Friday, March 6, 2015

Some more of Kevin from 'Black Or White' promotion...

Picture by theinshow: #KevinCostner signing autographs at a #Hollywood #Screening of his #film #BlackOrWhite. #Press #theINshow

Porsha Williams ‏@Porsha4real tweeted: 😱Omg it's Kevin Costner!!! Bodyguard was my absolute favorite movie!! Support his film Black or White

Gary Hayes ‏@garywdtea tweeted: Kevin Costner n Anthony Mackie

Sylvia Jackson ‏@FilmCaptive tweeted: Wow! Just met one of my favorite actors Kevin Costner! He was cooler than I ever could have imagined. His new movie Black or White is in theaters January 30th. It's great! See it! #blackorwhite #kevincostner

Mark Arum ‏@MarkArum tweeted: Just watched @MonicaWSB interview Kevin Costner & @AnthonyMackie. Just a typical Friday.

Condace Pressley ‏@condo29 tweeted: So this just happened. monicawsb chats up Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie, stars of #BlackOrWhite

Rachel Lebedin ‏@RachelLebedin tweeted: I don't get starstruck about people at our station often, but Kevin Costner??!!!

Justin Farmer ‏@JustinFarmerWSB tweeted: Kevin Costner was in the station today. Dances with Wolves, Tin Cup a very polite, nice guy by all accounts. @wsbtv

Donna Lampkin ‏@DonnaLampkin tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner #lovehasnocolor

Majic 107.5 97.5 ‏@majicatl tweeted: .@carolblackmon still going on and on about #KevinCostner! (Give it a rest @carolblackmon)

Kevin Costner on the Importance of Black or White by Alana Hammonds

Monica Pearson ‏@MonicaWSB tweeted: Jan. 30 see Kevin Costner & @anthonymackie in @BlackorWhite; powerful!

Stacey J. ‏@Iam_StaceyJ tweeted: Had the privilege of meeting The Body Guard Kevin Costner. Such a cool dude! Black and White in theaters.

Diana davis ‏@dianadaviswsb tweeted: My quick pic with Kevin Costner this morning at WSB studios. He was really nice #wsbtv

Monica Pearson @MonicaWSB tweeted: see Kevin Costner & @anthonymackie in @BlackorWhite; powerful! (Posted January 30th) See my interview:

Monica Pearson ‏@MonicaWSB tweeted: B 4 our Blackorwhite interview last night Kevin Costner & @AnthonyMackie teased me about my boots & matching outfit.

Veda Howard ‏@vedahoward tweeted: #KevinCostner stopped by the station to promote his new movie @BlackOrWhite. Kevin was alright with me

Picture by luke2noirpro - Luke M Williams: Shot an interview with #kevincostner & #anthonymackie today #blackorwhitemovie

I Am GWoods ‏@iamgwoods tweeted: Kevin Costner in studio today. (Had to break man law to take this selfie)

Paul Milliken ‏@PaulFromFox5 tweeted: Chatting w/ Kevin Costner @modernwest & @AnthonyMackie abt their new film @BlackorWhite... @GoodDayAtlanta #fox5atl

Picture by chanellyd0418 - Chanel Marie DeArmas: This is why we've been up since 4:30am. #blackorwhite #KevinCostner #AnthonyMackie (Posted January 23rd)

Black or White ‏@BlackorWhite tweeted: Kevin Costner and @AnthonyMackie stop by @GoodDayAtlanta to discuss Black or White! #LoveHasNoColor

Jen Myers ‏@Y98Jen tweeted: Kevin Costner stopped by @Y98 this morning to talk about @BlackorWhite! Such an amazing day! #LoveHasNoColor

Shaun Robinson ‏@shaunrobinson tweeted: On @accesshollywood set in @@MasonbyMM! Talking about #KevinCostner @modernwest new movie @BlackorWhite #access

Los Angeles ‘Black Or White’ Premiere pictures:!img=0

E. Dewey Smith @edeweysmith tweeted: This is Kevin Costner & I discussing his new movie "Black or White" & its Social Justice implications. WOW!!!!

Matt D ‏@dcap22803 Jan 22 Today on @GoodDaySac @tvmarksallen and @GoodDayKenR talked with #KevinCostner and @octaviaspencer about their new

Video: Oscars Diveristy Controversy: Kevin Costner & Octavia Spencer Weigh In

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