Saturday, June 27, 2015

More of Kevin's voice overs for the ESPN CWS...

2015 College World Series - Vanderbilt vs TCU "Love" Kevin Costner Essay from ESPN CCU

Laura Faurot ‏@Japanese_Ginger tweeted: Kevin Costner extolling the virtues of it! (Posted June 20th)

RDPinRVA ‏@UVApolitics87 tweeted: Man that is one sweet promo for Florida ESPN had narrated by Kevin Costner..... (Posted June 20th)

Infamous ‏@infamous540 tweeted: Hey @espn where is the Virginia Kevin Costner promo? Do you have to be an SEC team to get that? @NCAACWS needs to be pulled from ESPN!!!! (Posted June 20th)

Infamous ‏@infamous540 tweeted: @EmbracePaceUVA @karlravechespn How about that Kevin Costner promo for Florida, you won't see one for Virginia. #eSECpn (Posted June 20th)

Andrew Knuppel ‏@AndrewKnuppel tweeted: can I watch that Kevin Costner-narrated UVa video again? (Posted June 20th)

Rico Martinez ‏@The1andonlyRMM tweeted: Kevin Costner's narration in the CWS reminded me of Dances With Wolves (Posted June 20th)

Coach Bo ‏@The_Grind_101 tweeted: That commercial just got me so hype!!!! #KevinCostner #WahooWa "don't count them out just yet" πŸ”ΆπŸ”· (Posted June 20th)

Lannie White ‏@cvillelambo tweeted: I love you again Kevin Costner! Finally a voice over for @UVABaseball #OmaHoos (Posted June 20th)

Mountaineer Nation ‏@MCHSNation tweeted: Kevin Costner narrating for UVA baseball, how appropriate #wahoowa (Posted June 20th)

FEAGANSTKQ ‏@moochwong tweeted: Nothing says CWS quite like Kevin Costner and Modern West! #oneshiningmoment (Posted June 22nd)

Tas Smith ‏@tasmithsr tweeted: Got to love Kevin Costner doing the College World Series voice overs (Posted June 22nd)

Kelsey ‏@KSay4SF tweeteed: Love hearing Kevin Costner and @modernwest during the #CWS. (Posted June 22nd)

Tyler Williams ‏@therealtdiddy tweeted: About the coolest thing that can happen to a baseball player or team: having a montage narrated by Kevin Costner (Posted June 22nd)

Bo Patterson ‏@LegallyJohn tweeted: These Kevin Costner monologues in the CWS are the real deal. #ForTheLoveOfTheGame #CWSFinals (Posted June 23rd)

Keirce Kimbel ‏@keirce_kimbel10 tweeted: Gotta love Kevin Costner narrating for the College World Series promos #billychapel (Posted June 23rd)

Casey Jo Byrd ‏@kcCurry30 tweeted: This commercial narrated by Kevin Costner during the College World Series πŸ™Œ (Posted June 23rd)

Lark11 ‏@Lark_11 tweeted: Kevin Costner narrating the College World Series intros is pretty much perfect. #CWS2015 (Posted June 24th)

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