Sunday, December 7, 2014

'Black Or White' and 'Open Range' screenings with Kevin...

Advance Member Screening! Actor Kevin costner In Person! BLACK OR WHITE Sat, Dec 6, 2014 • 3:00pm American Cinematheque Members can enjoy a second free screening just for them this month - and with Kevin Costner in person! The actor appears with an advance screening of BLACK OR WHITE, a drama about race relations and family relationships he also co-produced, costarring Octavia Spencer. (Santa Monica)

Actor-Director Kevin Costner In Person! OPEN RANGE Sat, Dec 6, 2014 • 6:00pm Retired gunslinger Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) is forced to return to violence when the cattle crew he has formed with old friend Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) is threatened by enemies who endanger not only Waite’s way of life but his new romance with Sue Barlow (Annette Bening). A screening of the 2003 film is introduced by Kevin Costner! (Santa Monica)

LindaThompsonLT tweeted: My brilliant friend, Kevin Costner, has a timely film you MUST see when it's released. BLACK OR WHITE is phenomenal! Watch for it!! Photo by the talented and lovely Julie Ellerton Photography. (Posted December 6th)

beverly baroff ‏@happyidiot90049 tweeted: 137.6 Against my better judgement, I am venturing out again. This time to see Black & White with Kevin Costner speaking afterwards. (Posted 1:16pm December 6th)

Trevor Schoenfeld ‏@Schofizzy tweeted: Dammit! How did this OPEN RANGE screening with Kevin Costner in person @SidGrauman's Aero theatre tonight slip passed me?! Damn, damn, damn! (Posted 4:24pm December 6th)

gilda brasch ‏@gildacentral tweeted: Just saw #blackorwhitemovie @aero theater Great work Kevin Costner, Andre Holland, Mike Binder (Posted 5:39pm December 6th)

Anastasia Roark ‏@AnastasiaRoark tweeted: Black or White screening with Kevin Costner at The American Cinematheque at The Aero. Delightful man. Great stories. Fabulous role for him. (Posted 5:51pm December 6th)

Genevieve ‏@Genevievecorine tweeted: My sister with Kevin Costner (Posted 6:08pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "I miss the [movie] curtain. As it opened, there was always the possibility of greatness." #KevinCostner #Aero #B&W (Posted 6:13pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "I like to work." "I want to be relevant." #KevinCostner @SidGrauman #Aero Theatre #blackandwhite movie Q&A (Posted 6:16pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "There are 5 or 6 movies nobody wants to make. I promise I'll make them." #KevinCostner @SidGrauman #Aero Theatre (Posted 6:19pm December 6th)

karen baxter ‏@aModernMaverick tweeted: w/ Kevin Costner Q&A and screening of his amazing film Black or White | no big deal ⭐😍 @ Aero Theatre (Posted 6:29pm December 16th)

Oliver Carnay ‏@OliverCarnay tweeted: #advancedscreening #BlackorWhite #Director #MikeBinder #QandA #KevinCostner #OctaviaSpencer #AeroTheatre #SantaMonica (Posted 6:35pm December 16th)

Picture by amodernmaverick - KarenBaxter: the real deal | star director, cool human (Posted 7:18pm December 6th)

karen baxter ‏@aModernMaverick tweeted: W@modernwest amazing film @BlackorWhite #KevinCostner hit it out of the park GO SEE this human story w/stellar cast (Posted 7:48pm December 6th)

Micki Sackler ‏@mickilee tweeted: "I feel like an emotional detective." "[I want to] bring something [to the role] that's not on the page." - #KevinCostner @SidGrauman #Aero (Posted 7:58pm December 6th)

Failed attempt to take a good picture with legendary Kevin Costner after the screening of his new brilliant film "Black or White" #KevinCostner #SantaMonica #Aero #BlackOrWhite #screening (Posted 8:03pm December 6th)

Theo Marshall ‏@IAMTHEOMARSHALL tweeted: #blackorwhite another heartfelt film from #mikebinder staring film legend #kevincostner #Aero #cinematheque (Posted 9:42pm December 6th)

bob saget ‏@bobsaget tweeted: Loved seeing my friend @MikeBinderJokes meaningful new film #BlackOrWhite tonight starring #KevinCostner (Posted 9:52pm December 6th)

Picture by tatiana_dekhtyar - Tatiana DeKhtyar: So there I was, right next one of the people that I respect and admire the most, both as an artist, a good man and as a human being! Kind spirited, highly intelligent and not to mention incredibly talented... Truly a role model to look up to. Getting an advice from someone like that - can't even tell you how inspiring that was... My faith in what I do is greatly reinforced ! Thank you Mr. Kevin Costner! I appreciate it! With that said - I highly recommend everyone to watch his new feature film: "Black or White"!!! Truly an incredible creation that will make you cry, laugh, clinch your fists, sigh, think, feel, remember and respect... #KevinCostner #TatianaDekhtyar #actress #actor #hollywoodactor #blackorwhite #blackorwhitefilm #screening #livinglegend #goodman (Posted 10:19pm December 6th)

Pretty In Punk ‏@elena_chin tweeted: 2nd time watching #BlackorWhite & still laughed & cried. Kevin Costner & @MphoAK and the rest of the cast did such a great job! (Posted 10:36pm December 6th)

Maria Antonieta ‏@contactthequeen tweeted: Is #KevinCostner looking at me? ☺️ I was passing him (telepathic ) all your messages, hugs and kisses #q&a #blackorwhitemovie (Posted 10:45pm December 6th)

Picture by tatiana_dekhtyar - Tatiana DeKhtyar: Good people ! :-) #goodpeople #KevinCostner #TatianaDekhtyar #hollywoodactor #livinglegend #actor #actress #fate (Posted 10:45pm December 6th)

Britt Loves Quincy♒ ‏@britlovesquincy tweeted: the new @octaviaspencer and Kevin Costner movie comes out on my birthday so I'm DEFINITELY gonna treat myself to that. (Posted December 6th)

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