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Kevin does interviews in Chicago on Friday...

WindyCityLIVE @WindyCityLIVE tweeted: Last night @valwarnertv caught up with the stars of @BlackorWhite @kevincostnermodernwest @AnthonyMackie1 & writer/director @MikeBinderjokes! Our lucky audience yesterday got to see the new flick with our hosts! (Posted 7:48am January 9th)

Video by ara1013 - Araceli Mendoza: Thank you #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie & #MikeBinder for bringing #BlackorWhite to #chicago. Anthony's too cold to even speak Good interview after the #mustSeeMovie this #winter & beyond #ValWarner #WindyCityLive great job! LoveHasNoColor 01.08.15 @freebie_chi @freebieapp (Posted 9:50am January 9th)

Windy City Live commented: Due to the news interruption, we will be airing Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie on MONDAY! Their segments were already over once we returned on air. We decided to air Monday so you wouldn't miss a moment of their incredible interview! (Posted 10:19am January 9th)

WindyCityLIVE @WindyCityLIVE tweeted: Due to the news interruption, our Kevin Costner and @AnthonyMackie interview will air on MONDAY! Tune in at 11AM! (Posted 10:30am January 9th)

Jim Karas @JimKaras1 tweeted: my segment today on @WindyCityLIVE got preempted and will now air on Monday. Chatted Up Kevin Costner in green room. (Posted 10:52am January 9th)

Picture by spider,baby - alex kozlowski: #kevincostner #wcl #windycitylive (Posted 9:06am January 9th)

Ryan Chiaverini ‏@RyanWcl tweeted: Inspiring words from Kevin Costner..Great guy and an amazing career. (Posted 1:42pm Janary 9th)

Picture by dietrichz - Dietrich Zeigler: Kevin Costner visits WGNTV. Photo by Dietrich Zeigler | WGNTV #movie #movieactor #chicago #smile #haopy #kevincostner #wgntv (Posted 8:56am January 9th)

Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie talk movie ‘Black or White’ LIVE January 9, 2015, by WGN Web Desk Actors Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie joined WGN Morning News for a LIVE in-studio interview.

Anthony Mackie totally dominates ‘Know Your Kevin Costner Movies’ game show January 9, 2015, by WGN Web Desk Actor Anthony Mackie joins WGN Morning News for a game show where he has to guess the name of the Kevin Costner movie depicted by our Angry Newswriters. Watch the hilarious video in the player above.

Ryan Chiaverini ‏@RyanWcl tweeted: Great having Kevin Costner on WCL! Tune in Monday to see it! (Posted 12:07pm January 9th)

Picture by pilarclark - Pilar Clark: "At this point in life you can't make 'refrigerator art.' You have to make things you think other people will enjoy. And this movie, it's worth sharing." - Kevin Costner #BlackorWhite #LoveHasNoColor #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie #MikeBinder #WaldorfAstoria #Chicago #CapturingChicago #DSLR (Posted 8:16pm January 9th)

Picture by pilarclark - Pilar Clark: That I only come up to his kneecaps matters little. Nicely done, Friday. emojiemojiemoji #KevinCostner #BlackorWhite #LoveHasNoColor #WaldorfAstoria #Chicago #CapturingChicago (Posted 8:59pm January 9th)

Andy Rollins ‏@andyr01123 tweeted: It's confirmed, #KevinCostner and @AnthonyMackie are good sports! @WGNMorningNews @DeanRichards (Posted 5:59am January 9th)

WGNMorningNews ‏@WGNMorningNews tweeted: Kevin Costner presides over "know your Coster Movies" w/ @AnthonyMackie (Posted 7:43am January 9th)

Picture by ersyc: #kevincostner #danceswithwolves #celebrity #movie #cinema #hollywood #oscars (Posted January 9th)

FOX 32 News ‏@fox32news tweeted: Thanks to Kevin Costner for stopping by @GoodDayChicago this morning! (Posted 7:53am January 9th)

Brian Duewel, Author ‏@bduewel tweeted: I was wearing my @DurhamBulls cap and Kevin Costner came into the studio. He walked up and said"Nice Bull Durham hat" (Posted 10:49am January 9th)

Eric & Kathy ‏@EricandKathy tweeted: Thanks to Kevin Costner and anthonymackie for joining us in the studio today! #BlackOrWhite (101.9 The Mix WTMX-FM) (Posted 8:03am January 9th)

Eric Ferguson ‏@EricTheMix tweeted: Kevin Costner and @anthonymackie stopped by the studio. #blackorwhite (Posted 9:38am January 9th)

Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie stopped by the studio to chat about their new film Black or White in the latest 60 Seconds of the Show... by 1019themix

Eric & Kathy ‏@EricandKathy tweeted: If you missed Kevin Costner & @AnthonyMackie in the studio on Friday - catch up with our Podcast: Starting at 21:05 - 32:31:

Good Day Chicago ‏@GoodDayChicago tweeted: IN THE BOOTH: Kevin Costner talks about long career, what's next

In The Booth With Kevin Costner (Part 1) CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Kevin Costner sat down "in the booth" with Bill Zwecker to talk about his long, successful career. (Posted January 9th)

In the Booth with Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie talk about their new film "Black or White." January 9, 2015

Sweetwater Chicago ‏@SweetwaterChi tweeted: We had a special visitor this morning: Kevin Costner was interviewed by @fox32news in our very own Sweetwater booth (Posted 9:54am January 9th)

Sweetwater Chicago ‏@SweetwaterChi tweeted: Still giddy from being close to Kevin Costner in Chicago this a.m. Thanks @billzwecker @fox32news #blackorwhite (Posted 9:59am January 9th)

Bill Zwecker ‏@billzwecker tweeted: Thanks to #KevinCostner & @AnthonyMackie 4 TERRIFIC @BlackorWhite interview @GoodDayChicago @fox32news Great energy + film is wonderful (Posted 10:59am January 9th)

J Niice ‏@iamJNiice tweeted: Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie stopped by @B96Chicago @jshowchicago today. New movie Black and White looks good! Remember Anthony from 8Mile and Kevin from THE Bodyguard!?!?!? (Posted 8:22pm January 9th)

Picture by myalogy: #crush emoji since #nowayout #kevincostner #blackorwhite #gooddaychicago #fox32news (Posted 7:34am January 9th)

Showbiz Shelly ‏@showbizshelly tweeted: SO awesome chatting with Anthony Mackie and THE legend Kevin Costner. Such nice guys. See their movie #BlackorWhite in theaters Jan. 30th! (Posted 8:49am January 9th)

Showbiz Shelly ‏@showbizshelly tweeted: Another one with Kevin Costner. #wemightbebesties #BlackorWhite (Posted 9:08am January 9th)

STAGE TUBE: Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie Talk BLACK OR WHITE with Showbiz Shelly January 10, 2015

Kevin Costner says he'd be happy if Black Or White was his by Marlon Longid Published on Jan 9, 2015 Kevin Costner interviewed by ABC Chicago's Val Warner. With Mike Binder and Anthony Mackie promoting their new film Black Or White

VIDEO and article: Kevin Costner: 'Something very American' about Wrigley Field January 9, 2015

Kevin Costner in Chicago for 'Black or White' By Janet Davies January 09, 2015 CHICAGO (WLS) -- Kevin Costner attended a screening of his new movie, Black or White, at the ICON Theatre in the South Loop.

Keith Ward ‏@Keithwardbeauty tweeted: Great makeup by me on @valwarnertv #keithwardbeauty #kevincostner #celebritymakeup (Posted 7:31am January 10th)

katia Rochet ‏@antoine10280271 tweeted: @ChelBaker1 oh!I was going 2 ask u of yr news,my belle,I hope that u're well the pic/kevin Costner is 4 the smile LU (Posted January 10th)

Yamili Saucedo ‏@yamsss 18h18 hours ago Chicago, IL @octaviaspencer #KevinCostner LOVED #blackorwhite !! Too All - MUST SEE #movie @IAmSteveHarvey @nbcchicago (Posted 8:56am January 9th)

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