Monday, February 23, 2015

Kevin on 'Live With Kelly & Michael' and more...

Kristin Davis ‏@KKsaysHeyHey tweeted: “@KellyandMichael: Kelly said she's the thorn between two roses. Lol #KevinCostner

Jill Clogston ‏@jonesborogirl tweeted: Kevin Costner makes working from home on a snow day a little difficult . #mancrush

Live! With Kelly and Michael Interview KEVIN COSTNER upcoming movie “McFarland, USA” Live with Kelly and Michael Published on Feb 20, 2015

MIX 105.1 ‏@MIX1051 tweeted: Kevin Costner joined the #MorningMIX earlier today, did you miss it? The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (02/19/15) with Jay Edwards. Check out the interview here:

Kevin Costner on ESPN First Take, February 11, 2015:

ESPN Images of Kevin Costner:!collection16665&k=b343df0c07

100.3 Jack FM ‏@JackFMDFW tweeted: #KevinCostner joined @DJ_BillyKidd on All Access Pass to talk about #McFarlandUSA & #BlackorWhite​ By Billy Kidd
Video -

SiriusXM The Pulse commented: Kevin Costner has a new movie out "McFarland USA" and he's talking with Ron Ross in the Morning about it and more! (Posted February 20th)

Kevin Costner en Deportes Telemundo:

Titulares Y Más ‏@TitularesYMas tweeted: El actor @modernwest nos visitó y nos contó sobre su nueva película "McFarland. Míralo acá:

Kari L. Niblack, Esq ‏@KLNEsquire tweeted: Just saw #McFarlandUSA. Go see it! Feel good movie of year. Like Rocky, patrons stood & clapped at end of movie. Kevin Costner rocks!

fonghistory ‏@fonghistory tweeted: McFarland USA with Kevin Costner: wow, best movie I've seen in a long time. May have cried 3-5 times. 9.5 out of 10. Yes, THAT good.

CrAiGeRsCinemaCorner ‏@CraigKoban tweeted: #KevinCostner gets little respect for being a stalwart actor. He's so effectively low-key and understatedly effective in #McFarlandUSA.

Picture by frasifilmitalia - Frasi Film Italia: Quando ti trovi di fronte a milioni di spettatori, o dai il meglio di te o dai il peggio. Devi far vivere il tuo personaggio di fronte ai padri e poi di fronte ai figli. #KevinCostner (Translated: When you find yourself in front of millions of viewers, or the best of you or the worst. You have to live your character in front of the fathers and then in front of the children. #KevinCostner)

Picture by alexaguiarmiami - Alex Aguiar: #kevincostner #unnuevodia

Picture by mareea_mnails_ - Mareea Zepeda: If you are not following the salon Instagram please do so! emojiemoji@labellavitasalon1 here is a picture of our boss LISA sending greetings with #kevincostner #MCFARLAND usa wich premieres tomorrow!! where are all of our McFarland clients at?!

Picture by jujuchangabc:

Kevin Costner Shines in McFarland USA By Leonard Maltin February 20, 2015

'McFarland, U.S.A.' Review: Run to Kevin Costner's Latest Sports Film by Deadline Hollywood Published on Feb 17, 2015 Kevin Costner stars in yet another sports-minded film, Deadline's Pete Hammond says in his review. But it's a terrific, family-friendly true story, directed by Niki Caro ('Whale Rider,' 'North Country'). It also stars Maria Bello and Ramiro Rodriquez.

ESPN First Take - Kevin Costner Joins First Take "McFarland, USA" - Jim White by ESPN First Take Published on Feb 11, 2015

McFarland, USA Featurette - Inspiration (2015) - Kevin Costner Sports Drama Movie HD MOVIES Coming Soon Published on Feb 20, 2015

Backstage with Kevin Costner and McFarland Coach Jim White by BackstageOL Published on Feb 20, 2015 Dave Morales sits down with Kevin Costner and real-life McFarland Coach Jim White to talk about the inspiring true story of a cross country team that faces insurmountable odds.

Kevin Costner Gets Tough in McFarland, USA by jeannewolfshollywood Published on Feb 16, 2015 Kevin Costner plays a real-life coach who doesn’t cut teenage migrant workers any slack as he transforms them into a winning high school cross country team. Kevin told me why he used some of that tough love on the cast during filming.

Stars talk vomit, tears and training for 'McFarland, USA' EnGlobal News Published on Feb 20, 2015 Stars talk vomit, tears and training for 'McFarland, USA'. Newcomers required to get in shape before showing up on set of Kevin Costner's new film about a high school cross country team

“McFarland, USA” A Great Combination of Kevin Costner and Latinos Heroes Film Review By Bel Hernandez February 17th, 2015

Christie Rivera ‏@ultra_peanut tweeted: … here's a cool lil article about the story behind the movie thats coming out where kevin costner plays my gym teacher

Christie Rivera ‏@ultra_peanut tweeted: im glad im able to point at kevin costner and say "thats the dude who made me jump over very high boxes every wednesday"

Kevin Costner attends red carpet in Bakersfield 23 ABC News | KERO Published on Feb 15, 2015 23ABC's Stephen Hicks caught up with the stars of the movie "McFarland, USA" during the red carpet premiere at Maya Cinemas.

Meet the Real-Life Hero Coach Played by Kevin Costner in McFarland, USA By Johnny Dodd February 20, 2015 Excerpt: Even Oscar winner Costner was impressed by the man he portrays in the new Disney film. "Jim White represents the very best of the best, a quiet, graceful man who somehow let these kids know what was possible," he says. "I was proud to get to play him."

Dave Karger ‏@davekarger tweeted: Bummed out that #McFarlandUSA isn't tracking better. It's a truly moving & inspirational film. #KevinCostner is a pleasure to watch in it.


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I have no idea how to messaged me on fb...can you please add me to your list of concert dates..I am desperate to see them...I live in N.J., and will drive anywhere ....I can never find the dates...please include me...thanks so much!!!

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Cindy, I post the new concert dates on my blog as soon as I find out about them. I have a page for the band that shows the upcoming and past concert dates. I have a picture slideshow of the dates and venues and each new concert has a blog posting with all the known details. You can either check my blog every day or you can check my postings on my Facebook page or you can choose the option on my blog here "Follow by Email" by putting your email address in the box and click Submit and then you will get my blog postings in your email. (You don't have to do anything with a blog except read it. I'm the one who has to know how the blog works so I can add the new news to it.)