Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Q&A, The View and more interviews...

DJ Whoo Kid commented: LoL!! Kevin Costner laughing at me crying during XMEN when Proffesor X gets killed by Phoenix. #whoolywoodshuffle @shade45 #UNLSH --- that was crazy!! I had to cry man!!

DJ Whoo Kid commented: #WetWorld mix going down now on @shade45 with Kevin Costner --- tune in ladies! #BlackOrWhite the movie out now #SuperBowlWeekend #whoolywoodshuffle @nycreef

DJ Whoo Kid @DJWhooKid tweeted: #SuperBowlWeekend with #KevinCostner #BlackOrWhite movie in theaters now! --- !!!!

justwhookid commented: Can't believe Kevin Costner is up here lol!!!

Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Check out the Kevin Costner photos from @AOLBUILD.

Kevin Thompson (the Entertainer) commented: After the interview Kevin & I had a man-to-man conversation about fatherhood. It was a very touching moment that happened due to a scene I brought up from his new movie during the AOL Build. Black Or White is an absolute MUST-SEE. Like Anthony Mackie said "Go see it with someone who doesn't look like you and then have a conservation about it afterwards." Thank you to @Jayoni_ for capturing this pic.

Celebrities World ‏@CelebritiesWRLD tweeted: 10-year-old steals the show from 'Black or White' co-stars Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer

Odist Abettor ‏@OdistAbettor tweeted: @BlackorWhite is a brilliantly written film led by an astounding cast. Shoutouts to @octaviaspencer @kevincostner and @AnthonyMackie 10/10

Costner on the longevity of Black or White By Matt Mungle

AUDIO: The MungleShow By Matt Mungle:

Maryanntvmovieaddict ‏@maryanntvaddict tweeted: @BlackorWhite @octaviaspencer superbly fierce๐Ÿ’ƒ @AnthonyMackie is WoW KevinCostner of yesteryears showed up & he was mmm mmm good "McCutie"

Maryanntvmovieaddict ‏@maryanntvaddict tweeted: @BlackorWhite is a delightful, delicious movie abt family that gently reminds us that we are "more alike than not" ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ #KevinCostner & cast

Leslie Chestnut ‏@leslieschestnut tweeted: @BlackorWhite is a MUST see! Always appreciate the past-but this flick masterfully portrays society in the "Here-n- Now" Kevin Costner ROCKS

Movie Dude ‏@Moviedude140 tweeted: Not a #KevinCostner fan, but I saw #BlackAndWhite and I really enjoyed it. Great story, great performances. #BillBurr was great! Who knew?

FLASHBACK: 30-Year-Old Kevin Costner Says His Career Will Be Fun to Watch by Ashley Crossan 5:15 PM PST, January 30, 2015

Skinner Round-Up ‏@SkinnerRoundUp tweeted: Couldn't be more excited to talk with @BlackorWhite's #KevinCostner during today's #CelebrityDriveBy! Tune in @SiriusXMNASCAR 12-3pm ET.

AUDIO: 2-Time Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner joins Angie and Mike Skinner on the Round-up to talk movies, racing and racing movies.

Gregory D. Howe ‏@wood_brothers21 tweeted: That bleep you put in the Kevin Costner interview was funny, more of them would have been (%#$+@ hilarious! @SkinnerRoundUp

Michael Price ‏@mikepriceinla tweeted: Surprise special guest Arclight intro dudes Mike Binder and Kevin Costner! Who knew?! @billburr (Posted January 31st)

Sean Kurzweil ‏@kurzweiltalent tweeted: Kevin Costner #classact (Posted January 31st)

Jaylen Moore ‏@Jaylen_Moore tweeted: Just saw blackorwhite & now Q&A w/ @modernwest #KevinCostner & Dir. #MikeBinder #GreatFilm #DateNight… (Posted January 31st)

Melissa ‏@mheck82 tweeted: Kevin Costner! #BlackOrWhite @ ArcLight Cinemas Sherman Oaks (Posted January 31st)

Rachel Crow ‏@iamrachelcrow tweeted: Went to a screening of #BlackOrWhite and met the one and only Kevin Costner. My momma totally fangirled haha, amazing story and I strongly suggest you go see this movie! Xx (Posted January 31st)

Mona Lisa ‏@moponapa tweeted: He takes my breath away #KevinCostner @ Archlight Cinemas Hollywood (Posted January 31st)

Kimberly Cooper ‏@literatigurl tweeted: Great Q&A last night for @BlackorWhite with Kevin Costner & Director, Mike Binder @ArcLightCinemas! #LoveHasNoColor (Posted January 31st)

Pictures and article: Black Or White Q And A! Meeting Kevin Costner After Seeing His New Film! Autographs! And More! by mike on Feb 1, 2015

Trae Fittz ‏@traefittz tweeted: Photo: #TraeFittz #KevinCostner #BlackorWhite #premier #Hollywood (Posted January 29th)

The View ‏@TheView tweeted: Academy Award-winning actor/director Kevin Costner will give us the scoop on his latest flim, "Black or White" 2M.

The View ‏@TheView tweeted: The core of this movie - “Black or White” - Kevin Costner said, is about “the welfare of a little girl." #TheView

Tricia Trail ‏@TrailTricia tweeted: @TheView I've loved kevin Costner for 20 years cause all his movies are based on love, life and helping others. Amazing actor.

Becky Chappa ‏@BChopps tweeted: I'm sorry I'm not sorry... But dayum, Kevin Costner is breathe takingly handsome. Still! #swoon

The View commented: An important conversation about Black or White was had today on The View. Greatness is an understatement: Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, and Padma Lakshmi.

Peggy G Lambdin ‏@peggylambdin tweeted: Kevin Costner stopped in to check on me.

Kevin Costner greeted by fans as he arrives outside ABC studios in Manhattan, New York on January 29, 2015. Kevin was there to promote his upcoming movie Black or White. By Shawn Lewis

Today on The View, Rosie and Whoopi were joined by guest co-hosts Padma Lakshmi and Mario Cantone. Nicolle was sick today and Rosie Perez returns in February. Posted January 29, 2015

The View commented: "If I never had another movie...I would live with this one as my last one." - Kevin Costner on why he put his own money into making his new movie "Black or White"

*newzcard ‏@newzcard tweeted: Peep inside @SIRIUSXM Studio with today's guest. @ShawnMendes @MikeBinderjokes #KevinCostner

Kevin Costner by TNYF Published on Jan 31, 2015 Actor Kevin Costner signing autographs outside of ABC studios in New York

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