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Kevin attends Chicago screening of 'Black Or White'...

Rachelle McCray ‏@Rachelle_McCray tweeted: Looking forward to chatting with #kevincostner for @celebtv at the red carpet #premiere for @BlackorWhite ! Looks like a fantastic film. (Posted 8:49am January 8th)

Black or White CHI ‏@BlackWhite_Chi tweeted: Hear Kevin Costner talk about #BlackOrWhite on Friday! Tune in to Eric & Kathy at 9:30 on 101.9 WTMX #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 9:35am January 8th)

Pilar Clark ‏@daspilar tweeted: Braving the cold bc #KevinCostner+@AnthonyMackie are in town for invite-only #BlackorWhite screening. #worthit #reporterproblems #thermalson (Posted 4:02pm January 8th)

Cool In Chicago ‏@CoolinChicago tweeted: About to meet Kevin Costner in #Chicago @ShowPlaceICON wish me luck getting his autograph. (Posted 4:08pm January 8th)

Dan Ponce ‏@DanPonceTV tweeted: Excited to welcome Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie tomorrow on WGN Morning News! (Posted 4:36pm January 8th)

Kevin Costner hits the red carpet in Chicago CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hollywood star Kevin Costner came to town Thursday night for the Chicago red carpet screening of his latest movie at Kerasotes Showplace Icon. He said he knew he had to be part of the film "Black or White" as soon as he read the script about a little girl torn between two families. Costner produced and acted in the film, which opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, Jan. 30.|Kevin+Costner|9030E1DA4EEC4A85A973FAF4BA3CCB3A&toItem=15&orderBy=Newest

Picture by endeemagazine - ENDEE Magazine: #RedCarpet #BlackAndWhite screening with #KevinCostner and #AnthonyMackie #ENDEE #Chicago (Posted 5:02pm January 8th)

Eric & Kathy ‏@EricandKathy tweeted: Kevin Costner is in Chicago premiering his new film Black or White! He'll be in studio with us… (Posted 5:56pm January 8th)

Picture by luvlylaos: So excited to see #BlackOrWhite courtesy of @freebie_chi! With a Q&A with #KevinCostner #LoveHasNoColor (Showcase ICON Movie Theatre) Posted 5:59pm January 8th)

Kadmiel Christmas ‏@Kadmiel tweeted: Just hanging on red carpet with #KevinKostner w/ @benrsnfld @freebie_app (Posted 5:59pm January 8th)

Daisee Toledo ‏@daiseeenadine tweeted: my mom's selfie when she accidentally found herself at a movie premiere tonight with Kevin Costner (Posted 6:00pm January 8th)

Picture by capn_sam - Samantha Pilcher: OH HEY KEV! #blackorwhitemovie #lovehasnocolor Posted 6:02pm January 8th)

Showbiz Shelly ‏@showbizshelly tweeted: Screening #BlackorWhite with Kevin Costner! (Posted 6:10pm January 8th)

Janet Carol Davies ‏@jcaroldavies tweeted: With#kevincostner tonight for Chi screening #blackorwhite. So handsome. (Posted 6:15pm January 8th)

Picture by jaredblank92 - Jared Blank: No filter needed for Kevin #Jaredworkstheredcarpet #blackorwhite #kevincostner (Posted 6:34pm January 8th)

CelebTV ‏@celebtv tweeted: This just happened! @Rachelle_McCray has the @BlackorWhite scoop from #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie #MikeBinder (Posted 6:37pm January 8th)

Jeff Doles ‏@PapaBear238 tweeted: Filming a red-carpet interview with Kevin Costner @238_studios @hollywoodchi (Posted 6:45pm January 8th)

Picture by trending_report: That's a wrap! Just finished #RedCarpet interview with #KevinCostner at the private screening of #BlackorWhite in #Chicago #GotOurNameOnTheFloor #N*gg*WeMadeIt (Posted 7:09pm January 8th)

Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner (@modernwest) hits the red carpet at the #Chicago screening of Black or White. #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 7:34pm January 8th)

Rachelle McCray ‏@Rachelle_McCray tweeted: One on one with Mr. Kevin Costner. Followed by a private screening of his new movie, Black or White, for CelebTV. Great flick, check it out! (Posted 7:46pm January 8th)

Joe Arce ‏@fotogod63 tweeted: Shot red carpet portraits tonight with Kevin Costner,Anthony Mackie and Director Mike Binder at the Chicago premiere of "Black and White." (Posted 8:00pm January 8th)

Picture by luvlylaos: Beautiful and inspiring movie! #BlackOrWhite is a must-see. #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie is sooo fine! #MikeBinder #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 8:14pm January 8th)

Picture by endeemagazine - ENDEE Magazine: @ENDEEMagazine on the #RedCarpet with the talented #KevinCostner screening for #BlackAndWhite in #Chicago (Posted 8:15pm January 8th)

Rachelle McCray ‏@Rachelle_McCray tweeted: Q and A after a private screening with #kevincostner @AnthonyMackie for @BlackorWhite . Such a great cast and movie! (Posted 8:16pm January 8th)

Randy Crumpton commented: Braved the cold for screening of Black or White. Q & A with Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie. Great film. (Posted 8:18pm January 8th)

Pilar Clark ‏@daspilar tweeted: Lunch with #KevinCostner this week, so OF COURSE the cosmos bestowed upon me a tatanka-sized cold sore. #problem (Posted January 8th)

*newzcard ‏@newzcard tweeted: Kevin Costner at "Black Or White" Chicago Screening (Posted 8:19pm January 8th)

Sana ‏@graphicist tweeted: Q&A with kevincostner anthonymackie at #blackorwhite screening @ ShowPlace ICON Chicago with ICON X (Posted 8:21pm January 8th)

Kadmiel Christmas ‏@Kadmiel tweeted: QA for #blackorwhite w/ #KevinCostner and cast. Definitely worth checking out. W/ @freebie_app (Posted 8:24pm January 8th)

Krista Bjornberg-Wroblewski commented: Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! Kevin Costner is in Chicago!!! Julia Ragsdell May, let's go find him!!!! (Posted 8:24pm January 8th)

Julia Ragsdell May commented: If anybody could find him, we could! (Posted 8:25pm January 8th) ‏@hollywoodchi tweeted: Full coverage of @BlackorWhite is coming with interviews/photos of #KevinCostner, #AnthonyMackie and #MikeBinder. (Posted 8:26pm January 8th)

Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner, @AnthonyMackie & @MikeBinderjokes pose at the #Chicago Black or White screening. #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 8:28pm January 8th)

Timothy Hiatt ‏@timothy_hiatt tweeted: First shoot of the year: Kevin Costner at the "Black Or White screening #kevincostner #redcarpet (Posted 8:31pm January 8th)

Picture by mbadiva08 - Mbadiva08: Fun times and great movie screening! #blackandwhite #kevincostner (Posted 8:31pm January 8th)

Picture by starbursty: #MovieNight: @BlackorWhite w/ #KevinCostner, #AnthonyMackie ,#MikeBinder & #ValWarner ! (Posted 8:330m January 8th)

Picture by lamila63 - Mila Samokhina: #KevinCostner on a #RedCarpet at premier of movie#BackAndWhite in Chicago! (Posted 8:37pm January 8th)

starburstt ‏@starburstt tweeted: #MovieNight: @BlackorWhite w/ #KevinCostner, #AnthonyMackie ,#MikeBinder & #ValWarner ! (Posted 8:54pm January 8th)

Picture by capn_sam - Samantha Pilcher: Anthony Mackie with that fierce look! #blackorwhitemovie #anthonymackie #falcon #kevincostner (Posted 9:40pm January 8th)

Picture by capn_sam - Samantha Pilcher: The gang's all here! #kevincostner #anthonymackie #mikebinder #blackorwhitemovie (Posted 9:46pm January 8th)

FlashMafia ‏@FlashMafia tweeted: Kevin Costner flashed at 'Black or White' premiere on January 7 (Posted 10:18pm January 8th)

Picture by pilarclark - Pilar Clark: Kevin Costner, ladies and gentlemen.emojiemojiemoji #BlackorWhite #LoveHasNoColor #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie #MikeBinder #ValWarner #Chicago #CapturingChicago (Kerasotes Showplace ICON Theatres at Roosevelt Collection) (Posted 10:20pm January 8th)

Picture by ara1013 - Araceli Mendoza: Up close with #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie writer-director #MikeBinder advance screening #movie #BlackorWhite #LoveHasNoColor #mixedRace @freebie_app #freebie_chi 01.08.14 This is how we do it #chicago #winter #salmonHeadedUpstream #knowWhatLossIs (Posted 1:05am January 9th)

Araceli Mendoza ‏@aramend0za13 tweeted: Thank you #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie & #MikeBinder for bringing #BlackorWhite to #chicago.… (Posted 9:50am January 9th)

Ayre Productions ‏@ayreproductions tweeted: Val Warner interviews Kevin Costner, Mike Binder and Anthony Mackie in #Chicago about their latest film #BlackOrWhite (Posted 10:50am January 9th)

Rifah Odeh ‏@RifahOdeh tweeted: Kevin Costner, Mike Binder, Anthony Mackie after a screening of Black or White in #chicago #lovehasnocolor #freebie (Posted 10:55am January 9th)

Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie Interviews - 'Black or White' Red Carpet in Chicago by HollywoodChicago Published on Jan 9, 2015 Video interview by Adam Fendelman. Filmed and edited by Jeff Doles.

Chicago Events, Celebrity Appearances, News & Life by UnRated Magazine

Mia Johnson ‏@xmiaheart tweeted: NEW vlog!! My Snow Day with Kevin Costner and @AnthonyMackie :D:

Kevin Costner - I'm Not Bitter Over Deleted Nude Scene 1/8/2015 3:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF It was the scene that got the chop from "For the Love of the Game" ... Kevin Costner in the buff ... but KC tells TMZ Sports the fact his junk hit the cutting room floor doesn't bother him at all. Back when the movie came out in '99, there were reports that the scene contained full-frontal Costner nudity ... but studio execs gave the scene the chop before it hit the big screen. (You can imagine the emotions one must feel after being told your nude scene wasn't good enough to make the cut.) But now Costner is telling us what really went down on the set -- and if he'll ever consider dropping trou on camera ever again. Sorry ladies, don't hold your breath ...

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