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Many items of interest about Kevin Costner...

Risen Magazine commented: A few thoughts from Kevin Costner on your Sunday. #FaithHopeLove

Risen Magazine commented: Read our interview with Kevin Costner in the Spring issue of Risen Magazine! #FaithHopeLove #Inspiration


Malek Rahbani ‏@MalekRahbani tweeted: @modernwest with the Great Kevin Costner !!! Wow what a moment !! I was star struck !! God Bless!!!! (Posted 9:57am May 4th)

Picture by vanessawarkalla: Working with Kevin years ago #berlin

Dubai One ‏@DubaiOneTV tweeted: #TheUpsideofAnger #Comedy #Drama film stars #JoanAllen #KevinCostner 2300UAE #Dubai1Movies

Testorelli 1887 ‏@Testorelli1887 tweeted: Con cristal de zafiro y correa de cuero, encabeza la colección Jacques Lemans-Kevin Costner (Posted May 12th)

The Local Malibu commented: Photographer extraordinaire Jim Jordan shooting Kevin Costner exclusively for The Local and his appearance at the Malibu Guitar Festival May 14-17th.

Backstage ‏@Backstage tweeted: Watch #KevinCostner read with Jillian Estell for the @SAGFoundation! @storylineonline #toocute

Crystal Hubbard ‏@XstalBooks tweeted: @estell_jillian I loved your reading of Catching the Moon w/Kevin Costner at  Thank you!

NY1 News ‏@NY1 tweeted: @ShelleyGoldberg talked to Kevin Costner about family, race and his movie “Black or White.”

iTunes Movies ‏@iTunesMovies tweeted: This is what Kevin Costner hopes you take away from @BlackorWhite. #LoveHasNoColor

The cast of the upcoming film Black or White joined District and Hollywood notables for an exclusive movie screening and conversation on January 14, 2015, at The Hay-Adams. Among the intimate crowd was Relativity Founder and CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh, cast members Kevin Costner, Anthony Mackie, and Mpho Koaho, media personalities Jake Tapper, Chris Matthews, and Suzanne Malveaux, and Obama administration officials such as Attorney General Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett. Photography By Emily Clack

Nothing More commented: #FBF to that time we met Kevin Costner at SiriusXM Radio headquarters in NYC. He was a very nice person and chatted with us for a bit. We wish him the best with his musical endeavors.

Nothing More Band website:

Picture by stabbymcdangerous - sean: Tonight's backstage area was covered in Kevin Costner quotes. Literally all the walls we printed with his famous lines. Guess the wall I took this on. #jazz #bass #gig #kevincostner

Doug McDowall ‏@dougzone2_1 tweeted: My fav #LateShow was 20 y ago. #laterehearsal #SmallTownNews #DickAssman #KevinCostner #ThanksDave #stillhavethevideo

Starland Ballroom meeting Kevin pictures by Michael Herdeen:

Pictures by Diane Flohre at Indiana State Fair, August 8, 2013:

Choctaw Casino Centerstage by Scene In Town on July 20, 2012:

Picture by audraleeha - Audra Leigh: You know.. Nothing special, just Audra Leigh and #KevinCostner (Good Morning America)

Picture by gaellebuswel - Gaelle Buswel: Met KEVIN COSTNER!!! Done! #happy #music #kevincostner @kevincostnermodernwest #smile #art #country #folk #gibson #cinema #paris

Kate Smith ‏@KAR33 tweeted: Surprise Kevin Costner appearance, shilling jewelry.

Pictures and article: TH woman meets Costner through painting By LaReesa Sandretsky on May 9, 2014

BHCCARS ‏@jamiebhccars tweeted: Throwback Thursday so me and Kevin Costner when we worked together on the Jack Ryan film he is one cool guy and yes cooler then you @lennythegeeza sorry to say 😂 #KevinCostner #CIA #JackRyan #CloseProtection #GrateGuy #GrateFilm #london #sloanestreet #harrods #SClass #Mercedes #CoolGuy #WhatAPleasureToWorkWith

Costner, Elway in county for private hunting By Akasha Spino-Bybee For The Sentinel March 18, 2015

Der Mit Dem Wolf Tanzt - Kevin Costner zu Besuch im Business Club Hamburg

Kevin Costner, July 2009; Kevin is most known as an actor (duh!) for movies like “Dances with Wolves”, “The Body Guard”, “Field of Dreams”, “Tin Cup” & many many more. Something most people probably don’t know about him is that he also has a band – Kevin Costner & the Modern West. They came to a local venue & I shimmied by way into a meet & greet with him. I remember him being very quiet & almost shy-like. But he was very nice & signed my pass & a few things for the station.

Spread Your Wings ‏@WingsYouSpread tweeted: #KevinCostner: If the sun comes up tomorrow, it is only because of men of good will #Goodmovie #THIRTEENDAYS

Pictures by Connie Kello Berardinis:

‘What if I don’t like the film?’ I asked Kevin Costner. ‘Keep your mouth shut’ By Piers Morgan Event for The Mail on Sunday Published: 11 April 2015

Sandy Little ‏@sandylittle21 tweeted: #ThrowbackThursday 1995 Kevin Costner and Jason. @modernwest @JasonRichter_ fun day for sure!

Videos by Charlotte Ledoult: La Cigale Paris 2011

MAYK AZZATO Photography shared ARQUEONAUTAS's photo:

Translated: Interview with Kevin Costner - brand ambassador Jacques Lemans:

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