Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kevin does more interviews and Atlanta screening...

KTLA 5 Morning News ‏@KTLAMorningNews tweeted: Not every day we speak w/ 2 #Oscar-winners at the same time! #KevinCostner (@modernwest) & @octaviaspencer LIVE @ 818 (Posted 8:16am January 22nd)

KTLA Entertainment ‏@ktlaENT tweeted: .@octaviaspencer & @modernwest on the Message of #BlackorWhite

Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner on the Message of ‘Black or White’ January 22, 2015, by Sam Rubin

Allison Walker ‏@AllisonWalkerTV tweeted: Interviewing #KevinCostner and @OctaviaSpencer in 7 mins! @BlackorWhite @modernwest (Posted 8:29am January 22nd)

Allison Walker @AllisonWalkerTV tweeted: Two of the most brilliant actors in what could be the newest "classic." @BlackorWhite. @octaviaspencer @modernwest (Posted 9:47am January 22nd) ( UK)

MCM & KUSI ‏@fmarseille tweeted: @BlackorWhite @GoodMorningSD Looking forward to #kevinCostner interview on KUSI this morning! AMAZING FILM! 8:47am January 22nd)

RaoulFOX5 ‏@RaoulFOX5 tweeted: @BlackorWhite enjoyed watching this film last night. talking with #KevinCostner & @octaviaspencer on @fox5sandiego #Iwroteapaperonthat :) (San Diego, CA) (Posted 6:52am January 22nd)

Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer join KUSI, to talk about the movie he produced called, "Black or White" Find out more of the details of the movie and what motivated him to create this movie
KUSI News - San Diego, CA

Jessica Murfree ‏@jessicamurfree tweeted: "Dad and I are going to a movie premiere tonight at Atlantic station. Kevin Costner will be there. We will be hobnobbing.” #thingsmomsays (Posted 9:22am January 22nd)

Annalee Penny ‏@annaleepenny tweeted: Tonight, I have the glorious task of interviewing Kevin Costner on the red carpet, at Atlantic Station ;] It's. (Posted 10:44am January 22nd)

Atlanta PluggedIn ‏@ATLPluggedIN tweeted: @annaleepenny is interviewing #KevinCostner tonight, on the red carpet for the movie Black or White! Tweet us the Q you want us to ask him! (Posted 10:55am January 22nd)

BEMagazine @BEMagazine tweeted: Now we're on the red carpet for blackorwhitemovie awaiting #KevinCostner (Posted 2:29pm January 22nd)

Yvette Caslin ‏@sistarazzi tweeted: #sohandsome #anthonymackie and #kevincostner go see black or white (Posted 3:38pm January 22nd)

Picture by someysinclair - Winsome Sinclair: So about tonight. .. I think I need to call this legends week.. #BlackorWhiteprivatescreening #privatereception #KevinCostner ##HollywoodIcon #pearllifediaries #bosschickchronicles2015 #ATLwood #WSAAtl #TeamWSA #Winning #LML #Redcarpetadventues #AnotherDayindaLife (Posted 3:55pm January 22nd)

E. Dewey Smith ‏@edeweysmith tweeted: @therealrc & me tonight on #BlackandWhiteRedCarpet #LoveHasNoColor We're hosting Kevin Costner in ATL! (Posted 3:55pm January 22nd)

Zakyra Colvin ‏@_GetZiggyWitIt tweeted: I just met Kevin Costner..... What is LIFE!?!?? #BlackorWhite (Posted 3:56pm January 22nd)

Picture by cherry_pe: Black or White premier reception. My eyes are closed but I don't care! #kevincostner #moviepremier (Posted 3:57pm January 22nd)

Picture by raycornelius - Ray Cornelius: Well...sort of a #selfie with #BlackorWhite actors #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 3:59pm January 22nd)

Video by cherry_pe: #redcarpet #kevincostner #blackorwhitepremier #atl (Posted 4:01pm January 22nd)

Drea Nicole ‏@MissDreaNicole tweeted: At the black and White movie premiere starring Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie @bmdossier (Posted 4:03pm January 22nd)

Picture by someysinclair - Winsome Sinclair: Yep this is Atl! #BlackorWhiteprivatescreening #BlackorWhiteprivateMovie #privatereception #KevinCostner #Redcarpetadventues #WSAInternational (Posted 4:03pm January 22nd)

Picture by talkingwithtami - Tami Reed: Thanks #anthonymackie for taking this selfie with me and @annalee #kevincostner thanks for complimenting me on my fur wrap! Lol #blackorwhite @atlantapluggedin (Posted 4:07pm January 22nd)

Picture by talkingwithtami - Tami Reed: Live your dreams!!! Fav shot of the day captured by @thephotomanlife for Getty images! #blackorwhite #kevincostner #anthonymackie

cb ‏@carriebeth621 tweeted: Kevin Costner lookin' fine on the red carpet tonight... #LoveHasNoColor @ Regal Atlantic Station… (Posted 4:08pm January 22nd)

Sarah Edwards CNN ‏@Lope33 tweeted: At the #BlackorWhite screening with @FWhitfield. Can't wait to watch! Have loved #KevinCostner since American Flyers #lovehasnocolor. (Posted 4:15pm January 22nd)

Robin Marshall ‏@itsrobinlori tweeted: #kevinCostner on the red carpet! #loveHasNoColor #blackOrWhite advanced screening #lifeOfAPhotographer (Posted 4:22pm January 22nd)

George Kinyanjui ‏@g_jui tweeted: Movie with friendlyhuman and looks who's here. #KevinCostner #BlackAndWhite @ Regal Atlantic Station (Posted 4:22pm January 22nd)

Pictures by stephardy1221 - Stephie: Enjoyed meeting #KevinCostner for the screening of Black or White in Atlanta! #ATLFirst #AboutLastNight #LoveHasNoColor

Kim Ford @iamKimFord tweeted: TONIGHT. Hit another career highlight! Interviewing #KevinCosner and #AnthonyMackie on the red carpet… (Posted 4:29pm January 22nd)

Emma Loggins ‏@emmaloggins tweeted: Interviewed #KevinCostner and #AnthonyMackie on the #redcarpet tonight for #BlackOrWhite for @fanbolt!… (Posted 4:31pm January 22nd)

Picture by donnalampkinatl - DonnaLampkin: #Actors #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie with @heather_catlin from #HotTopicsTV Seriously talking about #race go see the movie #BlackOrWhite #LoveHasNoColor @wsbtv #wsbtv #black #white #beautiful #itsahairthing #love #handsome #men #man #Hollywood #Oscars #Grammys #GoldenGlobe

Heather Catlin ‏@HeatherCatlin tweeted: Oh hey Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie. @HotTopicsTV @wsbtv @MonicaWSB (WSBTV) (Posted 4:31pm January 22nd)

Hot Topics’ Heather Catlin interviews the stars of “Black or White.”

Miss Domingo ‏@trishiaxpaula tweeted: Slightly surprised that Kevin Costner is going to talk about the White Out for the Oscars..this should be interesting (Posted 4:32pm January 22nd)

Deidra Dukes ‏@DeidraDukesFOX5 tweeted: Kevin Costner in Atlanta for screening of #LoveHasNoColor @RegalMovies @AtlanticStation @pitch2media (Posted 4:33pm January 22nd)

Sherry C. Adams ‏@DrSherrycAdams tweeted: Kevin Costner and the new movie Black or White! (Posted 4:34pm January 22nd)

Deidra Dukes ‏@DeidraDukesFOX5 tweeted: Kevin Costner receives Phoenix Award from city of Atlanta during screening of #LoveHasNoColor @RegalMovies (Posted 4:35pm January 22nd)

Dr Yamma Brown ‏@daughterofsoul tweeted: Kevin Costner And Anthony Mackie (Posted 4:37pm January 22nd)

Christopher Daniel ‏@Journalistorian tweeted: @TheBurtonWire team talks #LoveHasNoColor with #KevinCostner & @AnthonyMackie. Good luck @ the box office! (Posted 4:38pm January 22nd)

MARC JAMES ‏@marcjames tweeted: Great to interview #KevinCostner & #AnthonyMackie for new film "Black or White" in #Atlanta #BlackorWhite @929TheGame (Posted 4:42pm January 22nd)

LaRonda Sutton ‏@larondasutton tweeted: Proud to present the Phoenix Award to Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie #lovehasnocolor blackorwhite (Posted 4:48pm January 22nd)

Arkeedah McCormick ‏@itsarkeedah tweeted: Interviewing Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie tonight on the Red Carpet for "Black or White"… (Posted 4:52pm January 22nd )

Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner and co-star @AnthonyMackie at the Black or White screening in Atlanta. #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 5:26pm January 22nd)

Picture by d_whyte - D. White: The Bodyguard himself, Kevin Costner, came through tonight for the Black or White movie premiere! #actor #aList #aLister #ATLANTA #atlanticStation #blackorwhite #kevinCostner (Posted 5:55pm January 22nd)

Janice L. Mathis ‏@janicelmathis tweeted: Kevin Costner at Regal in Atlanta. (Posted 6:42pm January 22nd)

Perfect Pitch Media ‏@pitch2media tweeted: @AnthonyMackie & #KevinCostner discussing new film #BlackorWhite #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 6:42pm January 22nd)

Megan Sparks ‏@mesparks tweeted: See Selma. Then go see Blck or White. w kevincostner #lovehasnocolor (Posted 6:43pm January 22nd)

Jarmond Ent. Media ‏@Jarmond tweeted: I am honored to have a picture with Kevin Costner and see Black and White! This is well worth seeing! (Posted 6:50pm January 22nd)

rondaracha @rondaracha tweeted: Monica Pearson, Anthony Mackie and Kevin Costner. #blackorwhite #aafca (Posted 6:52pm January 22nd)

rondaracha @rondaracha tweeted: It's blurry but that's Anthony Mackie, Kevin Costner, Ceasar C Mitchell and Monica Pearson. (Posted 7:17pm January 22nd)

Andrea Woods ‏@Bossladywoods tweeted: Guess who is in the back? #loveseesnocolor #blackorwhite #kevincostner (Posted 7:17pm January 22nd)

rondaracha ‏@rondaracha tweeted: Kevin Costner up close and personal leaving the Atlanta premiere of Black or White. Congrats to Gil… (Posted 7:18pm January 22nd)

Kim Ford ‏@iamKimFord tweeted: I don't even think you understand how I'm feeling right now... #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie… (Posted 7:18pm January 22nd)

BEMagazine @BEMagazine tweeted: By @quentesential1 "@BEMagazine Hard at work and #selfies with @towandabraxton @demimckinney… (Posted 7:19pm January 22nd)

E. Dewey Smith @edeweysmith tweeted: This is Kevin Costner & I discussing his new movie "Black or White" & its Social Justice implications. WOW!!!! (Posted 7:20pm January 22nd)

Picture by thebombimages: #Kevincostner #Blackorwhite #Alistcelebrity (Posted 7:22pm January 22nd)

Dr. Sean Alleyne ‏@DrSeanski tweeted: #BlackorWhite Great movie!!! Enjoyable from start to finish!!! A must see. #KevinCostner was awesome!!! (Posted 7:23pm January 22nd)

Robin Marshall ‏@itsrobinlori tweeted: Such a powerful film about #humanity not #blackorwhite Fun selfie with #kevinCostner… (Posted 7:27pm January 22nd)

Kim Ford @iamKimFord tweeted: Excuse the multiple pics...but this film was amazing. It addressed the real issues. All the right words were finally said. Kevin plays a grandfather with a bi-racial granddaughter. FYI...he spent $43 million of his own money to make sure this film was produced. Speaks volumes. Based on a true story. Full recap coming soon to @jubileemag .com. #BlackOrWhite #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 7:27pm January 22nd)

Picture by leilani_denise - Leilani: I asked for a picture, he said sure! Very nice, humble man. #kevincostner (Posted 7:29pm January 22nd)

E. Dewey Smith ‏@edeweysmith tweeted: This dude is 1 of my FAVORITE actors but was INTRIGUED by MY thoughts about HIS movie!! Kevin Costner!! WOW!! (Posted 7:30pm January 22nd)

Kimberly Purvis ‏@kimberly_purvis tweeted: Kevin Costner left nothing on the floor with this movie. It was amazing and the opportunity to see him… (Posted 7:39pm January 22nd)

L. D. Neicy Wells ‏@LDWells1 tweeted: Getting seated for the screening of #BlackOrWhite featuring #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackey and… (Posted 7:43pm January 22nd)

Brittttttttttttt ‏@UFullOfBritt tweeted: #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie (my love!) Seriously go support #BlackOrWhite.... It was such an honest film. Kevin even snapped a #Selfie with @k.chanele and I ! #Screening @atlanticstation (Posted 7:49pm January 22nd)

Picture by talkingwithtami - Tami Reed: Don't forget to check out #blackorwhite such an awesome movie and #kevincostner and #anthonymackie were so sweet on the carpet this evening! (Posted 7:50pm January 22nd)

IG: GenellHiggins ‏@CheckTheDossier tweeted: S/O to Kevin Costner @modernwest I didn't know he was from my hood #Compton He did a great job w/ @BlackorWhite Be sure to check it out. (Posted 7:59pm January 22nd)

FoxTale Book Shoppe ‏@FoxTale tweeted: Thanks @AtriaBooks / @simonschuster for inviting us to the premiere of Kevin Costner's Black or White #LoveHasNoColor (Posted 8:38pm January 22nd)

Robin Marshall ‏@itsrobinlori tweeted: Photo of the Night: #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie Stops by Atlanta! #BlackOrWhite - #lovehasnocolor (Posted 8:50pm January 22nd)

Diane Larche' ‏@larchepr tweeted: My so called selfie with Kevin Costner. Huge fan. He put in his own $9 million to make the film film…

More Photos: Black or White Red Carpet Arrivals with Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie and More! By Robin Lori

Diane Larche' ‏@larchepr tweeted: Black or White Q & A wi th Monica Pearson interviewing Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie in Atlanta at Atlantic Station.

Diane Larche' ‏@larchepr tweeted: Black or White Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie on the red carpet at Atlantic Station Regal Cinema.

Diane Larche' ‏@larchepr tweeted: Kevin Costner enters the red carpet for Black or White screening in Atlanta.

ATLFILM ‏@ATLFilmEnt tweeted: @larondasutton presented the Phoenix Awards to #KevinCostner & anthonymackie #blackorwhite…

Major Red Carpet Private Screening in Atlanta last night! Kevin Costner, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Phaedra Parks and More in Attendance By Crystal Smith

Atlanta PluggedIn ‏@ATLPluggedIN tweeted: @annaleepenny makes Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie crack up at last night's red carpet event!! #lovehasnocolor

Pictures from the event:

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