Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where Kevin's been seen recently...

Aspen Buzz @TheAspenBuzz tweeted: #KevinCostner spotted on the Hotel Jerome terrace for a late lunch. #aspen #celebrity (Posted 3:09pm June 30th)

Savannah ‏@steinfeldaf tweeted: I just saw Kevin Costner downtown Aspen­čśé (Posted 12:23pm July 5th)

Scott Gordon @StudioHaloLA tweeted: A little confused as to why I'm at my desk working while my daughter is at Kevin Costner's beach house. (Posted 1:08pm July 7th)

├śLIVIA ‏@jcsvans tweeted: I was on the same elevator as Kevin Costner for about 10 seconds woah @modernwest (Posted 8:48pm July 20th)

Dakotah Steakhouse commented: Mr. Kevin Costner was our guest tonight. (Posted 8:39pm July 21st)

Main Street Square ‏@MainStSquare tweeted: @modernwest We hope you enjoyed @DowntownRC and Main Street Square! #kevincostner #HiFromSD #BlackHills (Posted July 22nd)

Marilyn Foster commented: Oh My Gosh! Here is the latest with Kevin Costner: Julie Lardy just called to tell me that Jordan Lardy got to meet him this trip! Woo Whoo! Jordan, I must get ALL the details from you! Did you shake his hand and swear never to wash it again? LOL I hope his presence shined. He really is a down to earth, very real guy that just happens to have lots of money because he has worked very HARD at it!

Bailey Elekonich ‏@Elekonich23 tweeted: Got to meet Kevin Costner today at his museum ✔️ (Posted July 22nd)

Mr. Church ‏@JackTheMaverick tweeted: @Xzyliac We had a surprise visit from Kevin Costner earlier today, he wanted to show his family around, check his businesses, and get DQ. (Posted 3:33pm July 22nd)

Starbucks worker made sure Costner's money was real by Stephanie Casanova July 23, 2015

Lara Thomas ‏@LaraThomasOnAir tweeted: Just had my own Kevin Costner sighting. OMG. DYING RIGHT NOW He was across the street at the Alex and I jumped him! smile emoticon I have no shame. I was shaking like a leaf... and could barely get my get my camera to work... lol. I even called him Mr. Costner. He was packing up his SUV at the hotel across the street from my work and I jumped at a chance of a lifetime. (Posted 7:03am July 23rd)

Chris Hipple commented: I took him fishing twice, nice guy (Posted July 23rd)

Larry Womack ‏@Larry_Insight tweeted: Kevin Costner meets an Insight Vacations group at his renown Tatanka Museum #insighmoments (Posted 12:47pm July 23rd)

Cary Ann Davis ‏@caryanndavis tweeted: Kevin Costner in RC my sister's cool photo opp with him on her lunch break. (Posted 1:41pm July 23rd)

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