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Pictures, tweets and video from 'The Wrap' screening and Q&A...

SamanthaJewel Bludsworth commented: Mr. Costner is one of the most humble and good hearted people I've ever had the privilege to meet. He's been my role model since I was 10 and today I finally met him (Posted December 7th)

Sheldon Charron ‏@sheldoncharron tweeted: At the Landmark theatre in LA for a screening of @BlackorWhite hosted by @TheWrap. #KevinCostner is here for a Q&A. #actorslife (Posted 6:52pm December 8th)

Brandon Overstreet ‏@brandontylerosc tweeted: Kevin Costner just has a way of inspiring people!! Great actor!! (Posted 7:18pm December 8th)

Windi Washington ‏@WindiWashington tweeted: Finally arrived at the Black or White screening hosted by Kevin Costner and @TheWrap. (Posted 7:20pm December 8th)

Leesa Simmons ‏@MrsPJSimmons tweeted: Hello, Lover! #mcm #kevincostner (Posted December 8th)

Mike aka Itchyypanda ‏@Itchyypanda tweeted: Black & White Q&A with Kevin Costner. (Posted 9:06pm December 8th)

Brian McCabe ‏@mccabeagent tweeted: Q&A with writer/director Mike Binder and actors Paula Newsome & Kevin Costner @TheWrap #film #movie… (Posted 9:07pm December 8th)

Ursula Maria ‏@ursula_maria_ tweeted: #PaulaNewsome #KevinCostner & #MikeBinder sharing some insights after the screening of #BlackOrWhite @LTLosAngeles (Posted 9:26pm December 8th)

Debra Trevino ‏@debrat21 tweeted: And Iiiiiiyiiiiiaiii will always #love him! Go see his new #movie #blackorwhite #KevinCostner (Posted 9:55pm December 8th)

Mike aka Itchyypanda ‏@Itchyypanda tweeted: Quick photo with Kevin Costner. Sorry for my weird-looking face... (Posted 10:00pm December 8th)

Sheldon Charron ‏@sheldoncharron tweeted; At the #blackorwhitemovie premiere in LA thanks to #thewrap. #KevinCostner was there for the Q&A and got swarmed, but he graciously posed for a picture with me. 1st time in 3 years living here I've asked for a photo but if I hadn't I'd have regretted it the rest of my life. He's one of my heros. Thanks to my wife Monique for taking the picture. This was a departure from typical Hollywood fare, and while the title would lead you to think it was all about race, it transcended it. Check it out. (Posted 10:19pm December 8th)

Howard M. Shum ‏@howardshum tweeted: saw Black or White starring Kevin Costner tonight. It's a good film. Check it! (Posted 10:20pm December 8th)

Liz H. Kelly ‏@lizhkelly tweeted: Thank you @kevincostner #blackorwhite @thewrap Oscar screening Q&A tonight! #kevincostner #fieldofdreams (Posted 10:54pm December 8th)

Whitney Hoy ‏@whitneyhoy tweeted: ;Q&A with the writer/director Mike Binder, and actors Kevin Costner and Paula Newsome of the amazing film BLACK OR WHITE. It's a must see y'all and a little close to home. (Posted 11:03pm December 8th)

Celi ‏@CeliHangout tweeted: #celihangout today we hung out with @TheWrap for their Oscar screening of #blackorwhite new film w/ @kevincostner & @octaviaspencer wow! (Posted 12:09am December 9th)

Celi ‏@CeliHangout tweeted: @lizhkelly @TheWrap @kevincostner it was a fantastic evening! And a beautiful conversation!!! Thank u all!! (Posted 12:13am December 9th)

Jason V ‏@jvhnewhaven tweeted: Forgot to post this saw the movie Black and white, must see and they had a Q&A with kevin costner, he's so humble and down to earth, and really values his friends and family. So inspiring (Posted December 9th)

Sheldon Charron ‏@sheldoncharron tweeted: Be sure to check #KevinCostner's new #movie & #passionproject @BlackorWhite. It's both refreshing and inspirational. #blockorwhitemovie (Posted December 9th)

Leo Breckenridge ‏@LeoBreckenridge tweeted: Chopping it up with Mr. Costner... Kevin Costner that is. | A moment I will never forget. (Posted December 9th)

Tori Eldridge ‏@ToriEldridge tweeted: Keep an eye out for this nuanced & thought provoking #film! (Posted December 9th)

Marilyn ‏@MarilynRoamsLA tweeted: … See this movie! Kevin and cast R gr8! Has comedic moments too. M Binder, dir, did gr8 job! Should get nom! (Posted December 9th)

Clay Banks ‏@CoachClayBanks tweeted: I met w/ Kevin Costner Sat night... Black or White was amazing! Asking him 2b a judge for THE 2015 WORLDWIDE 1MINUTE MONOLOGUE CONTEST! (Posted December 9th)

Derek Mio ‏@derekzmio tweeted: Thank you Kevin Costner & @SAGFoundation for, hands down, the BEST conversation you've had; stories full of passion, struggle, and success! (Posted December 9th)

Danita Patterson ‏@DanitaPatterson tweeted: Hanging with The Bodyguard, Kevin Costner at KCET Lumiere Awards. His film, Black or White was awesome! #crush (Posted December 9th)

Black or White @BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner shines in Black or White! #LoveHasNoColor

Picture by introducextina: This happened tonight...Kevin Costner @modernwest at @thewrap screening of #BlackorWhite. This guy is just phenomenal, the Q&A made me love him even more after watching the movie. He talked about his thoughts on race and #Ferguson, some people in the audience were even trying to make it about race, and I'm Costner moved the conversation about holding ourselves accountable of changing America. Race is just another thing getting in the way of change, and he went on to say that maybe it is that time in his children's history where people are helping America change for the better, and stop the violence: officer vs citizen. Can he be my second uncle, third removed, and then replaced? Lol #film (Posted 1:22am December 9th)

TheWrap Screening Series: ‘Black or White's’ Kevin Costner on Race Relations – ‘We Have to Move Past Our History’ By Matt Carey, Special to TheWrap on December 9, 2014

‘Black or White's’ Kevin Costner on Race Relations – ‘We Have to Move Past Our History’ by The Wrap Published on Dec 9, 2014

Kevin Costner describes Black or White Movie Calling by GoodyAwards Published on Dec 9, 2014 This special Q&A was after an Oscar Series Screening hosted by The Wrap in West Los Angeles

Kevin Costner grills autograph collector about his secrets while greeting fans at Landmark Theatres by PopCandiesTv Published on Dec 9, 2014

Picture by Ann (Posted December 5th)

Kevin Costner seen at Craig's Restaurant December 1, 2014:

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