Sunday, April 19, 2015

KC & MW play the Choctaw Casino in Pocola, Oklahoma...

Ken Clark ‏@Workplaysoul tweeted: If I didn't already have plans... No idea Kevin #Costner had a band! #Choctaw #oklahoma #music

Lindsey ‏@lindzmyers tweeted: @modernwest So excited tonight is a dream come true! I'm going to @ChoctawCasinos in OK to see Kevin Costner!!! #fangirl #bucketlist

Lindsey ‏@lindzmyers tweeted: I'm at @ChoctawCasinos in the same building as @modernwest with Kevin Costner. I can't believe we are so close but so far away!! #justbreath

Picture by emmacantele - Emma Smith: I will finally be in the same room as my true love.... #ivewaitedmyentirelifeforthis #kevincostner

Video by emmacantele - Emma Smith: It doesn't get closer than this. I've loved this man since I was a little girl and my dad and I would watch Dances with Wolves. He is a wonderful actor, my favorite of all time, but hearing him describe his songs and explain parts of his life shows how great of a person he is. #kevincostner #modernwest

Will Hendricks ‏@lowberhendricks tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house

Allie Adams ‏@Allieawsome25 tweeted: Oh you know just my favorite people...and Kevin Costner #tincup #hateuscauseyouaintus tarasummitt @kevincostnermodernwest

Ginger Pellam ‏@Ging350 tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West @ Choctaw Casino - Pocola, OK

Sam Broom ‏@samuelbroom tweeted: Kevin Costner was in my neighborhood tonight & I didn't know about it until it was too late. He needs to sign my copy of Dances with Wolves.

Shane Gordon ‏@TheShaneGordon tweeted: Me and ol' Kevin Costner

Picture by kwhite3vb - kendra: #kevincostner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My idol!!!!!!!!!

Picture by kwhite3vb - kendra: Seriously so sexy! Loooove #kevincostner!!!

John Post ‏@JohnTPost tweeted: Wife got to shake Kevin Costner's hand last night. I stood beside her and took crappy pictures.
Picture by lindzmyers: Best night of my life. #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue #KevinCostner #KevinCostnerAndTheModernWestBand @kevincostnermodernwest

Picture by lindzmyers: Last night was without a doubt the best night of my life. #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue #KevinCostner #KevinCostnerAndTheModernWestBand @kevincostnermodernwest

Picture by cbh04 - Casey Hammond: Well, meeting Kevin Costner at the concert wasn't on the agenda, but that's okay!!! #kevincostnerandthemodernwest #kevincostner

ChoctawCasino Pocola ‏@ChoctawPocola tweeted: Were you at the Kevin Costner & @modernwest show last night? Tell us your favorite song that was played!

Scott Smith - Times Record: Oscar winning actor-director Kevin Costner performs with his band, Modern West, Wednesday at Choctaw Casino's CenterStage Event Center in Pocola.

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Choctaw Casino-Pocola, OK. Tonight's setlist. Thank you Oklahoma. #kcmw #tour #Oklahoma #choctaw #setlist

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Up Here By Renate Burington Published on Apr 16, 2015 Choctaw Casino Pocola, OK

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Long Way from Home By Renate Burington Published on Apr 15, 2015 Choctaw Casino Pocola, OK

Kevin Costner & Modern West - 500 Nations By Renate Burington Published on Apr 15, 2015 Choctaw Casino Pocola, OK

Kevin Costner & Modern West -Tour April 2015 snapshots (3) by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 16, 2015 Stafford,TX - Stafford Centre ,Pocola, OK - Choctaw Casino Resort

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