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Kevin attends St. Louis screening of 'Black Or White'...

Kevin Costner comes to STL by Alexandra Martellaro, KSDK January 12, 2015 ST. LOUIS -- Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Costner is in St. Louis for a screening of his latest movie, "Black or White....Costner will be at Ronnie's 20 in south county on Monday night, and Tuesday he'll be visiting NewsChannel 5. Watch for him with Heidi Glaus on Show Me St. Louis Tuesday morning at 10!

Ronnie's 20 Cine 5320 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Sappington, MO:

Emmy ‏@emmydaqueen tweeted: red carpet hoppin' #workingwoman #blackorwhite #kevincostner (Posted 3:24pm January 12th)

Mary ‏@MaryEntrup tweeted: At the STL premier of the movie Black or white. Hopefully meeting Kevin Costner (Posted 3:51pm January 12th)

Tiphanie shy ‏@Tiphanieshy tweeted: Working as groomer to the iconic Kevin Costner for his movie Black or White! #blackorwhite #justanotherdayattheoffice (Posted 5:09pm January 12th)

Julie Tristan ‏@JulieTristan tweeted: Red carpet event to see Kevin Costner's movie @BlackorWhite before the big interview! #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 5:14pm January 12th)

Debbie Monterrey ‏@DebbieMonterrey tweeted: Kevin Costner #blackorwhite #LoveHasNoColor #redcarpet (Posted 5:20pm January 12th)

Jane Dueker ‏@JaneDueker tweeted: I am thrilled to be at the screening of @BlackorWhite with Kevin Costner. (Posted 5:20pm January 12th)

Rose Fogarty ‏@RoseFogarty tweeted: Just hanging with #KevinCostner (Posted 5:21pm January 12th)

Courtney Landrum ‏@courtneyy98 tweeted: Kevin Costner at the screening of Black or White @ Ronnies. (Posted 5:21pm January 12th)

Aeneas Williams ‏@aeneas35 tweeted: Tracy & I are In the movie premiere Black Or White! Kevin Costner is in the house! (Posted 5:22pm January 12th)

Don Galloway ‏@DonGallowayKSDK tweeted: Kevin Costner at Ronnies Cine 20 to promote movie #blackorwhite @ksdknews #movies (Posted 5:28pm January 12th)

Kevin Costner attends Black or White movie premiere at Ronnie’s 20 Cine Posted 6:44 pm, January 12, 2015, by Angie Mock

Matt Chambers commented: Kevin Costner & Xavier Chambers. One of these two men will be live in the studio on tomorrow's Great Day St. Louis at 10 AM. The other will be celebrating his preschool's annual "Donuts with Dad" day tomorrow at 10 AM. Guess where I'll be? Sorry Mr. Costner, I'll have to take a rain check. Xavier, this had better come up during my eulogy.

St. Louis Cardinals commented: Crash Davis & the Wizard at the "Black or White" movie premiere in St. Louis. Looks like Kevin Costner likes his new Cardinals jersey! (Posted 6:44pm January 12th)

Connie Woodson Gaeta commented: Kevin Costner arrives at Ronnie's Cine for his screening of Black or White. They kept us pretty much at bay and he walked in so briskly waved, interviewed, went into the theatre then left. A couple other surprise guests were caught on camera as well. This is about as close as I'll ever get to Mr. Costner and Joe was a doll for taking me when he could have been watching football!

Connie Woodson Gaeta commented: Mr. Costner arrives into the theatre and look closely to his left, Ozzie Smith. There's a better photo with Ozzie a ittle clearer. (Posted 6:45pm January 12th)

Connie Woodson Gaeta commented: Lights cameras action, the interviewers swarm Costner. (Posted 6:45pm January 12th)

Connie Woodson Gaeta commented: Here he is in all his glory! We were pretty far away and roped off, lucky I got these shots! (Posted 6:45pm January 12th)

Connie Woodson Gaeta commented: Blurry but that's the best I could do from such a distance and man he swept in waved and kept moving. But there's THE WIZARD right next to him.

Dawn Meadows Dixon ‏@MovieMoma tweeted: With Kevin Costner in St. Louis after a screening of his latest film Black or White. (Posted 7:26pm January 12th)

Dawn Meadows Dixon ‏@MovieMoma tweeted: Costner talking about racial differences after the screening of his film #Black or White. (Posted 7:31pm January 12th)

Dawn Meadows Dixon ‏@MovieMoma tweeted: Costner talks about his film #Black or White and hopes it helps open dialogue on race relations. (Posted 7:46pm January 12th)

Yvet Holmes ‏@TweetlessYvet tweeted: "....Values movies about what it can do overtime..." KevinCostner #LoveHasNoColor #STL (Posted 7:38pm January 12th)

Rodger Brand ‏@rbrandtraffic tweeted: Thanks to #KevinCostner for a wonderful evening and for bringing such a wonderful movie #blackorwhite to life and to #StLouis! Go see it! (Posted 8:21pm January 12th)

Katlyn Moncada ‏@katlynmoncada tweeted: Kevin Costner from my camera screen in #STL tonight. Go see @BlackorWhite in theaters Jan. 30. #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 8:23pm January 12th)

Tiphanie Shy commented: Kevin Costner @ the StL screening for Black or White #blackorwhite #lovemyjob (Posted 8:27pm January 12th)

⠀ ‏@___Medina_ tweeted: Perks of working at Ronnies #KevinCostner (Posted 8:31pm January 12th)

Guy Phillips ‏@GuyPhillips tweeted: Hanging w/ Kevin Costner sneak screening his new movie "Black or White." He'll be on our show in the morning on Y98. (Posted 8:38pm January 12th)

iParty: Kevin Costner screens new film at Ronnie's Cine: Kevin Costner visited Ronnie's 20 Cine to introduce a screening of his new film "Black or White" on Monday. January 12, 2015 Photos by Jon Gitchoff

LB photography ‏@LBPhoto1 tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest was in #stl promoting @BlackorWhite movie at Ronnies @StLouisAmerican was in the building (Posted 11:13pm January 12th)

Photo Gallery: Kevin Costner screens new movie in STL

Debbie Monterrey ‏@DebbieMonterrey tweeted: What a treat to have #KevinCostner in #STL! Movie #BlackOrWhite emotional, impactful, funny. #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 13th)

The Flick Fanatic.com Thanks to Kathy Keiser for the pics:

Kevin Costner attends Black or White movie premiere at Ronnie’s 20 Cine Posted 6:44 pm, January 12, 2015, by Angie Mock

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