Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kevin attends Houston Astros & Oakland A's game...

Ronald Branch ‏@coasterron tweeted: Me and Kevin Costner at the @astros game (Houston, TX) (April 13, 2015)   https://twitter.com/coasterron/status/587757707949580288

Vince Cotroneo ‏@vincebaseball tweeted: Rumor mill has Kevin Costner sitting behind home plate tonight #BullDurham #FieldofDreams #LoveoftheGame

Brian McTaggart ⚾️ ‏@brianmctaggart tweeted: Kevin Costner is at Astros game today in advance of his band's (@modernwest) concert.

Alan Hatfield ‏@alanhatfield1 tweeted: @starflightrocks Kevin Costner in front of me.

Alan Hatfield ‏@alanhatfield1 tweeted: @starflightrocks Jill being photo bombed by Kevin Costner.

Alan Hatfield ‏@alanhatfield1 tweeted: @GabbieRaeRocks Sista being photo bombed by Kevin Costner at Astros-Athletics for my Bday. Kevin's in town with band.

Brodie Brazil ‏@brodiebrazilCSN tweeted: If you build it, Kevin Costner will come... to the #Athletics game...

Julia Morales ‏@JuliaMoralesRS tweeted: Kevin Costner asked if he had time to grab food before the interview. I couldn't tell him no. Please Astros make this a long 3 outs.

Julia Morales @JuliaMoralesRS tweeted: Let's see if he can get this chili dog down in time. #reporterprobs

Come on Meat, Crash Davis in the building:    https://twitter.com/MLB/status/587805481881567232

Alyson Footer @alysonfooter tweeted: OK @JuliaMoralesRS is seriously conducting the greatest Costner interview ever. He is going on an on an on about how great baseball is.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz @OrtizKicks tweeted: As we told you, Kevin Costner is here.

Hiren Joshi ‏@htown747 tweeted: Kevin Costner is having a very casual conversation with @JuliaMoralesRS on live TV. That was cool.

Tedford ‏@teddford tweeted: @billengvall the in-game reporter, Julia Morales is interviewing a celebrity, Kevin Costner. I call my wife to the tv and she screams.....

Jason Martinez ‏@Shakey079 tweeted: Kevin Costner on the play by play #Astros

Ŧim Burton ‏@Gordehh tweeted: Kevin Costner thinks Minute Maid Park is one of the prettiest parks in baseball. I agree

Blake Plaster ‏@Bpmusician91 tweeted: Kevin Costner should announce baseball games. Has a great voice for it.

Summer Anne Burton ‏@summeranne tweeted: Kevin Costner is waxing majorly poetic about baseball on the Astros broadcast right now.

Mike Rosenhouse ‏@mikerosenhouse tweeted: Pretty awesome for Kevin Costner to call a home run while on with @JuliaMoralesRS during @astros game

Eduardo80Solis ‏@xxSolisOwnsUxx @Athletics Kevin Costner play by play Semien hit Homerun #GreenCollar

Joe Thompson ‏@splendorajoe tweeted: #CrashDavis (@kevincostner) calling the 5th inning at #MinuteMaidPark. @astros.

Austin Gaither ‏@DatDudeAG tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Stros game rockin a mean soul patch

Bill Brown ‏@BrownieTw tweeted: Kevin Costner joins Julia Morales on ROOT Sports Astros-A's telecast

Gerardo Jerry Garcia @therealamadbear tweeted: Just saw @JuliaMoralesRS interview with Kevin Costner. Amazing interview and responses from Kevin. Never seen a better in-game interview

T W ‏@real_t_willie tweeted: @JuliaMoralesRS loved that interview! Kevin Costner is awesome. Hot dog with mustard or ketchup though?

Julia Morales ‏@JuliaMoralesRS tweeted: Did anyone get a screen shot?! I just interviewed Kevin Costner!! #what

Lana Berry ‏@Lana tweeted: my boo @JuliaMoralesRS just interviewed kevin costner and his soul patch

Lana Berry ‏@Lana tweeted: @JuliaMoralesRS here's another one for you

Cameron Smith ‏@Camo2121 tweeted: After that interview, I want to have a beer with Kevin Costner. @modernwest

HaleStorm ‏@garyhale1969 tweeted: @kevincostner thank you for supporting and being there at our Astros game. Your words about the park were great.

A’s rookie Mark Canha did the “Bull Durham” cliche thing after his debut Craig Calcaterra Apr 9, 2015 This morning in the recaps I noted that I had never heard of A’s rookie Mark Canha. Now I am certain to never, ever forget him, because he is an instant legend. No, not because he went 3-for-5 with two doubles and four RBI in his debut (though that’s awesome) but because he dropped the “Bull Durham” “Good Lord Willin’ . . .” cliche speech in the postgame interview, basically word for word. Go to the 3:30 mark for the question that elicited that and then, the answer: VIDEO

Kristen ‏@antibob tweeted: Why is Kevin Costner at an @astros game? And why couldn't he be there when I was so I could stalk him?!

Daniel Gotera ‏@DTGoteraKHOU tweeted: Kevin Costner is total greatness

Ryan Keller ‏@theSCHW4B tweeted: Kevin Costner with the greatest, most casual, on air interview I've ever heard. Class act.

Picture by 20sparks20 - Clint Sparks: Kevin Costner at the stros game. #kevincostner #astros #fieldofdreams #bulldurham

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Great night in Houston @astrosbaseball @melissameinema #baseball #astros #houstonastros #oakland #houstonvoakland

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