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More pictures, videos and articles about 'Black Or White'...

Picture from NY Magazine:

A Few Minutes With . . . KEVIN COSTNER by Walter Leavy January 20, 2015

Video, pictures and article: Kevin Costner Talks Baseball With Cardinals On Visit To St. Louis To Promote His New Movie

Black Men's Dossier ‏@bmdossier tweeted: Both Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie spoke on how this movie is more than just #BlackorWhite and its a conversation that needs to be had, especially at a time when our country is hurting so badly. Its 2015, we have to do better. We can learn from our kids because #LoveHasNoColor

Pictures by Annalee Penny:

Our host Annalee Penny's exclusive interview with Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie for their upcoming film Black or White

Black Or White Screening In Atlanta With Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie...there was a Q&A with Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie with the audience. They also received A Proclamation from the city of Atlanta and also The Phoenix Award.

1936OlympicsMovie ‏@olympics36 tweeted: Kevin Costner & @AnthonyMackie receive Phoenix Award at Atlanta screening of @BlackorWhite. U must see this movie!

Krystyn J - Makeup Artist Grooming for #actor Anthony Mackie! He, along with fellow co star Kevin Costner, was in #Chicago today promoting their upcoming movie Black or White. #mustseemovie #presstour #mediatour #mensgrooming #makeup #chicagomakeupartist #blackorwhite #anthonymackie (Posted January 26th)

FanBolt ‏@fanbolt tweeted: #KevinCostner and @AnthonyMackie chat about what they learned making @BlackOrWhite. #LoveHasNoColor

Kevin Costner, back in the spotlight, without a bodyguard By Joe Williams January 25, 2015

VIDEO: For Kevin Costner, picking hits is not 'Black or White' by Bryan Alexander, USA Today January 25, 2015

Alex Porter ‏@AlexPorter82 tweeted: Kevin Costner’s movies hit/miss but he will always be the Dances With Wolves guy go me. One of my all-time favorites. (Posted January 25, 2015)

Kevin Costner: 'It's Really Important How You Talk at the Dinner Table' The 'Black or White' star talks race, blended families and his wife's support By Laura Clark

Kevin Costner tackles race in 'Black or White' By David Martindale Jan. 25, 2015

Discussing Kevin Costner’s 'Black or White' with Tweens By Pilar Clark January 26, 2015

Kevin Costner Hopes His New Movie Redefines How People Think About Race by Sasha Bronner January 22, 2015

Interview: Kevin Costner tackles difficult story of race relations with 'Black or White' Oscar winner helped finance drama because he felt story had to be told By Tim Lammers Excerpt: "My children know nothing about race, but that doesn't mean the issues of people being marginalized and discriminated against aren't happening every day as we speak," Costner said. "Racism is alive and well, and we need to get hip to that. There's progress being made, without a doubt, but there's a whole group of people who don't feel that. There's a level of empathy that goes with that, but you can't just snap your fingers and say, 'Come on, pull yourself by your bootstraps and get over it.' That's a little bit unrealistic because the veil of being black in America is a heavy one."

On Location with Mpho Koaho The Black or White star on the charms of New Orleans By Adam Rathe

Anthony Mackie: 'Perception Is Reality' in Racial Profiling:

LANA J ‏@Official_LanaJ tweeted: Check out my latest interview with Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie and Michael Binder with @endeemagazine for the latest on #blackorwhite (Chicago)

Brad Evans ‏@actorbradevans tweeted: Great seeing my friend Kevin again! Go see movie Black or White @BlackorWhite @modernwest #SAGAwards #KevinCostner

Local actress making her mark on Hollywood South by Kenny Lopez February 8, 2015

NOLA38 | WNOL-TV ‏@nola38 tweeted: Kevin Costner tells Wild Bill Wood Watch his movie "Black or White" (Posted January 28th)

NOLA38 | WNOL-TV @nola38 tweeted: Kevin Costner says cheers to Wild Bill Wood Black or White opens Saturday (Posted January 28th)

NOLA38 | WNOL-TV @nola38 tweeted: Kevin Costner tells Wild Bill Wood "HOWL like Dances with Wolves" (Posted January 28th)

Black or White? Let's Talk About Gray By Donna M. Butts, Executive Director, Generations United January 2, 2015

Kevin Costner's career highlights (2:41) Kevin Costner has been busy in the movie industry for over 30 years now, both in front of and behind the camera. Here we take a look at some of his most memorable roles.

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