Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pictures and tweets from 'Conversations with Kevin'...

Wayne Webb ‏@TvWayne tweeted: Who has a good question for Kevin Costner..mine are all about Waterworld... (Posted 6:38pm December 1st)

William Rocha ‏@OG_Goonster021 tweeted: Waiting on the Q&A with #KevinCostner to start @SAGFoundation Appreciate this one! (Posted 7:18pm December 1st)

Roddy Chong ‏@roddychong tweeted: #KevinCostner: One of the wisest mentors I've ever met doing a Q&A right now from the SAG Foundation in LA (Toronto, Ontario) (Posted 7:48pm December 1st)

Denzel Johnson ‏@ActorDenzelJ tweeted: Thank you #KevinCostner for empowering us and being such a relatable Actor! My fellow Thespians you need to check in now! LIVE convo with Kevin Costner brought to you by #SAG! Thank you #ScreenActorsGuild! #ActorLife #Greatness #Winning #DenzelJohnson #Films #Commercials #TVSeries #Script #SetLife #LivingADream #Auditions #Casting (Posted 8:02pm December 1st)

William Rocha ‏@OG_Goonster021 tweeted: #sagf What a GREAT #Conversation Q&A With #KevinCostner @modernwest I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS, SINCERELY, U will NEVER Know how much... (Posted 8:03pm December 1st)

Wanda L Spence ‏@Wls40L tweeted: #KevinCostner Thank you Mr Costner, You are so inspiring for us who just want good and solid opportunities. I appreciate your wisdom. (Posted 9:07pm December 1st)

anna bartsch ‏@annabartsch tweeted: Awesome fun @sagfoundation conversation with Kevin Costner. He totally didn't know where the camera was for photo lol but he was super cool! Oh photo credit to @tvwayne (Posted 9:16pm December 1st)

Heather Runk ‏@Heather_Runk tweeted: @SAGFoundation 'Conversations' w/ @modernwest #KevinCostner @jenelleriley He could talk for hours!!! Wonderful!! (Posted 9:18pm December 1st)

Eddie Mata ‏@EddieMata tweeted: Having a conversation with Actor Kevin Costner tonight was a priceless moment. @SAGFoundation @sagaftra #YankeesBaseball (Posted 9:22pm December 1st)

Picture by dennisdepew - Dennis DePew: Kevin & I. We talked about #Visalia #California #RedwoodHigh vs #MtWhitney #Alumni #KevinCostner (Posted 9:22pm December 1st)

Wayne Webb ‏@TvWayne tweeted: Kevin Costner is awesome.. (Posted 9:42pm December 1st)

Lorna Badeo ‏@LoLornaMarie tweeted: @MaryMcDonnell10 Hi Mary:) Just came from Kevin Costner's Career Convo @ SAG. Love that I start the week with him there, and you on Friday! (Posted 9:42pm December 1st)

Picture by candywashington - Candy Washington: Kevin Costner was amazing tonight. His thoughts on this #selfie? "It looks like I'm kidnapping you." #Icon #KevinCostner @kevincostnermodernwest #IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome (Posted 9:55pm December 1st)

Picture by mizzhotblaze - MizzBlaze: At the Los Angeles #SagAftra building just finished the special Q&A with #KevinCostner go check out his new movie #BlackorWhite (Posted 10:07pm December 1st)

Vivian Ahn ‏@ActorVivianAhn tweeted: #sag #foundation #conversation #KevinCostner #LosAngeles #SuperNiceGuy (Posted 10:19am December 1st)

SAG Foundation ‏@SAGFoundation tweeted: Thanks to #KevinCostner for sharing his authentic spirit & inspiring journey w/ us tonite! Thanks to the charismatic, passionate and hard-working dreamer Kevin Costner for joining us this evening for a career retrospective and sharing his journey with a roomful of actors who could not have been more inspired. He talked about so many of his incredible films (Posted 10:20pm December 1st)

dEBBIE Lin ‏@dbyj tweeted: inspirational & insightful conversation w Kevin Costner tonight. thank u @modernwest @SAGFoundation "hardworking dreamer" #MotivationMonday (Posted 10:54pm December 1st)

Jenelle Riley ‏@jenelleriley tweeted: Kevin Costner also revealed Dances With Wolves writer Michael Blake is very ill during his @SAGFoundation Q&A tonight.

Nicole Wagner ‏@Nicwaggs tweeted: Beyond inspired @SAGFoundation for a retrospective w #kevincostner - such a FUNNY, generous, humble & sweet man. He deserves all success

Picture by mrs_ken_howard - Linda Howard: Last night. Ken with #KevinCostner. Kevin is an amazing storyteller. His new film #BlackOrWhite is a MUST SEE!! #RelativityMedia #PresidentSAGAFTRA #SAGFoundationConversations

Finally over at celeb haunt Craig’s restaurant Kevin Costner was seen leaving:

Picture by blancablancoactress - Blanca Blanco: #KevinCostner #BlancaBlanco #JohnSavage #Malibu #blackandwhitefilm photocredit by julie Ellerton #MalibuTimes #LafonnFineDiamonds

Lizza Monet Morales ‏@xoxoLizza tweeted: Inspiring Q & A w/#KevinCostner. Total standup guy & gave gr8 #acting advice! Can't wait 2 see "Black & White"... (Posted December 2nd)

Picture by chad3c - Chad Christian: Great time last night at the career retrospective #QandA with #KevinCostner @ #SAGFoundation (Posted December 2nd)

Tracy Weisert ‏@TracyWeisertLA tweeted: Thx @SAGFoundation for the #KevinCostner Q&A I worked w/ him on #Silverado & #WyattEarp Go see @BlackorWhite An important film. @modernwest (Posted December 2nd)

Pictures: Conversations with Kevin Costner Photos by Maarten de Boer Taken at SAG Foundation Actors Center (Posted December 2nd)

Ashley Koomalsingh ‏@AshleyVanKurin tweeted: My sister is pretty badass. Just hanging with Kevin Costner 😁 #regram #actorlife @ralphcity (Posted December 2nd)

Paulette Ivory ‏@PauletteIvory tweeted: #KevinCostner is super funny, who knew ;-) and very generous with his time & knowledge. Loving Award season :-) Monday eve' #Sagfoundation (Posted December 2nd)

Katie Jacques ‏@katiejinla tweeted: Great Q&A last night @SAGFoundation with #kevincostner thx @jenelleriley for moderating and asking my question...& saying my name correctly! (Posted December 2nd) Movie Star Cameo by Shotgun A Beer Everyday Published on Dec 2, 2014 Monday - December 1, 2014 Co-Starring Kevin Costner (Filmed by @shotgunabeereveryday and Kevin Costner)

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