Saturday, August 8, 2015

KC & MW play Harris Center, Folsom, California...

Picture by sarahcostner18 - Sarah Radtke: I have the best mom. Road trip to California to see my favorite band, @kevincostnermodernwest !! (Posted August 4th)

Bobby Yang commented: My violin's primed (and my boots are shined). Back in the saddle with KC and his band this week in California. (Posted August 6th)

Kelsey ‏@KSay4SF tweeted: I get to see Kevin Costner and his band tomorrow. Let me just let that sink in... (Posted August 6th)

Judy Farah ‏@newsbabe1530 tweeted:L I talked to Kevin Costner! @modernwest Well, I answered phone when he called in for @kittykfbk Her interview with him at 5:10 pm on @kfbk (Posted 4:38pm August 6th)

The Afternoon News With Kitty O'Neal: Exclusive Interview: Kevin Costner and His Band Coming to Folsom: AUDIO INTERVIEW:

DW_IS_YUMMY ‏@DWisyummy tweeted: This weekend is gonna be a blast🎉🎶Going to see Kevin Costner & @modernwest 💖for the first time ever!🎶 should be EPIC! (Posted August 7th)

Brian Kameoka ‏@briankameoka tweeted: "Be right back... Kevin Costner needs me on stage guys." Today's edition of words I'd never thought I'd say. (Posted 4:22pm August 7th)

Barnett Parker ‏@BarnettParker tweeted: Gave reporter Emily Pritchard dirty job. She had to go interview Kevin Costner. See result 6p 11p News 10 #ModernWest News10 KXTV Sacramento (Posted 5:56pm August 7th)

Kelsey ‏@KSay4SF tweeted: My TL is slacking. Not one person has commented on the fact that I'm going to see Kevin Costner tonight. Like for real, for real! (Posted 6:08pm August 7th)

Darcie R Swedelson ‏@DazzlingDarcie tweeted: #KevinCostner #ModernWest love this husband of mine! (Posted 8:04pm August 7th)

kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Backstage pre game toast ... Going on stage now in Folsom CA. #rocknroll #kcmw #kevincostner #folsom (Posted 8:15pm August 7th)

Jacob Cantu ‏@_JCantu tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West in the house! #harriscenter (Posted 9:37pm August 7th)

Kelsey ‏@KSay4SF tweeted: Seriously such an amazing show by @modernwest. I would have enjoyed it even without Kevin Costner, but he was the perfect icing on the cake. (Posted 10:03pm August 7th)

Kelsey ‏@KSay4SF tweeted: Kevin Costner is even more incredible than I imagined. (Posted 10:30pm August 7th)

Emily Pritchard ‏@emilyjpritch tweeted: At 11 on @News10_CA, don't miss my interview w/ Kevin Costner! His band is performing in Folsom. Only on #News10 (Posted 10:55pm August 7th)

If there is a mic and a stage, they will come; Kevin Costner performs in Folsom by Emily Pritchard August 8, 2015

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Down in Nogales By Renate Burington Published on Aug 7, 2015 Harris Center for the Arts, Folsom, CA

Judy Farah ‏@newsbabe1530 tweeted: Who knew Kevin Costner sings and has a kick ass band? Played @HarrisCenter tonight with his rocking band @modernwest (Posted 12:42am August 8th)

Nicholas Efthimiou ‏@Nicholobe tweeted: shannonschmidt @heath7s mum and aunty were going on about Kevin Costner all last night haha. I think he was on tv! (Posted 1:00am August 8th)

Brian Kameoka ‏@briankameoka tweeted: With #KevinCostner at @HarrisCenter @ Harris Center/Three Stages at Folsom Lake College (Posted 1:10am August 8th)

Pictures by drew8625 - Drew: #instagood #instagram #instalike #instalove #instadaily #photo #photooftheday #pic #picture #picoftheday #kevincostner

Picture by sarahcostner18 - Sarah Radtke: These are the moments you live for. Awesome first night in Folsom, CA. @kevincostnermodernwest rocked it !! Nothing beats seeing your favorite band from the front row !! So thankful for everyone who makes this happen. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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