Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kevin talks with Mark Reardon on KMOX, St. Louis...

KMOX St. Louis News ‏@kmoxnews tweeted: Kevin Costner joins @MarkReardonKMOX live in studio around 2:40. http://KMOX.com/listen (Posted 12:26pm January 12th)

KMOX St. Louis News ‏@kmoxnews tweeted: Kevin Costner in studio now with @MarkReardonKMOX (Posted 12:49pm January 12th)

Brad Choat ‏@choatsnews tweeted: Kevin Costner in #KMOX studio with @MarkReardonKMOX (Posted 12:49pm January 12th)

trishgazall ‏@trishgazall tweeted: I just passed Kevin Costner in the hall. True story (Posted 12:56pm January 12th)

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX ‏@KMOX tweeted: Kevin Costner joins @MarkReardonKMOX again following the news. (Posted 1:06pm January 12th)

Dave Cline ‏@davidtcline tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner in studio at KMOX. (Posted 1:12pm January 12th)   http://instagram.com/p/xxL_VJp32Y/

Mark Reardon ‏@MarkReardonKMOX tweeted: Thanks to Kevin Costner for spending time on my show on @KMOX this afternoon to talk about @BlackorWhite! (Posted 1:40pm January 12th)

Dave Cline ‏@davidtcline tweeted: Kevin Costner joined @MarkReardonKMOX in studio earlier today on @kmox. Listen here:

Mark Reardon Interviews Actor Kevin Costner by KMOX1120 Published on Jan 12, 2015

Afton Spriggs ‏@AftonSpriggs tweeted: Got to meet Kevin Costner today when he stopped by KMOX! Such a nice guy! (Posted 5:11pm January 12th)

'Black Or White' Movie Website:    http://blackorwhitefilm.com/#/content/home

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