Friday, January 30, 2015

Kevin does more TV and Radio interviews...

Black or White commented: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer have a special “Thank You” for all our Black or White fans!

Lindsey G. Smith ‏@UseeLIN tweeted: #tbt to the #BlackorWhite wrap party with Kevin Costner on a balmy (clearly) summer night in 2013 be sure to see the film this weekend it opens in theaters tomorrow! #lovehasnocolor

Christina Warren @film_girl tweeted: I just walked by Kevin Costner... You guys. (at Today Show) (Posted 7:56am January 29th)

Miki ‏@33RedSoxGirl tweeted: Kevin Costner on @TODAYshow He is the epitome of Fabulously Fine!!!! What a way to start of a Thursday (Postd 8:03am January 29th)

TODAY ‏@TODAYshow tweeted: Kevin Costner in the #OrangeRoom. We'll catch up with him, coming up! (Posted 8:05am January 29th)

Kacy ‏@kmhibdon tweeted: #KevinCostner you are beautiful. #mancrusheveryday #repost

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: .@GDeLaurentiis offering #KevinCostner a treat. @WranglerTODAY looks a little jealous! @TODAYshow (Posted 8:15am January 29th)

Video and article: 'I've seen ugliness': Kevin Costner tackles race and the N-word in 'Black or White'

Jack Lauterback ‏@jackgoesforth tweeted: Kevin Costner lookin' fly in the black mock-neck on @TODAYshow. The greatest of all time. An American treasure, that man. Don't refute it. (Posted 8:41am January 29th)

TODAY ‏@TODAYshow tweeted: Throwback Thursday-- @MLauer & Kevin Costner on TODAY in 1996. #tbt (Posted 8:43am January 29th)

Brittany Haviland ‏@bhaviland tweeted: #OrangeRoom view of @MLauer and Kevin Costner (Posted 8:44am January 29th)

Esta Fiesta ‏@ItsEstaFiesta tweeted: Shout out to Kevin Costner on keeping it real about "the n word". Admitting he's heard it and even used it before #blackorwhite (Posted 8:45am January 29th)

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: #KevinCostner with @MLauer this morning. What a cool guy.

m ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ‏@chlamadia tweeted: my grandma loves Kevin Costner

Joey DeMarco ‏@joeyDeMarco12 tweeted: Sentir hair care styles #kevin #Costner #nbc #volume #foam sentir moving forward with passion..

Stephanie Stobie ‏@StephanieStobie tweeted: “@TODAYshow: "I think maybe Seattle wins this game." -Kevin Costner gives @MLauer his #SuperBowl prediction.” I knew I loved Kevin Costner (Fairwood, WA)

Raised Spirits ‏@RSTheater tweeted: Met KEVIN COSTNER! Nice guy. Short conversation but firm ungloved handshake like the guy's guy he is.

MIP commented: Glad to have #KevinCostner on to talk #BlackOrWhite , Baseball and Whitney Houston @siriusxm LISTEN (MIP = Make It Plain) (Mark Thompson) (at SiriusXM Studio 42 Rockefeller Ctr) (Posted 9:03am January 29th)

"Make It Plain," hosted by Matsimela Mapfumo-Mark Thompson talks with Kevin Costner: LISTEN HERE:

Jake Tapper ‏@jaketapper tweeted: *whispers* if you turn on @CNN right now....he will come.... Kevin Costner on #TheLead in seconds to discuss his new film @BlackorWhite

Kevin Costner's latest movie "Black or White" deals with provocative race issues. CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to him about it.

Eleonora Mumoli ‏@shoesandboot tweeted: Project Almanac, Black or White - Guest: Kevin Costner | Weekend Ticket | FandangoMovies Which movie's right for you this weekend? Project Almanac? Black or White? Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger breaks them down with a little help from Kevin Costner.

Video and article: Kevin Costner Put his Heart and Money Into Latest Role by B. Owusu

Good Day Atlanta ‏@GoodDayAtlanta tweeted: Thur. #KevinCostner & @AnthonyMackie sit down with @PaulFromFox5 to discuss @BlackorWhite movie. #fox5atl Jan 28th

Good Day Atlanta ‏@GoodDayAtlanta tweeted: Kevin Costner on @GoodDayAtlanta to talk about his new movie #BlackOrWhite ahead at 9:45. #fox5atl

Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie on Good Day Atlanta talking about "Black or White" with Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken

Kevin Costner on picking his co-star By Matt Mungle Published on Jan 29, 2015 Costner and Estell talk about the new film BLACK OR WHITE

Black Or White-Video Movie Review   by Al McGhee   January 27th, 2015

Kevin Costner tackles discrimination in 'Black or White' Jan. 29, 2015 Film follows a grieving widower drawn into a custody battle over his granddaughter ‏@hollywoodchi tweeted: Interview: Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie & Director Mike Binder Ponder ‘Black or White’ (Posted January 28th)

Joe Arce ‏@fotogod63 tweeted: Pat McDonald's interview with Kevin Costner,Anthony Mackie and director Mike Binder featuring my exclusive portraits

MyFoxHouston ‏@MyFoxHouston tweeted: DISHin' 'bout - We’ve Got Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie In The Studio! (FULL EXTENDED): Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie

Black or White Film ‏@BWFilmHouston tweeted: Please tune in to @ExtraTV for a SAG reading with Kevin Costner and @estell_jillian from #BlackorWhite Friday (30th) at 7:00PM EST/PST on NBC! (CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS)

Black or White Film ‏@BlackWhiteKC tweeted: Watch @TheLeadCNN to see Kevin Costner talk about #BlackorWhite Friday (30th) at 1:00PM PST / 4:00PM EST on @CNN! #LoveHasNoColor

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