Thursday, August 13, 2015

KC & MW play the Ventura County Fair...

Kevin Costner & MW ‏@modernwest tweeted: On the tour bus heading home to Ventura to play tonight @VenturaCtyFair can't wait to be back in my old hometown. (Posted 11:48am August 10th)

Bobby Yang commented: Idyllic Pacific Coast chillin'. Pre-show hang in Carpinteria. Headlining set *tonight* playing with Kevin Costner and his band at the Ventura County Fair! Show at 7:30PM. (Posted 12:36pm August 10th)

Adrian Garcia commented: See you there (Posted 2:15pm August 10th)

Downtown Ventura ‏@DowntownVentura tweeted: @modernwest @VenturaCtyFair Welcome home! Looking forward to your concert this evening! (Posted 2:54pm August 10th)

Ventura Rocks ‏@VenturaRocks1 tweeted: welcomes Kevin Costner & Modern West to the Ventura County Fair this evening! Concert included in price of admission. (Posted 1:17pm August 10th)

dolly m ‏@loather tweeted: Kevin Costner is playing the county fair with his band and people are freaking. out. (Posted 3:56pm August 10th)

Yasi Schmidt ‏@yasischmidt tweeted: No rush hr traffic will discourage us from seeing @modernwest at Ventura Co. Fair. #kevincostner #modernwest #countrymusic #LAtraffic (Posted 4:24pm August 10th)

Derry Eads ‏@DerryEads tweeted: One hour away from Kevin Costner and his band at the Ventura County Fair. (Posted 6:52pm August 10th)

Beverly Rollins ‏@BeverlyJRollins tweeted: Day 3 at the Fair. Waiting for Kevin Costner & Modern West- with Rich. (@ Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA) (Posted 7:24pm August 10th)

Nan ‏@nansfruit tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Ventura Fair! Hot Damn (Posted 7:43pm August 10th)

MVMike ‏@MVMike tweeted: LIVE on #Periscope: Kevin Costner Band Live @ the Ventura Co Fair (Posted 7:43pm August 10th

Troy Whiteley ‏@dawnerd tweeted: Holy cow it's Kevin Costner! (Posted 7:45pm August 10th)

SamarisTorresLangel ‏@LadySamaris tweeted: #kevincostner #concert #California (Posted 7:50pm August 10th)

Beverly Rollins ‏@BeverlyJRollins tweeted: Yes we are back at the Fair for Kevin Costner and Modern West! #Ventura #CountyFair2015 #country (Posted 7:54pm August 10th)

Picture by jamiesue014 - Jamie Best: #greatlineupthisyear #ilovethefair family time #kevincostner was great (Posted 7:54pm August 10th)

Kimberly Hunt ‏@10NewsHunt tweeted: OMG! My parents are at the Kevin Costner Band concert, obviously having a great time! Rock on mom! @modernwest (Posted 7:58pm August 10th)

Picture by mike_reign - Mike Reign: Ready to rock out with #KevinCostner and Modern West #VCFair (Posted 8:00pm August 10th)

Picture by tosh4me - Natacha M: Music is my drug! emoji#summernights #beachlife #californiasunset #fair #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #sing #dance #loveyourlife #music #concert (Posted 8:03pm August 10th)

Kimberly Hunt ‏@10NewsHunt tweeted: Great concert tonight in Ventura Kevin Costner and the @modernwest band! (Posted 8:23pm August 10th)

Jenny Guy ‏@JennyGuy tweeted: Kevin Costner at the Ventura County Fair!!! #thatsmyvc #dryland @ Ventura County Fair (Posted 8:04pm August 10th)

Beverly Rollins ‏@BeverlyJRollins tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West. #CountyFair2015 #country #Ventura @ Ventura Fair Grounds (Posted 8:04pm August 10th)

Beth Mansfield ‏@BethMansfield tweeted: #KevinCostner back home in #Ventura, playing the fair with his band #ModernWest. And yes, #BullDurham (Posted 8:09pm August 10th)

Marie Ballesteros Gerner commented: WOW..I can't believe he's now in front of me. KEVIN COSTNER & MODERN WEST BAND LIVE!!! — at Ventura County Fair Grandstand. (Posted 8:18pm August 10th)

Video by mike_reign - Mike Reign: Its moments like this #VenturaNights #KevinCostner #VCFair #MakingMemories #ChildhoodMemories (Posted 8:33pm August 10th)

SamarisTorresLangel ‏@LadySamaris tweeted: #kevincostner #concert (Posted 8:33pm August 10th)

Kevin Costner & Modern West commented: Larry and Blair under the setting SoCal sun and palms of Ventura. (Posted 9:11pm August 10th)

SamarisTorresLangel ‏@LadySamaris tweeted: #kevincostner #California #Ventura (Posted 9:15pm August 10th)

Tammy Holmes commented: Great Show tonight Kevin (Posted 9:33pm August 10th)

Nan ‏@nansfruit tweeted: Kevin Costner rocked the Ventura County Fair tonight! (Posted 9:35pm August 10th)

Video by mycalifornicationdiary - Anka D.: Kevin Costner and his band "Modern West" #ventura #venturacountyfair #california #calilife #californianlife #kevincostner #modernwest #modernwestband (Posted 9:45pm August 10th)

Picture by crich1441 - Cassandra Richardson: #kevincostner (Posted 10:08pm August 10th)

Irene Villalobos commented: Kevin Costner!!! This man is so amazing! Thank you Patty Cakes for telling me and joining me in the fun #kevinCostnerDieHardFan #ModernWest — at Ventura Fair Grounds. (Posted 10:14pm August 10th)

Video by ivgirl - Irene Villalobos: Wow!!! #heartthrob in action #kevinCostner never gets old EVER!! I'm smiling ear to ear!! (Posted 10:24pm August 10th)

Bob Hill commented: A great concert! Thanks for the show! (Posted 11:49pm August 10th)

Video by ivgirl - Irene Villalobos: Having fun 2drinks in. #withinarmsreach #tapthat #giddy

siâna ‏@sianamarieee tweeted: Today Kevin Costner came into my work & awkwardly smiled at me. I fought the urge to say "Hello Kevin" in a demonic voice & smiled back. (Posted 12:18am August 11th)

Pictures by Renate Panian Burington: Very much enjoyed you guys playing "Ventura Nights" in Ventura at the fair! It doesn't get any better than this!

Pictures by nancy_luvs_cisco - Nancy Camarena: #salud #cheers #venturacountyfair #venturanights #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #2015

Picture by kevincostnermodernwest - Kevin Costner & Modern West: We had a birthday last night in Ventura our production manager Devin @recycledskateboardsintl and @recycledskatelisa 's son turned 10 ... Happy bday Cayden! #tourlife #kevincostner #venturacountyfair #venturanights #ventura #clown

Pascale Landry commented: Great evening!! You guys were awesome!!! Thank you for coming back to Ventura!!

Picture by Leba Ortsac:

Dulce NKidz commented: You're show was amazing last night!! Made me dance, cry and smile!! #venturanights #kevincostner#venturacountyfair2015

Dawn Anderson Miner commented: Thank you so much...Loved the are truly a hometown guy!!!

Diana Davis commented: Awesome stories with the awesome music! Loved it!

Sheila Lawrence commented: Had a great time last night.You were all awesome. Thanks again and welcome home.

Candy Lidstrom commented: Great show last night, thanks for coming and thanks for all your movies too!

The Kevin McCree Show: Hey guys!...if you missed the Kevin Costner is a little bit of his personality Ventura Nights!

Picture by noah.baldwin.16 - Noah Baldwin: So if you couldn't tell Kevin Costner can rock out in modern country. Saw him play at the ventura fairgrounds. Got his guitar pic ending the great day yesterday. #kevincostner #kevincostnerband #venturacountyfair #modernwest #waterworld #dancingwiththewolves #manofsteel #postman #swingvote #fandango #fieldofdreams #kevincostnerrocks

Picture by pattilynn18 - Patti Gordon Kunstadt: One of my favorites #kevincostner #hollywood #actor

Picture by ivgirl - Irene Villalobos: So worth the almost 2hr drive after work just to see Him! I'd do it again tomorrowemoji #kevinCostner #ModernWest #venturaFair #pinkshotdogs #805 #funnelCake

Picture by mike_reign - Mike Reign: It feels good to know he appreciated the crowd shot I took for him #KevinCostner #VCFair (Posted August 11th)

Patti Channer commented: at Ventura County Fair

DeeDee Chambers commented: Mom wanted to see Kevin Costners band to night at the VenturaCounty Fair. I only went because mom wanted to see him. I have to say it was a good concert. Even Derrick turned off my phone and listened to the music and at the end he stood and clapped and to me "I really liked him". Thank you mom for making us take you we enjoyed it. (Posted 11:43pm August 10th)

Daniel James Lessley ‏@lessley_daniel tweeted: @lessley_daniel @modernwest @ZacharyLevi @danny_lessley Ventura County Fair, at Kevin Costner and Modern West Concert - Pictures:

Ventura Rocks ‏@VenturaRocks1 tweeted: Loved Kevin Costner and Modern West last night @VenturaCtyFair. Loved his anecdotes! @VisitVentura #KevinCostner

Cindy Wilson ‏@Wilson4Cindy tweeted: @draiochta14 @RobertFruin18 @SageHillfarms @CatsandKilts saw Kevin Costner in concert last night

Friday Shot Day Show ‏@fridayshotday tweeted: Kevin Costner and Modern West rockin' the Ventura Fairgrounds last night. Great show! #fridayshotday

Kimberly Hunt ‏@10NewsHunt tweeted: There are still some tickets for Kevin Costner's @modernwest concert tonite at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach!

Darlene Miller ‏@DMiller1961 tweeted: WELCOME HOME KEVIN COSTNER #ve #ventura #Films #radio # television #and #movies ##Oxnard

Thomas Theys ‏@thomtheys tweeted: Wow Kevin Costner and Modern West put on a great show #venturacountyfair #Fieldofdreams

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