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More from KC & MW at Malibu Guitar Festival...

kimi tee ‏@mskimitee tweeted: @modernwest you guys were so good n fun. I felt so #alive & #lifted. Thanks 😊#KevinCostner #WhoKnew?" #ModernWest

Julie Ellerton ‏@JulieEllerton tweeted: @TheMalibuTimes #KevinCostner @Modernwest + daughter @Lilycostner @MalibuGtrFest. #MusicInMalibu #Lovinit #MyDayInLA

Melissa ‏@mheck82 tweeted: Kevin Costner & @modernwest

bridgette fox ‏@BridgetteFoxs tweeted: Really cool to meet kevin Costner ❤️ his new band

Tom Dolez ‏@TomForDays tweeted: Kevin Costner and The White Buffalo put it down at the @malibugtrfest with a @jimjordanphoto cameo.

TINA Hillstrom ‏@TINAHILLSTROM1 tweeted: Best Party for 4 Days @MalibuGtrFest Hats off to @brandolini789 @SuccessWellness #KevinCostner rocks it

Adri Becerra ‏@AdriLuvsKISS tweeted: #KevinCostner rock'n out with his daughter @malibugtrfest this past weekend... #rocknroll #music

Kayla Tabish ‏@KaylaTabish tweeted: #KevinCostner #NintyMilesAnHour #KaylaTabish @ Malibu, California

Picture by dynadom: #malibuguitarfestival #lumberyard #kevincostner #Wanderlust

Pictures by dawlinphotography - Dawlin Photography: A few shots from the #malibuguitarfestival with #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #losangelesphotographer #dawlinphotography #followme #acousticguitar #singer #gibsonacoustic #nikonnofilter #actors

Pictures by Brian Goldberg:

MalibuGuitarFestival ‏@MalibuGtrFest tweeted: Simply FANTASTIC performance by @modernwest at the #MalibuGuitarFestival. We can't have enough of them #KevinCostner

Douglas DeLuca ‏@brandolini789 tweeted: We couldn't be happier that @modernwest rocked #malibu during the @MalibuGtrFest #MalibuGuitarFestival #KevinCostner

Picture by brandolini789 - Doug DeLuca: It was #fantastic having @kevincostnermodernwest be in our first annual #MalibuGuitarFestival. We are thrilled. Thanks to all the came support and came to see him. Follow him at @kevincostnermodernwest and grab an album. Great stuff! Photo credit: @dakinidesigns #KevinCostner

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Got to have my daughter, Lily join me on stage at the Malibu Guitar Festival

Kevin Costner & Modern West # Malibu Guitar Festival - Snapshots by ichiban2592007 Published on May 18, 2015 Malibu Guitar Festival 5/17/2015 , song : "Stand Strong"- CD " Where The Music Takes You" by Kevin Costner & Modern West

Excerpt: Las Vegan Jaki Baskow, longtime celebrity broker and event producer, was in Malibu on Sunday at the annual Guitar Festival to check out one of the bands. Earlier this year, Doug DeLuca, the executive producer for Jimmy Kimmel’s show, had asked her if she could help land a band for the festival, which DeLuca was producing. It was a longshot, but she made a call to a friend of the band’s frontman. Sure enough, Kevin Costner and his band Modern West, agreed to pitch in for Malibu’s Boys and Girls Clubs. “Talk about paying it forward,” she said. About 10 years ago, she booked Cosner for an Italian TV and made some honeymoon arrangements for him in Florence.

Malibu celebrates inaugural guitar fest By Chris Bashaw May 19, 2015

Malibu Guitar Festival: Kevin Costner & Modern West perform at the Malibu Guitar Festival For the #KevinCostner's fans another little video. We'll be posting more videos and pictures. Come back again

John Densmore ‏@JohnDensmore tweeted: Had a moment to speak with Kevin Costner about my tribute to Michael Blake in Rolling Stone. (cc: @modernwest)

Dances With Freedom: Doors' John Densmore Remembers Writer Michael Blake A tribute to the 'Dances With Wolves' writer, who died this week at age 69 By Rolling Stone May 5, 2015

Emily Scher commented: Lily Costner, daughter of Kevin Costner & Modern West performed so beautifully this weekend at the Malibu Guitar Festival. I got to cover this epic event, the first year kicking off a spectacular taste of talent, for The Local Malibu and 90265 Magazine. #luckyme #lilycostner #live #music #crosscreek #malibu

Emily Scher Photography commented: Lily Costner gettin' silly between sets with her dad Kevin Costner & Modern West on the last day of the Malibu Guitar Festival The Local Malibu 90265 Magazine #lilycostner #gorgeous #daddysgirl

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