Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kevin spends Saturday at Disneyland California...

daynamarian - Dayna Obermiller Garibay: #disneyside #disneyland #kevincostner #selfiewithkevincostner my sisters and mom livin the dream. He was with his son in California Adventure. (Posted 2:16pm December 13th)

BRANDY ‏@_BRANDY tweeted: @DisneylandCeleb Kevin Costner at DCA (Posted 1:23pm December 13th)

Drake Bell @DrakeBell tweeted: Man Disneyland is packed! It's days like this you wish you had friends who were Club 33 members!!! #club33 #Disneyland (Posted 8:18pm December 13th)

Theme Park Celebs ‏@ThemeParkCelebs tweeted: Kevin Costner is at Disneyland! keep us posted with your sightings! #saw #spotted #dca #california #adventure #celebritysighting #follow (Posted 4:08pm December 13th)

F A F ‏@BeDatNiggaDEVIN tweeted: I just saw Kevin Costner at downtown disneyyyy (Posted 6:32pm December 13th)

Disneyland Celebs ‏@DisneylandCeleb tweeted: ***SPOTTED!*** Kevin Costner is at #Disneyland! #DisneylandCelebs (Posted 7:18pm December 13th)

jess ‏@jessicaturnerrr tweeted: Just walked behind ultimate bae kevin costner 😍 (Posted 7:47pm December 13th)

hayywayy ‏@Hayywade tweeted: Sitting a table away from @CodyLinley7 and Kevin Costner at dinner, currently freaking out 😂 (Posted 9:10pm December 13th)

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