Thursday, March 19, 2015

A lot of different items about Kevin...

Brenn Macnab ‏@BrennMacnab tweeted: I just shook Kevin Costner's hand ahh (Posted 12:06pm March 6th)

Brenn Macnab @BrennMacnab tweeted: Kevin Costner just called me pretty😍😍 dying (Posted 6:59pm March 6th)

Chris Phynes ‏@chrisisnow tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner on Sunset. Bad ass. (Posted 4:37pm March 6th) (West Hollywood, CA­)

madeline pratt☆ ‏@brenodnurie tweeted: did i tell you guys about when my aunt accidentally stabbed kevin costner with a pencil in a grocery store (Posted March 9th)

Koch ‏@Adam_Koch30 tweeted: John Elway an Kevin Costner are in The Dalles, OR hanging out. Went hunting on my friends dads ranch. Pretty bad ass. #TheSunIsBack (Posted 3:33pm March 9th)

S. @Baetiana tweeted: My mom just told me she cut off Kevin Costner. Apparently he just shook his head and laughed (Posted 1:35pm March 14th)

S. @Baetiana tweeted: I'm over here like "you saw Kevin Costner!" She's angry she didn't let him hit her. (Posted 1:38pm March 14th)

Steven Thompson ‏@whatelserecords tweeted: Road Trip sightings pt 1: bumper sticker that says "Got Kevin Costner?" #BlevinBlostner (Posted 8:49am March 14th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Take a look at some behind the scenes moments of #McFarlandUSA on our Facebook.

Sergio Avelar ‏@sjravelar tweeted: A little throwback reminiscing old times on set with #kevincostner talking smack. Oh and a little #selfiesunday too 🏃👔 #mcfarlandusa #mcfarland

Picture by Barbara Concannon MacDonald:

Picture by alabduljaleel18 - Adawiya Alabdulgaleel: Have a #kevincostner morning صباح الوسامة

Genuinely Kevin: A Look At The Good Guy Kevin Costner on March 11, 2015 by Dawj Sangster .

Linda ‏@lindad70 tweeted: @K_Costner_Page I was lucky enough to get Kevin's autograph at the FOD 25th reunion. I'll treasure it forever! (Posted January 19th)

Natalie AguilarVogie ‏@PasadenaMovesU tweeted: McFarland High School where "McFarland" the movie was filmed, with Kevin Costner was filmed. Teachers can inspired !!

The Roles of a Lifetime: Kevin Costner By Allison Gorman and Anna Gorman February 23, 2015

Jason Binn ‏@JasonBinn tweeted: Flashback 25+ years ago to the present w/ a legend who can carry any film #KevinCostner! (Posted March 3rd)

Woody Live: Kevin Costner on his new movie "Draft Day" The Sports Show Published on Jan 21, 2015 Actor Kevin Costner, star of the classic "Field of Dreams," stars in a new movie called "Draft Day" and was interviewed by Woody Paige and Troy Renck on Woody and Friends Live at the Super Bowl for Jan. 31, 2014.

Pictures from Villa Park HS Yearbook

dr nancy thaler ‏@drnancythaler tweeted: This beauty is in #THEMIDNIGHTSTAR in Deadwood S.D Kevin Costner's restaurant. In a town of western art she is a #gem

Home | ENTERTAINMENT | Kevin Costner Speaks To RUNWAY In Berlin About Fashion Brand Arqueonautas Runway Magazine : ENTERTAINMENT Kevin Costner Speaks To RUNWAY In Berlin About Fashion Brand Arqueonautas December 29,2014 9:57pm Diem Nguyen


Katarzyna Kunowska ‏@KKunowska tweeted: Kevin Costner obchodzi dziś 60. urodziny (Posted January 18th)

Ades ‏@AlmaAlessandra tweeted: #kevincostner #menstyle #alwayscoolat60 (Posted January 18th)

Newburn Art commented: Happy Birthday Kevin! A digital art work of Kevin Costner by Dan Newburn from a photo found on the Internet. (Posted January 18th)

Chiara Ro ‏@ChiaraRo12 tweeted: @modernwest new drawing of one of my fav actors and musicians! Met you guys in Offenbach, Germany! #KevinCostner (Posted January 23rd)

Opening Ceremonies offer pomp, performance FIS Alpine World Ski Championships....Actor Kevin Costner will provide pre-recorded narration for some of the video presentations.

Joy Hurst Hendrix commented: With Kevin Costner. At Indiana State Fair

Krystle Mcgill commented: Kevin why so surprised that we share the same birthday? We're twins @KevinCostner #TheBodyguard #Star #SantaBarbaraFilmFestival #TVPresenting

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