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Kevin honored with AARP Career Achievement Award...

Maria Quiban ‏@mariasearth tweeted: Wow! Oscar Winning Actor/Director #KevinCostner will be @GDLA tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting you @modernwest! (February 2nd)

Movies for Grownups ‏@Movies4Grownups tweeted: Red carpet's fluffed, ballroom's ready, 2night's the night! #kevincostner gets career achievement award @ our LA gala

Where Will Hollywood’s Hottest Be Monday? With AARP by Bill Newcott

Jenny Peters ‏@jennpeters tweeted: #movies4grownups Gala begins @BeverlyWilshire and who do I meet on the way in? #KevinCostner #JKSimmons @AARPMag

AARP ‏@AARP tweeted: Our #Movies4Grownups Career Achievement Award Honoree Kevin Costner has arrived. (Posted 6:47pm February 2nd)

Sam Rubin ‏@SamOnTV tweeted: Tonight #Movies4Grownups will honor Kevin Costner with the Career Achievement Award!

JoAnn Jenkins ‏@JoAnn_Jenkins tweeted: Joined by @AARP honoree Kevin Costner @Movies4Grownups gala raising funds to help vulnerable 50+ @AARPCares

Karissa Barcelo @Karissa1023 tweeted: On the red carpet at the #AARP #MoviesForGrownups Awards! The only show with no real after party. #DishNation

CelebrityFootage ‏@CelebFootage tweeted: #KevinCostner #MariaShriver and #FelcityJones are just a few of the celebrities that attended this yeas #AARP..

Tammy Gordon ‏@tammy tweeted: Aw of the night: JK Simmons thanking Kevin Costner for giving him his movie break in For Love of the Game #Movies4Grownups #mentoring

Tammy Gordon ‏@tammy tweeted: Next up, the gorgeous and talented @octaviaspencer to present to Kevin Costner - @Movies4Grownups Career Achievement

Ellen Olivier ‏@SocietyNewsLA tweeted: Octavia Spencer about to present career achievement award to Kevin Costner (Posted 9:50pm February 2nd)

AARP ‏@AARP tweeted: "Kevin is a leader, who does so by example." - @OctaviaSpencer presenting the #Movies4Grownups Career Achievement Award to Kevin Costner.

Movies for Grownups ‏@Movies4Grownups tweeted: "He continues to inspire us all with an ever-expanding body of work." - @OctaviaSpencer presents Kevin Costner. #Movies4Grownups

Tammy Gordon ‏@tammy tweeted: "JK, everyone is so proud of you. You're doing so good. And, I'm still paying for fucking parts." - Kevin Costner #Movies4Grownups

AARP ‏@AARP tweeted: "It's not how old we are. It's how young our ideas are." - Kevin Costner on the Boomer generation. #Movies4Grownups

Tammy Gordon ‏@tammy tweeted: "Like an athlete, I'd ask you to look at the clock... Our generation still has the time to fulfill its promise." - Kevin Costner

Tammy Gordon ‏@tammy tweeted: "I'm not saying that we should go build a baseball field in a fucking cornfield..." - Kevin Costner on his generation

Movies for Grownups ‏@Movies4Grownups tweeted: "I think we still have a chance to go out with a bang." - Kevin Costner reflects on being a Boomer. #Movies4Grownups

Tammy Gordon ‏@tammy tweeted: "We still are the boomers. We are not old dogs... We still have a chance to go out with a bang." - Kevin Costner at @Movies4Grownups

Jenny Peters ‏@jennpeters tweeted: Wow, I am sorry every Baby Boomer in America was not here to hear Kevin Costner's speech at #movies4grownups. It was incredible.

Christie D'Zurilla ‏@TheCDZ 5h5 hours ago Kevin Costner just gave terrific, inspiring speech w/Boomer focus accepting career award at #AARP #movies4grownups

Selma Fonseca ‏@Selma_Fonseca tweeted: The man of the night #KevinCostner kevincostner received the career achievement award tonight at #AARP…

Picture by ineback - Ine Therese Iversen: Honoring the amazing #KevinCostner tonight at the #AARP Award Gala

Picture by imchrisjamesbitch92 - Chris James: They say to listen to your elders, you might just learn something. Here are the three things I learned at the #AARP #MoviesForGrownUps awards show. 1. There are few people sexier, funnier and as humble as #ReneeRusso. 2. There's no polite way to introduce yourself to #RichardLinklater at the urinal so just don't. 3. I want to grow up to be #KevinCostner, not just in #FieldofDreams, but in real life. Couldn't of thought of a better night, and wouldn't want to share it with anyone else but my favorite awards nut, @danijoey!

Picture by celebrityfootage - CelebrityFootage: #kevincostner #felicityjones and #octaviaspencer at the #aarpmoviesforgrownups awards gala 2015. #follow #fashion #redcarpet

Picture by janeparksmith - Jane Park Smith: More on MOVIES FOR GROWNUPS 14TH ANNUAL GALA a bit later... but #kevincostner stole the show with his genuine, rousing acceptance speech and kind manner. He deservedly won the Lifetime Achievement Award! #movies4grownups by #AARP rocks! Let us all combat ageism and honor the contributions of our elder, wiser, and super impactful segment of society. #iloveseniors #inspired

Lenore Robertson ‏@ltwms10082 tweeted: With Kevin Costner

La Verdad Alicante ‏@laverdad_ali tweeted: #KevinCostner un recibe un homenaje a su carrera y dedica el #premio a los #Boomers

Perucom Espectáculos ‏@farandulaperu tweeted: #FOTOS El director y actor #KevinCostner recibió homenaje honorífico. Acá las imágenes

Picture by beverlyhillstimes: Caught a glimpse of Kevin Costner at the 14th Annual AARP Movies for Grownups Gala at the @beverlywilshire last night #beverlyhillstimes #bhtmag #kevincostner #AARP #moviesforgrownups

Picture by martabloom: WINNERS IN ATTENDANCE AT THE 14TH ANNUAL MOVIES FOR GROWNUPS AWARDS GALA #thetheoryofeverthing #eddieredmayne #felicityjones #boyhood #patriciaarquette #blackorwhite #kevincostner #octaviaspencer #stillalice #juliannemoore #mariashriver #whiplash #jksimmons #chef #johnleguizamo ##nightcrawler #renerusso #BiteSizeTV @ron_bloom #FirstLadyOfBiteSizeTV

Coming to a Screen Near You: The MFG Awards Gala by Bill Newcott

Dorothy Lucey ‏@DorothyLucey tweeted: With the still (very) hot Kevin Costner at the #AARP #Movies4Grownups Gala. Oh wait...@SamOnTV was there too

Solo Artists @SoloArtists tweeted: #KevinCostner is honored w/ #CareerAchievement at #AARP #MoviesForGrownups Grooming @KyleKriegerHair for @BaxterOfCA

Patricia Perez commented: That Kevin Costner is always getting in the picture.

Patricia Perez ‏@2Latina tweeted: @AARP CEO @JoAnn_Jenkins with #KevinCostner at @Movies4GrownUps. Awesome! @AARPCA

Pictures from the picture sites:,-Kevin-Costner,-Gala-Kanevsky-Beverly-Hills,-California-AARP%27s-14th-Annual-Movies-for-Grownups-Awards-Gala.html|Kevin+Costner|9030E1DA4EEC4A85A973FAF4BA3CCB3A&toItem=15&orderBy=Newest

Kevin Costner's Speech at AARP's Movies For Grownups Awards by SuperXaque Published on Feb 3, 2015

Starry Night: The Movies for Grownups Awards by Bill Newcott Excerpt: The show will appear on KTLA (Los Angeles), WGN (Chicago) and WPIX (New York), plus a network of local stations. Check local listings for times and stations.

Walking the Red Carpet By Bill Newcott Published on Feb 3, 2015

Kevin Costner at AARP gala: 'Look at the clock' and go for it, boomers By Christie D'Zurilla

Kevin Costner honored at AARP Movies for Grownups Awards Gala By Ellen Olivier

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