Monday, January 12, 2015

Video and pictures of Kevin on Windy City Live...

WindyCityLIVE ‏@WindyCityLIVE tweeted: AT 11AM: Stars from #BlackOrWhite, Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie, stop by to talk about their new… (Posted 7:05am January 12th)

WindyCityLIVE ‏@WindyCityLIVE tweeted: Double tap to welcome Kevin Costner to #WCL! He's here to talk about his new film #BlackOrWhite! (Posted 9:06am January 12th)

WindyCityLIVE ‏@WindyCityLIVE tweeted: The one and only Kevin Costner talking about his prestigious career and new movie #BlackOrWhite! (Posted 9:15pm January 12th)

TD Johnson ‏@vegmom85 tweeted: Welcome to #WCL & back to Chicago Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie. Real anxious to see the movie #blackorwhite. The timing is so apropos. (Posted 9:22am January 12th)

WindyCityLIVE ‏@WindyCityLIVE tweeted: Kevin Costner opens up about his chemistry with @AnthonyMackie while filming @BlackorWhite! (Posted 1:30pm January 12th)

Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie on 'Black or White' Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie on 'Black or White' - Part 1 & 2 & 3:

WindyCityLIVE @WindyCityLIVE tweeted: Did you miss our show today? Tune in at #midnight to see what got Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie… (Posted 9:23pm January 12th)

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