Saturday, December 20, 2014

Some Kevin with the band items of interest...

Margaret Pfenninger's picture:

Pictures and article: Dances with Daughter: Bandleader Kevin Costner By Jon Santiago April 25, 2014:

Interview and pictures: Actor Kevin Costner Talks to Rocking God’s House…His Band Modern West! by Josh Belcher:

Pictures by Marci McGuinness:

Best Actors ‏@actor_page tweeted: Kevin Costner with guitar ! (Posted January 31st)

jeannette goff ‏@nettasart tweeted: Kevin Costner pic taken in Roanoke va April 2014. (Posted December 7th)

Kevin Costner Interview by sterlingwit's channel Published on Dec 8, 2014 This is an interview I did with Kevin Costner in 2012 to promote his 'Hatfields and McCoys' mini-series. We talked about that, his band Modern West, the music from the film, an upcoming tour, his fascination with Westerns and much more.
Full Show 12/12/14: Hometown Voices in South Elgin Posted December 12. 2014 by by Shaunequivocal Our Hometown Voices tour to The Village Squire in South Elgin...Theater guru Ron Onesti shares backstage stories about Kevin Costner and Jerry Lee Lewis...about Kevin starting at 52:00 to 56:00

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