Friday, December 5, 2014

More pictures and tweets from 'Black Or White' screenings...

Pictures: Los Angeles Times' Special Screening of 'Black Or White' by Gabrial Olsen:[526565281]&ep=1/60/1&s=3

Chris Johnson ‏@deadend4chris tweeted: Kevin Costner has a Q&A at Arclight theater in Sherman Oaks tonight (Posted 5:36pm December 2nd)

Charlotte Sellmyer ‏@csellmyer tweeted: Bonus of being in the #CityofAngels #FreeBodyguards #KevinCostner (Posted 5:43pm December 2nd)

Maret Orliss ‏@maretorliss tweeted: Sometimes screening talent arrives early to avoid any traffic L.A. rain might cause & I end up having dinner with Kevin Costner. #jobperk (Posted 7:48pm December 2nd)

Aynsley Bubbico ‏@aynsleybubbico tweeted: I rarely get star struck, but seeing Kevin Costner just now @Arclight gave me butterflies. Chad Michael Murray 30 secs later? Not so much. (Posted 7:59pm December 2nd)

Francesca Sola ‏@francescasola tweeted: Kevin Costner is in the lobby of the movie theater. I guess actors really do go to Arclight... (Posted 8:18pm December 2nd)

FireHand SportsCards ‏@FireHand17 tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner at the movie theatre but his body guards wouldn't let my wife take a pic with him. Broke her heart :( (Posted 8:46pm December 2nd)

Gabriel Olsen commented: Got to joke around with Kevin Costner today. That moment when you get into a Danny Glover impersonation contest with Kevin Costner and Costner wins by quoting like 9 lines, in a raspy Danny Glover voice, from Silverado. (Posted 9:51pm December 2nd)

Picture by annabartsch - Anna Bartsch: Really enjoyed "Black or White". Powerful and truthful movie that addresses current racial tension in this country. Very moving with a touching performance by Kevin Costner. Damn, he can really deliver a speech. Go see it my peeps! #blackorwhite #kevincostner (ArcLight Cinemas, Sherman Oaks) (Posted 10:53pm December 2nd)

Picture by appelusa: #BlackandWhite Screening #KevinCostner #MikeBinder Q@A (Posted 11:05pm December 2nd)

Eddie Mata ‏@EddieMata tweeted: @modernwest had the Best George Steinbrenner story. So happy he shared that story to me. #KevinCostner #Actor #Yankees #BillyChapel (Posted 11:48pm December 2nd)

Richard Allan Jones commented: #KevinCostner at a Q&A after a screening of his new movie "Black or White," in which he stars and produces. To his right, write/director, Mike Bender, and actor,Mpho Koaho, from Falling Skies (Posted 12:05am December 3rd)

Portraits from Variety Studio’s Actors on Actors By Variety Staff Costner: "I didn't even really know how I was going to make my way in this business. I eventually got a job at Raleigh Studios, which was to move cable and move all these lights, all this equipment. For me, if I was going to take out trash in my life, it was going to be movie trash.!15/james-corden-into-the-woods-kevin-costner-black-or-white/

AmericanCinematheque ‏@SidGrauman tweeted: American Cinematheque members get to see a sneak preview of BLACK OR WHITE this weekend with Kevin Costner in... (Posted December 2nd)

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood tweeted: Shameful Shunning of Black or White: Nobody wants to listen or acknowledge, but Kevin Costner gives the finest. (Posted December 3rd)

Shameful Shunning of Black or White by Jeffrey Wells:

The Frame: Kevin Costner's timely 'Black or White' enters the nation's racial debate (Posted December 3rd) AUDIO:

Kevin Costner's timely 'Black or White' enters the nation's racial debate By Michelle Lanz The Frame December 3, 2014

JPamela Azmi-Andrew ‏@paacasting tweeted: Just attended the screening of #BlackorWhite starring #KevinCostner..directed/written by #MikeBinder...and cast by the incredible #SharonBialy ...I went to support Sharon but I left in awe with this touching and inspiring story...cast to me when I say....go see for yourself...opens Jan 30th...I will be reminding everyone again!! #indiefilmsrule

Elizabeth Worley ‏@elizajworley tweeted: Can't say enough about @BlackorWhite Fabulous performance by #KevinCostner @AnthonyMackie and the always amazing @octaviaspencer

Eva Blaisdell ‏@EvaBlaisdell tweeted: @kevin costner @ Malibu and I private showinghis film black and white and we talked film script mybad picture (Posted 9:03pm December 3rd)

Pamela Clay Magathan Bermudez commented: My sister Nancy Magathan + I were very fortunate to see this deeply touching, wonderful (+ surprisingly - even funny when you least expect it!) film Sat nite at a special screening, with a Q + A afterwards with Kevin Costner. His performance (as well as that of the entire cast) was absolute perfection. I am still moved, and hope that everyone will rush to see it! We also feel blessed to have had the opportunity to talk with Kevin Costner, as well as the film's writer-director Mike Binder (whose script totally blew me away) - they were both so down-to-earth real and kind - beautiful people making beautiful movies with the power to heal, enlighten + bring us together - thank you! Keeping fingers crossed this film 'goes all the way'! Love + Light XOX (Posted December 1st)

New 'Black Or White' movie poster:

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