Friday, January 16, 2015

Kevin does interviews in Washington, DC...

BlackWhiteDC ‏@BlackWhiteDC tweeted: Tune into @beliefnet tomorrow at 10:30 am to hear Kevin Costner talk about #BlackorWhite! #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 14th) (Note: Haven't been able to find this interview online)

Sweetspot Jackets commented: Actor Kevin Costner signing for fans, and I see a Sweetspot Jacket in there!!! Got word he was really nice to all his fans and it was great to see so many baseballs being signed!! (Posted January 14th)

Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie have a ‘very honest’ conversation about race By Helena Andrews January 15, 2015

Hardball with Chris Matthews commented: From Field of Hardball! Academy award winning actor/director Kevin Costner talks to Chris Matthews tonight at 7pm/ET on MSNBC

Suzanne Malveaux ‏@SuzanneMalveaux tweeted: Enjoyed amazing conversation about race w/Kevin Costner @BlackorWhite DC film premiere tonight. Movie makers promoting #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 14th)

Jake Tapper ‏@jaketapper tweeted: Saw Kevin Costner/@MikeBinderjokes joint @BlackorWhite -- very provocative &interesting. Eager to hear what ppl think about it, pos and neg (Posted January 14th)

Peter Shinkoda ‏@PeterShinkoda 23h23 hours ago Washington, DC Just watched #BlackOrWhite starring @MphoAK and #KevinCostner. An important movie, a masterpiece. #Relevant (Posted January 15th)

Campbell Spencer ‏@campbellspencer tweeted: Great event for DC screening of @BlackorWhite last night. Important film. Bravo Kevin Costner @MikeBinderjokes @Relativity @AngelaCourtin (Friendship Heights Village, MD) (Posted January 15th)

Wisdom Martin ‏@WisdomFOX5 tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner joins us during the 10 am hour! Send us your questions and we will share them with him live on the show. Use #GoodDayDC (Posted January 15th)

Wisdom Martin ‏@WisdomFOX5 tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner in studio today (Posted January 15th)

Holly Morris ‏@HollyLiveFox5DC tweeted: #KevinCostner in the house! #GoodDayDC @ 10a w/us! @thejuliewright @TuckerFox5 @BlackorWhite #GoodDayDC (Posted January 15th)

FOX 5 DC ‏@fox5newsdc tweeted: #KevinCostner. In studio! Don't miss #GoodDayDC @HollyLiveFox5DC @thejuliewright @TuckerFox5 @BlackorWhite (Posted January 15th)

FOX 5 DC ‏@fox5newsdc tweeted: Favorite #KevinCostner movie? Tweet us with #GoodDayDC. GO! (Posted January 15th)

FOX 5 DC ‏@fox5newsdc: tweeted: #KevinCostner joined #GoodDayDC to talk about career, new film @BlackorWhite… @modernwest (Posted January 15th)

FOX 5 DC ‏@fox5newsdc tweeted: We surprised #KevinCostner with this guy... @AnthonyMackie! @BlackorWhite #GoodDayDC (Posted January 15th)

Holly Morris FOX 5 DC commented: It was indeed a ‪#‎GoodDayDC‬ @10a ‪#‎KevinCostner‬ & Anthony Mackie in studio talking about new movie Black or White ‪#‎LoveHasNoColor‬ Fox 5 DC & MyFoxDC (Posted January 15th)

Photo gallery: Kevin Costner joined GoodDayDC to talk about career, new film Black or White Jan 15, 2015:


Charmaine Langford ‏@RememberMeWhen3 tweeted: @fox5newsdc THANK YOU FOR PUTTING MY FACE AND TWEET TO KEVIN COSTNER IN THE NEWS!!!! #GoodDayDC :) (Posted January 15th)

Antonio Bailey™ ‏@SpeedbirdMach3 tweeted: The legendary Kevin Costner on @fox5newsdc! Take THAT other networks! The Bodyguard is my fave. #GoodDayDC (Posted January 15th)

Brian Balbuena ‏@papabuena tweeted: Academy Award Winner Actor Kevin Costner (Posted January 15th)

Holly Morris ‏@HollyLiveFox5DC tweeted: Perhaps my favorite #selfie #KevinCostner #Oscar winner #GoodDayDC @BlackorWhite #LoveHasNoColor @fox5newsdc (Posted January 15th)

Steve Chenevey FOX5 ‏@stevechenevey tweeted: Thanks #KevinCostner @modernwest for the #Fandango #DomPerignon box (yes it's empty) #GoodDayDC #blackorwhite (Posted January 15th)

Melanie Alnwick ‏@fox5melanie tweeted: Me and @Fox5DCAllison confessing our love for #TheBodyguard to #KevinCostner. He's so tolerant :) Thanks @EmilyFox5DC (Posted January 15th)

msnbc ‏@msnbc tweeted: Kevin Costner opens up about race, Hollywood, and his new movie "Black or White" (Posted January 15th)

Kevin Costner plays hardball Kevin Costner joins Chris Matthews to discuss a new film he’s produced called “Black or White”, which tackles the issue of race head on. (Posted January 15th)

Bill Carr ‏@rom_warrior tweeted: @hardball_chris CHRIS .. the interview with Kevin Costner knocked it out of the park. Thank You. Thank You! (Posted January 15th)

Julie Kiel ‏@juliekiel tweeted: @hardball_chris @kevincostner good interview, looks like a great movie! (Posted January 15th)

"Black or White" in theaters January 30th January 15, 2015 By Courtney Gwynn The new movie, "Black or White," is a heartwarming story about the power of love in a non-traditional family. It premieres on January 30th. And today we were joined by Director Mike Binder and Actor Mpho Kaoho. They were here to tell us more about the film.

Anthony Mackie Chats About Making "Black & White" [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] By The Russ Parr Morning Show January 16, 2015

Isabel ‏@ICorona23 tweeted: It's weird seeing Kevin Costner on my tv when we just had lunch on Friday and he was sharing anecdotes while using me as an example. a press luncheon. It was pretty cool. He's a really sweet (Posted January 15th)

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