Monday, March 30, 2015

The latest finds about Kevin...

Picture by pigeonscrappah - Kalā Kaawa: So this happened #themanthemyththelegend #KevinfxcknCostner #smallkinestarstruck #OGtrippleOGrobinhood #stokingg #ilovemyjob #lifeofapolynesiandancer #someonesgottadoit #luaushenanigans #looseshaka #handodatt #cheeeeeeeeeeee (Posted March 22nd)

SilverLake ‏@silverlakeph tweeted: Kevin Costner shot by Claudio Porcarelli ©CP

Picture and blog: A Weekend in Paris by A Weekend in Paris February 1, 2014

UCLA Extension commented: Go ‘Behind the Curtain’ of major motion pictures and get the chance to meet filmmakers, directors, producers and cast members. Recent guest speakers included actor/producer #KevinCostner, discussing the film Black or White

Picture slideshow: Click on picture of Kevin:

Picture by maltsev1974 - Sergey Maltsev: Kevin Costner.2013. Kremlin in Moscow.#kevincostner #stars #photographer #people #

Risen Magazine @RisenMagazine commented: We are so excited for the Spring issue of Risen Magazine, featuring Kevin Costner
Order your copy of Risen Magazine today:

Pictures by ric_govea Ric Govea:

Kevin Costner and his son Cayden Wyatt Costner At "The McFarland USA" Hollywood Premiere. By hollywoodtvo Published on Mar 27, 2015

YTS Digital Films - SBIFF 2015 - Kevin Costner Interview by YTS Digital Films Published on Feb 21, 2015

MCFARLAND, USA Red Carpet by Bailey Miller Published on Mar 30, 2015 Bailey Miller reports at the Closing Night of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival where the movie McFarland USA, starring Kevin Costner premieres.

Picture by idgoback - Kevin Martin: Kevin Costner is talking with the real coach Jim White on McFarland High School football field during the filming of the hit movie #McFarlandUSA in

Pictures: “Mcfarland, USA” Premiere Second premiere was hosted in the Maya Cinema (Bakersfield 16) By Diana Olivares February 16, 2015

Picture: Entertainment Columnist Shelby Parker from the Runner at CSUB interviews Kevin Costner during the premiere of McFarland, USA

Pictures: Hondureña en filme con Kevin Costner by Leonela Paz March 29, 2015

Glenn Beck Says This Movie Made Him Reconsider What America Really Is By Erica Ritz March 16, 2015

Picture by clautny - novodia: #kevincostnerandmodernwest #kevincostnermodernwest #kcmw #kevincostner #concert #live #openair @kevincostnermodernwest

Videos by by clautny - novodia: #kevincostnermodernwest #kcmw #kevincostner #mrtambourineman #bobdylan

Lake Tahoe House Used by Kevin Costner & Whitney Houston in ‘The Bodyguard’ For Sale

Thursday, March 26, 2015

'Black Or White' DVD release date is May 5th...

'Black Or White' is now scheduled for release on Blu-ray and DVD on May 5, 2015. Click on 'Upcoming' and May:

'Black Or White' will also be released on Digital HD on April 28, 2015.

'Black Or White' movie website:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kevin vacationing in Hawaii this last week...

foley. ‏@BYFOLEY tweeted: Kevin Costner just walked by me at LAX with his wife looking like the biggest g ever. (Posted 9:18pm March 16th)

Oahu Diving commented: Cool Kevin Costner, family and friends out with us today. Bumpy but fun.

Oahu Diving website:

Video by shogunbeereveryday: Saturday - March 21st, 2015 #shotgunabbereveryday #mauinrewingcompany #kaukigoldenale #hawaii #honolulu #oahu #surfing #kevincostner #gooddamnitaaron (emoji @jcostner131 )

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A lot of different items about Kevin...

Brenn Macnab ‏@BrennMacnab tweeted: I just shook Kevin Costner's hand ahh (Posted 12:06pm March 6th)

Brenn Macnab @BrennMacnab tweeted: Kevin Costner just called me pretty😍😍 dying (Posted 6:59pm March 6th)

Chris Phynes ‏@chrisisnow tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner on Sunset. Bad ass. (Posted 4:37pm March 6th) (West Hollywood, CA­)

madeline pratt☆ ‏@brenodnurie tweeted: did i tell you guys about when my aunt accidentally stabbed kevin costner with a pencil in a grocery store (Posted March 9th)

Koch ‏@Adam_Koch30 tweeted: John Elway an Kevin Costner are in The Dalles, OR hanging out. Went hunting on my friends dads ranch. Pretty bad ass. #TheSunIsBack (Posted 3:33pm March 9th)

S. @Baetiana tweeted: My mom just told me she cut off Kevin Costner. Apparently he just shook his head and laughed (Posted 1:35pm March 14th)

S. @Baetiana tweeted: I'm over here like "you saw Kevin Costner!" She's angry she didn't let him hit her. (Posted 1:38pm March 14th)

Steven Thompson ‏@whatelserecords tweeted: Road Trip sightings pt 1: bumper sticker that says "Got Kevin Costner?" #BlevinBlostner (Posted 8:49am March 14th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Take a look at some behind the scenes moments of #McFarlandUSA on our Facebook.

Sergio Avelar ‏@sjravelar tweeted: A little throwback reminiscing old times on set with #kevincostner talking smack. Oh and a little #selfiesunday too 🏃👔 #mcfarlandusa #mcfarland

Picture by Barbara Concannon MacDonald:

Picture by alabduljaleel18 - Adawiya Alabdulgaleel: Have a #kevincostner morning صباح الوسامة

Genuinely Kevin: A Look At The Good Guy Kevin Costner on March 11, 2015 by Dawj Sangster .

Linda ‏@lindad70 tweeted: @K_Costner_Page I was lucky enough to get Kevin's autograph at the FOD 25th reunion. I'll treasure it forever! (Posted January 19th)

Natalie AguilarVogie ‏@PasadenaMovesU tweeted: McFarland High School where "McFarland" the movie was filmed, with Kevin Costner was filmed. Teachers can inspired !!

The Roles of a Lifetime: Kevin Costner By Allison Gorman and Anna Gorman February 23, 2015

Jason Binn ‏@JasonBinn tweeted: Flashback 25+ years ago to the present w/ a legend who can carry any film #KevinCostner! (Posted March 3rd)

Woody Live: Kevin Costner on his new movie "Draft Day" The Sports Show Published on Jan 21, 2015 Actor Kevin Costner, star of the classic "Field of Dreams," stars in a new movie called "Draft Day" and was interviewed by Woody Paige and Troy Renck on Woody and Friends Live at the Super Bowl for Jan. 31, 2014.

Pictures from Villa Park HS Yearbook

dr nancy thaler ‏@drnancythaler tweeted: This beauty is in #THEMIDNIGHTSTAR in Deadwood S.D Kevin Costner's restaurant. In a town of western art she is a #gem

Home | ENTERTAINMENT | Kevin Costner Speaks To RUNWAY In Berlin About Fashion Brand Arqueonautas Runway Magazine : ENTERTAINMENT Kevin Costner Speaks To RUNWAY In Berlin About Fashion Brand Arqueonautas December 29,2014 9:57pm Diem Nguyen


Katarzyna Kunowska ‏@KKunowska tweeted: Kevin Costner obchodzi dziś 60. urodziny (Posted January 18th)

Ades ‏@AlmaAlessandra tweeted: #kevincostner #menstyle #alwayscoolat60 (Posted January 18th)

Newburn Art commented: Happy Birthday Kevin! A digital art work of Kevin Costner by Dan Newburn from a photo found on the Internet. (Posted January 18th)

Chiara Ro ‏@ChiaraRo12 tweeted: @modernwest new drawing of one of my fav actors and musicians! Met you guys in Offenbach, Germany! #KevinCostner (Posted January 23rd)

Opening Ceremonies offer pomp, performance FIS Alpine World Ski Championships....Actor Kevin Costner will provide pre-recorded narration for some of the video presentations.

Joy Hurst Hendrix commented: With Kevin Costner. At Indiana State Fair

Krystle Mcgill commented: Kevin why so surprised that we share the same birthday? We're twins @KevinCostner #TheBodyguard #Star #SantaBarbaraFilmFestival #TVPresenting

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

KC & MW to play Choctaw Casino, Grant, Oklahoma...

Kevin Costner and Modern West are to play Choctaw Casino Resort Event Center, 1516 U.S. 271 Grant, Oklahoma, on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 8:00 PM. Tickets went on sale March 6th and are Reserved Seating for $30 and $60.

KC & MW are to play Grand Casino in Shawnee, OK...

Kevin Costner and Modern West are to play the Grand Event Center at 777 Grand Casino Blvd, Shawnee, Oklahoma, on Friday, April 17, 2015 at 8:00pm Venue is for 21 & Older. Tickets went on sale March 9th. Ticket prices are $60 for VIP, $55 for Premium, $40 for Reserved and $40.00 for Sponsor.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

More from KC & MW's February concerts...

Ginny Beagan ‏@GinnyBeagan tweeted: Apparently #KevinCostner wants to talk to me. I'll have to squeeze him in. #Lovemyjob @modernwest @SunriseTheatre #TCPalmSocial (Posted Januray 28th)

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: The Shadow. SunriseTheatre. #kevincostner

Peter Spyke commented: Kevin in Fort Pierce. He seems to have a lot of fun on stage.

Jim Coffman commented: Jo Ellyn Robbins Norman meets Kevin Costner at stage door of Sunrise Theatre Fort Pierce, Fl

Karl Harrison commented: Highly suggest if you get the chance see Kevin Costner and Modern West turned out to be fun. He interacted with the audience to make a memorable evening

Meghan Cleary Peiffer photo:

Pictures by Brenda Beam McKee:

Videos by Brenda Beam McKee:

Gayle Ryan commented: I'm so excited to see Kevin Costner - At SunriseTheatre Fort Pierce, February 27, 2015.

Craig N Andra Bogardus commented: Can't express how good Kevin Costner was in concert.

Scott Russell commented: Nice show and it was good.... This past weekend at strawberry festival In florida. Kevin Costner

Full Access Magazine ‏@Full_Access_Mag tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West. @modernwest @KevinCostnerFan @k_costner_ page @FLStrawberryFst More photo's on our fb,

Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL - 2/28/15

Kim Eppler Johnston commented: KC & Modernwest! Great entertainment!

Sue Bowman commented: Kevin Costner..Rocks!

Milena Malá Schonfeldová photo:

Juana Alvarez-Lutz commented: It was great thank you.

Clara Yon photo:

Charlene Silver-Figueroa commented: Was the first time I saw you preform in concert. It was awesome as I expected!

Lori Emmons commented: Wonderful performance... You can tell you love what you do and you are good at it!

Kevin Costner & Modern West photos:

Several RCC Members in the Nashville area won tickets to see Kevin Costner and Modern West w/Special guest Lily Costner live at the War Memorial Auditorium on April 26, 2014 as well as received meet and greet passes to see Kevin before the show. Pictured: Regal Providence Stadium 14 - David Hainline, wife & 2 sons

Pictures by thewizardofoz7 - The Wizard Of Oz: Arcada Theatre concert on April 21, 2014.

Videos by thewizardofoz7 - The Wizard Of Oz: Arcada Theatre concert on April 21, 2014.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Some more of Kevin promoting 'McFarland USA'...

Nice picture:

Sally Lee ‏@sallylee86 tweeted: Me with Kevin Costner at the #McFarlandUSA movie premiere! #DreamFearlessly

Entrevista a Kevin Costner y Niki Caro por McFarland: Sin Límites por Sebastián Tabany el 2 de marzo de 2015

Movie star Kevin Costner talks with us briefly about his new movie, "McFarland USA", and about the reception, but also about doing a movie back in the Valley.

Picture by jthestranger559 - i have no name hsoJ: Very cool. Cousin vincent(2nd guy) behind the scenes with #kevincostner during the filming of the movie #mcfarland he played a extra. #centralvalley #california #hollywood

Martha Higareda ‏@marthahigareda tweeted: #McFarlandUSA @MorganSaylorCom Kevin Costner @carlospratts @modernwest thank you for such an inspiring movie

KMPH FOX 26 ‏@KMPHFOX26 tweeted: #Kerman officer gets role in movie #McFarlandUSA with actor Kevin Costner. The story only #LiveOnFox26 (Posted February 24th)

Entrevista exclusiva con Kevin Costner de la película "McFarland, USA" (VIDEO) TLMDentretenimiento Published on Feb 18, 2015

El actor Kevin Costner de "McFarland, USA” habla sobre las fiestas de quinceañeras (VIDEO) TLMDentretenimiento Published on Feb 18, 2015

¡Kevin Costner recibe reconocimiento en Hollywood! February 5, 2015

Ken Clark ‏@Workplaysoul tweeted: Kevin #costner has still got it, IMHO. (Posted February 25th)

Picture by idgobaack - Kevin Martin: Mi Ranchito market from #McFarlandUSA #KevinCostner #Disney #JimWhite #Cougars #Running #Dynasty #Champions #StateChamps #Inspirational #sports #family #funny #dra

Disney McFARLAND USA Full Press Conference with Kevin Costner, Director, Cast etc MouseSteps / JWL Media Published on Feb 14, 2015 We were invited to the press conference for "McFarland USA", which included Kevin Costner, Johnny Ortiz, Sergio Avelar, Carlos Pratts, Hector Duran and Director Niki Caro. "McFarland USA" is based on a true story and arrives in theaters on February 20. This is the press conference in its entirety.

Before the movie ‘McFarland, USA’ there was a coach, his runners, the fields By Mark Arax Special to The Bee March 1, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Some more of Kevin from 'Black Or White' promotion...

Picture by theinshow: #KevinCostner signing autographs at a #Hollywood #Screening of his #film #BlackOrWhite. #Press #theINshow

Porsha Williams ‏@Porsha4real tweeted: 😱Omg it's Kevin Costner!!! Bodyguard was my absolute favorite movie!! Support his film Black or White

Gary Hayes ‏@garywdtea tweeted: Kevin Costner n Anthony Mackie

Sylvia Jackson ‏@FilmCaptive tweeted: Wow! Just met one of my favorite actors Kevin Costner! He was cooler than I ever could have imagined. His new movie Black or White is in theaters January 30th. It's great! See it! #blackorwhite #kevincostner

Mark Arum ‏@MarkArum tweeted: Just watched @MonicaWSB interview Kevin Costner & @AnthonyMackie. Just a typical Friday.

Condace Pressley ‏@condo29 tweeted: So this just happened. monicawsb chats up Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie, stars of #BlackOrWhite

Rachel Lebedin ‏@RachelLebedin tweeted: I don't get starstruck about people at our station often, but Kevin Costner??!!!

Justin Farmer ‏@JustinFarmerWSB tweeted: Kevin Costner was in the station today. Dances with Wolves, Tin Cup a very polite, nice guy by all accounts. @wsbtv

Donna Lampkin ‏@DonnaLampkin tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner #lovehasnocolor

Majic 107.5 97.5 ‏@majicatl tweeted: .@carolblackmon still going on and on about #KevinCostner! (Give it a rest @carolblackmon)

Kevin Costner on the Importance of Black or White by Alana Hammonds

Monica Pearson ‏@MonicaWSB tweeted: Jan. 30 see Kevin Costner & @anthonymackie in @BlackorWhite; powerful!

Stacey J. ‏@Iam_StaceyJ tweeted: Had the privilege of meeting The Body Guard Kevin Costner. Such a cool dude! Black and White in theaters.

Diana davis ‏@dianadaviswsb tweeted: My quick pic with Kevin Costner this morning at WSB studios. He was really nice #wsbtv

Monica Pearson @MonicaWSB tweeted: see Kevin Costner & @anthonymackie in @BlackorWhite; powerful! (Posted January 30th) See my interview:

Monica Pearson ‏@MonicaWSB tweeted: B 4 our Blackorwhite interview last night Kevin Costner & @AnthonyMackie teased me about my boots & matching outfit.

Veda Howard ‏@vedahoward tweeted: #KevinCostner stopped by the station to promote his new movie @BlackOrWhite. Kevin was alright with me

Picture by luke2noirpro - Luke M Williams: Shot an interview with #kevincostner & #anthonymackie today #blackorwhitemovie

I Am GWoods ‏@iamgwoods tweeted: Kevin Costner in studio today. (Had to break man law to take this selfie)

Paul Milliken ‏@PaulFromFox5 tweeted: Chatting w/ Kevin Costner @modernwest & @AnthonyMackie abt their new film @BlackorWhite... @GoodDayAtlanta #fox5atl

Picture by chanellyd0418 - Chanel Marie DeArmas: This is why we've been up since 4:30am. #blackorwhite #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie (Posted January 23rd)

Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner and @AnthonyMackie stop by @GoodDayAtlanta to discuss Black or White! #LoveHasNoColor

Jen Myers ‏@Y98Jen tweeted: Kevin Costner stopped by @Y98 this morning to talk about @BlackorWhite! Such an amazing day! #LoveHasNoColor

Shaun Robinson ‏@shaunrobinson tweeted: On @accesshollywood set in @@MasonbyMM! Talking about #KevinCostner @modernwest new movie @BlackorWhite #access

Los Angeles ‘Black Or White’ Premiere pictures:!img=0

E. Dewey Smith @edeweysmith tweeted: This is Kevin Costner & I discussing his new movie "Black or White" & its Social Justice implications. WOW!!!!

Matt D ‏@dcap22803 Jan 22 Today on @GoodDaySac @tvmarksallen and @GoodDayKenR talked with #KevinCostner and @octaviaspencer about their new

Video: Oscars Diveristy Controversy: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer Weigh In

Thursday, March 5, 2015

KC & MW to play second date at Gruene Hall...

Kevin Costner and Modern West are to play a second date at the Gruene Hall, Texas' Oldest Dance Hall, at 1281 Gruene Road, in New Braunfels, Texas, on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 8PM CT. Tickets go on sale Thursday, March 5th at 1PM CT and are $75.00 General Admission. Call 830-629-5077 for ticket purchase.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Even more of Kevin promoting 'Black Or White'...

“I love that story.”—Kevin Costner By Ellen Fox

Questions asked men on the red carpet by Elle:

Kevin Costner on race: ‘We can’t live in a bubble’ By Anna Lanfreschi & Nader Nikoupour

VIDEO: "Black Or White" - Kevin Costner by Mike Wilber, January 29, 2015

Trending Report™ ‏@TrendingReport tweeted: So Here's What Happened When We Met Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie on the 'Black or White' Movie Red Carpet! VIDEO:

Talking baseball and Bull Durham with Kevin Costner By Chris Vognar January 28, 2015

Trae Fittz ‏@traefittz tweeted: Photo: #FlashbackFriday me and #KevinCostner at the premier for his New Movie #BlackorWhite in Theaters... (scroll down)

Anthony Mackie and Kevin Costner attends Atlanta Premiere of Black or White by Drea Nicole: PICTURES:

Picture by lamila63 #kevincostner on a #redcarpet at premier of movie#backandwhite in chicago!

favgirlcrush ‏@favgirlcrush tweeted: #KevinCostner present Best Ensemble Award to #MichaelKeaton #NaomiWatts and the cast of 'Birdman'

Two pictures, article and AUDIO on Atlanta 'Black Or White' Premiere Red Carpet:

Black Hollywood Live ‏@bhlonline tweeted: Kevin Costner @ The SAG Awards Red Carpet | Black Hollywood Live:

'Black or White' Interview By hollywoodstreams Published on Jan 28, 2015

Picture by fanchionk - Lady by Choice: #tbt Black or White movie opens this weekend. I'm grateful to have had an opportunity to see it a few weeks ago. It's a great movie that will invoke a lot of discussion afterwards. Support good movies! #blackorwhite #movie #mustsee #Kevincostner #support #fanchionk

Kevin Costner & Anthony Mackie screen new film, 'Black or White' in Atlanta by Yvette Caslin:

Kevin Costner Talks About Working On BLACK OR WHITE & His Wish For Everyone In America To See It January 27, 2015 by TheMovieChickk

Rare Look at Race in Black or White very well done By Sandra Varner January 26, 2015

Kevin Costner's Black or White: A Jacksonian Dream by Armond White

Binder explores race, family in 'Black or White' by Susan Whitall, The Detroit News January 29, 2015

San Francisco agent ‏@Sanfrancisco_tweeted: Movie Review: Kevin Costner Takes Touching Look At Race And Family In ‘Black or White’ #sanfrancisco

Speaking for a Generation: Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie and Mike Binder on "Black or White" by Patrick Z. McGavin January 27, 2015

Comedian Bill Burr Talks BLACK OR WHITE, Why He Feels Sad For Me & Hanging With Kevin Costner (Exclusive) (Talks about Kevin about 8:00)

Kevin Costner: Career Retrospective:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

KC & MW played two concerts in Florida this weekend...

Vanessa LaClair, CMP ‏@vlaclair tweeted: Rode the MCO tram to baggage claim with Kevin Costner today. Sorry for pointing! Safe travels! @modernwest #celebritysiting (Posted 1:59pm February 26th)

Carly Nielsen ‏@Yacky9312 tweeted: I am 99% sure I saw Kevin Costner and @modernwest at the Orlando airport today and can't believe I didn't say hi!

Sunrise TechDir ‏@SunriseTechDir tweeted: tonight at @SunriseTheatre is @modernwest featuring #KevinCostner...gonna be a good show...

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: loading in to the SunriseTheatre Fort Pierce this morning

Susie Culbreth Hoover commented: Yes, we have good seats with Kevin!

Susan Burns commented: Awesome concert last night at Sunrise Theatre. Can't wait for the band to come back our way again. Kevin, your Mom can be so proud of you.

Denny ‏@deboysen46 tweeted: @modernwest Thank you Kevin Costner and @modernwest for a great and wonderful concert....AWESOME!! (Posted February 27th)

Marie Bill commented: What a wonderful day, Kevin Costner sang to me.

Matthew Stone commented: Kevin Costner..a very real and down to earth kind of guy.

Lisa Rogers Pettey commented: Just so you know woke up I was still smiling Thank you for a great show and the autograph after outside in the rain .. I will add them to treasure box

Lisa Rogers Pettey commented: We loved your show had a great time can't wait for your return to Ft Pierce

Country Homemade commented: Day 3 of the Florida Strawberry Festival has been a soggy one but the rained has moved out and Kevin Costner and his band Modern West will be here tonight at 7:30. We are open tonight until 10 pm (Posted 5:17pm)

Picture by tjtlovejoy - Taylor Lovejoy: Met the one and only #KevinCostner early on today! #DancesWithWolves #FieldOfDreams #TheBodyguard #SwingVote #JFK #Waterworld #StrawberryFestival #TeamTAE

Natasha Savinovich commented: great show kevin, God continue to bless you for being a very special person. a million thanks for your time.

Louise White-Pinsonneault commented: Omg went to Plant City to see Kevin and Modern West... Amazing show... thank you for your kindness of stopping for a minute so I could have my pictue with you and got your autograph which both will be framed. my husband I guess emailed you and one of your band members about us coming from Canada and this was a surprise late anniversary gift to me but only to have no response from neither of you frown emoticon lucky me to be so blessed to be in the right spot as you were leaving .. God bless

Deanna Rodriguez commented: You were awesome tonight! Thank you so much for coming! Continue doing what you do

Ellen Block Rickel: I'm watching you here at the FL Strawberry Festival and you are so talented and handsome! Always loved you....even more now

Triangle Talent, Inc. commented: The Bodyguard is in the house bringing rock and country soul to the Florida Strawberry Festival! Kevin Costner & Modern West on stage. MercyMe Music put on an amazing show during the rain storm this afternoon!

Video by frangipani_82: : Costner and Modern West... Such an amazing man! And a great band! #strawberryfestival #LoveFL #Florida #kevincostner #modernwest #PlantCity

Pictures by by frangipani_82: @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #modernwest #Florida #LoveFL #strawberryfestival

Jenn ‏@JSTART74 tweeted: Kevin Costner. Weird.

Video by stacytaylor317 - Stacy Potts: #kevincostner

Christina Barnard ‏@cbarnard1990 tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner and Modern West at The strawberry festival. It was awesome.

Payton Astin ‏@payton_astin tweeted: Kevin Costner is easily one of the nicest people I've ever met @modernwest

Linda Murphy ‏@likatmur88 tweeted: I saw Kevin Costner thanks my daughter. I saw Kevin Costner!!!

Picture by aaronboy94 - Aaron Hicks: Its blurry, but I saw Kevin Costner perform at the Strawberry Festival. #kevincostner #florida #strawberryfestival

Ashley Michelle Greenlee‎ commented: Last night at the Strawberry Festival for my birthday!! Loved Kevin Costner since I was 7!!! Best birthday ever!!

Denise Zallen commented: We enjoyed Kevin Costner and his band last night at the Strawberry festival. I hope they come back! We ate a lot and brought home a BIG box of strawberry's. We had so much fun!!

Picture by flstrawberryfestival - Florida Strawberry Festival: What a performance @kevincostnermodernwest put on in last night's 7:30 show on the @wishfarms Soundstage! We were so impressed. Thank you! #kevincostner #modernwest #greatshow #thankyou #berryfest15 #80years

Ed Powers commented: Took more pics, but one of the lights was shining right at our seats and made them not the best. Had an awesome time though!

Picture by Ohh Rdr:

Phil Dennis commented: The Weather held up in the rain stopped before the show and didn't start up until way after the show

daniela calleris ‏@callerisdaniela tweeted: Yesterday to @FLStrawberryFst the concert with Kevin Costner and @modernwest it was very nice. Great songs

Pat DCubs commented: He signed my Durham Bulls, Crash Davis #8 jersey!

Carla Moore commented: You and your band were amazing

Pictures by Kathy Salecker:

Darlene Saylor commented: Thank you Kevin. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. I am 65 and brought my 22 yr old nephew with me. He wasn't expecting too much, came with me so I didn't have to go alone. I live two hrs away. When you started singing, he said to me, he is really good. He was totally engrossed through the whole show. He took lots of pictures. He also was impressed with you be so genuine, passionate and gracious. You are a wonderful person I could tell by listening to you, you have a good heart.

Holly Bagaus Snyder commented: What an awesome night!

Kelly Beiro commented: Thanks for sharing your music and your stories! We had a great time. Special cudos to the violinist - his solo was beautiful!

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: had a great time last night at the Florida Strawberry Festival . Thanks Alli for the great photo

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Tour Date Florida 2015 - snapshots by ichiban2592007 Published on Mar 1, 2015 SunriseTheatre 02/27 Fort Pierce & 02/28 Plant City,Florida Strawberry Festival