Monday, April 20, 2015

Kevin speaks at Walmart Head Office Saturday morning meeting...

Jimmy Prencipe ‏@coachp_44 tweeted: Pretty cool working at a place where you hear from @tomfriedman and Kevin Costner at #Walmart Saturday Morning Meeting @WalmartCareers

Aaron ‏@adcombs tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner just patted me on the shoulder at the meeting! Told Mom she should have sat on the end!

chad mitchell ‏@cmmitchell4 tweeted: Hope my kids enjoy #DancesWithWolves tonight as much as I enjoyed seeing Kevin Costner at out Saturday Morning Meeting.

Michelle George ‏@MichelleJGeorge tweeted: Kevin Costner sitting 100 feet in front of me 👌🏻Thank you Walmart!

Jen Mathews ‏@jencheriemoore tweeted: Saturday morning meeting this am. Mom came to see Kevin Costner. @walmart (Walmart Home Office Auditorium) (Bentonville, AR)

Walmart ‏@Walmart tweeted: @jencheriemoore Did you get a chance to meet Kevin Costner? ~Bob

Jen Mathews ‏@jencheriemoore tweeted: @Walmart sadly, no. But I really enjoyed what he had to say this am.

Noemi Dominguez ‏@Noey1213 tweeted: #kevincostner at the Saturday Morning meeting!

Picture by roseoutdoors - Mark Rose: Here at Walmart headquarters for their Monthly Sat. morning meeting. Easy to see why they are the leaders in the retail world. Listening to Kevin Costner speak now. #walmart, #kevincostner, #walmartfishing

Picture by juddwhite - Judd White: KC at the Saturday morning meeting.

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