Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kevin does screening and interviews in Dallas, Texas....

BlackWhiteDFW ‏@BlackWhiteDFW tweeted: Be sure to tune into the @TJMShow tomorrow morning at 5:45 to hear Kevin Costner & @estell_jillian talk about #BlackorWhite! #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 13th)

Rebecca Lopez ‏@rlopezwfaa tweeted: I am at the screening of the new Kevin Costner Movie Black or White. I will be asking Costner questions about the movie afterwards. (Posted 4:45pm January 13th)

Keith Craft ‏@KeithCraft tweeted: Great to be with Kevin Costner and @estell_jillian for the premier of Black or White! Great night!… (Posted 7:17pm January 13th)

༄RicoO SuavE™༄ ‏@TitOTrejO54 tweeted: So this is happening rn #KevinCostner (Posted 7:23pm January 13th)

SheilaCraft ‏@SheilaGCraft tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner share about jillian _nicole_estell He shared what a gift she was in making… (Posted 7:24pm January 13th) (Highland Park Village Theatre)

Kimberly J Chandler ‏@KimJChandler tweeted: What A Day It Will Be When This Is No Longer The Topic Of Conversation...Well Done Kevin Costner!!!… (Posted 7:36pm January 13th)

Kerry Turk ‏@captainturk tweeted: Black or White Screening #KevinCostner @ Highland Park Village Theatre (Posted 7:57pm January 13th)

Moroch Promotions ‏@MorochPromo tweeted: #KevinCostner @estell_jillian @BishopJakes at special #Dallas screening of @BlackorWhite in #Dallas. #BlackOrWhite (Posted 7:59pm January 13th)

Christine Tijerina ‏@christinenicT tweeted: The half selfie I snuck in of my night with Kevin Costner and his co-star. 😏 #stealthmode #selfie… (Posted 8:02pm January 13th)

Rebecca Lopez ‏@rlopezwfaa tweeted: Interviewing Kevin Costner after his movie screening in Dallas. Black or White is a powerful movie. (Posted 8:11pm January 13th)

Pujan Patel ‏@pujanp81 tweeted: Black or White private screening with Kevin Costner and TD Jakes #lovehasnocolor (Posted 8:22pm January 13th)

RAHH. ‏@_czechmeout tweeted: The movie I was featured in during 2013 with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer is finally coming out January 30.. (Posted January 13th)

Susan Ellingburg ‏@SusanEllingburg tweeted: Been hanging out w/Kevin Costner at screening of his new movie Black or White. It's a must-see, y'all. (Posted 9:07pm January 13th)

Fanchion Roxanne Kenady commented: Attended a private screening of the movie @blackorwhite This movie was amazing and did not sugarcoat the issues!! Every emotions was experienced watching this awesome movie and phenomenal cast!! The discussion with The leading actors Kevin Costner, Jillian Estelle and the great BishopJakes was great! This is a movie EVERYONE must see so go support on opening weekend January 30, 2015!!!

T.D. Jakes Ministries commented: My wife & I had the privilege of hosting a screening of Kevin Costner's movie Black or White! (Posted January 13th)

T.D. Jakes @BishopJakes tweeted: Amazing Premiere last night! @BlackorWhite Movie starring Kevin Costner in Theaters Jan 30th! #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 13th)

Mike Castellucci ‏@wfaamike tweeted: So I go to a Kevin Costner movie last night, and Kevin Costner is there! And he's HERE at 9 @wfaachannel8 @wfaagmt (Posted January 14th)

Mike Castellucci ‏@wfaamike tweeted: Great time with Kevin Costner @wfaachannel8 @wfaagmt and his film that may become one of those classics. BlackorWhite (Posted 10:00am January 14th)

Mike Castellucci ‏@wfaamike tweeted: Explaining to Kevin Costner how terrific @rlopezwfaa story will be with him @wfaachannel8 at 4p (Posted January 14th)

Good Morning Texas ‏@wfaagmt tweeted: So, YES...Kevin Costner was on @wfaagmt. Jillian Estell co-stars in "Black or White". @blackorwhite @wfaachannel8 (Posted 10:08am January 14th)

Shannon Powell Hart ‏@shannonwfaa tweeted: What a day.I had to take care of #KevinCostner & co-star Jillian Estell in @BlackorWhite #notabadgig @shan2p @wfaagmt (Posted 10:41am January 14th)

Carrie McClure ‏@cmcclurewfaa tweeted: Behind the scenes today on @wfaagmt - Kevin Costner and Jillian Estell #LoveHasNoColor #blackorwhite (Posted 2:13pm January 14th)

Another one for the books! Press day with Kevin Costner and sweet actress Jillian Estell for their… (Posted 4:19pm January 14th)

Kevin Costner previews his new film "Black or White"

Lauren Przybyl ‏@fox4lauren tweeted: Kevin Costner is here... and wearing cowboys boots!!! Yeehaw!! @GoodDayFox4 (Posted 8:35am January 14th)

Lauren Przybyl ‏@fox4lauren tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner in the house!!! :) Good Day Fox 4 (Posted 9:33am January 14th)

lauren ‏@culpepperlauren tweeted: If ever there was a day that I really wanted to be in studio for a morning show, it's today. Kevin Costner is in Dallas. (Posted 8:36am January 14th)

Lauren Przybyl commented: Kevin Costner and Jillian Estell talking about the new movie Black or White (Posted 8:38am January 14th)

Russ Vandeveerdonk ‏@RussJFK tweeted: Kevin Costner in town, his new film/produced/directed/acted in LOOKS GREAT! Main point of the film, "STOP looking at the color of skin". :) (Posted 8:44am January 14th)

1310 The Ticket ‏@dfwticket tweeted: On the Ticket there's a saying... Kevin Costner joins the Musers at 9:10 in Gordo's Corner! (Posted 9:05am January 14th)

Russ Vandeveerdonk ‏@RussJFK tweeted: @wfaamike Kevin Costner is an honorable, big-hearted man/a genius~THIS new film is "perfect timing" for our country right now! JFK was too. (Posted 9:06am January 14th

Frisco native Jillian Estell shares the screen with Kevin Costner in the new movie Black or White. It opens in two weeks. (Posted 9:08am January 14th)
Dallas News |

D W Wenzel ‏@TX_zel tweeted: On @dfwticket , @gordonkeith asks Kevin Costner what he likes about Texas. He replied, "I like the way it's shaped." #MadeMyDay (Posted 9:20am January 14th)

Proud Rangers Fan ‏@Tx_Baseball_Fan tweeted: because I wasn't already in love with Kevin Costner.... So many swoons going on right now. @dfwticket (Posted 9:22am January 14th)

MUSER P1 ‏@Muser_P1 tweeted: Great interview with Kevin Costner on the Musers right now! @GeorgeDunham @junior_miller (Posted 9:24am January 14th)

Ruston Harris ‏@RustonHarris tweeted: Kevin Costner on @dfwticket was awesome. #gooddude (Posted 9:27am January 14th)

Joe Garrett ‏@sjoegarrett tweeted: Good interview with Kevin Costner on #theticket #1310theticket #Musers (Posted 9:28am January 14th)

Cody Neathery ‏@NeatCody tweeted: I'd let Kevin Costner @modernwest buy me a drink to listen to more of his cool stories. (Posted 9:28am January 14th)

Clay Byington ‏@clay_byington tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner on with the Musers on @dfwticket and then he voices the looped ad for Wounded Warrior. Its like Inception #stream (Poste 9:30am January 14th)

Oscar Winner Kevin Costner Stops By In Studio with the Musers By Cumulus Digital Dallas Published on Jan. 14, 2015 Oscar Winner Kevin Costner stops by Sportsradio 1310 AM & 96.7 FM The Ticket studios to talk about his new movie "Black or White".

Black or White Movie CLIP - Make Him Wear It Like A Badge (2015) - Kevin Costner Movie HD MOVIES Coming Soon Published on Jan 14, 2015

Black Or White Exclusive Clip:

Sam Phillips ‏@1031ent tweeted: Nice to hear a celebrity that is a regular Joe. Just became a #KevinCostner fan. Will def see Black or White. Thanks Junes @junior_miller (Posted 10:18am January 14th)

bookitshano ‏@bookboss222 tweeted: Saw private screening of BlackorWhite w/ @kevincostner & @octaviaspencer last night. Great message. Grandparents rock! #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 14th)

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