Thursday, April 30, 2015

More of Kevin at the Astro's and A's game...

Kevin Costner calls Marcus Semien's one-handed home run 3 posted by Jeremy F. Koo on Apr 14, 2015 The whole interview is a wonderful tribute to his love of baseball, but for Marcus Semien's home run, skip ahead to 1:34. "That’s outta here. That’s a home run. Wow! He hit that a long ways."

Athletics Nation ‏@athleticsnation tweeted: Kevin Costner calls Marcus Semien's one-handed home run for the #Athletics

Julie Cassidy ‏@JulieCassidy6 tweeted: Oh My Goodness Kevin Costner At The Astros Game!!! :)

Whitey Gleason ‏@whiteygleason tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner calls A's home run and wow is he excited.

Yan Reuter ‏@YanReuter tweeted: Kevin Costner & Julia Morales Kevin Costner on music, baseball

Deborah Harris ‏@m_harrs tweeted: @butchwalker My sister's sister in law ran into Kevin Costner at the Galleria last night he seemed OK with it?

The Galleria Mall:

Ed Buckner ‏@ed_buckner @alkatash Kevin Costner and Ed Buckner mentioned in the same game last night. Very cool.

Picture by htowngraphs: SHEESH!!! 2 Kevin Costner signed balls!!! #Houston #KevinCostner #FieldOfDreams #ForTheLoveOfTheGame

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