Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kevin roots for 'All Blacks' in Rugby World Cup...

mark gillard @gillzmcskilz tweeted: TinCup wishing @DanCarter ‪#‎RichieMcCaw‬ luck from SoCal Maybe he can play Shag in the @allblacks movie ‪#‎BLACKTOBLACK‬ (Posted October 30th)

Kevin on Tavis Smiley show for 'The Explorers Guild'...

brendarippee - Brenda Rippee: Let me get that flyaway for you Mr. Costner #mensgrooming #brendarippeegrooming #oscarwinner #kevincostner #mramerica #hothot #tavissmileyshow #lovemyjob #newbook #theexplorersguild #author #jonbaird #novel #booktour #celebritymakeupartist #happy

the_explorers_guild: It's an honor to be back on the Tavis Smiley show @pbsofficial to talk about The Explorers Guild tonight. #explorersguild #epicadventure #tavissmiley #jointheguild #kevincostner #jonbaird #tavissmileyshow

Mat Tordjman ‏@MatTordjman tweeted: Kevin Costner #DansMonObjectif (Posted October 27th)

Co-Authors Kevin Costner & Jon Baird, October 27, 2015:

Black WebTV ‏@BlackWebTV tweeted: Tavis Smiley | Co-Authors Kevin Costner & Jon Baird

TAVIS SMILEY: Co-Authors Kevin Costner & Jon Baird Aired: 10/27/2015 The Academy Award-winning filmmaker and his co-author discuss their new adventure novel, "The Explorers Guild."

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kevin does Radio and TV interviews Monday and Tuesday...

Tina Jordan ‏@EWTinaJordan tweeted: Tonight at 6 on SiriusXM105 to talk about their novel THE EXPLORERS GUILD: @modernwest (Kevin Costner) & Jon Baird (Posted October 26th)

EW Radio ‏@EWlive tweeted: Now actor and Academy Award winning director Kevin Costner (@modernwest) and Jon Baird is on (Posted October 26th)

Tim Ferriss ‏@tferriss tweeted: What should I ask or explore with the iconic Kevin Costner (@modernwest)? (Posted October 26th)

Excerpt from The Explorer’s Guild by Kevin Costner (Posted October 26th)

The Explorers Guild We sit down for a chat with Kevin Costner, the co-author of a new graphic novel with roots in age-old exploration October 27, 2015 Words by Jon Glatfelter

Kevin Costner speaking about his book The Explorers Guild Producer Gedalia Published on Oct 27, 2015

Good Day LA ‏@GDLA tweeted: Kevin Costner & Jon Baird co-author book 'The Explorers Guild' (Posted October 27th)

Kevin Costner co authors book 'The Explorers Guild' FOX 11 Los Angeles Published on Oct 27, 2015 Kevin Costner is here...and he's done it all. He's an actor, director, producer, musician, entrepreneur. He's won Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes. Just this year he had two movies come out...with a third one, ‘Criminal’, opening next year. Now he's got a new project out, and it’s something a little different for him. It's a new book called ‘The Explorers Guild: A Passage To Shambhala’. It’s a fantasy adventure about a group of adventurers trying to find the golden city of Buddhist myth.

trulyjuliechang - Julie Chang: When was the last time you did something for the first time? Be inspired by #KevinCostner who has reinvented himself many times over. As of late, he's coauthored a novel!

Lisa Breckenridge ‏@lisabreck tweet0ed: Thanks @modernwest #kevincostner for sharing @explorersguild on @GDLA congrats!!! Can't wait to finish it! (Posted October 27th)

ashleybrown9: @kerstanderson1 and I performed this morning on #gooddayla and look who we met!!! The one and only Kevin Costner!!! I love him! He was so nice and gracious;). #onlyinLA #kevincostner #soundofmusictour #ctgla

Academy Award-winning actor and director #KevinCostner goes ‘On the Record’ with @greta to discuss his new book with author Jon Baird and why he believes the spirit of adventure is still alive. Don’t miss it tonight at 7p ET.

Fox News ‏@FoxNews tweeted: Kevin Costner on his new book: “There is no doubt that this sets up as a movie.” #Greta (Posted October 27th)

Fox News ‏@FoxNews tweeted: Kevin Costner on his new book "The Explorers Guild": “The idea was to go back in time.” #Greta (Posted October 27th)

FoxNewsInsider ‏@FoxNewsInsider tweeted: Kevin Costner Reveals What Inspired His New Adventure Novel @greta (Posted October 27th)

hherst: Hanging with Kevin Costner and my pal @chadhosier (Posted October 27th)

RLS ‏@robin45208 tweeted: Watching Kevin Costner On the Record with Greta. Enjoying the interview! (Posted October 27th)

Kevin Costner Reveals What Inspired His New Adventure Novel by FoxNewsInsider Published on Oct 27, 2015 Kevin Costner and Jon Baird joined Greta Van Susteren tonight to discuss their new book, "The Explorers Guild."

GRETA TALK: “Join the Guild” with Adventurers Kevin Costner & Jon Baird October 27, 2015 In this episode of Greta Talk, the co-authors sat down with me to discuss their writing process, the book’s beautiful illustrations (done by Rick Ross), and even the importance of taking risks. Costner and I also talk about the problems with making movies in Hollywood and the possibility of turning The Explorers Guild into a (15 hour?!) film.

Kevin Costner Promotes Adventure ‘Animation’ Novel By Anna Skibinsky, Epoch Times | October 27, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kevin does Q&A at Smithsonian and Politics & Prose...

SI Associates ‏@SmithsonianTSA tweeted: @modernwest "when I get an invitation from the Smithsonian it's usually because I took something" -Kevin Costner #CostneratSI

Elizabeth Z Bartz ‏@ElizabethBartz tweeted: Night at the Smithsonian Museum with @modernwest aka Kevin Costner. (Posted October 23rd)

Producer Gedalia ‏@ProducerGedalia tweeted: Thanks for making @ExplorersGuild possible @SmithsonianTSA #KevinCostner @modernwest @JohnBairdAuthor #RickRoss (Posted October 23rd)

janeroser - Jane Roser: Kevin Costner looking dapper and being oh so charming and witty at tonight's Smithsonian hosted discussion about his new book The Explorer's Guild #jonbaird #kevincostner #smithsonian #rickross #theexplorersguild (Posted October 23rd)

TV Magazine ‏@Insidelooktvmag tweeted: #KevinCostner & #JohnBaird say they found #RickRoss on @craigslist for @ExplorersGuild @SmithsonianTSA @modernwest VIDEO at link

Jamie Greene ‏@theroarbots tweeted: Thanks to @SmithsonianTSA for a great event tonight with Kevin Costner for Explorer's Guild. (Posted October 23rd)

producergedalia - Producer Gedalia: #KevinCostner at the @smithsonian speaking about the book release of #TheExplorersGuild with #JohnBaird and #RickRoss Look out for this book it's #AMAZING! (Posted October 23rd)

Torture Rackintyre ‏@a_mac124 tweeted: So basically I went to this "a conversation with" type event today with Jon Baird, Kevin Costner, and Rick Ross For their new graphic novel called "The Explorers Guild" and it looks beautiful I'll post pictures when I'm not sitting in a car LOOK SO PRETTY

thesmithsonianassociates - The Smithsonian Associates: Epic night with Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross! #CostneratSI #ExplorersGuild #SeriouslyAmazing #epic #adventure #classic #storytelling #kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

Anne A. Elicaño ‏@AElicano tweeted: Listened to #KevinCostner @modernwest promote @ExplorersGuild in DC. I've managed to make my mum & aunts jealous. (Posted October 24th)

NativeRunner ‏@sgiampetroni9 tweeted: My Bodyguard. #KevinCostner (Posted October 24th)

NativeRunner ‏@sgiampetroni9 tweeted: In town today at Politics and Prose. #KevinCostner #JonBaird TheExplorersGuild (Posted October 24th)

kellyrenee1979 - Kelly C: a Just happened to be here visiting Politics & Prose bookstore @politics_prose at the same time as Kevin Costner #kevincostner #jonbaird #rickross #theexplorersguild #authorevent #politicsandprose #KellyVisitsChristy (Posted October 24th)

Amita Shukla ‏@AmitaShukla tweeted: Wonderful to be at @Politics_Prose listening to Kevin Costner (@modernwest) talk about @ExplorersGuild (Posted October 24th)

Amita Shukla ‏@AmitaShukla tweeted: "We found #RickRoss on @craigslist" -Kevin Costner (@modernwest) talking about @ExplorersGuild @Politics_Prose (Posted October 24th)

Amita Shukla ‏@AmitaShukla tweeted: When I read a good #book my first instinct is to share it" -Kevin Costner (@modernwest) @ExplorersGuild @Politics_Prose (Posted October 24th)

Deah Hester ‏@deahreads tweeted: Author Visit: Kevin Costner and Jon Baird and Rick Ross @Politics_Prose #ExplorersGuild (Posted October 24th)

Amita Shukla ‏@AmitaShukla tweeted: "Everything I've had to do has been an uphill battle" -Kevin Costner (@modernwest) talking about @ExplorersGuild @Politics_Prose (Posted October 24th)

Amita Shukla ‏@AmitaShukla tweeted: "In my career, I feel like I'm like an emotional detective" -Kevin Costner (@modernwest) talking about @ExplorersGuild @Politics_Prose (Posted October 24th)

Keith Donohue ‏@keithdonohue1 tweeted: Fun afternoon @Politics_Prose with Rick Ross, Kevin Costner, Jon Baird on @ExplorersGuild (Posted October 24th)

producergedalia - Producer Gedalia: Great time working with #KevinCostner a long tiring day but totally worth it. I wish him luck with his new book #TheExplorersGuild get your copy it is totally good! (Posted October 24th)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: We spoke with Kevin Costner and co-author Jon Baird about their book The Explorers Guild (Posted October 24th)

The Diane Rehm Show ‏@drshow tweeted: Kevin Costner, author: He teamed with Jon Baird & Rick Ross for @ExplorersGuild (Posted October 25th)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kevin does Q&A at the National Press Club in WADC...

Angela GreilingKeane Verified account ‏@agreilingkeane tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest and co-authors sign books at @PressClubDC before talking about The Explorers Guild. (Posted October 23rd)

Rick Ross ‏@agitainment tweeted: They put us in a room with an original N.C. Wyeth! One of the inspirations for the #ExplorersGuild (Posted October 23rd)

Bill McQuillen ‏@bmcquillen tweeted: The great Kevin Costner admiring the art at @PressClubDC before discussing The Explorers Guild with @NPCPresident (Posted October 23rd)

Angela GreilingKeane ‏@agreilingkeane tweeted: "I have been asked to make second installments of almost all the movies I've done," Kevin Costner says. A fellow sequel skeptic! #npclive (Posted October 23rd)

Rick Ross ‏@agitainment tweeted: #KevinCostner, #JonBaird, and #RickRoss before the Hudson Union Society at the MoMA. Photo by @JustinHoch. (Posted October 23rd)

Nancy White ‏@njgwhite tweeted: #NPCLive. Kevin Costner! Wahoo. (Posted October 23rd)

Nancy White ‏@njgwhite tweeted: After hearing Kevin &co-contributors at the NPC, bought the book. Admire Kevin even more after hearing him today! (Posted October 23rd)

Kristin Szremski ‏@kristin_scribe tweeted: Listening to Kevin Costner and co-authors of "The Explorers Guild" @NPCLIVE #lunchhour (Posted October 23rd)

Kristin Szremski ‏@kristin_scribe tweeted: Costner: I couldn't have done this book myself but John could have #humility @NPCLIVE (Posted October 23rd)

Bill McQuillen ‏@bmcquillen tweeted: Kevin Costner discussing The Explorers Guild with @NPCHughes at the @PressClubDC #NPCLive (Posted October 23rd)

TV Magazine ‏@Insidelooktvmag tweeted: #kevinCostner at the @PressClubDC along with #JohnBaird talking about #ExplorersGuild @modernwest #celebrity #celebs (Posted October 23rd)

Liz P ‏@LizinDC tweeted: Kevin Costner discusses his new book, The Explorer's Guild, at the @PressClubDC. (Posted October 23rd)

Angela GreilingKeane Verified account ‏@agreilingkeane tweeted: @modernwest (Kevin Costner) talks about the process of writing/illustrating their book @PressClubDC #NPClive (Posted October 23rd)

Rob Thompson ‏@RobThompsonDC tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner @modernwest at @PressClubDC talking about his new Rudyard Kipling-esque illustrated book. (Posted October 23rd)

Sarah Ruggiero ‏@sarahruggs tweeted: Kevin Costner, Jon Baird emphasize purposeful storytelling in new adventure novel @ExplorersGuild (Posted October 23rd)

Rozanne Weissman ‏@PRlady007 tweeted: Now #DC @PressClubDC: #KevinCostner re new 800-page 1st book 'The Explorers Club' #NPCLive (Posted October 23rd)

Rozanne Weissman ‏@PRlady007 tweeted: My 1st movie was 3 hours. Proud of this book; will be read 150 years from now- #NPCLive (Posted October 23rd)

Rozanne Weissman ‏@PRlady007 tweeted: I spend my OWN MONEY for movies, book. Things I love are hard-- #KevinCostner #NPCLive @PressClubDC (Posted October 23rd)

Rozanne Weissman ‏@PRlady007 tweeted: #KevinCostner: Thank god for storytelling; I've found my place in life. What's next? 3 little children to teach" (Posted October 23rd)

Mark Hamrick ‏@hamrickisms tweeted: Kevin Costner talks about his new book @PressClubDC. @modern west (Posted October 23rd)

Elizabeth Z Bartz ‏@ElizabethBartz tweeted: Friday's Bucket List--@modernwest Kevin Costner and @NPCLIVE at noon. Over to @smithsonian tonight for more Costner. (Posted October 23rd)

Jan King ‏@jankingauthor tweeted: Kevin Costner #National Press Club today talking about his new book #The Explorers Guild (Posted October 23rd)

"The Explorers Guild" book event, National Press Club by Dan Macy - 5 photos

rick ross ‏@RickRossReport tweeted: Kevin Costner, author, loves the Press Club (Posted October 23rd)

Kevin Costner, author, loves the Press Club By Emily Heil October 23, 2015

Pictures from The Press Club Q&A:

TV ALERT: Co-Authors Kevin Costner & Jon Baird on Tavis Smiley, October 27, 2015. Guest interviews are usually available online within 24 hours of broadcast.

Kevin on 'Great Day Washington DC' on Friday...

Meaghan Mooney ‏@MeaghanMooney1 tweeted: Academy Award winner, Kevin Costner, Superheroes, & a GameTruck!! All LIVE today on @greatdaywash @wusa9 9am!!! (Posted October 23rd)

WDG ‏@wdgarch tweeted: Patiently awaiting our #poshpumpkindc spotlight on @wusa9 BTS audience view of the #KevinCostner book tour! (Posted October 23rd)

Thomas James ‏@thomasjamestj tweeted: Kevin Costner in the house! @greatdaywash @wusa9 (Posted October 23rd)

alyse.lent.cohen - Alyse Cohen: Kevin Costner and Pie Five! @piefivepizza (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Tune in NOW as we sit w Kevin Costner and Jon Baird as they talk about their book The Explorers Guild! @wusa9 #GDW (Posted October 23rd)

Darlene Wilson Dyer ‏@Darlene_wusa9 tweeted: Kevin Costner on Great Day Washington! (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: We're w/ Kevin Costner on #GDW talking about his book, The Explorers Guild @wusa9 @modernwest (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Ohhhh heyyyyyy @modernwest 😁! Great interview with @super_markette & @chrislearynow of @greatdaywash!! (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Look who we had the pleasure of meeting today!! #ExplorersGuild by authors Kevin Costner & Jon Baird @wusa9 (Posted October 23rd)

Great Day Washington ‏@greatdaywash tweeted: Hey guys be sure to pick up your copy of @modernwest's and Jon Baird's The Explorers Guild! @WUSA9 #GDW (Posted October 23rd)

Jenna A. Converse ‏@jcon2313 tweeted: Just passed Kevin Costner in the hallway. (Posted October 23rd)

Dan Conrad ‏@mographcandy tweeted: Awesome morning meeting Kevin Costner! (Posted October 23rd)

Surae Chinn commented: Omg, omg @kevincostner_ @kevincostnermodernwest so nice to meet you!! @greatdaywash @wusa9 (Posted October 23rd)

Laura Morgan ‏@MauraLorgan tweeted: Hanging with actor/director/author Kevin Costner on the set of @greatdaywash wusa9! (Posted October 23rd)

Meaghan Mooney ‏@MeaghanMooney1 tweeted: Photo: We made sure today’s bodyguard got fresh water 😉🙈😜What an awesome treat to have Kevin Costner & his.. (Posted October 23rd)

chris leary ‏@chrislearynow tweeted: #KevinCostner #jonBaird sat with super_markette and I @greatdaywash talking about his book: @the_explorers_guild (Posted October 23rd)

VIDEO: Kevin Costner and Jon Baird Preview New Book: Academy Award winning filmmaker and actor Kevin Costner talks about his new book, “The Explorer’s Guild” with Chris Leary and Markette Sheppard along with his co-author Jon Baird

Adela Garcia Duncan ‏@agdunk tweeted: Hanging out with my buddy from Visalia, Kevin Costner! #macfarlandusa #greatdaywash (Posted October 23rd)

nahigianstrategies - NahigianStrategies: Friday morning strategy meetings are the best when Kevin Costner stops by. #hollywoodindc #tgif #dc #kevincostner #celebritysighting (Posted October 23rd)

Atria Books ‏@AtriaBooks tweeted: On @GMA @ExplorersGuild authors talk about their new adventure,new novel The #ExplorersGuild (Posted October 23rd)

LifeStyle News ‏@LifeStyleNewz tweeted: Reliable Source: Kevin Costner, author, loves the Press Club (Posted October 23rd)

Hayley ‏@HayleyTurner1 tweeted: I would like to thank @JennBFoxNewsDC for alerting me as 2 when bagels are in the bldg, but not when Kevin Costner is. #sigh #seriously (Posted October 23rd)

Markette Sheppard ‏@super_markette tweeted: Highlight of my day: interviewing Kevin Costner on his latest work: a novel! Who knew 'The Bodyguard' was a writer! (Posted October 23rd)

sharihb24 - shari berger: @foxnews #kevincostner what happens in the #makeuproom (Posted October 23rd)

rosanchez - Ro Sanchez Seijas: Kevin Costner @ @greatdaywash promoting his new book! #kevincostner #wusa9 #newsroom #news #TV #greatdaywashington (Posted October 23rd)

allysonraewx - Allyson Rae: Best selfie ever. #gardnerbarnes #kevincostner (Posted October 23rd)

Friday, October 23, 2015

More 'The Explorers Guild' interviews from Thursday...

The Leonard Lopate Show: Kevin Costner's New Novel: Kevin Costner's Latest Adventure: An Explorer's Guild (Posted October 22nd)

agitainment - Rick Ross: #KevinCostner, #RickRoss, and #JonBaird at the studios of WNYC radio in New York. (Posted October 22nd)

Leonard Lopate Verified account ‏@LeonardLopate tweeted: From the green room: Kevin Costner, Jon Baird & Rick Ross! (Posted October 22nd)

GrrlScientist ‏@GrrlScientist tweeted: listening to @LeonardLopate interview kevin costner. i had no idea costner is such a passionate & idealistic musician, actor & person @WNYC

Morning Joe ‏@Morning_Joe tweeted: On set right now... @ExplorersGuild Co-Authors Kevin Costner and Jon Baird (Posted October 22nd)

Mike Barnicle with Kevin Costner and Jon Baird (22 October 2015) by Mike Barnicle Published on Oct 22, 2015 On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mike Barnicle talks with award-winning filmmaker Kevin Costner and writer Jon Baird about the search for Shambhala and the power of great storytelling. Watch the conversation here on the new graphic novel collaboration between Costner and Baird, “The Explorers Guild,” influenced by their mutual yearning for the golden age of adventure stories.

Morning Joe, Kevin Costner says "I Wrote A Master Piece" by Look Up Lift Up Published on Oct 22, 2015

CrazyTVmom ‏@AllieEG tweeted: #morningjoe It's truly an unfair world when Mika gets to meet Kevin Costner, and we don't. (Posted October 22nd)

StandUP! w/ Pete ‏@StandUpWithPete tweeted: Now @PeteDominick's convo w/@modernwest (Kevin Costner) & coauthor Jon Baird (Posted October 22nd)

TORI305 ‏@loco4_enrique tweeted: @modernwest Just saw Kevin Costner on @GMA , need to get @ExplorersGuild ! (Posted October 22nd)

JoAnn Madden ‏@rileybella123 tweeted: Shopping trip to NYC ~~~ guess who I see walking in Chelsea? #KevinCostner (Posted October 22nd)

Pictures: Barnes & Noble Book Signing:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kevin Q&A at Hudson Union Society and GMA interview...

broadwaymedicine - Jess: Eeeee, so excited to be a guest at this event with Kevin Costner tonight at MoMA! #museumofmodernart #kevincostner #soHOT #love #crush #moma #newyorkcity #ny #nyc #excited #nycnights #medicine #medschool #medstudent #workhardplayhard #musician #pianist

Cessie Cerrato ‏@Cessiec tweeted: Talking all things #adventure (my favorite), #mysteries, #myths & #books w/ #KevinCostner @ExplorersGuild (Posted October 21st)

Cory Plock, Ph.D. ‏@coryplock tweeted: Kevin Costner, Jon Baird and Rick Ross discuss the new novel, The Explorers Guild #MoMa #NewYork (Posted October 21st)

little_jalapeno: Kevin Costner in person @themuseumofmodernart #momanyc #nyc #kevincostner #instagood #luckygirl #happy #actor #film #vip #love

diaryofaperfectionistwannabe - Michelle Kenneth: Kevin Costner's new book with Jon Baird and Rick Ross, "The Explorers Guild" looks incredible in a Jules Verne/Indiana Jones/The Librarians kind of way. This is going to be the main pic for the blog piece. Incredible and inspiring talk from #kevincostner. #nyc #film #book #books Never anticipated Kevin Costner to be so inspiring.

diaryofaperfectionistwannabe - Michelle Kenneth: Kevin Costner looking fine after all these years. Trying to remember what my first Costner film was. Maybe Field of Dreams? The most impressionable one for me was JFK. #kevincostner #film #movies #moviestar How about you? What was your first Costner film? Which one was the most impressionable?

Joy Macko ‏@joymacko tweeted: Awesome evening with Kevin Costner, Jon Baird and Rick Ross about their works and new book (Posted October 21st)

glennmegalodon - Glenn Cummingham: #KevinCostner .Tonight.Alone. (In front of The Peninsula Hotel, NYC)

Joe Pascal ‏@ActualJoePascal tweeted: Kevin Costner @modernwest is a master storyteller. Great interview and evening at the MoMA. Explorers Guild.

Joe Pascal ‏@ActualJoePascal tweeted: Great evening with JFK

Town Residential ‏@townresidential tweeted: We partnered with @HudsonUnionSoc last night for a very special evening with Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, & Rick Ross at the @MuseumModernArt

The Explorers Guild commented: Join us tomorrow on @goodmorningamerica with Nick Watt a fine Scottish Gentleman with an accent straight from the pages of The Explorers Guild. #ExplorersGuild #epicadventure #kevincostner #johnbaird #nickwatt #abc #goodmorningamerica #gma @atriabooks

VIDEO: Kevin Costner Back With New Novel:

Kevin Costner's New Book by Michelle Kenneth October 22, 2015 AUDIO of the talk at the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA) in NYC on October 21, 2015, at the link:

Kevin on Fox & Friends and Diane Rehm Show...

the_explorers_guild: Earlier today on @foxandfriends with @elisabethhasselbeck @stevedoocy @kilmeade #ExplorersGuild #epicadventure #foxandfriends #elisabethhasslebeck #SteveDoocy #BrianKilmeade

FOX & Friends ‏@foxandfriends tweeted: Coming up NOW! Kevin Costner is live with what he is working on ... "THE EXPLORERS GUILD" Scroll down for three videos of Kevin:

VIDEO: Kevin Costner talks new book 'The Explorers Guild':

Fox News Video ‏@foxnewsvideo tweeted: #KevinCostner talks new book @ExplorersGuild on @foxandfriends

hummelcreative commented: "Want to have a catch?" I fainted (Posted October 21st)

jakenyberg commented: I guess Kevin Costner's gonna hang out as well. Because why not. #bttf2015 (Posted October 21st)

Pictures: Kevin Costner on Fox And Friends and at Barnes & Noble, NYC:

The Diane Rehm Show ‏@drshow tweeted: Now: Kevin Costner on @ExplorersGuild, his new book with Jon Baird & illustrator Rick Ross:

Kevin Costner And Jon Baird: “The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage To Shambhala” October 21, 2015 - AUDIO at link:

Today Show Radio 108 ‏@TodaySXM tweeted: GREAT @hodakotb Show today! Don't miss the replay @ 5/4c with @LesterHoltNBC @DeborahNorville and #KevinCostner!! (Posted October 21st)

Kevin Costner and Jon Baird at Sirius XM Radio:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kevin does Q&A at Barnes & Noble in New York...

Agitainment commented: Our book in the display case in the lobby of the Simon & Schuster offices. With #KevinCostner and #JonBaird. (Posted October 20th)

Agitainment commented: The stack of books for us to sign for the #ExplorersGuild book release at the Barnes and Noble Union Square Tuesday night. (Posted 8:14pm October 19th)

Rick Ross ‏@agitainment tweeted: #KevinCostner, #JonBaird, and #RickRoss with 500 signed copies of the #ExplorersGuild at Barnes&Noble Union Square.

Atria Books ‏@AtriaBooks tweeted: Getting ready for the @ExplorersGuild event at @BNBuzz at Union Square NYC! @modernwest (Posted 3:52pm October 20th)

atriabooks - Atria Books: Waiting for @the_explorers_guild to take the stage at @barnesandnoble in Union Square, NYC! #barnesandnoble #authorevent #authorsigning #kevincostner #rickross #jonbaird #adventure #gift #giftbook #amreading #reading

Atria Books ‏@AtriaBooks tweeted: The @BNBuzz event begins at Union Square for the @ExplorersGuild! (Posted October 20th)

Atria Books ‏@AtriaBooks tweeted: Rick Ross talking about how he came aboard on the @ExplorersGuild project at @BNBuzz (Posted October 20th)

Atria Books ‏@AtriaBooks tweeted: The @ExplorersGuild authors talking about how Jon Baird is the voice of the book. @BNBuzz (Posted October 20th)

Scroll down for two videos of the Q&A:

zenanomaly - R. Lynch: "The Explorers Guild" is a handsome piece of work. Q&A with Baird, Costner, and Ross will be starting shortly.

zenanomaly - R. Lynch: Kevin Costner speaking about the origins of "The Explorers Guild".

zenanomaly - R. Lynch: Dances With Twinkies!

lilirishgf: Absolutely on cloud nine right now!!! Seeing him is person is such a trill and high! #kevincostner #TheExplorersGuild #bnbuzz #bookworm

alex.kurnakov - Alexander Kurnakov: Кевин Костнер о несостоявшемся мультике. Вот так здесь выглядят презентации книг. #barnesandnoble #unionsquare #kevincostner #explorersguild

jacobgabbard: Ran into Barnes & Nobles to go pee and accidentally found Kevin Costner. Go figure.'

majamicu - Pics of my life: #kevincostner #exploresguild #booksigning #newyork #nyc

banana519 - anna bennett: Got to shake the Great Kevin Costner's hand tonight #KevinCostner #BlueJacket #ifyoubuildithewillcome #BookSigning #unionSquare #theexplorersguild @the_explorers_guild

zenanomaly - R. Lynch: Kevin Costner, supremely nice guy. Spoke very briefly with him and got a great, warm smile. Looking forward to digging into "The Explorers Guild".

meezus ‏@babyymollyy tweeted: Love Kevin Costner #fieldofdreams #bulldurham ⚾️💪😇 thx @BNBuzz (Posted October 20th)

meezus ‏@babyymollyy tweeted: Legend #kevincostner ⚾️ (Posted October 20th)

Yvette Mahon ‏@Yvetteskitchen tweeted: @KevinCostner book signing and discussion #TheExplorersGuild a very talented and handsome man

Arts Commented ‏@ArtsCommented tweeted: #KevinCostner after talking about his new book in NY! @BNBuzz (Posted October 20th)

sfsorrentino - Steven Sorrentino: Dances with authors #KevinCostner #ExplorersGuild #BNAuthorEvents

lilirishgf: Thanks @kevincostnermodernwest @agitainment @atriabooks for an amazing night! Could have listened to you talk all night! "I'll see you around sometime..." #KevinCostner #RickRoss #JonBaird #TheExplorersGuild #atriabooks

asher_kirsch - Asher Kirsch: Great meeting one of the all-time great actors, Kevin Costner. Big shoutout to my bro @teamayeee for taking the photo! #kevincostner #jfk #danceswithwolves #fieldofdreams #draftday #waterworld #theguardian

Picture and article: Why You Should Be Stealing This 60-Year-Old’s Look By Megan Gustashaw October 21st

Sean Dolan ‏@smdolan tweeted: Kevin Costner is one of the nicest/down to earth celebrities. His schedule was packed tight and still took time to stop and sign and take picture (Posted October 20th)

the_explorers_guild: Early concept art combined the look of period engravings with old tintypes and oil paintings. Shown here is the Luftschiff Metternich, conceived on a much smaller scale than our final Metternich.

like_a_bird_84 - Megan: A book by Kevin Costner, a book of short stories, and a pumpkin spice latte. #milwaukee #basicbitch #kevincostner #booknerd

Kevin Costner speaks at his "The Explorers Guild" book B&N event, NYC:

Kevin Costner in New York City on October 20, 2015:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kevin on The View, ET and Radio interviews...

The View ‏@TheView tweeted: NOW ON @TheView: Kevin Costner and Jon Baird tell us about their new book! #TheExplorersGuild (Posted 8:41am October 20th)

theviewabc - The View: @candacecbure fangirled hardcore over #KevinCostner today and it was literally the cutest!! #CandaceCameronBure #Legend #TheView (Posted October 20th)

theviewabc - The View: @ravensymone with Jon Baird and Kevin Costner today on #TheView! #TheExplorersGuild #KevinCostner (Posted October 20th)

Kevin Costner and Jon Baird on 'The View': Authors of 'The Explorers Guild' - October 20th:

VIDEO: The View ‏@TheView tweeted: Watch Jon Baird and Kevin Costner impart words of wisdom and discuss their new book:

The View ‏@TheView tweeted: Wise words from Kevin Costner: "If you don't try to be about something, you just simply never get there." (Posted 8:43am October 20th)

The View ‏@TheView tweeted: The CUTEST: @candacecbure fangirling hardcore over Kevin Costner! (Posted 8:51am October 20th)

The View ‏@TheView tweeted: "He was even more handsome in person!" - @candacecbure on #KevinCostner (Posted 9:05am October 20th)

paulafaris - Paula Faris: Met #KevinCostner (and his publishing friend Jon Baird) at @theviewabc and all I wanted to say was "tatanka". #ButIDidNot #DancesWithWolves

nischelleturner - Nischelle Turner: My day. Didn't suck. @entertainmenttonight Spending the day at Kevin Costner's Home overlooking the ocean ain't bad for a Thursday right!? #nothrowbackthisishhappenedtoday (Posted October 15th)

Article and Video: Kevin Costner Talks Fatherhood at 60: If It Was Up to Me, They'd Have Chocolate by Raphael Chestang October 20, 2015

Aimee ‏@ohmypnd tweeted: Kevin Costner Talks Fatherhood at 60: If It Was Up to Me, They'd Have Chocolate

95 KQDS Morning Show with Jason, Scott and Bruce weekdays from 6-10 am. AUDIO at link: (Kevin starts around 57:37)

Rick Lewis ‏@1RickLewis tweeted: Kevin Costner was on the show today if you missed it check it out @1035thefox:

Kevin Costner: Chicago is ‘My favorite big city in America’ Posted October 20, 2015 by rosscochranwgn Kevin Costner and John Baird joined the show this morning talking about their new book, The Explorers Guild, and John explained how he confused Kevin before getting him to agree to do this book. We also talked about Kevin’s career, and Kevin made it clear what team he’s rooting for in the NLCS. AUDIO at link:

the_explorers_guild: Early cover proposals leaned toward a spare, cryptic look. Jon had some impractical ideas about hand-distressing a short run of leatherbound books—dying or staining them, tumbling them in a cement-mixer, sun-curing them, etc (Posted October 19th)

the_explorers_guild: Check us out tonight on @entertainmenttonight with the beautiful @nischelleturner #ExplorersGuild #kevincostner #jonbaird #nischelleturner #epicjourney #entertainmenttonight #jointheguild #atriabooks @simonandschuster @atriabooks

traepischke - Trapper Graves-Lalor: Just received my copy and so far it's great! Many thanks to @the_explorers_guild and @kevincostnermodernwest #ExplorersGuild #kevincostner #jonbaird #epicadventure #jointheguild #atriabooks

third place books - Third Place Books: So pretty! Just like Kevin Costner. #thirdplacebooks #kevincostner #explorersguild #illustrated #illustratedbooks #graphica

lindsay_alaine Lindsay Newton: Kevin Costner at #TheExplorersGuild book signing.

durham mom ‏@mom_had tweeted: They have Kevin Costner's new book at Costco (Posted October 20th)

Monday, October 19, 2015

'The Explorers Guild' book tour begins in NYC...

Salon Above by Liza ‏@lkaleelcat tweeted: In NYC for bumble and bumble class... Just rode up in elevator at our hotel with Kevin Costner #luvnyc (Posted 6:48pm October 18th)

atriabooks - Atria Books: We are so excited about @the_explorers_guild ! Authors Jon Baird, Kevin Costner & Rick Ross signing books for the lucky employees! Book is out tomorrow! Get a copy for anyone who is an adventurer! #booksignings #explorersguild #kevincostner #jonbaird #rickross #graphicnovel #journey (Posted 1:17pm October 19th)

atriabooks - Atria Books: And @the_explorers_guild authors signing copies of their book #TheExplorersGuild! #graphicnovel #journey #kevincostner #jonbaird #rickross #adventure #books #booksignings #booksigning # (Posted 1:29pm October 19th)

ceeleebee89 - Courtney Brach: Mondays are always better when Kevin Costner @kevincostnermodernwest stops by! #kevincostner (Posted 1:34pm October 19th)

Navah WereWolfe ‏@navahw tweeted: In which Kevin Costner signs some books for us at the office, because my job. (Posted 1:42pm October 19th)

Chelsea Hanna Cohen ‏@chelseahannac tweeted: Got to meet Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross: this gorgeous graphic novel The Explorers Guild is out tomorrow (Posted 1:46pm October 19th)

Chelsea Hanna Cohen ‏@chelseahannac tweeted: And I got mine signed! (Posted 1:46pm October 19th)

jessicakchin - Jessica Chin: Kevin Costner in the house today! Signing his book: The Explorers Guild! #theexplorersguild #kevincostner #fangirling (Posted 1:50pm October 19th)

Sara Bowne ‏@sarabowne tweeted: Kevin Costner doing an in-office signing for The Explorers Guild! On sale tomorrow. #priceless (Manhattan, NY) (Posted 1:58pm October 19th)

jessicakchin - Jessica Chin: So honored to be acknowledged by Kevin Costner and his team! His team was such a lovely and great group to work with! This was one of the most beautiful and complex books I've ever worked on! On sale tomorrow! #theexplorersguild #kevincostner (Posted 2:30pm October 19th)

Judith Curr ‏@JudithCurr tweeted: So proud to publish @modernwest’s book @explorersguild #kevincostner (Posted 2:30pm October 19th)

Jessica Sorentino ‏@jssorentino tweeted: "books are meant to last forever...just like movies when they're both done right." -kevin costner, actor and now author (Posted 2:41pm October 19th)

Paul Olsewski ‏@paulieolsewski tweeted: @bnbuzz #ExplorersGuild @AtriaBooks Kevin Costner Jon Baird and Ric Ross signed books are ready for tomorrow (Posted 3:50pm October 19th)

ceeleebee89 - Courtney Brach: He spoke so eloquently about the film and publishing industries creating lasting movies and books but I managed to NOT get that on camera #kevincostner (Posted 3:50pm October 19th)

the_explorers_guild: Kevin, Jon and Rick today at Simon & Schuster's where they signed copies of their book The Explorers Guild for the lucky employees. Book is out tomorrow, October 20th ! #ExplorersGuild #Simon&schuster #epicadventure #kevincostner #jonbaird #RickRoss #authors #atriabooks @atriabooks #Agitainment @simonandschuster (Posted 4pm October 19th)

vb718 - Vic: I meet a legend outside my job!!! #kevincostner #nyc #celebrityselfie #legend (Posted 4:06pm October 19th)

ajcalloway - That Guy On Tv: This is exhaustion working on one hour of sleep from an amazing night but still enjoying and loving every moment with #KevinCostner talking about his new book The Explorers Guild. (Posted 4:20pm October 19th)

the_explorers_guild: Come out and meet us tomorrow on our Explorers Guild Book Tour.

Talking with Kevin Costner About His New Adventure Book by Darla McDavid, October 17, 2015

the_explorers_guild: The “Novitiate”—our mysterious order of black-robed men, dedicated to preserving the City’s secrets—have developed certain crude technologies for probing and extracting suppressed memories. Jon found this doodle in an old notebook and passed it on to Rick, as Rick was doing concept-work on one of the strange machines used by these men.

the_explorers_guild: Sloane and Bertram, as conceived by Jon around 2007-8

the_explorers_guild: More early renderings of Evelyn and Ogden, in the original, exaggerated character style.

Finding Our Illustrator pt1of 2 from The Explorers Guild Kevin And Jon talk about bringing Rick into the process.

Finding Our Illustrator pt1of 2 from The Explorers Guild on Vimeo.

Finding Our Illustrator pt 2 of 2 from The Explorers Guild Kevin And Jon talk about bringing Rick into the process.

Finding Our Illustrator pt 2 of 2 from The Explorers Guild on Vimeo.

the_explorers_guild: Repost @ursula_uriarte . thank you for the shout out. We can't wait to hear what you think. #ExplorersGuild #epicadventure #read #OctoberReads #

the_explorers_guild: A hybridized graphic/traditional novel was more difficult to explain than we’d thought. Jon mocked up some of the opening layouts to help put the concept across.

the_explorers_guild: Come meet us on our #ExplorersGuild tour @barnesandnoble Union Square NY 10/20!

the_explorers_guild: Reaching back even farther, this is part of a proposal that Jon, his brother Chris Baird and Keith Quinn brought to Kevin in 2007. At the time, the project was still called The Explorers Club, and opening scenes centered on the “hermits, the insane and the inebriates” who’d had glimpses of the City, and were now being visited by the mysterious Mr. Sloane.

the_explorers_guild: More early visual development work. This is a study of one of the outer rooms in the Explorers Guild’s Manhattan lodge. A living member of the New York Explorers Club, on seeing this image in 2008, asked when we’d gotten the chance to see the club’s interior; but any similarities—we swear—were purely coincidental.

the_explorers_guild: Another capture from an early animation test. We had old engravings dipping in and out of antique maps, not to illustrate any specific story points, but to give a broader sense of our subject and tone.

the_explorers_guild: Bertram was originally collected at a castle-like orphanage in Norway, in the story’s opening scenes. The early focus on Bertram tended to give readers and viewers the impression that this was a story for and about young children. Later versions of the story corrected for this, setting our tone in the Near East before we went looking for Bertram.

Lucy Wills ‏@EslLucy tweeted: Photoset: Kevin Costner wrote a book? *squeal* I love Kevin Costner. That man, specifically as Robin Hood and the Bodyguard, is almost entirely responsible for my sexual awakening....

Kevin was shown on Entertainment Tonight this evening, October 19th: Nancy O'Dell said, "and also tomorrow we are at home with Kevin Costner." They show Kevin saying, "I'm not afraid to invite people into my life." Nancy O'Dell says, "Opening up about his wife and three young kids." The interviewer asks, "How do you run after a five year old." Kevin answered, "You just say, I got a candy bar. Come over here," laughing.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lots of interesting items about Kevin....

Barbara Tatro, Watson Realty commented: Kevin Costner was at Cellar 6 in St. Augustine on Tuesday night!! (Posted October 15th)

Cellar 6, St. Augustine, Florida, website: &nbnsp;

Country General Store commented: Kevin Costner has autographed a STETSON hat that will be auctioned off at 1pm on October 24th at Country General Store. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Children of the Night. 6279 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, California

Country General Store commented: STETSON 150th Paragon Anniversary Hat, 150x. Autographed by Kevin Costner. This hat will be auctioned off on Saturday October 24th at 1pm at Country General Store in conjunction with our Lucchese Trunk Show Benefit event. 100% of auction proceeds will benefit Children of the Night.

Picture by deboerworks - Bruce DeBoer | Photographer: The Costner Men - hired for a week, I got about 1/2 hour after some serious schmoozing. #photoshoot #brucedeboer #hakaibeachresort #canon #resortshoot #kevincostner

Picture by deboerworks - Bruce DeBoer | Photographer: #PhotoShoot of #KevinCostner and his son playing guitar. One of my favorite shoot stories #askme next time you see me. #lifestyle #prophoto #production #brucedeboer

Picture by deboerworks - Bruce DeBoer | Photographer: Having dinner with #KevinCostner. Yes, he's a #goodhang #PhotoShoot #production #askme #brucedeboer #canonusa

Hakai Beach Resort owned by The Cliffs Developer from 2003 to 2009:

Jan 1992 Kevin Costner on Tonight Show with guest host Jay Leno by Josh Burdick Published on Oct 12, 2015

Santa Barbara Magazine @santabarbaramag tweeted: Regram @kevincostnermodernwest Kevin's heading down from Napa on his tour bus to Ventura... He's excited to play in his old hometown! #kevincostner #venturanights @therealventuracountyfair

Pictures and article: Napa Agrees with Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner by Kelly E. Carter November 15, 2014

Zack Kalish commented: Mr. Costner I wanted to reach out after hearing my parents talk about their wonderful encounter in Napa this past weekend...

Ventura Rocks in the Ventura Breeze 8/19 – 9/1 by Pam Baumgardner Excerpt: Once again the Ventura County Fair entertained the masses with a lively eclectic line up of artists. Highlights for me were Kevin Costner’s anecdotes between songs with his band Modern West...

Randy Moore commented: Mr. Costner, my name is Randy Moore. I was a Deputy Sheriff working security for your band. I met you at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels Texas. While you were so gracious to take pictures and sign autographs for your fans and us you talked about a movie you starred in Called Black and White. I watched it with my wife last night and I have to say, I have seen all your movie's but this one was the best. You brought your A Game to the table on all levels. Take care and may God continue to bless you! — with Kevin Costner at Gruene Hall.

Taarten Gâteaux ‏@taarten tweeted: @hannewhale Pas op! Voor je het weet beschuldigt Kevin Costner je van plagiaat. (Posted September 8th)

Kevin Costner Bio | Life and Career | Filmography | Documentary Video by Cool TV Published on Sep 1, 2015

Matthew Poldberg ‏@NotSpamIpromise tweeted: Getting some more beach time in at Kevin Costner's house. (Posted 2:39pm September 5th)

The Colbert Report PGA Tour veteran and Bighorn resident Jim Colbert dishes on his favorite Valley golf holes. By Josh Sens See 'Most Vivid Hollywood Moment':

Picture by lbphotography1: #tbt when i had to cover a movie screening for @stlamerican and @kevicostnermodernwest didnt know he was on a #lbfoto1 photoshoot #headshot #portrait #bwphotography #blackandwhite #kevincostner #stlouis #travelingphotographer #celebrity #takeadvatageofsituations

Charles Esten by Joe Leydon September 2015 Excerpt: Esten also gained invaluable experience while playing small roles in several movies: The Postman, Thirteen Days, and Swing Vote, starring Kevin Costner, for whom Patty worked for almost five years as an assistant. “Kevin’s been a real friend,” Esten says. “To me, and to my family. But I have to say that, at one point, well, when you’re working around someone like that when you’re young, you might think, Hey, I can do this — I can be at this level. The future’s wide enough open that anything can happen. But then years go by and you get some wins and you get some losses. And you start to reassess.”

Adriana Gordillo Heredia commented: Hermooooso...

Thoughts on the shuttering of Nourish Posted By Sarah Murrell September 9, 2015 Excerpt: Her most famous version of this truth is that the only difference between the corn chowder that often sold out and the corn chowder that didn't was that, one day, she wrote Kevin Costner's name next to the chowder on the specials board, lending the summer-only soup a bit of celebrity appeal.

Jessie Opoien ‏@jessieopie tweeted: .@IowaGOP has a mural depicting the 2016 "Field of Dreams" set to debut at @IowaStateFair

Abby Rhodes ‏@AbbyRhodesRadio tweeted: Let's be real, Kevin Costner started the #ShowerBeer trend almost 30 years ago. #BullDurham (Posted August 13th)

ali olomi ‏@aliolomi tweeted: Actor Kevin Costner and Actor Ali Olomi. #aliolomi #losangeles #actor (Posted August 15th)

Jay Mulholland ‏@Jaytmulholland tweeted: At Kevin Costner's Tatanka in South Dakota! #southdakota #godscountry #tatanka #buffalo (Posted August 16th)

Barbara Concannon MacDonald commented: Great show!

Jackie Frederic Ekstrom commented: Kevin Costner baby. Funny story. They were throwing out picks and one landed by me. Everyone around had their phones looking for it on the ground. When I got home and took off my boots. The pick was in my boot. Ha ha (Posted August 10th)

Danny Jackson ‏@DJackOnTrack tweeted: I've been staying in the Kevin Costner cabin for the last few days. (Posted October 5th)

tristagg - Tristan Taggart: Yep. Kevin Costner Cabin. Just opened a bottle of wine. Stop by, Kevin. #bigcedarlodge #kevincostner #kevincostnercabin @jpmartist

tristagg - Tristan Taggart: Beautiful morning at #bigcedarlodge #kevincostnercabin #Missouri #church #blessed #blessings

Picture by senimh - Senim Hamamci: eskilerden :) #kevincostner #kevincostnerandmodernwest #TFLers #tweegram #photooftheday #amazing #smile #look #instalike #igers #picoftheday #webstagram #colorful #style #swag (Posted August 21st)

Roni McFadden commented: Here's a throwback for you.... My Mom and you at Huntington Memorial Hospital. She adored you and you cared enough to send her a birthday card for her 80th birthday. She was so happy! When we were at your Folsom concert Sat night she was dancing away in heaven! I just know it! She was delivery room nurse when his son Joe was born

Zapping ‏@Zappingmovies tweeted: Revenge (1990) A Lukewarm Kevin Costner Thriller (Posted August 26th)

Picture by rxdxslu - RXDXSLU: #2007 #hollywood #star #kevincostner #bodyguard #turkey #istanbul #kevin #in #bodyguard #i #olmak #sans #ti #onunla #tanismak #dört #gün #gece #b #beraber #olmak #keyif #ti

Picture by taniapro - Tania Pronskaya: #moodoftheday #sunday #endofsummer #greggorman #kevincostner (Posted August 30th)

Debra Crowe ‏@DebraCrowe1 tweeted: Me and the Body Guard Kevin Costner! Working on Black and White! Loved working with him!

best_actors_fandom - [x] SARTH [x] : Ehm emh , KEVIIIINN, the hand.. [sweat_smile] [kissing_heart] [smirk] [heart] • #Firthies #followforfollow #love #likesforlikes #cute #multifandom #british #bestactors #actors #tagaforlikes #fandom #followforfollow #kevincostner

Dustin Pittman ‏@POPARCHIVES tweeted: tbt THE MOMENT Dustin Pittman Directing Kevin Costner On The Set Of "The Untouchables" For Life…

'Yorgos': Montreal Review 9/5/2015 by John DeFore Easter Island, after Hollywood blew through.

Natalie Marie Ames - British actress in Lionsgate's 'Criminal' and 'Larry Gale' by Ryan Stabile September 16, 2015 Excerpt: British actress NATALIE MARIE AMES is proving to be a rising star in Hollywood appearing in the upcoming Lionsgate thriller CRIMINAL...Set for release in spring 2016, Ames is a British News Reporter for director Ariel Vromen’s action-thriller CRIMINAL. Set in London, the film follows what happens when the memories and skills of a deceased CIA agent are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous convict.