Saturday, April 25, 2015

KC & MW play the Choctaw Casino in Grant, Oklahoma...

Michael Robles ‏@RoblesMichael tweeted: With the man! Kevin Costner! #fieldofdreams #loveofthegame #danceswitheolves #draftday #kevincostner…

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: Just watched Kevin Costner & Modern West's sound check... And then we just talked to Kevin Costner and the band.

Sarah Radtke @KevinCostner18 tweeted: The 12 hour drive is already worth it.

Shayla ‏@shaylasincerely tweeted: Kevin Costner Concert w/ babe

Picture by kamg104: Dreams come trueemojiemoji#kevincostner #kevincostnermodernwest @modernwest

Texas State News commented: Grant, Oklahoma - Tonight Kevin Costner & Modern West performed another spectacular concert to a sell-out crowd at Choctaw Casino & Resort Grant, Oklahoma (photo by Elizabeth Dee Hollier, Staff member International Press Association/released). Special Thanks to Ken Eisele & Staff -

Sarah Radtke @KevinCostner18 tweeted: TONIGHT WAS INCREDIBLE

Sarah Radtke ‏@KevinCostner18 tweeted: Kevin Costner makes selfies cool @modernwest

Photos by Renate Panian Burington:

Kendall ‏@KidKailua tweeted: The folks went to Kevin Costner & Modern West. Had a great time #kevincostnermoderneest

Mackenzie ‏@Mackenz82752686 tweeted: I had a wonderful time last night with this guy. Oh yeah, and Kevin Costner

Picture by kelleyalise: Anyone who knows me well knows how much I adore this man! Had so much fun getting to see him in concert tonight and I may never wash my right hand again ;) @kevincostnermodernwest #fangirlmoment #bucketlist #kevincostner

Picture by annierevt - Ann Reilly: Good time tonight. So glad I didn't back out! #kevincostner #modernwestband #choctawcasino #goodmusic

Video by annierevt - Ann Reilly:

Pictures by Robin Burington:

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Thankyou everyone who came out to see us on this run.... Keep an eye out over the next week for more pics of this tour on Instagram and FB. #setlist #tour #kcmw #rocknroll #kevincostner emoji@gillzmcskilz

Mary Sue Cole commented: Picture from Kevin Costner concert...terrific! Modern West is the name of the band.....He sang every song and wrote all the rock and we loved it! Comfortable venue and we had excellent seats. Kevin was very comfortable with the audience and told stories about.the songs revealing that he is a down to earth guy with strong feelings about family and country. We had a great time!

Jeannie McMillin commented: This show was incredible!! It was a trip we made in honor of Misty who was with us at Kevin Costner and Modern West's concert at Grant, OK in 2012. In August, 2012 she lost her battle with cancer at the young age of 46. That concert was our last outing with her before she entered the hospital for the last time. Thank you Kevin and Modern West for coming to Oklahoma both times and giving us a great show and a chance to make some terrific memories! Keep on rocking!

Sarah Radtke commented: Miles- 1,500. Gas- $200. Hotel Room- $100. Seeing your favorite band in concert- Priceless. Last night's concert was amazing. Thanks for playing Superman even though hadn't played it in awhile ! It meant the world to me ! You guys rock !

Ticketmaster reviews for KC & MW's latest and past tours:

Kim ‏@OCKim84 tweeted: Dining with Kevin Costner and family in Carpenteria this morning. Well actually not with him but a surprise nonetheless. #handsome (Posted 12:53pm April 19th)

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