Friday, August 14, 2015

KC & MW play Solana Beach BellyUp Tavern...

Robyn Gocke Gabhart McLean‎ commented: Can't wait to see you in Solana Beach tonight! (Posted 7:00am August 11th)

Belly Up ‏@BellyUpMusic tweeted: We're so excited for tonight! The boys from #kevincostner @modernwest just arrived and its gonna be an awesome show!! (Posted 1:06pm August 11th)

Laurence Ayers We will see you tomorrow at the Belly Up tavern in Solana Beach.
Beal Real Estate ‏@bealre tweeted: Secret #kevincostner show our neighbors the @bellyupmusic in #SolanaBeach in the #Cedros Design (Posted 8:00pm August 11th)

Stewart Halpern ‏@stewartahalpern tweeted: Sings with Wolves too! #KevinCostner and @modernwest @BellyUpMusic (Posted 8:07pm August 11th)

Dr. Marissa Pei ‏@DrMarissaPei tweeted: #happiness88 is #flashingpeace and planting the seeds (gave my card to his manager...#KevinCostner (Posted 8:27pm August 11th)

Daren Sorenson ‏@DarenSorenson tweeted: Kevin Costner and his band modern west about to go on at BellyUp. Only in SoCL. #loveit (Posted 8:55pm August 11th)

Bonning Beach Homes commented: Kevin Costner (Posted 9:03pm August 11th)

Donna Green ‏@Donnaonevoice tweeted: Kevin Costner is so rocking it at Belly Up (Posted 9:05pm August 11th)

Goddess Severa ‏@GoddessSevera tweeted: Just saw Kevin Costner perform with his band in a small club in SD. Oh he's charming. Woman behind Me was complaining about "the Amazon". (Posted 9:16pm August 11th)

Raha ‏@Rahafox5 tweeted: No tickets? No problem! We take you inside Kevin Costner's San Diego concert tonight on @fox5sandiego news at 10p! (Posted 9:53pm August 11th)

caroline helmy ‏@carolinehelmy tweeted: Kevin Costner (Posted 10:26pm August 11th)

Stephanie Gabriel ‏@StphGabriel tweeted: Outstanding show at @BellyUpMusic tonight with #KevinCostner & @ModernWest - he could quit his day job! #SanDiego (Posted 10:34pm August 11th)

Daren Sorenson ‏@DarenSorenson tweeted: Celebrating after the show with Kevin Costner. Only in SoCal. (Posted 10:02pm August 11th)

Daren Sorenson ‏@DarenSorenson tweeted: Kevin, please tell your brother, "Thank you" for 1969. #venturanights #hero #angels @BellyUpMusic @modernwest (Posted 10:06pm August 11th)

VIDEO and article: Kevin Costner’s band rocks the Belly Up By Jaime Chambers August 12, 2015

jaime chambers ‏@jaimechambers tweeted: One of these guys has an Oscar and is playing a show tonight at the belly up #KevinCostner #fox5news (Posted August 11th)

Sabrina Wolman ‏@sabrinawolman tweeted: Who is that? Kevin Costner? He's in San Diego and @jaimechambers found him. See the interview on @fox5sandiego at 6

Robyn Gocke Gabhart McLean commented: I'm this close!

Robyn Gocke Gabhart McLean commented: I was a foot from his microphone! What a blast! Kevin Costner handed me a guitar pick and shook my hand for a long time! and my 90 year old mom went to the concert!

Robyn Gocke Gabhart McLean commented: This is how close I was

Stephanie Gabriel ‏@StphGabriel tweeted: Outstanding show at @BellyUpMusic tonight with #KevinCostner & @ModernWest - he could quit his day job! #SanDiego (Posted August 12th)

Karen Kleyla commented: Another daddy daughter date with KEVIN COSTNER! (Posted August 12th)

Lin Samson ‏@lin_sam tweeted: Kevin Costner was fabulous

Melissa Holtzer ‏@mholtzer_said tweeted: When Kevin Costner shows up across the street from your office, you better get a picture.

ROCK & ROLL: Kevin Costner shows off his musical side as his band Kevin Costner & Modern West hits the stage Tuesday night in Solana Beach, California.,,20944503_30373297,00.html

Daniel Knighton ‏@DanielKnighton tweeted: @modernwest #KevinCostner performing at @BellyUpMusic on 8/11/15 #countrymusic #PixelPerfectImages #DancesWithCostner (Posted 12:08am August 13th)

More of Daniel Knighton's pictures:

Joel Gitelson commented: John COINMAN and Bobby X with Kevin Costner and Modern West- at BELLY UP TAVERN - Solana Beach, CA

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: On the tour bus home from the Belly Up San Diego thank you, Belly Up Tavern (Posted August 12th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West -Belly Up Solana Beach,CA Snapshots Tour August 2015 by ichiban2592007 Published on Aug 12, 2015

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