Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kevin receives the KCET Luminere Award...

Wednezday Ryan ‏@WednezdayRyan tweeted: Such wise and insightful words from the incredible Mr. #KevinCostner @BlackorWhite #Q&A @TheOscarsWatch #BestFilm (Posted 12:42pm December 7th)

Peggy Marie ‏@Peggles12 tweeted: @Rafaeslomejor tomorrow night I see Black & White..Kevin Costner is the host..:) (Posted 1:53pm December 7th)

Cole Howard @colester500 tweeted: I JUST MET KEVIN COSTNER (Posted 3:01pm December 7th)

Jilly ‏@jillhanawalt tweeted: The wonderful Kevin Costner (Posted 3:06pm December 7th)

Lori Streifler ‏@LoriSatCNS tweeted: "Black or White" is a powerful drama about race that should be seen. Star/producer #KevinCostner today in Westwood. (Posted 3:37pm December 7th)

Sethy James ‏@SpikeReed tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner tho - Kevin Costner was cool AF (Posted 4:06pm December 7th)

Darralynn Hutson ‏@darralynnhutson tweeted: @thelumiereaward @relativity @blackandwhite movie screening. @kevincostner (Posted 4:10pm December 7th)

Adi Dardik ‏@AdiDardik tweeted: #BlackOrWhite strong performances by #KevinCostner and #OctaviaSpencer (Posted 4:40pm December 7th)

Gabriela Gomez ‏@GabyGomez3107 tweeted: Screening Of "Black or white" followed by Q&A with Kevin Costner and director Mike binder. Gotta love… (Posted 6:14pm December 7th)

DeAnna Cali ‏@SweetDee04 tweeted: It was an #honor meeting this man Kevin Costner I asked him about his process as an actor and he and I talked for 10 minutes!! Then I ate dinner at his table for the after party. I'm dropping off a thank you letter tomorrow at his production office. #kevincostner he truly so cool and so genuine (Posted 8:00pm December 7th)

Theo Marshall ‏@IAMTHEOMARSHALL tweeted: Phenomenal true story behind the inspiration for #blackorwhite by @MikeBinderjokes Amazing cast staring #kevincostner #octaviaspencer (Posted 8:02pm December 7th)

Darralynn Hutson ‏@darralynnhutson tweeted: Go and see @kevincostner @octaviaspencer and @AnthonyMackie in #BlackOrWhite powerful film and I'm sure start of gr8t debate (Posted 9:09pm December 7th)

Affluent Attaché Club commented: Private Screening #BlackOrWhite — with Dennis Maliani, Kevin Costner & Modern West and Octavia Spencer. (Posted 9:39pm December 7th)

Affluent Attaché Club commented: Private Screening #BlackOrWhite | Q&A (Posted 9:39pm December 7th)

Picture by tb08sm: Saw #kevincostner at a q&a and he was #awesome and #autograph my #superman #comicbook #manofsteel #DCComics #danceswithwolves #fieldofdreams #blackorwhite #untouchables #epic #awesome #celebrity (Posted 9:41pm December 7th)

Affluent Attaché Club commented: At #BlackorWhite private screening #Lumière Award Honoring #KevinCostner featuring @octaviaspencer @modernwest @KCET #Race #Provocative #AffluentAttache — with Dennis Maliani. (Posted 9:41pm December 7th)

Picture by a_carpenter - Ariel Carpenter: #kevincostner #blackorwhite @kcet (Posted 9:37pm December 7th)

Hee Park ‏@HeePark1 tweeted: Me with Kevin Costner at the screening of Black or White! What a amazing film~ (Posted 10:29pm December 7th)

Chuck Gordon ‏@belzoniboy tweeted: Go see my friend Kevin Costner's new move "Black or White". Really good. (Posted 10:39pm December 7th)

Ivana Massetti ‏@IVEMAS tweeted: Just met #KevinCostner at the #screening of #BlackOrWhite his last film with #Octavia Spencer. Great movie, important movie. Go to see it! (Posted 11:09pm December 7th)

Evie Stewart ‏@EvieStewart tweeted: went 2 screening of #BlackandWhite w/ Q&A by Kevin Costner & writer/director Mike Binder -- definitely worth seeing! (Posted 11:47pm December 7th)

Red Walk Talent PR ‏@RedWalkTalentPR tweeted: #Go #see #KevinCostner's @modernwest #fantastic #film #BlackOrWhite it will change you! #amazing (with Nick Azarian, DeAnna Cali and Tara Nicole Azarian) (Posted 11:58pm December 7th)

Kevin Costner honored with the Lumiere Award presented by the KCET Cinema Series December 7, 2014

Actor Kevin Costner talks about playing alcoholic role in "Black Or White". by Brian To Published on Dec 7, 2014 Actor Kevin Costner talks about how he prepared to play alcoholic role in "Black Or White" at SAG-AFTRA FILM SOCIETY screening at Directors Guild of America on Nov. 29, 2014.

Carol Simpson ‏@csimp134_carol tweeted: Saw #Back or White last night with #Kevin Costner in person. Great movie with lots of laugh. (Posted 10:46am December 7th)

Picture by kcetcinemaseries - KCET Cinema Series: Kevin Costner during the Q&A session of his new film, "Black or White" held at the @arclightcinemas in Sherman Oaks #kevincostner #blackorwhite #arclightshermanoaks (Posted December 8th)

I attended the screening of Kevin Costner’s “Black or White” where he was also presented with The Lumiere Award By montebubbles | Sherman Oaks, California

Videos: Black or White Q&A with Mike Binder and Kevin Costner, moderated by Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times Writer

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