Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kevin spending time in Las Vegas, Nevada...

Alex Oteyza ‏@alexoteyza68 tweeted: Did I mention Kevin Costner is also here!!!! He's on the right!!! (Paradise, NV) (Posted 4:16pm June 26th)

Steve Wynn's ShowStoppers:

Paradise, Nevada:,_Nevada

Robin Leach ‏@Robin_Leach tweeted: Kevin Costner and family watching original Cirque show Mystere tonight at TI (Posted 9:15pm June 27th)

Norm Clarke ‏@Norm_Clarke tweeted: Saturday night star power in #Vegas: QB Marcus Mariota at Reba Brooks & Dunn, Kevin Costner at Mystery and Don Cheadle @ Palazzo. #lvrj (Posted 10:38pm June 27th)

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at Mystère Theatre 3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

More of Kevin's voice overs for the ESPN CWS...

2015 College World Series - Vanderbilt vs TCU "Love" Kevin Costner Essay from ESPN CCU

Laura Faurot ‏@Japanese_Ginger tweeted: Kevin Costner extolling the virtues of it! (Posted June 20th)

RDPinRVA ‏@UVApolitics87 tweeted: Man that is one sweet promo for Florida ESPN had narrated by Kevin Costner..... (Posted June 20th)

Infamous ‏@infamous540 tweeted: Hey @espn where is the Virginia Kevin Costner promo? Do you have to be an SEC team to get that? @NCAACWS needs to be pulled from ESPN!!!! (Posted June 20th)

Infamous ‏@infamous540 tweeted: @EmbracePaceUVA @karlravechespn How about that Kevin Costner promo for Florida, you won't see one for Virginia. #eSECpn (Posted June 20th)

Andrew Knuppel ‏@AndrewKnuppel tweeted: can I watch that Kevin Costner-narrated UVa video again? (Posted June 20th)

Rico Martinez ‏@The1andonlyRMM tweeted: Kevin Costner's narration in the CWS reminded me of Dances With Wolves (Posted June 20th)

Coach Bo ‏@The_Grind_101 tweeted: That commercial just got me so hype!!!! #KevinCostner #WahooWa "don't count them out just yet" 🔶🔷 (Posted June 20th)

Lannie White ‏@cvillelambo tweeted: I love you again Kevin Costner! Finally a voice over for @UVABaseball #OmaHoos (Posted June 20th)

Mountaineer Nation ‏@MCHSNation tweeted: Kevin Costner narrating for UVA baseball, how appropriate #wahoowa (Posted June 20th)

FEAGANSTKQ ‏@moochwong tweeted: Nothing says CWS quite like Kevin Costner and Modern West! #oneshiningmoment (Posted June 22nd)

Tas Smith ‏@tasmithsr tweeted: Got to love Kevin Costner doing the College World Series voice overs (Posted June 22nd)

Kelsey ‏@KSay4SF tweeteed: Love hearing Kevin Costner and @modernwest during the #CWS. (Posted June 22nd)

Tyler Williams ‏@therealtdiddy tweeted: About the coolest thing that can happen to a baseball player or team: having a montage narrated by Kevin Costner (Posted June 22nd)

Bo Patterson ‏@LegallyJohn tweeted: These Kevin Costner monologues in the CWS are the real deal. #ForTheLoveOfTheGame #CWSFinals (Posted June 23rd)

Keirce Kimbel ‏@keirce_kimbel10 tweeted: Gotta love Kevin Costner narrating for the College World Series promos #billychapel (Posted June 23rd)

Casey Jo Byrd ‏@kcCurry30 tweeted: This commercial narrated by Kevin Costner during the College World Series 🙌 (Posted June 23rd)

Lark11 ‏@Lark_11 tweeted: Kevin Costner narrating the College World Series intros is pretty much perfect. #CWS2015 (Posted June 24th)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kevin fishing for Fathers Day in British Columbia...

LM ‏@lor_mason tweeted: Just met KEVIN FREAKING COSTNER 😍 omg bucketlist ✔️✔️ (Posted 2:29pm June 20th)

BG @_guthrie14 tweeted: My dad isn't here for Father's Day, but he did get to play pool and go fishing with Kevin Costner (Posted June 21st)

Bella Bella, British Columbia:

Picture by superman___33 - Warren S: Got to meet #KevinCostner today #RobinHood #FieldOfDreams #WyattEarp #ElliottNess # (Posted 3:04pm June 23rd)

Conrad @Conrad56471181 tweeted: (Bella Bella Airport) Awesome! Kevin Costner passed through the Airport. Good to know some rumours are true he goes fishing around here. (Posted 12:15pm June 23rd)

Picture by TypicalCanadian_: So, Kevin Costner came to Bella Bella. (Posted June 23rd)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Several items of interest....

Malibu Guitar Festival - Kevin Costner Interview (raw footage) from Brad Stanley The Malibu Guitar Festival is a 4-day music festival kicking off with an opening night fundraiser, two days/nights of performances in local restaurants, bars and outdoor public areas, culminating with an all-day outdoor concert. The Malibu Guitar Festival is community-minded event that inspires young people, supports local charities and provides a fun, art-filled weekend for all in the beauty and magic of Malibu, California.

Kevin & Lily Costner's Duet "Share The Love" ...Celebrating Father's Day By Pixel | Posted 4 hours ago | Malibu, California Recently I had the pleasure of meeting two of Kevin Costner’s daughters Lily and Annie, while covering the Malibu Guitar Fest where Costner and his band ModernWest performed. Emotions ran high as Lily Coster performed a duet with her dad. The audience loved it. This is a quick clip from their performance along with images from the same performances exceeded in the clip. A treasured love that between a father and daughter... Happy Father’s Day to Father’s everywhere!

Academy Award-Winning Kevin Costner Flutters Hearts At New Friends New Life’s Wings Luncheon Apr 27, 2015 9:30 AM by Jeanne Prejean

Exclusive: Kevin Costner And Gal Gadot Filming Criminal At Camber Sands by FameFlynet Published on Jun 5, 2015 Kevin Costner and Israeli actress Gal Gadot are seen filming scenes for their new film 'Criminal' in Camber Sands, Essex.

Brian Tyler & Keith Power to Score ‘Criminal’ Posted: June 10, 2015 by filmmusicreporter

'McFarland USA' has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards 2015 Movie Drama along with 'Fury' 'If I Stay' 'The Age of Adaline' 'The Longest Ride' and 'The Theory of Everything'

Hollywood finally embraces the older woman by John Harlow June 7, 2015 Excerpt: Kevin Costner, 60, was an early champion of what has been dubbed the “10-year-old rule” — that a male actor should not have a love interest more than a decade his junior. For the 1989 film Field of Dreams he cast Amy Madigan, four years his senior, as his wife.

Neil G Daley ‏@NeilDaley tweeted: #tbt Kevin Costner @ Taste of Syracuse, June 6, 2009. With the Taste of Syracuse coming up this weekend, I figured I'd feature a former TOS headliner. Actor, director, and musician, Kevin Costner with his band Modern West played to a packed crowd in downtown Syracuse. #livemusic #syracuserocks #tasteofsyracuse

Davis Mendoza commented: Kevin Costner with his band Modern West at the #malibuguitarfestival

Let's Bring Kevin Costner & Modern West to Pittsburgh! 4/23/2014 On tax day during a rainy full moon lunar eclipse........ Kevin Costner's Band Rocked Annapolis by Marci Lynn McGuinness

The Rod Dedeaux Foundation video narrated by Kevin Costner

Brendan Russo ‏@RussoThing tweeted: This is real. #kevincostner #burbank (Posted June 3rd)

Exclusive Video: Kevin Costner in ‘Black or White’ By Bill Newcott May 4, 2015’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Binder in the act of directing Costner and other cast members in the film

1991 - Oliver Stone and Kevin Costner Discuss 'JFK' by TheClassicSports Published on Jun 1, 2015 Aired in late 1991.

listed offer ‏@listedoffer tweeted: Kevin Costner Signed 1987 Carlye Hotel Invoice Lot 136

Road Trip to Field of Dreams By Life Uploaded on Dec 5, 2006 I took a road trip this summer from PA to TX to visit Texas Christian University as a possible grad school choice... If you've never taken a road trip, I suggest you do it!!! AMAZING time!!! I made a stop at Field of Dreams in Iowa (my favorite movie) and it just happened to be the day that Kevin Costner came back to the field!!! He hadn't been back since leaving the shooting of the film in 1988!!!! I had just stopped by randomly and was a part of history.. Simply an amazing place and any FOD fan should go!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kevin recording voice overs for ESPN CWS broadcasts...

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Recording voice overs for ESPN for the College World Series #ESPN #CollegeWorldSeries #standstrong Posted by Mark Gillard:

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Been hearing our new song on the College World Series? You can pick it up NOW over on iTunes -

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tweets about Kevin voicing segments for the CWS...

Caroline Darney ‏@cwdarney tweeted: So, re-watching the game from yesterday, with sound. How perfect the Kevin Costner narration just before the 8th inning. #dontcountemout (Posted June 14th)

Bananas Foster ‏@geauxcrimson tweeted: Is Kevin Costner singing the official theme song for CWS this year (Posted June 14th)

Kendall Lawson ‏@2FAB4YUHBAE tweeted: Kevin Costner & Modern West song gets played during the ESPN College World Series. Nice. #CWS2015 (Posted June 14th)

Remember Rosenblatt ‏@rememberblatt tweeted: @cwsupdates Any Kevin Costner sightings in the Big O? He's always been a CSF supporter. (Posted June 14th)

Brian Cain ‏@BrianCainPeak tweeted: No way TCU should be in Omaha @TCU_Baseball @TCUSchloss @bfinny29 #cwschat @kevincostner (Posted June 14th)

Heather Rubel ‏@RubelHeather tweeted: Awesome spot #kevincostner for #calstatefullerton #titans #CWS2015 lets go cal state!! #beatvandy (Posted June 14th)

Molly ‏@taggggurit tweeted: Can anyone give me an update on Kevin Costner's location? #findkevin #mollymeetskevin2k15 #cws (Posted June 14th)

Joe McHale ‏@JoeMcHale tweeted: Is @kevincostner at the #CWS cheering on @csufcb ??? (Posted June 14th)

sarah fertelli ‏@fertelli tweeted: Based on the giant thunder clap I just heard I'm thinkin it's a good thing I didn't head downtown tonight. #CWS2015 #gotitans @kevincostner (Posted June 14th)

Morgan Sthele ‏@msthele4 tweeted: My love for Kevin Costner just grew a bit with that #CollegeWorldSeries video #FieldOfDreams (Posted June 15th)

Mary Sandridge ‏@mmsandridge tweeted: How cool! Kevin Costner voiced that piece about our Cavaliers returning to Omaha. #OmaHoos #CWS (Posted June 15th)

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Let's go @fullertontitans #CWS #StandStrong (Posted June 15th)

Eric Byers ‏@toocountry4u55 tweeted: A little @UVABaseball narrated by Kevin Costner #Omahoos #WahooWa (Posted June 16th)

Mary Sandridge ‏@mmsandridge tweeted: How cool! Kevin Costner voiced that piece about our Cavaliers returning to Omaha. #OmaHoos #CWS (Posted June 16th)

Amy Doonan Cronin ‏@AmyDCronin tweeted: Kevin Costner doing the @UVABaseball voiceover. I'm melting. (Posted June 16th)

Ed Watson ‏@SQLGator tweeted: This whole Kevin Costner thing at the #CWS is so awesome. #VoiceOfBaseball (Posted June 16th)

TCU vs LSU intro by Kevin Costner by Rex Bohn Published on Jun 16, 2015 Costner's intro for TCU before their CWS game with LSU June 13, 2015.

Joseph Williams ‏@jjosephwilliams tweeted: Kevin Costner narrating about magic of baseball over Vanderbilt highlights might be the greatest thing ever. Let's go Dores! #reigning (Posted June 16th)

Jessica Roswell ‏@jessroswell tweeted: @ESPNMusic Awesome music pick with @csuf alum Kevin Costner @modernwest "Stand Strong". #tusksup #TitanPride (Posted June 16th)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

KC & MW featured during ESPN's CWS broadcasts...

New Cameras, Technology Highlight ESPN’s 36th College World Series By Mike Hume June 10, 2015  Excerpt: ESPN’s 36th consecutive College World Series Presented by Capital One from Omaha, Nebraska...will begin Saturday, June 13...include up to 17 telecasts on ESPN or ESPN2, concluding with the June 22-24 best-of-three College World Series Finals...Every game will also be available on WatchESPN....ESPN will incorporate the music of Kevin Costner & Modern West, including the newly released “Stand Strong” and “Turn It On” from the 2010 album of the same name. The music will be used as part of highlight packages, transitions in and out of commercial breaks, and in other ways. ESPN will also create video montages of game and scenic highlights with footage of the band performing in concert for the coverage. In addition to music from his band, the telecasts will feature “Sense of the Place Essays” voiced by Costner.

Monday, June 8, 2015

KC & MW to play the Ventura County Fair...

Kevin Costner and Modern West are going to play the Ventura County Fair 2015 at 10 West Harbor Blvd, Ventura, California, on Monday, August 10, 2015, at 7:30pm at the Grandstand. The concert is FREE with Fair Admission.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

'Runway' Magazine interview and ARQUEONAUTAS pictures....

Kevin Costner Speaks To RUNWAY In Berlin About Fashion Brand Arqueonautas December 29, 2014

Some ARQUEONAUTAS pictures:

Arqueonautas mit Kevin Costner by brands4friends Published on Jun 5, 2015 Noch bis zum 07.06. entdeckt ihr die maritime Mode des Hamburger Labels Arqueonautas bei uns im Shop, an der auch Schauspiel-Legende Kevin Costner und seine Frau Gefallen finden! Hier geht's zur Aktion:

Cat Beahan Brady ‏@catbeahan tweeted: @shelfies My buddy @lauramc58 loves her #hoodie wore it @foofighters in #Slane today! #fresh #kevincostner

Cat Beahan Brady ‏@catbeahan tweeted: @janetlallen I got it made for her 30th Birthday, she is a big #kevincostner fan. You can get them custom made @shelfies it's pretty cool!

Shelfies website:

Saturday, June 6, 2015

KC & MW to play Harris Center in Folsom, California...

Kevin Costner and Modern West are going to play the Harris Center for the Arts, Stage 1, on the campus of Folsom Lake College at 10 College Parkway, Folsom, California on two nights, Friday, August 7, 2015, at 8:00pm and Saturday, August 8, 2015, at 8:00pm. Tickets prices are: $55 - $85; Premium $95 and go on sale Monday, June 15, 2015, at 10:00am.

Friday, June 5, 2015

KC & MW to play 'BellyUp Tavern' in Solana Beach, California...

An Evening With Kevin Costner and Modern West at the 'BellyUp Tavern' at 143 S Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach, California, on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 8:00pm. Ticket prices are: $79 advanced / $84 reserved seating / $139 reserved seating.

Picture by star_anglina.c - Star: I would love to go see Kevin Costner and his band Modern West on August 11th at the Belly Up in Solana Beach... tickets are $79 plus $10 fee. . Uhhh. I will only pay $89 for a few musicians that I truly LOVE .. Practical $90 and haven't even heard Kevin Costner sing before.. but I LOVE him. So who knows. . emoji #bellyup #solanabeach #music #kevincostner

Thursday, June 4, 2015

More on 'McFarland USA' DVD and Blu-ray release...

Picture by david92_v - David Valenzuela: Can't believe this day has finally come!!!! emoji Being apart of this movie was such an incredible experience. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and to have made new friends along the way. I hope I can continue to do something with acting. It has really opened my eyes to new opportunities. Out on DVD and Blu-Ray today!!!! Just got my copy!!! emoji #McFarlandUSA

Picture by chelsearendon - Chelsea Rendon: Go out and get your copy of #McFarlandUSA out now!!! Still can't believe I was able to be apart of this amazing film! So proud of my bestie @carlospratts you killed it!!! Go support #LatinosinHollywood #latinos #excited #yay #Disney #KevinCostner

A Conversation with Kevin Costner on “McFarland, USA,” Privilege and Life by Whit on June 2, 2015

Kevin Costner Finds True Inspiration in 'McFarland, USA' by Whit Honea February 17, 2015

McFarland’s Carlos Pratts dishes on Kevin Costner, Backstreet Boys and more By Marriska Fernandes on June 2, 2015

Picture by ironworxbullys - Kevin Purvis: Just saw the movie McFarland. What a great inspirational movie! I was lucky enough to get to DJ a Halloween party for the entire cast and crew while they were in town filming the movie. So I got to hang out with Kevin Costner that night too. What a great guy he is. So down to earth and easy to talk to. It was an awesome night. Got to take pictures with most of the runners to. But this one was my favorite pic.

More on 'McFarland USA' Facebook page:

'McFarland USA' movie website:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'McFarland USA' DVD and Bluray Release today...

Aaron Perlman ‏@Aaronsweather tweeted: Guess who's in a deleted scene from #McFarlandUSA @sjravelar @Ramiroo_17 @bakersfieldnow

Johnny Ortiz ‏@MrJohnnyOrtiz tweeted: #TBT with #KevinCostner @modernwest #McfarlandUSA Available on Blu-ray & DVD June 2! #Nevergiveup #KeepDreamsalive

Picture by baran.yani: #mcfarlandusa #nikicaro #kevincostner #truestory #cross #crosscountry #coach #blanchos #sport #spirit #ambition #passion

Picture by threedifferent:

EXCLUSIVE: 'McFarland, USA' Cougars Reminisce With Kevin Costner By Celia Fernandez June 1, 2015 Check out the exclusive bonus screen of Costner talking to the real life Cougars, including Coach Jim White, reminiscing about the past

Exclusive Clip: ‘McFarland USA’ Deleted Scene May 27, 2015 Jim and Jenks go toe-to-toe

'McFarland USA' on Rotten Tomatoes: 79% of Critics liked it and 91% of Audience liked it: