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Kevin on Steve Harvey, Jimmy Kimmel and more...

Gayle King ‏@GayleKing tweeted: The reviews for #kevincostner in his latest movie BLACK or WHITE say he has never been better. During intvu @cbsthismorning He says it's an authentic look at people. He's right and boy will it start much needed conversations Opens TODAY! (January 30th)

Celebrities World ‏@CelebritiesWRLD tweeted: 'I've seen ugliness': Kevin Costner tackles race and the N-word in 'Black or White'

Christian Toto ‏@HollywoodInToto tweeted: Kevin Costner's @BlackorWhite doesn't push our buttons without purpose. It's a genuine conversation starter

Ashley Schlag ‏@ashleyschlag tweeted: Today, I had a moment with Kevin Costner. I told him I'm from #Iowa. #Ilovemyjob #fieldofdreams #AOL (Manhattan, NY)

Kristen Kiasaleh ‏@KristenKiasaleh tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about his new movie "Black or White" in theaters today! #BUILD #MCC @ AOL Advertising

VIDEO: EMILIE ‏@milisiana tweeted: #Buildseries with #kevinCostner and @moviefone #BlackorWhite

NY: AOL Build Speaker Series Presents Kevin Costner pictures:

Busted Halo Show ‏@BustedHaloShow tweeted: Tonight we interview 2-time Oscar-winning actor/producer/director Kevin Costner!! ( Dances With Wolves, Tin Cup,...

The Catholic Channel ‏@CatholicChannel tweeted: Missed Kevin Costner on the Busted Halo Show? LISTEN HERE:

Picture and Interview: Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie on what it takes to nurture a small film By Luis Guzman

Mpho Koaho talks ‘Black or White’ and Kevin Costner by Derrel Johnson Jan 30, 2015 Excerpt: On working with Kevin Costner …“It was ridiculous. Good ridiculous. It was the most enjoyable experience I’ve had my entire career. [Costner was] “giving me advice, pointing me in the right direction. I’m so appreciative of the opportunity.”

RisenMagazine ‏@RisenMagazine tweeted: Here is a sneak peak of our Spring cover story with Kevin Costner! His new film, Black or White hits theaters.. (Posted January 28th)

VIDEO and INTERVIEW: “I’m clumsy,” “Black or White” star Kevin Costner says about raising girls but he shows a very lovely fatherhood side in this film. We got an exclusive answer about that! By: Izumi HasegawaDate: January 30, 2015

Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer on 'Black or White': It's a miracle By Allison Walker January 30, 2015

VIDEO with Allison Walker, Kavin and Octavia:

Lulu Walcott ‏@LuluWalcott1 tweeted: I went to see @BlackorWhite with #KevinCostner & @OctaviaSpencer first thing. So glad I did! #Film @ArcLightCinemas (Posted January 30th)

Black or White Kevin Costner Interview by TDJ Enterprises Published on Jan 31, 2015

News Radio 1230 ‏@ABC1230News tweeted: Kevin Costner Admits He Used “That Word” When Talking About Black People

Oscar winning actor and director KEVIN COSTNER joins Steve for a poignant conversation about his latest film, “Black or White,” explaining why he spent his own money to make sure the film was made after studios passed on it. Costner’s co-star ANTHONY MACKIE joins the conversation with insights on what it was like to work with Kevin Costner and how he thinks the movie will provoke a more productive conversation about race.

InTheFame ‏@InTheFame tweeted: Kevin Costner reveals he used the N-word when talking about black people

Fox Wilmington ‏@FoxWilmington tweeted: On Steve Harvey today on Fox Wilmington at 4: KEVIN COSTNER talks about his latest film, “Black or White.”

You can make a racial comment and not be a racist By Steve Harvey Published on Jan 30, 2015

I grew up around racism by Steve Harvey Published on Jan 28, 2015

Black or White: Race Relations in America by Steve Harvey Published on Jan 28, 2015

Rhines Joseph ‏@rhinesjoseph tweeted: #SteveHarvey You & Kevin Costner were great! Men from different walks of life = understanding. Kevin was honest! #refreshing

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏@JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: Backstage at #Kimmel. Tune in tonight at 11:35|10:35c on ABC with Kevin Costner @ModernWest #BlackOrWhite

Jimmy Kimmel Live ‏@JimmyKimmelLive tweeted: TONIGHT Kevin Costner @ModernWest #BlackOrWhite, Eddie Redmayne #TheTheoryOfEverything & @JamieCullum #Interlude

Newsthrottle ‏@newsthrottle tweeted: VIDEO: Surprising Reason Stephen Hawking Wanted To Meet Kevin Costner

Tom Durante ‏@TomDuranteNYDN tweeted: THE THEORY OF KEV-RYTHING: Costner reveals why Stephen Hawking once visited him

Richard Valdez ‏@RichValdez626 tweeted: Finally got #KevinCostner on a #Baseball #FieldOfDreams #BullDurham #ForLoveOfTheGame #autographs…

Actor Kevin Costner thrills fans down in hollywood by Published January 29, 2015

"Over here! Kevin Costner signs autographs for fans outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday in Hollywood",,20896530_30291004,00.html

Kevin Costner & Jimmy Kimmel set off for Dinner Rondevu departing Jimmy Kimmel Studio Hollywood By PopCandiesTV Published on Jan 28, 2015

Watch Jimmy Kimmel episode 01/27/15 Kevin Costner, Eddie Redmayne, Music from Jamie Cullum (after verifying your cable provider)

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