Tuesday, August 11, 2015

KC & MW play Napa Valley Performing Arts Center...

99.3 The Vine commented: Good morning and Happy Monday! Another amazing weekend in the Napa Valley. .with my new buddy, Kevin Costner! Life is , So Good! (Posted 6:41am August 10th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Sound check Napa. #moonsohigh (Posted 2:31pm August 9th)

Lisa Aiello commented: OMG he's such a doll! Biggest shock was trying to take in that he's really REAL?! Lol my fave actor of 20+ yrs has led to THIS! Right? Very surreal. And surprise was HOW shy he is & gets embarrassed easily, blushes easy. But the whole thing was stuff made of dreams ya know wink emoticon he's very charming. He had his flip flops on during meet n greet then changed into his cowboy boots for the show! Amazing. He's got the "it" factor for sure.

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Napa set list from our guitar techs box (Posted 6:30pm August 9th)

Boisset Wine Living commented: Kevin Costner knows how to rock! Jean-Charles is enjoying the show! Photo credit: Jean-Charles Boisset (Posted 4:40pm August 9th)

sarahcostner18 - Sarah Radtke: Another great concert. Absolutely blessed. @kevincostnermodernwest (Posted 5:05pm August 9th)

Susan Diehl ‏@ThatGirlSaid tweeted: @kevincostner Thanks for a fun afternoon in Yountville! You really warmed our hearts. You all rock! (Posted 5:51pm August 9th)

Hope Janae ‏@HopeJanaeStieb tweeted: Brb met Kevin Costner today.. (Posted 8:29pm August 9th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Napa set list from our guitar techs box (Posted 6:30pm August 9th)

DW_IS_YUMMY ‏@DWisyummy tweeted: @modernwest Had a blast this wkend in Folsom & Napa Kevin! U guys sure delivered🎶 Thanks 4 the memories! 😘 💖Lisa (Posted 12:16pm August 10th)

kristinastonebreaker ‏@k_stonebreaker tweeted: Beautiful @carissaashman wearing the Estelle dress with #kevincostner at his band Modern West's performance in Napa Valley #kristinastonebureaker #designer #napavalley #style #fashion #instastyle #picoftheday #streetstyle #lotd #potd (Posted 1:37pm August 10th)

Jean-Charles Boisset ‏@JC_Boisset tweeted: Kevin Costner & @modernwest know how to Rock & Roll. #NapaValley (Posted 3:50pm August 10th)

Video by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: Struck by lightning. Napa valley. emoji @gillzmcskilz #kevincostner #johncoinman #harmonica #tourlife #rocknroll (Posted August 11th)

Bobby Yang ‏@bobbyyang tweeted: Had a great time performing with @modernwest at the @Lincoln_Theater in Napa Valley. What a great sounding hall! #showtime #mfwv (Posted 2:52am August 10th)

Bobby Yang commented: Rolling through Napa Valley, California. En route with Kevin Costner & Modern West to the Ventura County Fair! 3 shows down, 2 more to go (Posted 6:47pm August 9th)

Lisa Aiello commented: U truly gave us a weekend full of memories that will last a lifetime! Thank u for bringin it all & leavin it on the stage in Folsom Saturday nite and Sunday afternoon in Napa! And for taking time to meet us...we had a blast! ...THIS is the stuff dreams are made of...and ya forced us to travel to places we'd never been what an EPIC weekend of great music & fun Kevin!

Lisa Aiello commented: Thanx Petrina! It was far too much to take in! Still on cloud nine! Just to have him shake my hand, say it's nice to meet u, omg then to talk to him about my fave movies- and all he cared about was if I liked his band & heard the music! Lol I said yes! We saw u last nite too- he wanted to know how we liked the show! He's so charming.

Kevin Costner & Modern West - Struck by lightening By Renate Burington Published on Aug 9, 2015 Napa Valley Performing Arts Center Yountville, CA 8/9/15

Ashley Hayes‎ commented: Kevin and the rest of the band, Booboo and I saw you in Yountville yesterday and I have been to maybe 200 concerts in the last 10 years with Booboo and we have seen some really big named bands but I have never enjoyed a concert as much as I did yesterday.... (Posted August 10th)

Alejandra H. Mejia tweeted: Thank you, for the great memories (Posted 12:10pm August 10th)

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington:

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