starring Kevin Costner tonight. It's a good film. Check it! (Posted 10:20pm December 8th)

Liz H. Kelly ‏@lizhkelly tweeted: Thank you @kevincostner #blackorwhite @thewrap Oscar screening Q&A tonight! #kevincostner #fieldofdreams (Posted 10:54pm December 8th)

Whitney Hoy ‏@whitneyhoy tweeted: ;Q&A with the writer/director Mike Binder, and actors Kevin Costner and Paula Newsome of the amazing film BLACK OR WHITE. It's a must see y'all and a little close to home. (Posted 11:03pm December 8th)

Celi ‏@CeliHangout tweeted: #celihangout today we hung out with @TheWrap for their Oscar screening of #blackorwhite new film w/ @kevincostner & @octaviaspencer wow! (Posted 12:09am December 9th)

Celi ‏@CeliHangout tweeted: @lizhkelly @TheWrap @kevincostner it was a fantastic evening! And a beautiful conversation!!! Thank u all!! (Posted 12:13am December 9th)

Jason V ‏@jvhnewhaven tweeted: Forgot to post this saw the movie Black and white, must see and they had a Q&A with kevin costner, he's so humble and down to earth, and really values his friends and family. So inspiring (Posted December 9th)

Sheldon Charron ‏@sheldoncharron tweeted: Be sure to check #KevinCostner's new #movie & #passionproject @BlackorWhite. It's both refreshing and inspirational. #blockorwhitemovie (Posted December 9th)

Leo Breckenridge ‏@LeoBreckenridge tweeted: Chopping it up with Mr. Costner... Kevin Costner that is. | A moment I will never forget. (Posted December 9th)

Tori Eldridge ‏@ToriEldridge tweeted: Keep an eye out for this nuanced & thought provoking #film! (Posted December 9th)

Marilyn ‏@MarilynRoamsLA tweeted: … See this movie! Kevin and cast R gr8! Has comedic moments too. M Binder, dir, did gr8 job! Should get nom! (Posted December 9th)

Clay Banks ‏@CoachClayBanks tweeted: I met w/ Kevin Costner Sat night... Black or White was amazing! Asking him 2b a judge for THE 2015 WORLDWIDE 1MINUTE MONOLOGUE CONTEST! (Posted December 9th)

Derek Mio ‏@derekzmio tweeted: Thank you Kevin Costner & @SAGFoundation for, hands down, the BEST conversation you've had; stories full of passion, struggle, and success! (Posted December 9th)

Danita Patterson ‏@DanitaPatterson tweeted: Hanging with The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner at KCET Lumiere Awards. His film, Black or White was awesome! #crush (Posted December 9th)

Black or White @BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner shines in Black or White! #LoveHasNoColor

Picture by introducextina: This happened tonight...Kevin Costner @modernwest at @thewrap screening of #BlackorWhite. This guy is just phenomenal, the Q&A made me love him even more after watching the movie. He talked about his thoughts on race and #Ferguson, some people in the audience were even trying to make it about race, and I'm Costner moved the conversation about holding ourselves accountable of changing America. Race is just another thing getting in the way of change, and he went on to say that maybe it is that time in his children's history where people are helping America change for the better, and stop the violence: officer vs citizen. Can he be my second uncle, third removed, and then replaced? Lol #film (Posted 1:22am December 9th)

TheWrap Screening Series: ‘Black or White's’ Kevin Costner on Race Relations – ‘We Have to Move Past Our History’ By Matt Carey, Special to TheWrap on December 9, 2014

‘Black or White's’ Kevin Costner on Race Relations – ‘We Have to Move Past Our History’ by The Wrap Published on Dec 9, 2014

Kevin Costner describes Black or White Movie Calling by GoodyAwards Published on Dec 9, 2014 This special Q&A was after an Oscar Series Screening hosted by The Wrap in West Los Angeles

Kevin Costner grills autograph collector about his secrets while greeting fans at Landmark Theatres by PopCandiesTv Published on Dec 9, 2014

Picture by Ann (Posted December 5th)

Kevin Costner seen at Craig's Restaurant December 1, 2014:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kevin receives the KCET Luminere Award...

Wednezday Ryan ‏@WednezdayRyan tweeted: Such wise and insightful words from the incredible Mr. #KevinCostner @BlackorWhite #Q&A @TheOscarsWatch #BestFilm (Posted 12:42pm December 7th)

Peggy Marie ‏@Peggles12 tweeted: @Rafaeslomejor tomorrow night I see Black & White..Kevin Costner is the host..:) (Posted 1:53pm December 7th)

Cole Howard @colester500 tweeted: I JUST MET KEVIN COSTNER (Posted 3:01pm December 7th)

Jilly ‏@jillhanawalt tweeted: The wonderful Kevin Costner (Posted 3:06pm December 7th)

Lori Streifler ‏@LoriSatCNS tweeted: "Black or White" is a powerful drama about race that should be seen. Star/producer #KevinCostner today in Westwood. (Posted 3:37pm December 7th)

Sethy James ‏@SpikeReed tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner tho - Kevin Costner was cool AF (Posted 4:06pm December 7th)

Darralynn Hutson ‏@darralynnhutson tweeted: @thelumiereaward @relativity @blackandwhite movie screening. @kevincostner (Posted 4:10pm December 7th)

Adi Dardik ‏@AdiDardik tweeted: #BlackOrWhite strong performances by #KevinCostner and #OctaviaSpencer (Posted 4:40pm December 7th)

Gabriela Gomez ‏@GabyGomez3107 tweeted: Screening Of "Black or white" followed by Q&A with Kevin Costner and director Mike binder. Gotta love… (Posted 6:14pm December 7th)

DeAnna Cali ‏@SweetDee04 tweeted: It was an #honor meeting this man Kevin Costner I asked him about his process as an actor and he and I talked for 10 minutes!! Then I ate dinner at his table for the after party. I'm dropping off a thank you letter tomorrow at his production office. #kevincostner he truly so cool and so genuine (Posted 8:00pm December 7th)

Theo Marshall ‏@IAMTHEOMARSHALL tweeted: Phenomenal true story behind the inspiration for #blackorwhite by @MikeBinderjokes Amazing cast staring #kevincostner #octaviaspencer (Posted 8:02pm December 7th)

Darralynn Hutson ‏@darralynnhutson tweeted: Go and see @kevincostner @octaviaspencer and @AnthonyMackie in #BlackOrWhite powerful film and I'm sure start of gr8t debate (Posted 9:09pm December 7th)

Affluent Attaché Club commented: Private Screening #BlackOrWhite — with Dennis Maliani, Kevin Costner & Modern West and Octavia Spencer. (Posted 9:39pm December 7th)

Affluent Attaché Club commented: Private Screening #BlackOrWhite | Q&A (Posted 9:39pm December 7th)

Picture by tb08sm: Saw #kevincostner at a q&a and he was #awesome and #autograph my #superman #comicbook #manofsteel #DCComics #danceswithwolves #fieldofdreams #blackorwhite #untouchables #epic #awesome #celebrity (Posted 9:41pm December 7th)

Affluent Attaché Club commented: At #BlackorWhite private screening #Lumière Award Honoring #KevinCostner featuring @octaviaspencer @modernwest @KCET #Race #Provocative #AffluentAttache — with Dennis Maliani. (Posted 9:41pm December 7th)

Picture by a_carpenter - Ariel Carpenter: #kevincostner #blackorwhite @kcet (Posted 9:37pm December 7th)

Hee Park ‏@HeePark1 tweeted: Me with Kevin Costner at the screening of Black or White! What a amazing film~ (Posted 10:29pm December 7th)

Chuck Gordon ‏@belzoniboy tweeted: Go see my friend Kevin Costner's new move "Black or White". Really good. (Posted 10:39pm December 7th)

Ivana Massetti ‏@IVEMAS tweeted: Just met #KevinCostner at the #screening of #BlackOrWhite his last film with #Octavia Spencer. Great movie, important movie. Go to see it! (Posted 11:09pm December 7th)

Evie Stewart ‏@EvieStewart tweeted: went 2 screening of #BlackandWhite w/ Q&A by Kevin Costner & writer/director Mike Binder -- definitely worth seeing! (Posted 11:47pm December 7th)

Red Walk Talent PR ‏@RedWalkTalentPR tweeted: #Go #see #KevinCostner's @modernwest #fantastic #film #BlackOrWhite it will change you! #amazing (with Nick Azarian, DeAnna Cali and Tara Nicole Azarian) (Posted 11:58pm December 7th)

Kevin Costner honored with the Lumiere Award presented by the KCET Cinema Series December 7, 2014

Actor Kevin Costner talks about playing alcoholic role in "Black Or White". by Brian To Published on Dec 7, 2014 Actor Kevin Costner talks about how he prepared to play alcoholic role in "Black Or White" at SAG-AFTRA FILM SOCIETY screening at Directors Guild of America on Nov. 29, 2014.

Carol Simpson ‏@csimp134_carol tweeted: Saw #Back or White last night with #Kevin Costner in person. Great movie with lots of laugh. (Posted 10:46am December 7th)

Picture by kcetcinemaseries - KCET Cinema Series: Kevin Costner during the Q&A session of his new film, "Black or White" held at the @arclightcinemas in Sherman Oaks #kevincostner #blackorwhite #arclightshermanoaks (Posted December 8th)

I attended the screening of Kevin Costner’s “Black or White” where he was also presented with The Lumiere Award By montebubbles | Sherman Oaks, California

Videos: Black or White Q&A with Mike Binder and Kevin Costner, moderated by Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times Writer

Sunday, December 7, 2014

'Black Or White' and 'Open Range' screenings with Kevin...

Advance Member Screening! Actor Kevin costner In Person! BLACK OR WHITE Sat, Dec 6, 2014 • 3:00pm American Cinematheque Members can enjoy a second free screening just for them this month - and with Kevin Costner in person! The actor appears with an advance screening of BLACK OR WHITE, a drama about race relations and family relationships he also co-produced, costarring Octavia Spencer. (Santa Monica)

Actor-Director Kevin Costner In Person! OPEN RANGE Sat, Dec 6, 2014 • 6:00pm Retired gunslinger Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) is forced to return to violence when the cattle crew he has formed with old friend Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) is threatened by enemies who endanger not only Waite’s way of life but his new romance with Sue Barlow (Annette Bening). A screening of the 2003 film is introduced by Kevin Costner! (Santa Monica)

LindaThompsonLT tweeted: My brilliant friend, Kevin Costner, has a timely film you MUST see when it's released. BLACK OR WHITE is phenomenal! Watch for it!! Photo by the talented and lovely Julie Ellerton Photography. (Posted December 6th)

beverly baroff ‏@happyidiot90049 tweeted: 137.6 Against my better judgement, I am venturing out again. This time to see Black & White with Kevin Costner speaking afterwards. (Posted 1:16pm December 6th)

Trevor Schoenfeld ‏@Schofizzy tweeted: Dammit! How did this OPEN RANGE screening with Kevin Costner in person @SidGrauman's Aero theatre tonight slip passed me?! Damn, damn, damn! (Posted 4:24pm December 6th)

gilda brasch ‏@gildacentral tweeted: Just saw #blackorwhitemovie @aero theater Great work Kevin Costner, Andre Holland, Mike Binder (Posted 5:39pm December 6th)

Anastasia Roark ‏@AnastasiaRoark tweeted: Black or White screening with Kevin Costner at The American Cinematheque at The Aero. Delightful man. Great stories. Fabulous role for him. (Posted 5:51pm December 6th)

Genevieve ‏@Genevievecorine tweeted: My sister with Kevin Costner (Posted 6:08pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "I miss the [movie] curtain. As it opened, there was always the possibility of greatness." #KevinCostner #Aero #B&W (Posted 6:13pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "I like to work." "I want to be relevant." #KevinCostner @SidGrauman #Aero Theatre #blackandwhite movie Q&A (Posted 6:16pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "There are 5 or 6 movies nobody wants to make. I promise I'll make them." #KevinCostner @SidGrauman #Aero Theatre (Posted 6:19pm December 6th)

karen baxter ‏@aModernMaverick tweeted: w/ Kevin Costner Q&A and screening of his amazing film Black or White | no big deal ⭐😍 @ Aero Theatre (Posted 6:29pm December 16th)

Oliver Carnay ‏@OliverCarnay tweeted: #advancedscreening #BlackorWhite #Director #MikeBinder #QandA #KevinCostner #OctaviaSpencer #AeroTheatre #SantaMonica (Posted 6:35pm December 16th)

Picture by amodernmaverick - KarenBaxter: the real deal | star director, cool human (Posted 7:18pm December 6th)

karen baxter ‏@aModernMaverick tweeted: W@modernwest amazing film @BlackorWhite #KevinCostner hit it out of the park GO SEE this human story w/stellar cast (Posted 7:48pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "I feel like an emotional detective." "[I want to] bring something [to the role] that's not on the page." - #KevinCostner @SidGrauman #Aero (Posted 7:58pm December 6th)

Failed attempt to take a good picture with legendary Kevin Costner after the screening of his new brilliant film "Black or White" #KevinCostner #SantaMonica #Aero #BlackOrWhite #screening (Posted 8:03pm December 6th)

Theo Marshall ‏@IAMTHEOMARSHALL tweeted: #blackorwhite another heartfelt film from #mikebinder staring film legend #kevincostner #Aero #cinematheque (Posted 9:42pm December 6th)

bob saget ‏@bobsaget tweeted: Loved seeing my friend @MikeBinderJokes meaningful new film #BlackOrWhite tonight starring #KevinCostner (Posted 9:52pm December 6th)

Picture by tatiana_dekhtyar - Tatiana DeKhtyar: So there I was, right next one of the people that I respect and admire the most, both as an artist, a good man and as a human being! Kind spirited, highly intelligent and not to mention incredibly talented... Truly a role model to look up to. Getting an advice from someone like that - can't even tell you how inspiring that was... My faith in what I do is greatly reinforced ! Thank you Mr. Kevin Costner! I appreciate it! With that said - I highly recommend everyone to watch his new feature film: "Black or White"!!! Truly an incredible creation that will make you cry, laugh, clinch your fists, sigh, think, feel, remember and respect... #KevinCostner #TatianaDekhtyar #actress #actor #hollywoodactor #blackorwhite #blackorwhitefilm #screening #livinglegend #goodman (Posted 10:19pm December 6th)

Pretty In Punk ‏@elena_chin tweeted: 2nd time watching #BlackorWhite & still laughed & cried. Kevin Costner & @MphoAK and the rest of the cast did such a great job! (Posted 10:36pm December 6th)

Maria Antonieta ‏@contactthequeen tweeted: Is #KevinCostner looking at me? ☺️ I was passing him (telepathic ) all your messages, hugs and kisses #q&a #blackorwhitemovie (Posted 10:45pm December 6th)

Picture by tatiana_dekhtyar - Tatiana DeKhtyar: Good people ! :-) #goodpeople #KevinCostner #TatianaDekhtyar #hollywoodactor #livinglegend #actor #actress #fate (Posted 10:45pm December 6th)

Britt Loves Quincy♒ ‏@britlovesquincy tweeted: the new @octaviaspencer and Kevin Costner movie comes out on my birthday so I'm DEFINITELY gonna treat myself to that. (Posted December 6th)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another 'Black Or White' screening with a Q&A...

Screening of Black or White and Q&A with Kevin Costner- The Wrap Awards & Foreign Screening Series on Monday, December 8, 2014 @ 7:00PM at The Landmark Theater, 10850 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Screening will be followed by a Conversation with Academy Award Winning Actor Kevin Costner.

Chelsea Lee ‏@_SweetChelly tweeted: I will be going to see this

Oscar Season: Voting Deadlines Looming As 2014 Race Heats Up To Fever Pitch by Pete Hammond December 5, 2014 Excerpt: Golden Globe nomination ballots are due back today. SAG nominating ballots go out now,...AFI’s annual 10 best list coming out on Monday morning. LA Film Critics will be announcing their picks on Sunday, then its the nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, which wound up predicting every eventual 2013 Oscar winner except Makeup and Foreign Film.

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Kevin Costner says his movie Black or White deals with race in a "very authentic way. It looks forward not backward." #poppolitics (Posted 11:10am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Costner: "This movie will help a lot of people. There's a lot of people it will speak out loud to." #poppolitics (Posted 11:12am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Costner, on race: "When the press jumps the gun, we are the victims of that." #poppolitics (Posted 11:14am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: On Ferguson, Costner says if anyone in media is spreading lies, "that is as big of a crime as any committed." #poppolitics (Posted 11:16am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: "Black or White" was originally rated R, but Costner and Mike Binder appealed and they got PG-13. He says it was critical to get wider audience (Posted 11:18am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Costner paid to make the movie himself. He says it was a tough decision to take the risk but he was too connected to the project to pass. (Posted 11:20am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Costner, on racism: "There's so many people who want this to go away, but it lingers." #poppolitics (Posted 11:21am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Costner says Chris Rock is "really insightful" on recent comments on race in Frank Rich interview. (Posted 11:24am December 4th)

Ted Johnson @tedstew tweeted: Costner: "To not talk about (race) in an honest way, that is the crime." (Posted 11:25am December 4th)

POTUS Channel @SXMPOTUS tweeted: ::LISTEN:: Actor Kevin Costner says racial profiling "sh*tty"’ on Pop Politics with @Tedstew Kevin Costner says race relations in America need to improve and quickly. He has strong words about racial profiling and the way forward. Posted on Dec 4, 2014 (Posted 11:53am December 4th)

POTUS Channel @SXMPOTUS tweeted: ::LISTEN:: Kevin Costner discusses putting his own money into new movie "Black Or White" on Pop Poltiics w/ @Tedstew He says the necessity for the movie to be made outweighed his own financial needs. Hear Pop Politics hosted by Variety's Ted Johnson on SiriusXM POTUS Channel 124, Thursdays at 2pm EST. (Posted 11:54am December 4th)

Variety Screening Series: Black Or White by Variety Published on Dec 4, 2014 Kevin Costner and Writer/ Director Mike Binder talk "Black or White" at the 2014-15 Variety Screening Series.

Julie Millett ‏@juliemillett tweeted: See the lovely film BLACK OR WHITE- currently in LA@ iPicCinema.Great performances by Kevin Costner, @billburr, etc & cast by @SharonBialy! (Posted December 5th)

Friday, December 5, 2014

More pictures and tweets from 'Black Or White' screenings...

Pictures: Los Angeles Times' Special Screening of 'Black Or White' by Gabrial Olsen:[526565281]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Chris Johnson ‏@deadend4chris tweeted: Kevin Costner has a Q&A at Arclight theater in Sherman Oaks tonight (Posted 5:36pm December 2nd)

Charlotte Sellmyer ‏@csellmyer tweeted: Bonus of being in the #CityofAngels #FreeBodyguards #KevinCostner (Posted 5:43pm December 2nd)

Maret Orliss ‏@maretorliss tweeted: Sometimes screening talent arrives early to avoid any traffic L.A. rain might cause & I end up having dinner with Kevin Costner. #jobperk (Posted 7:48pm December 2nd)

Aynsley Bubbico ‏@aynsleybubbico tweeted: I rarely get star struck, but seeing Kevin Costner just now @Arclight gave me butterflies. Chad Michael Murray 30 secs later? Not so much. (Posted 7:59pm December 2nd)

Francesca Sola ‏@francescasola tweeted: Kevin Costner is in the lobby of the movie theater. I guess actors really do go to Arclight... (Posted 8:18pm December 2nd)

FireHand SportsCards ‏@FireHand17 tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner at the movie theatre but his body guards wouldn't let my wife take a pic with him. Broke her heart :( (Posted 8:46pm December 2nd)

Gabriel Olsen commented: Got to joke around with Kevin Costner today. That moment when you get into a Danny Glover impersonation contest with Kevin Costner and Costner wins by quoting like 9 lines, in a raspy Danny Glover voice, from Silverado. (Posted 9:51pm December 2nd)

Picture by annabartsch - Anna Bartsch: Really enjoyed "Black or White". Powerful and truthful movie that addresses current racial tension in this country. Very moving with a touching performance by Kevin Costner. Damn, he can really deliver a speech. Go see it my peeps! #blackorwhite #kevincostner (ArcLight Cinemas, Sherman Oaks) (Posted 10:53pm December 2nd)

Picture by appelusa: #BlackandWhite Screening #KevinCostner #MikeBinder Q@A (Posted 11:05pm December 2nd)

Eddie Mata ‏@EddieMata tweeted: @modernwest had the Best George Steinbrenner story. So happy he shared that story to me. #KevinCostner #Actor #Yankees #BillyChapel (Posted 11:48pm December 2nd)

Richard Allan Jones commented: #KevinCostner at a Q&A after a screening of his new movie "Black or White," in which he stars and produces. To his right, write/director, Mike Bender, and actor,Mpho Koaho, from Falling Skies (Posted 12:05am December 3rd)

Portraits from Variety Studio’s Actors on Actors By Variety Staff Costner: "I didn't even really know how I was going to make my way in this business. I eventually got a job at Raleigh Studios, which was to move cable and move all these lights, all this equipment. For me, if I was going to take out trash in my life, it was going to be movie trash.!15/james-corden-into-the-woods-kevin-costner-black-or-white/

AmericanCinematheque ‏@SidGrauman tweeted: American Cinematheque members get to see a sneak preview of BLACK OR WHITE this weekend with Kevin Costner in... (Posted December 2nd)

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood tweeted: Shameful Shunning of Black or White: Nobody wants to listen or acknowledge, but Kevin Costner gives the finest. (Posted December 3rd)

Shameful Shunning of Black or White by Jeffrey Wells:

The Frame: Kevin Costner's timely 'Black or White' enters the nation's racial debate (Posted December 3rd) AUDIO:

Kevin Costner's timely 'Black or White' enters the nation's racial debate By Michelle Lanz The Frame December 3, 2014

JPamela Azmi-Andrew ‏@paacasting tweeted: Just attended the screening of #BlackorWhite starring #KevinCostner..directed/written by #MikeBinder...and cast by the incredible #SharonBialy ...I went to support Sharon but I left in awe with this touching and inspiring story...cast to me when I say....go see for yourself...opens Jan 30th...I will be reminding everyone again!! #indiefilmsrule

Elizabeth Worley ‏@elizajworley tweeted: Can't say enough about @BlackorWhite Fabulous performance by #KevinCostner @AnthonyMackie and the always amazing @octaviaspencer

Eva Blaisdell ‏@EvaBlaisdell tweeted: @kevin costner @ Malibu and I private showinghis film black and white and we talked film script mybad picture (Posted 9:03pm December 3rd)

Pamela Clay Magathan Bermudez commented: My sister Nancy Magathan + I were very fortunate to see this deeply touching, wonderful (+ surprisingly - even funny when you least expect it!) film Sat nite at a special screening, with a Q + A afterwards with Kevin Costner. His performance (as well as that of the entire cast) was absolute perfection. I am still moved, and hope that everyone will rush to see it! We also feel blessed to have had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Costner, as well as the film's writer-director Mike Binder (whose script totally blew me away) - they were both so down-to-earth real and kind - beautiful people making beautiful movies with the power to heal, enlighten + bring us together - thank you! Keeping fingers crossed this film 'goes all the way'! Love + Light XOX (Posted December 1st)

New 'Black Or White' movie poster: