Monday, April 13, 2015

KC & MW play Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma...

LIVE ON THE LINE: Kevin Costner Kevin Costner & Modern West will be kicking off their 2015 performing year in Ardmore on Friday and our news director, Kevin Kerr got a chance to chat with Costner a litle about Hollywood, the band, who his inspirations were, performing at the Grand Ole Opry (THREE TIMES) and living the life of not only an actor and musician, but also as a dad. There is also three minutes of bonus material not heard on air.

Lillian May ‏@Lillianna277 tweeted: @zhanna916 I noticed you like Kevin Costner; met the fellow he was travelling through the airport with his band; nice guy to talk to. (Posted April 9th)

Trent Armstrong ‏@Trentdrums tweeted: Tonight ! #kevincostner #jeffallen #roadlife #oklahoma #heritagehall #livemusic

Malan ‏@MalanJames tweeted: Kevin Costner's tour bus is parked about 20 ft from my car and they wouldn't let me meet him. That's cool

Aubry Gene Harris commented: Here we go!!! Rehearsal is underway!!!

Aubry Gene Harris commented: Red river !!! Kevin Costner rocks!!

zaynmalik1D ‏@5secondsofryann tweeted: casually at a Kevin Costner concert...

riley shoulders ‏@captainrileyca tweeted: So Kevin Costner is in Ardmore. So the guys that are normally at my house are in Ardmore. So I'm laying in bed, the one in owasso

Kristy Huckabee ‏@kris2ride tweeted: @modernwest ready to hear some Kevin Costner and ModernWest in Ardmore with my boy for his 13th birthday

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: The signs are right for a good show tonight in Ardmore Oklahoma at the Heritage Hall #kcmw #rocknroll #heritagehall #bullduraham

Rich O'Toole ‏@RichOToole tweeted: Kevin Costner just gave me the best advice. Great guy!

Rich O'Toole ‏@RichOToole tweeted: Amazing talk with one of my Idols! Great guy!

Picture by juddwhite - Judd White: And this just happened. @randytravis. @kevincostner

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: It was great to have our friend Randy Travis stop by the bus tonight before watching our show. #tourbus #randytravis #kcmw #rocknroll #country #ardmore #heritagehall #Oklahoma

Picture by mrrhett - Michelle Albert: And we got randy travis in tha house folks watching costner rock this house!#90milesanhour#kevincostner&wildwest#randytravis

Amy Thornburrow ‏@AmyThornburrow tweeted: I'm just really jealous of Stoney Larue and Rich O'Toole right now...Randy Travis AND Kevin Costner?!? Man to be in that room...

Video by mkeck12 - Matt Keck: He's no @shivashafii but he will do. #KevinCostner and his band

Picture by bmorecreativephoto - Beth Sarradet: #kevincostner #myoklahoma #ardmoreok

Picture by luna_joon_ok - Julietta: Dayum, Kevin! #kevincostner #girlsnightout #heritagehall #oklahomawomen #oklahome #stilldamnsexy #mrdanceswithwolves

Picture by kimberlyhwl - Kimberly Ann Howell: #KevinCostner & #ModernWest

Carrie Mayes ‏@CarrieAMayes tweeted: @GoldMCasino had a blast at the Kevin Costner concert! Thanks for the tix!

Picture by cherokeerosereedus - Cherokee Rose: WOOHOO KEVIN COSTNER!!! He sent a kiss to @_michelle_j_k + @l7kennedy from the stage! AND THEN THEY MET HIM AT HIS TOUR BUS!! eeek! What a fun night! #kevincostnerandthemodernwest #kevincostner

Leanne Kennedy ‏@L7Kennedy tweeted: Just met Kevin Costner!!! So freaking awesome! I can't believe it! He's so amazing! Such a nice guy. we were getting a pic of his tour bus and he was standing on the other side. He waved us over to him. Such a nice guy!!

Leanne Kennedy ‏@L7Kennedy tweeted: Thanks so much #KevinCostner !!! Awesome night! Good band! Great music! @modernwest

Michelle Kennedy ‏@michelle_j_k_ tweeted: We met #KevinCostner last night!!!! He's so awesome!! #dreamsdocometrue love him!

Preston King ‏@PrestonLKing2 tweeted: Had a great time last night at the Kevin Costner concert with mom and dad.

Trent Armstrong ‏@Trentdrums tweeted: Ladies and gentlemen.. Mr Costner #kevincostner #livemusic #oklahoma #heritagehall #roadlife

Picture by jasonzieg: Had a great time last night listening to Kevin Costner and Modern West. Hard to believe someone so talented could also be so humble! "If you build it, they will come!" #heritagehall #ardmore #livemusic #toofrogs @p3tar_k #kevincostnermodernwest

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: We love Oklahoma. #heritagehall #ardmore #Oklahoma #kcmw #fans #rocknroll emoji @gillzmcskilz

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: "Bring on the storm bring on the thunder" Stand Strong. Teddy Morgan #Kcmw #bloodisblood #ardmore #heritagehall @gillzmcskilz

Picture by dvogt80: I was in Ardmore, OK last night and got to hear one of my favorite actors, Kevin Costner sing! #kevincostner #girlsnightout#concerts Kevin was really good! Great time!

Picture by kimberlyhwl - Kimberly Ann Howell: Great Show! #KevinCostner #ModernWest #Ardmore #HeritageHall

Picture by auntcarrot333 - Kelly Yockey-Bronnenberg: Kevin Costner Oh how I love a man with a guitar and a smooth voice #musicismyboyfriend #singtome

Pictures by fleur_de_vie_cosmetics - Fleur de Vie Beauty& Cosmetics:

Picture by jeffallenmusic - Jeff Allen: Anybody spot this guy out in #oklahoma ?? #HeritageHall #TwoFrogs #KevinCostner #tatanka #buffalo

Kevin Costner & Modern West by elgmom Published on Apr 11, 2015 - April 10, 2015 in Ardmore OK

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Stand Strong by Renate Burington Published on Apr 11, 2015 Heritage Hall - Ardmore, OK

KCMW - Tambourine Man encore by Renate Burington Published on Apr 11, 2015 Kevin Costner acknowledges country singer Randy Travis before the last verse of the song Heritage Hall - Ardmore, OK 4/10/2015

Luke Bulla ‏@lukebulla tweeted: It was truly an honor to have @randytravis attend our show w #KevinCostner & @modernwest the other night.

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington:

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