Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A few items of interest about Kevin...

New Friends New Life ‏@nfnlnews tweeted: Start brushing up on your Kevin Costner knowledge. There will be on-screen #trivia at our #NFNLwings luncheon April 10! @modernwest (Posted April 2nd)

Kevin Costner coming to Dallas for New Friends, New Life event By Alan Peppard September 14, 2014

Laura Mueller ‏@lauraMmke 4h4 hours ago Milwaukee, WI My boss brought me the latest edition of AARP where Kevin Costner graces the cover. Which means a new piece of artwork now graces our office.

jarmi ‏@VanessaJarman tweeted: Throwback to taking this picture of my baby @kiesza & #kevincostner on theellenshow

Nate in St. Paul ‏@raftsandmonkeys tweeted: Kevin Costner apparently has a country band in the casino circuit

K R Y S T L E ‏@krystlemcgill tweeted: It's always great to have a laugh with my bud Kevin Costner... Love your work my Bodyguard heart emoticon Kevin Costner Whitney Houston #BodyGuard McFarland, USA #MovieStar Dances With Wolves Jack Ryan #RedCarpet #Showtime

Black or White @BlackorWhite tweeted: Our one and only #MCM, Mr. Kevin Costner. @ModernWest

Pictures of Kevin by Dan MacMedan, USA Today:

Picture: Summer 2013 - REUNION YEAR By Christine Horwath Gawronski Excerpt: Lisa saw a gentleman sitting on the patio opposite us and headed over to make certain he was who she thought he was. She was right. She spotted Kevin Costner, who was kind enough to come over and pose for a few pictures with us. After Mr. Costner asked all of us to be in his next movie, we headed back to campus to get ready for the evening’s festivities.

McFarland, USA visits Woodville By ESTHER AVILA April 1, 2015 Excerpt: When Kevin Costner read the script, he did not like it and suggested changes. Finally, in 2011, Disney picked up the movie, originally titled “The Boys of McFarland,” and changed the title...“Kevin Costner (who portrays Coach White) received $7 million for his part in the movie.” Diaz also talked about his invitation to Costner’s home three weeks ago for the shooting of footage for an upcoming DVD...

Brigham City, USA — Coach's life mirrors Kevin Costner character in movie By Doug Robinson, Deseret News April 4 2015

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