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Kevin honored with Critics Choice Life Achievement award...

Kevin Costner Honored with BFCA Lifetime Achievement Award by Malina Saval

Auctioneer Dan Dotson Chants Costner's Filmography | 2015 Critics' Choice Movie Awards by A&E Published on Jan 15, 2015 "Storage Wars" favorite Dan Dotson steps in to help presenter Rene Russo recite Kevin Costner's entire filmography at the 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, January 2015.

Critics Choice Awards 2015: Kevin Costner Red Carpet by ScreenSlam Published on Jan 16, 2015

Kevin Costner Wins Lifetime Achievement Award | 2015 Critics' Choice Movie Awards by A&E Published on Jan 15, 2015

MGM Studios ‏@MGM_Studios tweeted: Congrats to #DancesWithWolves dir. & star #KevinCostner for receiving the #BFCA Lifetime Achievement Award. (Posted January 14th)

Relativity Media congratulates Kevin:

Kevin McCarthy ‏@KevinMcCarthyTV tweeted: Hey look who I found! Kevin Costner will be on #GoodDayDC at 10am and then flying here for the @CriticsChoice awards! (Posted January 15th)

steve granitz ‏@SteveGranitz tweeted: Kevin Costner at 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals #Newz

Kevin Mazur ‏@KevinMazur tweeted: Kevin Costner & Ron Howard at 20th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Backstage And Audience

Alexandra Hurtado ‏@AliMarieHurtado tweeted: It's a "Tin Cup" reunion at the #CriticsChoiceAwards! Rene Russo introducing Lifetime Achievement Award winner Kevin Costner

Channing Thomson ‏@CHANNINGPOSTERS tweeted: Rene Russo give Kevin Costner the Lifetime Achievement Award complete with laryngitis and an auctioneer. #CriticsChoiceAwards.Long Career.

RantChic ‏@RantChic tweeted: Kevin Costner should also get the award for "Sexiest Man Alive". #CriticsChoice

Katie ‏@lilkatie24 tweeted: #KevinCostner made a lot of movies that I really never really thought about it #CriticsChoiceAwards

Broncos Fan ‏@Elways7 tweeted: Kevin Freaking Costner #CriticsChoice

Ian Baker ‏@OWNingLight tweeted: Kevin Costner is and will always be one of my favorite actors. Congrats! You are beyond deserving of this award.

Sean O'Connell ‏@Sean_OConnell tweeted: This Kevin Costner montage may make my Year End Top 10 list in December. #CriticsChoice

Timmy ✨ ‏@Goofy_DisNerd tweeted: What an incredible and vastly unacknowledged career! Congrats Kevin Costner! #CriticsChoice

Chris Gardner ‏@chrissgardner tweeted: Kevin Costner: To all the writers in my career I say a giant and sincere thank you for being a part of your stories. #CritcsChoice

Michelle Simpson ‏@OfficialMichele tweeted: Everyone can agree that we all love Kevin Costner. If not, please don't think we can be friends, we can't. Move along.

Fairsister ‏@fairsister tweeted: Kevin Costner. One of the few actors who acknowledge writers. The first one I've noticed tonight. #CriticsChoice

Antonio Bailey™ ‏@SpeedbirdMach3 tweeted: Reese Witherspoon looks genuinely in awe of Kevin Costner. Someone who actually DESERVED his Oscars. Bow down! #CriticsChoice

Gary Michael Walters ‏@garymwalters tweeted: Kevin Costner Lifetime Achievement Award

Tanya White ‏@tanyaandbeau tweeted: Lovin Kevin Costner's speech. Funny, sincere and touching. #CriticsChoice

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV 5h5 hours ago Rene! #CriticsChoice #ReneRusso #KevinCostner

NoodleHeadProds ‏@noodleheadprods tweeted: Congrats to Kevin Costner on his Lifetime Achievement Award. What an incredibly classy acceptance speech. #Respect #CriticsChoiceAwards

Rebecca Murray ‏@becmur tweeted: #KevinCostner thanks the drivers, food prep, stunt people, writers, directors, & all the crews he's worked with #criticschoice. Classy man.

Scott Mantz ‏@MovieMantz tweeted: #ReneRusso presents #KevinCostner with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the @CriticsChoice Awards! #Access

Mary Cardenas ‏@BLNDonBaseball tweeted: Kevin Costner's speech is the freaking coolest #CriticsChoice

Manny The Movie Guy tweeted: Kevin Costner gets a standing ovation for his Lifetime Achievement #CriticsChoice Award!

ÑAM ÑAM ‏@lafuriarosa tweeted: Ok, Kevin Costner has won me over with that "ACT GRATEFUL" comment.

Chris Gardner ‏@chrissgardner tweeted: Kevin Costner: nobody has it better than actors. Traveling the world, first class. Try to act grateful! #CritcsChoice

HollywoodLife ‏@HollywoodLife tweeted: "How do I explain this good luck & my gratitude in 2 minutes? It's hard for me. I can hardly make a 2 hour movie." Love you, Kevin Costner!

Stephanie Brunner ‏@1stClassTravel2 tweeted: Amazing man!!! Love Kevin Costner!!! @CriticsChoice

DG ‏@dgct2 tweeted: Beyond excited for Kevin Costner tonight. The award is richly deserved. I've been a fan of his from the very start. #CriticsChoice

HollywoodTake ‏@HollywoodTake_ tweeted: Beautiful speech by #KevinCostner at #CriticsChoice.

Antonio Bailey™ ‏@SpeedbirdMach3 tweeted: @_iKonoclast Kevin Costner is a respected Hollywood legend w/ great insight + wisdom. He can speak as long as he wants! #CriticsChoiceAwards

Poser Productions ‏@poserproduction tweeted: @chrissgardner @THR @kevincostner THIS is a man who began by moving heavy film equipt. @RaleighStudios years ago! #dreambig #StayHumble

Brian the Movie Guy ‏@MovieGuyBrian tweeted: Kevin Costner's first credited role was in a Ron Howard film starring Michael Keaton... All take home a trophy tonight. #CriticsChoice

Joanne Thompson Ray ‏@joanne_ray tweeted: Wow Kevin Costner just made one of the most best acceptance speeches I've ever heard ,,,we should all be that humble !

Jeanne Wolf ‏@jeannewolf tweeted: #CRITICSCHOICE so much love and respect in standing O for Kevin Costner at critics must See Black or White. ..his new movie.

Sam Rubin ‏@SamOnTV tweeted: THIS close to Kevin Costner and Rene Russo. Emotional lifetime achievement award speech at #CriticsChoice

moji shand ‏@mojdehzamani tweeted: #kevincostner #ccma #criticsawards #criticschoicemovieawards #duncantaylorscotchwhisky

newzcard commented: Actor Kevin Costner shares his thought in the press room at the Critic's Choice Awards in Hollywood

Bobby Dobinski ‏@Bobby_Dobinski tweeted: Kevin Costner accepting his #LifetimeAchievement #Award at the #CriticsChoiceAwards. #BlackorWhite…

Joe Houston ‏@joehouston09 tweeted: Thank you, @modernwest #KevinCostner for stopping for fans that came out in the cold to meet you. You are truly a class act. #Legend

Kala Duso ‏@KalaDuso tweeted: I loved kevincostner speech tonight

Brielle Barbusca ‏@BrielleBarbusca tweeted: So impressed with Kevin Costner's lifetime achievement award acceptance speech. Heartfelt and gracious.Thanking all the right people.

The Barely News Crew ‏@barely_news tweeted: Critics' Choice Awards Winner: Lifetime Achievement Award - Kevin Costner #criticschoiceawards…

Choked up! Emotional Kevin Costner cuts a handsome figure as he collects Critics' Choice Lifetime Achievement gong, while proud wife Christine Baumgartner looks on By MailOnline Reporter 16 January 2015

Picture by kevinharrisonpierce - Actors: Congratulations Kevin for your Critics Choice Award! #kevincostner #handsome #thebodyguard #great #fantastic #whitneyhouston #robinhood #danceswithwolves #criticschoiceawards #2015 #blackorwhite #madeleinestowe #mcfarlandusa

Picture by mojishand - Moji: #kevincostner #ccma #criticsawards #criticschoicemovieawards #duncantaylorscotchwhisky

Picture by plamas7 - Paula Lamas: Mientras mas viejito mas beeeellooo #KevinCostner #Homenajeado enblos #criticschoiceawards

Unitedcba Movies commented: #ReneRusso poses with her Tin Cup co-star #KevinCostner backstage at the 2015 Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday evening.

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