Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kevin attends 'McFarland USA' Premiere in Bakersfield...

Bryan Germain ‏@BryanGermain tweeted: Celeb sighting! Kevin Costner in a McDonald in Carpinteria. (Posted 11:36am February 15th)

♡rachey♡ ‏@RMDuarte11 tweeted: “@Baseballswag_: Kevin Costner was a beast on the diamond. ” when Costner is UR dad's BFF.

Janie Duarte commented: Best weekend ever with Kevin Costner! On our way to the Movie Premiere "Mcfarland USA in Bakersfield last night!

Jessica Jean Dickson commented: Bakersfield is ready for Kevin Costner! (Posted 2:45pm February 15th)

Cameron McDonald ‏@decameron224 tweeted: I'm meeting Kevin Costner today. That's pretty cool.

sanji ♡ ‏@sanjida_jahan tweeted: so we're at maya to watch american sniper & kevin costner's gonna be here apparently?

IndieJones ‏@IngridWiebe tweeted: So Kevin Costner came into my work.... (Posted 5:19pm February 15th)

Jason Galvin ‏@JGalvinKGET tweeted: Kevin Costner is in the house in Bakersfield (Posted 5:34pm February 15th)

Good Nerd Bad Nerd ‏@GoodNerdBadNerd tweeted: First time on the carpet and she is interviewing #KevinCostner! #McFarlandUSA @disney #goodnerdbadnerd

Mark Powell ‏@MDP_Tweets tweeted: Just shook hands with and interviewed Kevin Costner. Pretty cool. #McFarlandUSA (Posted 5:54pm February 15th)

Cameron ‏@_dudeCAM tweeted: Saw the homie Kevin Costner at the Maya

sanji ♡ ‏@sanjida_jahan tweeted: LOL it's kevin costner

Chip and Company ‏@chipandcompany tweeted: Kevin Costner red carpet event, Bakersfield premiere of #mcfarlandusa

Stephen Hicks ‏@StephenHicks23 tweeted: That time I shook hands and interviewed Kevin Costner. Carlos says I'm smiling like a little school girl. And he's right. #redcarpet

Video and pictures: McFarland, USA red carpet premiere at Maya Cinemas in Bakersfield by Stephen Hicks

claudiaabelle™ ‏@claudia_p10 tweeted: You can cross "Meeting/Seeing Kevin Costner" off my bucket list 😏 #McFarlandUSA

West High School ‏@WestHighVikings tweeted: Video Production students getting ready to interview Kevin Costner. #VikingsMeetKevinCostner

Louis Amestoy ‏@LouisAmestoy tweeted: Kevin Costner in Bakersfield for the premiere of McFarland USA

newzcard LIVE ‏@newzcardLIVE tweeted: Jim White, Cheryl White & Kevin Costner at Bakersfield Special Screening Of "McFarland, USA"

Brianna Giselle ‏@giselle__23 tweeted: Got to meet Kevin Costner at red carpet premiere of McFarland usa

Jesse Arias ‏@jessearias0007 tweeted: Serving Kevin Costner food? Perks of working at a movie theatre.

M.U.S.E. ‏@SoCalMUSE tweeted: Photo: #JimeWhite and #KevinCostner at the #Bakersfield premiere of #McFarlandUSA. Photo by #Disney

jaz_m.u.s.e tweeted: It was an honor & privilege being able to interview former #CSUF Titan #KevinCostner at the #Bakersfield movie premiere of #McFarlandUSA. Check out the interview on #YouTube , link is in bio. Remember McFarland USA comes out in theaters this Friday, it's a must watch film!...

Mark Powell ‏@MDP_Tweets tweeted: Yes, it happened. That's me interviewing Kevin Costner. #McFarlandUSA

Kevin Costner interviews at the Maya theater in Bakersfield by Alex Maravilla Published on Feb 15, 2015

Kevin Costner at Bakersfield Premiere of Disney McFarland, USA by M.U.S.E. Published on Feb 16, 2015 Jazmin Bolanos had the great opportunity to talk with Kevin Costner at Bakersfield Premiere of Disney McFarland, USA:

Genevieve Valenzuela commented: So my son's movie McFarland is coming out Friday! He got spray tanned and played basketball with Kevin Costner in between takes!

Lexie Houghtaling ‏@LHoughtaling tweeted: Looking back at my interview last night with Kevin Costner and caught this special moment! #McFarland #RedCarpet

Picture by leomanzano - Leo manzano: #McfarlandUSA is a inspiring family-friendly movie based on the true story of a cross country team made up of minority and underprivileged kids that through hard work and perseverance defeat all barriers to accomplish their dreams. A must see this weekend. #CrossCountry #TheyHaveDreamsToo #EverythingIsPossibleWhenYouBelieve #HardWorkPaysOff

Bakersfield 'McFarland, USA' premiere - The local premiere of "McFarland, USA" was held Sunday night in downtown Bakersfield. Eyewitness News weathercaster Aaron Perlman documented the festivities.

'McFarland, USA' gets Bakersfield premiere By BakersfieldNow Staff Published February 16, 2015 The local premiere of "McFarland, USA" was held Sunday night in downtown Bakersfield - an event that star Kevin Costner called a "homecoming."

Raw interview: Kevin Costner talks 'McFarland, USA' at Bakersfield premiere KBAK - KBFX - Eyewitness News - BakersfieldNow Published on Feb 16, 2015 The local premiere of "McFarland, USA" was held Sunday night in downtown Bakersfield - an event star Kevin Costner called a "homecoming."

Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Costner heads cast of inspiring new drama, 'McFarland, USA' By George Pennacchio February 16, 2015

“McFarland, USA” video interview with Kevin Costner and cast! By: WhatsUpHollywood.comDate: February 17, 2015 Kevin Costner returns to the big screen in the sports drama McFarland, USA, and the star along with castmates Maria Bello, Carlos Pratts and Morgan Saylor chat about the inspirational film in this WhatsUpHollywood.com video. From Disney, the based-on-a-true-story McFarland, USA tackles big hopes in a small town and the “difference an individual can make,” which is what drew Costner into the story. The other actors talk about the heart at the center of the film and the impact on the real-life community.

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