Sunday, August 9, 2015

KC & MW play again at Harris Center, Folsom, CA...

Harris Center/Three Stages at Folsom Lake College commented: Former Los Rios Chancellor (and current CA Community College Chancellor) Brice Harris chats with Kevin Costner before tonight's sold out Kevin Costner & Modern West concert (Posted 7:15pm August 7th)

Sharon Covington commented: Fantastic concert tonight in Folsom!!!!! Thank you!!! (Posted August 7th)

Holli Nettles Woods commented: WOW! what a fantastic concert.........GREAT JOB, Kevin Costner & Modern West (Posted August 7th)

Nancy Vehling-Parkinson commented: Such a fun night with my girls in the front row;))) We all got guitar picks personally from Kevin:))) (Posted August 7th)

Kristi Smylie commented: We get to see the band tomorrow night My husband is so excited he is acting like a little kid telling everyone he knows. (Posted August 7th)

Kathleen Parr Flint commented: It was a fabulous show! Thanks so much for heading North! (Posted August 7th)

Kelly Prine Auradou commented: My husband and I loved your show. It was a great night out. We enjoyed all of the stories very much. The music is so meaningful and caring I am grateful that we were able to see you last night. Thank you and the band for our lovely datenight. (Posted August 7th)

Terri Byrd Zinchiak commented: Great show, great guys!!! We had such a good time tonight and loved the new songs!! Listened to the new CD on the way home. Thanks, Kevin, for making my night and allowing me to check one more thing off my bucket list - to see you in person!! (Posted August 7th)

Debbie Pascoa commented: We just saw your performance! Nicely done! I love your stories! (Posted August 7th)

Judy Hickey Lockhart commented: What an awesome show. Soooo happy I finally got to see you and the band. (Posted August 7th)

Lisa Aiello commented: Woo hoo see u tonight Kevin 💖 we just arrived & look! U made it on the local town of Folsom sign! (Posted August 8th)

Kathy Doty Smith commented: Our high school daughter Nicole bought us tickets for tonight's show at Harris to see Kevin Costnor on my birthday. HOW COOL IS THIS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (Posted August 8th)

Kelley Stark commented: Great show! Loved your stories! Come back soon!

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington:

martin andert ‏@mandertde tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern west. My traveling companions for the next week throughout beautiful California (working for Performance Lighting as repair/lighting tech) (Posted 4:21pm August 8th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Side stage view from Devins mixing console. Folsom CA. Night 2. ‪#‎longwayfromhome‬ (Posted 9:23pm August 8th)

Cherie Bates ‏@clbbates tweeted: Thanks Kevin Costner and @modernwest for an unforgettable night in Folsom CA (Posted 10:08pm August 8th)

Sarah Radtke commented: "If you want to know what life is for, this is it." Another great concert tonight. I am so thankful for these people and these experiences. Dreams really do come true. I am truly blessed. (Posted August 8th)

Picture by bryn_bot - bryn peterson: So don't mind my being unprepared and kinda looking like crap but HOLY SHIT it's Kevin Costner!! But I mean... no big deal #kevincostner #silverfox (Posted August 8th)

Picture by marisssssssa: Hey Kev. #kevincostner #fieldofdreams #wheresthealcohol (Posted August 8th)

Picture by traintoepping - Meghan: Fun night in Folsom watching Kevin Costner and the Modern West! Thanks @chinara12 for letting me drag you along. #kevincostnermodernwest #kevincostner #moviestarcrush #concert #music #90milesanhour #folsom #girlsnig (Posted August 8th)

Jennifer Hamm Ford commented: I was there! Great show. Loved the story telling, music, & Kevin;) (Posted August 8th)

William Sean Smylie commented: Fantastic show! Amazing night! ;) (Posted August 8th)

Kristi Smylie commented: It was an amazing show!!! ;) (Posted August 8th)

Lynnelle Fothergill commented: Thank You Kevin Costner and Modern West for an amazing show! (Posted August 8th)

Lori Neuburger Howell commented: What a wonderful show! Loved every song and really enjoyed meeting Kevin after! Just tried on my new tshirt;) (Posted August 8th)

Roni McFadden commented: It was awesome!! My mom was dancing in Heaven! And my best friend is a Gold Star Mom and your song was such a beautiful tribute to her lost son Cpl Jeffrey Starr. Thank you! (Posted August 8th)

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