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Kevin at Legoland and more Malibu Guitar Festival...

@kaylaorwhatever tweeted: my mom is crying in the kitchen because she ran into kevin costner at legoland today (Posted May 27th)

Destiny Harrell ‏@DestinyHarHar tweeted: @modernwest Kevin Costner, it was an honor to hand you a menu today at Legoland. It made my meaningless job feel awesome for a day (Posted May 27th)

Video by brad_stanley - Brad Stanley: Here's a little excerpt from the #KevinCostner interview I shot last weekend at the #MalibuGuitarFestival with @diamondsworld @brandolini789 I got to say I was really blown away with the @kevincostnermodernwest band. Looking forward to showing you the complete festival recap

Picture and article: Costner, Curry and Mahler make my day By Charles Andrews on May 27, 2015

Picture by stevecookemusic - SteveCooke: We would like to hear more of Kevin's music. Steve is having a discussion with Kevin about Rockn Roll. #kevincostner #stevecooke #malibu #malibunews #malibumusic #malibuguitarfestival #stevecookemusic #rocknroll #music #musicinla #likemypage #followme #follow4follow #tweetgram

Kevin Costner talking a guitar festival By Cindy Kavadas Williamson Published May 18, 2015

Kevin Costner and daughter at Malibu Guitar Festival By Jill shapiro Published May 18, 2015

Joe McKendry ‏@JoeMcKendry1 tweeted: Kevin Costner drawings scanned/animated by @quotedstudios for @EsquireClassics #kevincostner (Posted May 27th)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Some KC & MW videos to view...

Video by tacoboutlove - Jen: Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the men and women that have sacrificed their lives for us! #MemorialDay #NeverForget #MilitaryAppreciation #AngelsCameDown #KevinCostner #KCCO #HowIChive #ChiveNation

Kevin Costner - New Friends, New Life Charity Luncheon By Renate Burington Published on Apr 16, 2015 Hyatt Regency Hotel - Dallas, TX 4/10/2015

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Down in Nogales by Renate Burington Published on Apr 20, 2015 4/15/2015 Choctaw Casino Pocola, OK

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Tambo man encore by Renate Burington Published on Apr 19, 2015 4/10/15 Heritage Hall - Ardmore, OK Last verse of the song. Kevin Costner thanks country singer Randy Travis for attending his concert

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Struck by lightening by Renate Burington Published on Apr 19, 2015 4/18/2015 Choctaw Casino Grant Oklahoma

Kevin Costner & Modern West -Tour April 2015 snapshots (4) By ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 19, 2015 Shawnee, OK The Grand Casino Event Center ,Choctaw Casino Resort - Grant, OK.

Friday, May 22, 2015

More Malibu Guitar Festival and other items...

Pictures by Diane Russell Schallert:

Kevin with John Densmore:

The DeLuca family, Doug, wife Alejandra, daughter Tara with Kevin Costner

Photos by Stephanie Pick ‏@stephan632: Page 1 through 16:!i=4075433874&k=Nwsh87K

Kevin Costner Headlines Inaugural Malibu Guitar Festival, Reveals Musical Influences by Christopher Wyrick 5/21/2015

Video by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Come on stage for a little "superman14" #stagecam #gopro #kevincostner #kcmw #bass #leadguitar #recycledskateboards @barrioeast emoji@blairforwardyahoocom

Vicki Risinger West commented: Kevin Costner in concert — at Choctaw Casino Resort - Grant, OK. (Posted July 2012)

Vicki Risinger West commented: Yesterday I went on a mini road trip and listened to the entire new cd I got at the concert in Shawnee. There wasnt a song I didn't like and some I really liked! When I compare the vocal & music to your previous cd's the growth is obvious. Thank you for getting better and better...

Noelia Baldrich commented: Finally in Barcelona. Kisses.

Picture by Margaret Pfenninger:

Picture by reiband_ - ANAR REIBAND: With Mr. Kevin Costner (2012) #kevincostner @kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostnermodernwest

Esquire Classics ‏@EsquireClassics tweeted: What I've Learned: Kevin Costner: Published on May 18, 2015 From Esquire's interview with the storied actor. Interviewed by Cal Fussman. Illustrated by Joe McKendry. Produced by Quoted Studios.

Picture by afire12 - Fire: 2 years ago today my best friend and I started dating and Kevin Costner was there with us to kick off the relationship. We were the 3 best friends that anyone could have at the Indians game that day. Kevin is no longer in our lives but I would pick the guy to his right over him any day! #anniversary #kevincostner

Article: Rainouts allow time to practice, remember:

Paula Newsome ‏@mepaulanewsome tweeted: Had a fantastic time filming with this man! @modernwest #tbt #throwbackthursday #kevincostner

Little League Hall of Excellence by Little League Uploaded on May 22, 2008 The Hall of Excellence is part of the Little League Museum in Williamsport, Pa. It is where former Little Leaguers who have gone on to become successful as adults are enshrined.

David Letterman: Kevin Costner interview (1995) by A.T. Vieira Published on May 14, 2015 Letterman interview (July 1995), promoting the movie "Waterworld".

Jessica Trent PR ‏@JessicaTrentPR tweeted: "@90265mag: #kevincostner & #modernwest for the @MalibuGtrFest May 14-17! @thelocalmalibu #malibu #guitar #festival

Julie Ellerton ‏@JulieEllerton tweeted: @LindaThompsonLT, your buddy Kevin Costner & @Modernwest Jammin’ @MalibuGtrFest Sun, see U there? #FamFun #MyDayInLA (Posted May 15th)

Thane Economou ‏@ThaneEconomou tweeted: Directed by @Ryanjhawkins. Narrated by Kevin Costner. This video for the Rod Dedeaux Foundation is super good.

Picture and article:

Judith Quinton ‏@JudithQuinton tweeted: Christian Slater said in interview after release of Robin Hood that Kevin Costner wears his "heart on his sleeve." See why I love him. :) (Posted May 21st)

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More from KC & MW at Malibu Guitar Festival...

kimi tee ‏@mskimitee tweeted: @modernwest you guys were so good n fun. I felt so #alive & #lifted. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š#KevinCostner #WhoKnew?" #ModernWest

Julie Ellerton ‏@JulieEllerton tweeted: @TheMalibuTimes #KevinCostner @Modernwest + daughter @Lilycostner @MalibuGtrFest. #MusicInMalibu #Lovinit #MyDayInLA

Melissa ‏@mheck82 tweeted: Kevin Costner & @modernwest

bridgette fox ‏@BridgetteFoxs tweeted: Really cool to meet kevin Costner ❤️ his new band

Tom Dolez ‏@TomForDays tweeted: Kevin Costner and The White Buffalo put it down at the @malibugtrfest with a @jimjordanphoto cameo.

TINA Hillstrom ‏@TINAHILLSTROM1 tweeted: Best Party for 4 Days @MalibuGtrFest Hats off to @brandolini789 @SuccessWellness #KevinCostner rocks it

Adri Becerra ‏@AdriLuvsKISS tweeted: #KevinCostner rock'n out with his daughter @malibugtrfest this past weekend... #rocknroll #music

Kayla Tabish ‏@KaylaTabish tweeted: #KevinCostner #NintyMilesAnHour #KaylaTabish @ Malibu, California

Picture by dynadom: #malibuguitarfestival #lumberyard #kevincostner #Wanderlust

Pictures by dawlinphotography - Dawlin Photography: A few shots from the #malibuguitarfestival with #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #losangelesphotographer #dawlinphotography #followme #acousticguitar #singer #gibsonacoustic #nikonnofilter #actors

Pictures by Brian Goldberg:

MalibuGuitarFestival ‏@MalibuGtrFest tweeted: Simply FANTASTIC performance by @modernwest at the #MalibuGuitarFestival. We can't have enough of them #KevinCostner

Douglas DeLuca ‏@brandolini789 tweeted: We couldn't be happier that @modernwest rocked #malibu during the @MalibuGtrFest #MalibuGuitarFestival #KevinCostner

Picture by brandolini789 - Doug DeLuca: It was #fantastic having @kevincostnermodernwest be in our first annual #MalibuGuitarFestival. We are thrilled. Thanks to all the came support and came to see him. Follow him at @kevincostnermodernwest and grab an album. Great stuff! Photo credit: @dakinidesigns #KevinCostner

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Got to have my daughter, Lily join me on stage at the Malibu Guitar Festival

Kevin Costner & Modern West # Malibu Guitar Festival - Snapshots by ichiban2592007 Published on May 18, 2015 Malibu Guitar Festival 5/17/2015 , song : "Stand Strong"- CD " Where The Music Takes You" by Kevin Costner & Modern West

Excerpt: Las Vegan Jaki Baskow, longtime celebrity broker and event producer, was in Malibu on Sunday at the annual Guitar Festival to check out one of the bands. Earlier this year, Doug DeLuca, the executive producer for Jimmy Kimmel’s show, had asked her if she could help land a band for the festival, which DeLuca was producing. It was a longshot, but she made a call to a friend of the band’s frontman. Sure enough, Kevin Costner and his band Modern West, agreed to pitch in for Malibu’s Boys and Girls Clubs. “Talk about paying it forward,” she said. About 10 years ago, she booked Cosner for an Italian TV and made some honeymoon arrangements for him in Florence.

Malibu celebrates inaugural guitar fest By Chris Bashaw May 19, 2015

Malibu Guitar Festival: Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the Malibu Guitar Festival For the #KevinCostner's fans another little video. We'll be posting more videos and pictures. Come back again

John Densmore ‏@JohnDensmore tweeted: Had a moment to speak with Kevin Costner about my tribute to Michael Blake in Rolling Stone. (cc: @modernwest)

Dances With Freedom: Doors' John Densmore Remembers Writer Michael Blake A tribute to the 'Dances With Wolves' writer, who died this week at age 69 By Rolling Stone May 5, 2015

Emily Scher commented: Lily Costner, daughter of Kevin Costner & Modern West performed so beautifully this weekend at the Malibu Guitar Festival. I got to cover this epic event, the first year kicking off a spectacular taste of talent, for The Local Malibu and 90265 Magazine. #luckyme #lilycostner #live #music #crosscreek #malibu

Emily Scher Photography commented: Lily Costner gettin' silly between sets with her dad Kevin Costner & Modern West on the last day of the Malibu Guitar Festival The Local Malibu 90265 Magazine #lilycostner #gorgeous #daddysgirl

Monday, May 18, 2015

KC & MW play the 1st Annual Malibu Guitar Festival...

Dakota Lovett, Kevin Costner Sighting in West Hollywood, California on 05/13/15 at 2:00 PM,-Kevin-Costner-West-Hollywood,-California.html

Paul Brown‎ commented: Great to meet you my new brother and Best Wishes with the band man! (Posted May 13th)

timhortonphotomalibu - Tim Horton Malibu Photographer: The last day of the #MalibuGuitarFestival starts in a few hours in #Malibu #KevinCostner #modernwest #TheWhiteBuffalo #Orianthi #richiezambora #thebu #90265 @thelocalmalibu @malibu90265mag @malibuguitarfestival @malibucountrymart #malibuvillage (Posted 9:21am May 17th)

Eric Pope ‏@MrPope tweeted: For only thirty American dollars you can see Kevin Costner play with his band this afternoon in Malibu (Posted 12:21pm May 17th)

Danielle and Nicole ‏@SalesbyDandN tweeted: Malibu Guitar Festival Can't wait for 5:15 for Kevin Costner's Band ๐ŸŽ‰ Benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, Little kids rock & Malibu special education foundation (Posted 1:35pm May 17th)

Channing Nichols ‏@chann_nichols tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing right outside of work at the Malibu Guitar Festival. Aka work is heaven (Posted 4:33pm May 17th)

Becky Grutell ‏@Seatfiller tweeted: Kevin Costner getting ready to go on at Malibu Guitar Festival. (Posted 5:12pm May 17th)

Adri Becerra ‏@AdriLuvsKISS tweeted: Kevin Costner (yes, the actor) ROCKS! #rocknroll #MalibuGuitarFestival #ROCK #KevinCostner (Posted 5:30pm May 17th)

thelocalmalibu - The Local Malibu: @kevincostnermodernwest on stage NOW at the @malibuguitarfestival at @malibuvillage #rocknroll #malibu @thelocalmalibu @malibu90265mag #curatorsofcoastalculture #allaccess (Posted 5:31pm May 17th)

Robin Palmer ‏@MyWakeUpCalls tweeted: Kevin Costner while playing with his band at the Malibu Guitar Festival, "This is how nervous I am. It's bulls**t. I don't need to be afraid of you!" #MalibuGuitarFestival #KevinCostner (Posted 5:38pm May 17th)

Fawn Nguyen ‏@fawnpnguyen tweeted: Kevin Costner plays the guitar. Sings too. He did thank all the guys in attendance for bringing their ladies. #MGF (Posted 5:41pm May 17th)

Video by glendaborden - Glenda Borden: #malibuguitarfestival #kevincostner @diamondsworld

Glenda Borden commented: Great time today!! — at Malibu Guitar Festival.

27 miles malibu ‏@27milesmalibu tweeted: Kevin Costner ๐ŸŒธ @ Malibu Village (Posted 5:52pm May 17th)

Becky Grutell ‏@Seatfiller tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted 6:13pm May 17th)

Picture by rose_wakesho - Rose Wakesho: #kevincostner #inthehouse #malibuguitarfestival #malibu

Ulrika Krivanek ‏@MyUlrika tweeted: Kevin Costner with a bunch of great musicians ! @ Malibu Guitar Festival (Posted 6:21pm May 17th)

Bianca Torrence ‏@Biancarealtor tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house! #music #love #guitar #festival #Malibu #rocknroll ๐Ÿ˜❤️ @ Malibu Village (Posted 6:22pm May 17th)

Melissa ‏@mheck82 tweeted: "I feel like Superman" @Modernwest #kevincostner #nofilter (Posted 6:35pm May 17th)

Stephanie Pick ‏@stephan632 tweeted: Kevin Costner just ozzzes charm. (Posted 6:36pm May 17th)

Jessica Erler ‏@jessicaerler tweeted: #malibuguitarfest #kevincostner @sdotesther (Posted 6:36pm May 17th)

Destiny Sierra ‏@destinysdelisio tweeted: Kevin Costner performing ๐ŸŽธ @ Malibu Cross Creek (Posted 6:57pm May 17th)

Picture by natgasman1 - The Future is Gassy: #myviewnow #malibuguitarfestival #kevincostner. Up close (Posted 7:10pm May 17th)

Melissa ‏@mheck82 tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West #kevincostner #malibuguitarfest @modernwest (Posted 7:36pm May 17th)

marianela ‏@MarianelaTV tweeted: Supporting the oh so talented @marcuseaton and Mr. #KevinCostner. Wonderfully humble & charming #MalibuGuitarFestival w/ @ajefilm & @sjnmd (Posted 7:46pm May 17th)

Jennifer Hill ‏@Jenhill8 tweeted: So this happened... ๐Ÿ“ท @jimjordanphoto #kevincostner #malibu #malibuguitarfestival @ Malibu Beach (Posted 7:47pm May 17th)

Tim Horton Photo @TimHortonphoto tweeted: Kevin Costner in the VIP section before he goes on stage at the Malibu Malibu Guitar Festival in Malibu ... shooting for The The Local Malibu and 90265 Magazine (Posted 8:12pm May 17th)

Picture by dsimpson25 - Daniel Knightley: Watching #kevincostner at the #malibuguitarfestival. Great crowd and awesome music #Malibu #sundaysessions #socal #actor #california #goodtimes (Posted 8:13pm May 17th)

Pictures by zhillahermes - Zhilla Hermes: Afternoon with Kev #kevinCostner #malibuguitarfestival (Posted 8:17pm May 17th)

Kristina Hall @HallKristina tweeted: This is what happens when you go down to the village a Sunday afternoon... kevincostnermodernwest (Posted 8:45pm May 17th)

Black/Whyte ‏@BlackWhyteMusic tweeted: Great to see Orianthi at Malibu Guitar Fest. Random to see Kevin Costner there too. #thebodyguard (Posted 8:56pm May 17th)

Lisa Furfine ‏@LisaFurfine tweeted: Congrats #MalibuGuitarFestival fab 4 days of live music. @kevincostner #fieldofdreams @brandolini789 (Posted 9:03pm May 17th)

Sharon Stein ‏@speakandwrite tweeted: @modernwest Great day at the Malibu Guitar Festival and seeing Kevin Costner & Modern West! Great choice of songs!

Picture by selenawithlove - selena: For Selena thank you for serving us. Ventura was one of the best parts of my life. Kevin Costner (Posted 9:36pm May 17th)

Picture by dakinidesigns - Alejandra Armas DeLuca: This. #KevinCostner #dancingWithTheWolves. Amazing moment. Great little chat, outstanding performance@by @kevincostnermodernwest at the @malibuguitarfestival and wow! He's si humble. His Music is Awesome. Not a dissapointment: enchanting. This. #KevinCostner #dancingWithTheWolves. Amazing moment. Great little chat, outstanding performance@by @kevincostnermodernwest at the @malibuguitarfestival and wow! He's si humble. His Music is Awesome. Not a dissapointment: enchanting. (Posted 11:57 pm May 17th)

Jennifer Jo Stanfield commented: Kevin Costner — with Scott Stanfield at Malibu Guitar Festival.

Tina Hall commented: This is what happens when you go down to the village a Sunday afternoon... Kevin Costner & Modern West just happens to be playing ... — at Malibu Guitar Festiva

thelocalmalibu - The Local Malibu: #kevincostner and #orianthi back stage at the #MalibuGuitarFestival @kevincostnermodernwest @theqof @thelocalmalibu @malibu90265mag #malibu #curatorsofcoastalculture #viproom #backstage #kevincostner

thelocalmalibu - The Local Malibu: Alejandra Armas DeLuca and Kevin Costner back stage at the #MalibuGuitarFestival #malibu #kevincostner @dakinidesigns @kevincostnermodernwest @thelocalmalibu @malibu90265mag @malibuguitarfestival #backstage #viproom

thelocalmalibu - The Local Malibu: Are you getting tired of Kevin Costner yet? We're not! Check out this great shot of Kevin in the back stage VIP area by @timhortonphotomalibu BAM! Tim was shooting for @thelocalmalibu and @malibu90265mag at the @malibuguitarfestival #kevincostner #curatorsofcoastalculture #backstage #viproom #malibuguitarfestival

thelocalmalibu - The Local Malibu: Kevin Costner and #modernwest at the #MalibuGuitarFestival #malibu #curatorsofcoastalculture @kevincostnermodernwest @malibuguitarfestival @thelocalmalibu @malibu90265mag @malibuvillage

mrmalibu @mrmalibu tweeted: Great Music at the Malibu guitar festival. Kevin Costner rocked the house ,along with a never ending parade of incredible musicians . Our booth gave us a front row to the music

Emily Scher commented: Kevin Costner Malibu Guitar Festival with The Local Malibu & 90265 Magazine Kevin Costner & Modern West #malibu #crosscreek #live #music

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Thanks to everyone who came out to the Malibu Guitar Festival - we had a great day with you!

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'Cinechat' to be broadcast and more from Rome... Previously posted on January 2, 2015

The 60 years of Kevin Costner on Studio Universal Written by: Editorial Staff Prima TV in the "Cinechat - Kevin Costner," an exclusive interview recorded by Channel at the meeting "Cinechat" during the ninth edition of the International Film Festival of Rome and the airing of the Live on the stage of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome on Sunday, January 4, (repeated Sunday 11 and 18 January) at 21.15 before the movie.

Pictures and article: International Film Festival in Rome 2014: Cine Chat with Kevin Costner Written by: Lucia Gerbino October 25, 2014

Gli Avvistavip commented: Kevin Costner (prima Foto)Conferenza stampa (Posted November 2nd)

Gli Avvistavip commented: Kevin Costner (seconda Foto) festa per Kevin (Posted November 2nd)

Picture by paolo_lupattelli - Paolo Lupattelli: #kc #kevinconstant #kevincostner

Interview and pictures: Kevin Costner, proud father: "My daughter is obsessed with Frozen"

Pictures of Kevin on the Rome Red Carpet:

Pictures: Un giorno al Roma Film Fest eupicture:

Two pictures of Rome Premiere:

Picture and interview: Kevin Costner was one of the stars of the festival of the 9th Film Festival in Rome

Barby♥ ‏@barby_ds tweeted: Proud dad Kevin Costner share the spotlight with his daughter, Lily 28, film Black and White He had to pay to make it (Posted October 27th)

Article and picture gallery: Rome Film Fest 2014, Kevin Costner: a life between cinema and family

Interview: Rome IX: Interview with Kevin Costner by Antonella Matranga October 25, 2014

Three pictures:

Picture by saneciulloph:

As part of the collaboration with the International Film Festival in Rome, Italy UNICEF awarded the Special aknowledgement to Kevin Costner for his social commitment: the award was presented by the Executive Director of UNICEF as part of Italian Davide Usai 'meeting "Kevin Costner in Conversation" which was held Friday, October 24 afternoon at the Auditorium Parco della Musica

Photo gallery and video: Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma 2014: Red Carpet di Kevin Costner, video e immagini

Kevin Costner Red Carpet .9° Festival del Film di Roma by Brunella Capparelli Published on Oct 25, 2014

Picture and video: Videointervista: Kevin Costner nonno in lacrime dopo trent'anni di carriera

Kevin Costner si commuove in Black and White By Published on Oct 27, 2014

Kevin Costner parla di Black and White al Festival di Roma 2014 - Oggi al Cinema by Redazione OggialCinema Published on Oct 27, 2014

KEVIN COSTNER ROMA 2014 by ROSSELLA SMIRAGLIA Published on Nov 18, 2014

Picture and video: Kevin Costner: la video intervista sul red carpet

Gymkhana, W1S The Verdict: If it’s good enough for Kevin Costner (who was sat next to us), then it’s good enough for me! Gymkhana exceeded expectations with its regal menu, sophisticated decor and gracious service. I’ll definitely be back… Soon!

D. Manolakas, Author ‏@dalemanolakas tweeted: #KevinCostner #MikeBinder at my SAG Q&A~film BLACK OR WHITE~Remarkable, timely & well-done. #Oscar YES #blackorwhite (Posted December 23rd)

Kevin Costner's 'Black or White,' a labor to produce, explores gray areas By Michael Ordoรฑa December 18, 2014

Jake Sheppard @jsheppard18 tweeted: Screening of Black or White with Kevin Costner. Great movie! (Posted 11:15am December 18th)

Daisy Scarpellini ‏@Daisy_94e tweeted: Kevin Costner on my TV in an interview for Verissimo.. OMG I'm not okay ๐Ÿ˜ @modernwest you're so handsome! (Posted November 15th)

johnathan gorman ‏@gormanjf28 tweeted: Enjoyed "Black or White" with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer. (Posted December 25th)

Jamie Jones ‏@jljdestiny9 tweeted: @EllaEyre excited to hear #HOME featured in the new @kevincostner movie #BLACKorWHITE (Vancouver, WA) (Posted December 31st)

JO BAD AZZ ‏@iSinclaire tweeted: The movie I was in with Kevin Costner is called Black or White will be out in theaters later this month (Posted January 1st)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Many items of interest about Kevin Costner...

Risen Magazine commented: A few thoughts from Kevin Costner on your Sunday. #FaithHopeLove

Risen Magazine commented: Read our interview with Kevin Costner in the Spring issue of Risen Magazine! #FaithHopeLove #Inspiration


Malek Rahbani ‏@MalekRahbani tweeted: @modernwest with the Great Kevin Costner !!! Wow what a moment !! I was star struck !! God Bless!!!! (Posted 9:57am May 4th)

Picture by vanessawarkalla: Working with Kevin years ago #berlin

Dubai One ‏@DubaiOneTV tweeted: #TheUpsideofAnger #Comedy #Drama film stars #JoanAllen #KevinCostner 2300UAE #Dubai1Movies

Testorelli 1887 ‏@Testorelli1887 tweeted: Con cristal de zafiro y correa de cuero, encabeza la colecciรณn Jacques Lemans-Kevin Costner (Posted May 12th)

The Local Malibu commented: Photographer extraordinaire Jim Jordan shooting Kevin Costner exclusively for The Local and his appearance at the Malibu Guitar Festival May 14-17th.

Backstage ‏@Backstage tweeted: Watch #KevinCostner read with Jillian Estell for the @SAGFoundation! @storylineonline #toocute

Crystal Hubbard ‏@XstalBooks tweeted: @estell_jillian I loved your reading of Catching the Moon w/Kevin Costner at  Thank you!

NY1 News ‏@NY1 tweeted: @ShelleyGoldberg talked to Kevin Costner about family, race and his movie “Black or White.”

iTunes Movies ‏@iTunesMovies tweeted: This is what Kevin Costner hopes you take away from @BlackorWhite. #LoveHasNoColor

The cast of the upcoming film Black or White joined District and Hollywood notables for an exclusive movie screening and conversation on January 14, 2015, at The Hay-Adams. Among the intimate crowd was Relativity Founder and CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh, cast members Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie, and Mpho Koaho, media personalities Jake Tapper, Chris Matthews, and Suzanne Malveaux, and Obama administration officials such as Attorney General Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett. Photography By Emily Clack

Nothing More commented: #FBF to that time we met Kevin Costner at SiriusXM Radio headquarters in NYC. He was a very nice person and chatted with us for a bit. We wish him the best with his musical endeavors.

Nothing More Band website:

Picture by stabbymcdangerous - sean: Tonight's backstage area was covered in Kevin Costner quotes. Literally all the walls we printed with his famous lines. Guess the wall I took this on. #jazz #bass #gig #kevincostner

Doug McDowall ‏@dougzone2_1 tweeted: My fav #LateShow was 20 y ago. #laterehearsal #SmallTownNews #DickAssman #KevinCostner #ThanksDave #stillhavethevideo

Starland Ballroom meeting Kevin pictures by Michael Herdeen:

Pictures by Diane Flohre at Indiana State Fair, August 8, 2013:

Choctaw Casino Centerstage by Scene In Town on July 20, 2012:

Picture by audraleeha - Audra Leigh: You know.. Nothing special, just Audra Leigh and #KevinCostner (Good Morning America)

Picture by gaellebuswel - Gaelle Buswel: Met KEVIN COSTNER!!! Done! #happy #music #kevincostner @kevincostnermodernwest #smile #art #country #folk #gibson #cinema #paris

Kate Smith ‏@KAR33 tweeted: Surprise Kevin Costner appearance, shilling jewelry.

Pictures and article: TH woman meets Costner through painting By LaReesa Sandretsky on May 9, 2014

BHCCARS ‏@jamiebhccars tweeted: Throwback Thursday so me and Kevin Costner when we worked together on the Jack Ryan film he is one cool guy and yes cooler then you @lennythegeeza sorry to say ๐Ÿ˜‚ #KevinCostner #CIA #JackRyan #CloseProtection #GrateGuy #GrateFilm #london #sloanestreet #harrods #SClass #Mercedes #CoolGuy #WhatAPleasureToWorkWith

Costner, Elway in county for private hunting By Akasha Spino-Bybee For The Sentinel March 18, 2015

Der Mit Dem Wolf Tanzt - Kevin Costner zu Besuch im Business Club Hamburg

Kevin Costner, July 2009; Kevin is most known as an actor (duh!) for movies like “Dances with Wolves”, “The Body Guard”, “Field of Dreams”, “Tin Cup” & many many more. Something most people probably don’t know about him is that he also has a band – Kevin Costner & the Modern West. They came to a local venue & I shimmied by way into a meet & greet with him. I remember him being very quiet & almost shy-like. But he was very nice & signed my pass & a few things for the station.

Spread Your Wings ‏@WingsYouSpread tweeted: #KevinCostner: If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will #Goodmovie #THIRTEENDAYS

Pictures by Connie Kello Berardinis:

‘What if I don’t like the film?’ I asked Kevin Costner. ‘Keep your mouth shut’ By Piers Morgan Event for The Mail on Sunday Published: 11 April 2015

Sandy Little ‏@sandylittle21 tweeted: #ThrowbackThursday 1995 Kevin Costner and Jason. @modernwest @JasonRichter_ fun day for sure!

Videos by Charlotte Ledoult: La Cigale Paris 2011

MAYK AZZATO Photography shared ARQUEONAUTAS's photo:

Translated: Interview with Kevin Costner - brand ambassador Jacques Lemans:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kevin on the cover of 'The Local Malibu' Magazine...

Jim Jordan ‏@Jimjordanphoto tweeted: Fun day with nikolay_koltsov on set shooting Kevin Costner! (Posted 4:42pm April 24th)

Picture by madylionn - Madeline Northway: fun day with Kevin Costner and @jimjordanphotography @nikolay_koltsov for @thelocalmalibu (Posted 2:17pm April 24th)

This is ‪#‎happening‬ - KEVIN COSTNER on the cover of The Local Malibu for The Malibu Guitar Festival - releasing in digital tomorrow and print on MONDAY! Cover photo by Jim Jordan shot EXCLUSIVELY for ‪#‎malibu‬ baby!

The Local Malibu website:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More from the 'Field of Dreams' 25th Anniversary...

All the videos from "Field Of Dreams' 25th Anniversary interviews with Bob Costas and more:

Ned Gladstone commented: Thanks to everybody for making this a weekend to remember forever!

Pictures by Alan Flynn:

Revisiting Field of Dreams: 25 Years Later by 'Field of Dreams Book'

Field of Dreams 25th Anniversary by 'Field of Dreams Book'

Eric Alper commented: Kevin Costner, Summer 2008. I really wanted to play catch with him...but settled for an autographed bat instead. If you're a man, and didn't cry during Field Of Dreams, you're a liar. Look how big is he. Look how small I am, lol (Posted April 14, 2010)

Pictures by Ted Conkling:

Pictures by Dave Ulrich: Field Of Dreams 25th Anniversary weekend

Pictures by General Bob Photography:

Betsy Shepherd ‏@BetsyConnected tweeted: @TimmyBusfield @modernwest sharing memories w/ Bob Costas @fodmoviesite. Thanks to @BrianTODAYshow #WatchOnWednesday

Monday, May 4, 2015

More KC & MW from Texas concerts and the Luncheon...

TR commented: What is offered, is good & reasonable for the area. I personally do not care for standing room only concerts, Although it was a pleasant evening with Kevin Costner & Modern West. The free music during the day was pleasant & libations are offered for a price of course.

Kevin Costner Concert by iseepeopledoyou Published on Apr 25, 2015 Gruene Dance Hall concert by Kevin Costner and the Modern West.

Pictures by dudasdesigns - Andrea: #kevincostner#awesome#loveit#thankyouhoney

Jim Flynn Photography, Inc at Gruene Hall, April 16th:

Kevin Costner & Modern West -Tour April 2015 - Gruene Hall TX - snapshots by ichiban2592007 Published on Apr 18, 2015 - Tour Date New Braunsfeld TX ,Gruene Hall ,Concert 4/16 pictures by Jim Flynn Photography

Official GrueneHall ‏@GrueneHallTX tweeted: We had a blast with Kevin Costner & Modern West last week!

Kevin Costner & Modern West - 90 Miles an hour By Renate Burington Published on Apr 23, 2015 - 4/14/2015 Stafford Centre, Stafford, TX

Kevin Costner & Modern West - The Angels Came Down By Renate Burington Published on Apr 23, 2015 - 4/14/2015 Stafford Centre, Stafford TX

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Up here By Renate Burington Published on Apr 23, 2015 - 4/14/2015 Stafford Centre, Stafford TX

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Turn it on By Renate Burington Published on Apr 23, 2015 - 4/14/2015 Stafford Centre, Stafford TX

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Kevin Costner talks about his family By Renate Panian Burington Published on Apr 19, 2015 Intro into the song 90 Miles an hour 4/17/2015 Grand Event Center - Shawnee, OK

john ‏@JohnWattinger tweeted: Super cool Kevin Costner, great guy. #KevinCostner

Brad Wilson commented: With Tom Comerford, Kevin Costner and Adam MacDonald:

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

'Criminal' release date moves to January 22, 2016...

Lionsgate Moves ‘Power Rangers’ To MLK Frame 2017, Dates ‘American Ultra’ & ‘La La Land’ by Anthony D'Alessandro April 30, 2015 Excerpt: Summit Entertainment’s action crime drama Criminal starring Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot...moves to January 22 against STX’s horror film The Boy and TriStar’s Risen.

Kevin Costner Italian Fan Club commented: Yesterday I have contacted the director of criminal, the young and talented Ariel Vromen, via Instagram and I have asked for a little light on the shifting of the date of release of the film in the American Salt. Always Nice, He answered me so: " yes, it is better that way.... August is too crowded, I am excited about the new date." (Posted May 1, 2015)

Synopsis from the New York Times By Anita Gates May 1, 2015: Criminal: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones, together again 24 years after “J F K.” They’re joined by Ryan Reynolds in this action-adventure about a dead C.I.A. operative who never finished his last assignment. So the other agents transplant his memories and talents into another man. Their logical choice for a vessel: a completely nutty death-row prisoner (Mr. Costner). Ariel Vromen directed.

Second picture: Croydon review of the year - October By Croydon Advertiser | Posted: January 01, 2015

Ariel Filming - The Film Office reaching new heights in London - Criminal with Kevin Costner 16/12/2014,-london.aspx

UAViate ‏@UAViate tweeted: If you liked part 1 of drone filming for #Criminal in London with Kevin Costner & @cloud12ltd, here’s part 2