Saturday, January 31, 2015

More Radio, TV and Online interviews by Kevin...

Timothy Williams ‏@TimothyJubilant tweeted: Kevin Costner spent $ 9 million of his own money to create this majestic art to challenge everyone to think differently... To show love has no color! It was! Must see!#octavia #kevincostner #oscar #blackorwhite

trish johnson ‏@johnson_trish tweeted: @BlackorWhite Thank you Kevin Costner @modernwest @OctaviaSpencer for your great work and for no sugar coating and hitting where it hurts!..

Doris Romeo ‏@RomeoDoris tweeted: Kevin with the girls of Cnn #blackorwhite #kevincostner cnntonight (Posted January 30th)

Keira Karlin ‏@KeiraPK tweeted: Did kevincostner beautiful face tonight...made my heart go pitter pat!! #KevinCostner #makeupartist #CNN

CNN Tonight ‏@CNNTonight tweeted: Why won't #KevinCostner make a @SuperBowl pick? He explains it to @jskurtz07 in #BTS interview

Why won't Kevin Costner reveal his Super Bowl pick? CNN Tonight January 29, 2015

Picture by Dorris Dechart @Dorris_Dechart

Danny Figueroa ‏@dannyfigueroa tweeted: Kevin Costner (@modernwest) stops by @CNNTonight to talk about his new film "Black or White." #CNN 10pm

CNN Tonight ‏@CNNTonight tweeted: Kevin Costner and @donlemon get ready to sit down to talk @BlackorWhite, Oscars, Ferguson, Whitney, more > 10P

Kevin Costner takes on the issue of race in America by CNN Published on Jan 29, 2015 On the heels of his new film - "Black or White" - Don Lemon welcomes actor Kevin Costner for a frank discussion on race that comes amid heightened tensions in Ferguson, Missouri

CNN Tonight ‏@CNNTonight tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about his upbringing in Compton, CA and using the 'N-word'."

Carl Rogers ‏@No1ElseBuTCarl tweeted: @CNNTonight @donlemon @BlackorWhite #KevinCostner is a master in the craft of acting!!! #Legend

Fawn ‏@fawny517 tweeted: Wow, super impressed with #KevinCostner on @CNN tonight - finally, an actor with their shit together

Anabella Poland ‏@AnabellaPoland tweeted: What a great guest #KevinCostner is! #BlackorWhite is out tomorrow. Go see it! thx 4 stopping by @modernwest.

Larry Flick ‏@LarryFlick tweeted: RIGHT NOW on #TheJOLT: A conversation with #KevinCostner (@ModernWest) about the new movie @BlackOrWhite. @SIRIUSXM

Larry Flick @LarryFlick tweeted: Had the best time catching up w/#KevinCostner (@ModernWest). He's a good guy w/incredible vision. Listen to our chat

Kathie Lee and Hoda ‏@klgandhoda tweeted: We're so #happy tomorrow's #TrydayFriday & we have a big show w/ #kevincostner, @octaviaspencer, @BethStern, @islewine, @BobbieThomas & more (Posted January 30th)

Hoda Kotb ‏@hodakotb tweeted: Guess who is with us tomorrow?? #kevincostner @octaviaspencer and cute Jillian !!! (Posted January 30th)

‘Black or White’ star had never heard of Kevin Costner: Video: Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer and up-and-coming actress Jillian Estell star in the new film “Black or White,” and the 10-year-old says she didn’t know who Kevin Costner was before the film. (Posted January 30th)

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: Is @WranglerTODAY throwing some shade at #KevinCostner? Nah! Wrangler's just sleepy! @TODAYshow

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: Just so you know, #KevinCostner is on the show today. #publicpsa @klgandhoda #BlackorWhite @hodakotb @KathieLGifford

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: This is an amazing group of people #BlackorWhite @klgandhoda #KevinCostner @octaviaspencer @estell_jillian

SandyLeeTV ‏@SandyLeeTV tweeted: A lot of talent in this photo @hodakotb @KathieLGifford @modernwest @octaviaspencer @estell_jillian #KevinCostner

World Over - 2015-01-29 – Kevin Costner Exclusive with Raymond Arroyo By EWTN Published on Jan 30, 2015 KEVIN COSTNER, Academy Award winning director, actor, and producer on his newest film, a labor of love called Black Or White, that deals with the state of race in modern day America. He also speaks candidly about his career, family and faith in this exclusive interview.

Steven Sugarbaker ‏@somedayboy tweeted: #BlackOrWhite is exactly the movie our country needs now with Kevin Costner giving the most honest & powerful performance of his career.

Lisa Marie Mendelson ‏@lisamendelson tweeted: Hey #KevinCostner come hungry to AOL's @BuiltAmerica today. Chef #BradFarmerie of @Saxonandparole is cooking up something special for you.

moviefone ‏@moviefone tweeted: Watch Live! 'Black or White' Star Kevin Costner's One-on-One With Mr. Moviefone, Kevin Thompson:

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Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner is on @AOLBUILD right now! Join the conversation at . #LoveHasNoColor

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